Del Mar College campuses are easily accessible from major highways and traffic corridors. Typical travel time to campuses from most locations within the city of Corpus Christi averages 20 minutes or less.

Parking Information

As with any popular business or attraction, parking on campus can be a challenge, especially at the beginning of a semester. The good news, unlike most college or university campuses, is that parking at Del Mar College is free! To park your car on campus, you need a Parking Permit. To get a permit, fill out a parking registration card and submit it to Campus Security. Please be aware a fee may be required for replacements. A permit is required for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Students with valid Del Mar College ID may ride any RTA bus free of charge.


Heritage Campus

Heritage Campus contains classroom and laboratory facilities for programs in Arts & Sciences and Business, those considered core courses for a Bachelor's Degree.

Heritage Campus Map


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Windward Campus

Windward Campus is home to cutting edge facilities for the health sciences, emerging technologies, public safety, and industrial and technical education programs.

Windward campus map


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Oso Creek Campus

Located on Corpus Christi's Southside, the Oso Creek Campus will be the home of STEM programs, architecture and architectural technology, and the Culinary Institute.


Campus Information 

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Center for Economic Development

The CED houses workforce and personal enrichment programs, Small Business Development Center, Del Mar College Foundation and more.



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Northwest Center

Made possible through a partnership with the Corpus Christi Medical Center, the Northwest Center expands educational opportunities for hundreds of students each semester. 



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