Service Units

Service Units

Several support service units comprise the Department of Physical Facilities to provide necessary services to ensure a safe, pleasant, and comfortable learning and working environment. The Department is also responsible for supporting after-hours and special events, emergency responses, and construction services. Service units are under the direction of the Director of Facilities, and Associate Director of Building Maintenance and MEP Superintendent. Technicians perform their duties as requested on an approved work request submitted thru the S.P. Marketplace program. If the work is considered an "emergency," appropriate action is taken.

  • Office Staff

    Office Staff
    The Office of Physical Facilities is located in the Maintenance Building on the East Campus. Office staff provides general administrative support and communication with the College community and ensures proper units are notified of service requests.

    Office Assistant
    The Office Assistant provides clerical and direct support to the Physical Facilities department; assists the management staff, and service units with departmental activities, daily functions, and tasks; communicates with the College community, internal and external entities, and building coordinators; operates the base station for radio contact with staff; communicates with vendors and contractors; requisitions materials and supplies; assists the Business Office with timely processing of invoices; and maintains records and files of existing floor plans and specifications for College buildings.

    Work Order Clerk
    The Work Order Clerk oversees the work management system, and processes and maintains all work order requests and preventative maintenance thru this system. The Work Order Clerk also provides clerical assistance as requested by the management staff and service units.

    Student Workers
    Students are hired on a part-time basis to assist with office duties on an as-needed basis. Hiring is restricted to funds availability and student eligibility. Applications must be submitted thru the Office of Financial Aid as required.

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  • Central Plant / HVAC & Mechanical

    Del Mar College has certified and experienced personnel on staff. Technicians maintain the central plant and all air conditioning systems on the East and West campuses, Center for Economic Development, and the Northwest Center, and perform all preventive maintenance necessary to prevent equipment failure. This is accomplished by assessing computer programs for air conditioning systems, training technicians, and performing service on equipment.

    The purpose of the Central Plant is to monitor the plant water that goes out to the buildings to provide heating and cooling on campus. Central Plant functions on the operating software INet System to monitor the room temperatures in each building and to locate problems that could or have arisen. The Del Mar College East Campus plant contains two 900-ton and one 1,000-ton chillers, two 9 million btu/hr boilers, three cooling towers, and a 1,000,000 gallon thermal energy storage tank and associated piping, pumps, valves, controls, and miscellaneous equipment. The West Campus plant contains two 250-ton and two 800-ton chillers, three cooling towers, and a 755,000-gallon thermal energy storage tank and associated piping, pumps, valves, controls, and miscellaneous equipment.

    It is imperative that these two plants remain in top condition. A log is maintained to record the operation of each plant. If a problem arises, the occurrence is documented and the log sheets serve as a historic record. The water within the chiller and boiler systems is treated daily to prevent corrosion and clogging of the tubes and pipes. A HVAC technician tests the chiller and boiler system water daily to assure a proper balance and submits a daily report.

    Each chiller is thoroughly inspected by a contractor under an annual service agreement and inspections are performed by a certified chiller mechanic. Periodically, an eddy current test is performed on the condenser bundle. The eddy current test gives a picture of the interior of the tubes. If a tube is found defective, it will be plugged or replaced.

    The two boilers in the East Campus plant, as well as the other smaller boilers located in various buildings throughout campus, are inspected annually or bi-annually by a certified boiler inspector. Typically, all maintenance performed on boilers is by an independent certified boiler contractor.

  • Electrical

    The Electrical service unit is responsible for the planning, layout, installation, and repairing of wiring, electrical fixtures, apparatus, and control equipment for Del Mar College, inside and outside of College facilities. Electricians on staff are experienced and have the appropriate certification to accomplish these responsibilities:

    • Making electrical installations consistent with specifications and local electrical codes and minimizing waste of materials.
    • Providing access for future maintenance, and avoiding unsightly, hazardous, and unreliable wiring.
    • Preparing sketches showing the location of wiring and equipment, or follow diagrams or blueprints ensuring that concealed wiring is installed before completion of future walls, ceilings, and/or flooring.
    • Measuring, cutting, bending, threading, and assembling and installing electrical conduit; pulling wires through conduit.
    • Splicing wire by stripping the insulation from terminal leads, twisting or soldering wires together and applying tape or terminal caps; connecting wiring to lighting fixtures and/or power equipment.
    • Installing control and distribution apparatus such as switches, relays, and circuit breaker panels.
    • Connecting power cables to equipment such as electric ranges or motors, and installing grounding leads.
    • Testing continuity of circuits to ensure electrical compatibility and safety of components with testing instruments such as ohmmeters, batteries, and oscilloscopes.
    • Observing the functions of installed equipment or systems to detect hazards and the need for adjustments, relocation, or replacement.
    • Repairing faulty equipment or systems.
  • Plumbing

    Del Mar College requires staff employed in this service unit to have the technical knowledge, experience, and certification to perform the duties for these services. Plumbers maintain all plumbing in good working order in, under, and around all College facilities which encompass the East and West campuses, Center for Economic Development, and the Northwest Center, and perform all preventive maintenance as outlined under Building Plumbing Service Systems. These responsibilities are accomplished by repairing:

    • lavatories
    • water closets
    • urinals
    • sewer and water lines
    • flush valves (electronic and manual)
    • kitchen and laboratory faucets (electronic and manual)
    • and maintaining or replacing domestic water booster pumps.

    The Plumbing service unit completes all related work orders and/or assignments by:

    • troubleshooting
    • removing and replacing defective parts with new parts
    • reading and interpreting blueprints
    • ordering materials and parts
    • tracking the inventory of all material ordered and used
    • crawling under buildings and in between building floor levels to gain access to building drains and water lines in order to make necessary repairs
    • maintaining, modifying, or installing irrigation system components throughout the campuses and other College locations.
  • Painting

    Employees in this service unit are required to have the knowledge and experience to perform the duties for these services. Painters maintain the appearance of College facilities, inside and outside of buildings and parking lots, on the East and West campuses, Center for Economic Development, and the Northwest Center.

  • Carpentry / Locksmith

    The Carpenter/Locksmith service unit serves the College by exercising overall responsibility for inspecting, planning, programming, and implementing the preventive maintenance carpentry program for College facilities which encompass the East and West campuses, Center for Economic Development, and the Northwest Center. This service unit provides for minor building repairs, casework, keys, and other structural components used to support the operations of the physical plant and the College community.

  • Facilities Technicians

    Responsible for the upkeep of College facilities and set-up during daytime operations. The Facilities Technicians perform preventative maintenance inspections and maintenance tasks for the campus buildings.

  • Custodial

    Custodial operations are outsourced. The contractor for custodial operations is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of all building interiors.

  • Grounds

    Employees in this service unit are responsible for the care and maintenance of the grounds, lawns, and landscaping of the College's campuses. This service unit ensures that the grounds present a good "curb appeal" and are well maintained.

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