Campus Key Control Plan

Campus Key Control Plan

A well-defined key control management plan is a vital part of the operations at Del Mar College. All exterior and interior doors on both campuses are keyed using an integrated system which all locks are coded using the Sargent key system. The Department of Physical Facilities administers the key control system. All administrative and academic keys are issued and returned at the Physical Facilities office. When employees require a key, the first step is to complete a Key Request Form and submit it via the organizational chain to Physical Facilities. The employee is issued a stamped key that has a unique code.

Information pertaining to the issuance of a key is entered on a key card for that particular employee. One of the carpenters is designated to cut and issue keys and maintains the custody record cards.

A separate core database is maintained to identify the core number of each lock. The database contains a record of every door in the academic/administrative area of campus as well as the controlling department. The database is updated with each lock change. The key control system hierarchy consists of access, sub-sub master, sub-master, and master and grandmaster keys. Each building, exclusive of common and maintenance areas, is keyed on its own master. A separate campus-wide master exists for all common areas and another for all maintenance areas. In each building master, departments are assigned their own sub-master. This hierarchy minimizes the areas compromised as the result of a lost or stolen key. Each chair/director determines the coring theme within his/her departments' assigned sub-master group. Typically, faculty and staff require three keys: (1) common building areas including exterior doors, (2) common department areas, and (3) individual work areas. Designated personnel in the areas of Security, Safety, and Physical Facilities are issued grandmasters to facilitate their assigned duties.

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