Division of Student Affairs Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Vice President FOR Student Affairs, Dr. Rito Silva

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Patricia benavidez-Dominguez

Dean of Outreach and Enrollment Services, Gracie Martinez

  • Registrar, Liz Adamson
    • Assistant Registrar, Jasmine Anderson
  • Director of Admissions, Sara King
    • Assistant Director of Admissions, Stephanie Salazar
    • Testing Examiners, Anna Villegas and Jaclyn Resendez
  • Director of Early College Programs, Robert "Bob" Montez

Dean of Student Engagement and Retention, Cheryl Sander

  • Assistant Dean of Student Engagement and Retention, Rita Hernandez
    • Coordinator of Career Development, Jennifer Gonzales
    • Director of Counseling, Retention, and Disability Services, Dan Fischer
    • Director of Student Leadership and Campus Life, Beverly Cage
    • Director of Student Success Center, Eva De La Garza
    • Director, T.R.I.O Student Support Services, VACANT 
    • Director of Veterans Services, EJ Goodroe
    • Director of Veterans Upward Bound (V.U.B.), Dion Krupa 

Director of Advising initiatives, Leticia Wilson

Director of Financial Aid Services, Joseph Ruiz

  • Associate Director of Financial Aid Services, Erika Williams

Director of PROJECT S.E.N.D.A., David Barrera, JR. 

  • M.A.P. Advisor- Communication, Fine Arts & Social Sciences, Benjamin Hernandez
  • M.A.P. Advisor- Education, Breanne Flores-Contreras 
  • M.A.P. Advisor- Health Sciences, VACANT
Director of Title V GRANTS, Victor Davila

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