Campus Key Control Plan

Campus Key Control Plan

A well-defined key and card access control management plan is a vital part of the operations of Del Mar College. It is based on protecting Del Mar College Assets. All exterior and interior door on all campuses are integrated to the systems of Sargent 6300 series, Sargent DG1 System, and/or an electronic card access system. The Physical Facilities Department administers the key control and card access system. All administrative and academic keys/card access are issued and returned at the Physical Facilities Office. When an employee requires a key/card access, the first step is to complete a Key/Card Access Request Form and submit it via the organizational chain to Physical Facilities. No exterior keys will be issued to anyone other than Security.

Information pertaining to the issuance of a key/card access is entered on a written key card and the information is stored in on two different electronic data bases for that particular employee.

Issuance of granted access


Physical Facilities staff will be designated to cut the key(s) and stamp the key(s). Once the key is cut and stamped it is ready to be picked up at the Physical Facilities Office during business operations hours. The employee will be notified through email their key(s) are ready for pick up and signed out.

Card Access

A designated employee(s), who has been granted access to the electronic data base, will record the employee assigned card access number and input them to allow access to specific doors/buildings that are card accessible. The employee will be notified through email the card has been granted access.

A separate core database is maintained to identify the core number of each lock. The database contains a record of every door in every building on all campuses. The database is updated with each core change. The key control hierarchy system consists of sub-sub master, sub master area, master, and grandmaster keys. Each building, exclusive of maintenance, custodial, and IDF/MDF rooms, is keyed to its own master. A separate campus wide master exists for each determined maintenance, custodial, and IDF/MDF room(s). Deans determines the coring theme within his/her departments’ in buildings. Designated personnel in Security, EHS, and Physical Facilities are issued grandmasters to facilitate their assigned duties. 

Lost or stolen key/card access are to be reported immediately to Security who will notify Physical Facilities. A review will take place with the Facilities Director, Chief of Security, and VP or Dean of Department to determine the vulnerability and appropriately determine whether a rekey is required or simply a replacement of lost/stolen key. In case of card access, the card will be deactivated and another card reissued.

From time to time there will be situations where a physical audit of issued keys/card access will be required to ensure that the perpetual nature of the record keeping and programs are accurate. An audit itself is nothing more than receiving a list of expected/recorded keys from Physical Facilities and physically verifying the existence of those keys in the hands of the key holders. Changes and/or discrepancies are then noted on that listing and returned to Physical Facilities for reconciliation in the databases.

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