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Orientation for New Canvas Users

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  • Wi-Fi Access Changes
    On September 16, the Vikingnet and Delmarnet networks were replaced by DMC Student, DMC Fac/Staff, and DMC Guest. For step-by-step instructions to connect, visit the Wireless (Wi-Fi) Networks page.
  • Mobile app updated!
    Download VikingGO for quick access to tools and information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can't I log in?

    Try these steps first:

    1. Check here for Canvas status updates.
    2. Reset your password.

    If your issue is not addressed here, email a detailed description of the problem to Viking Help Desk at

  • Why can't I see my courses?

    • You're looking too soon. Your courses will not show up in the courses list until the first day of class.
    • The course is unpublished. Your instructor may not have published the course yet. If you believe that you should see the course but don't, contact your instructor.
    • You need to customize your courses list. The courses list can be customized to show only certain courses. Select Courses in the pane on the left, select All Courses, and make sure all of your current courses have a star next to them.
      How to Change What Courses Appear on Your Canvas Dashboard
    • You registered less than 2 hours ago. The server requires up to 2 hours to push newly registered students into their courses.
    • Your instructor does not use Canvas. Your instructor may have chosen not to use Canvas. Contact your instructor to double check.
  • How do I contact the Help Desk?

    Have you tried searching the Canvas Guides for an answer?

    Contact the Viking Help Desk at the Viking Help Desk Portal, or by emailing or calling (361) 698-2330.

    Visit the Viking Help Desk page for more information and tech help.

  • How do I access Canvas before my hire date?

  • Browser and computer requirements

    Please visit the Canvas System Requirements page to ensure your browser and operating system will work with Canvas. Canvas supports the current and first previous major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Canvas no longer supports Internet Explorer.

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Page last updated May 31, 2024.

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