Information Technology

Information Technology

Mission Statement

To provide Information Technology leadership and services to support and enhance the instructional and administrative functions of the College.

Service Areas

  • Audio/Video

    • Provides technical assistance, support and advice to faculty and staff as it relates to the delivery of analog and digital content using audio/video equipment.
    • Interpret problems and provide technical support for TV, CD, DVD, document cameras, projectors, and other system
    • Responds to inquiries from the college audio/video users.
    • In addition, this group may write training manuals and train end users on how to use new audio/video equipment.
  • Help Desk


    • Use tracking software to describe and maintain the essential documentation of problem on call ticket resolutions.
    • Report problems via telephone, email, walk-in or scheduled appointments.
    • Assist users using website with updated information during and after hours of operation.
    • Provide consulting services for hardware and software quotes, upgrade requirements, and new lab designs.


    • Assist students with web navigation to course materials.
    • Assist students with plug-in problem resolutions.
    • Solve the browser's compatibility issues.
    • Provide connectivity assistance.
    • Get students started with course-related application usage.
    • Assist with Del Mar College campus equipment issues.
  • Network

    The Del Mar College Network Support Team will provide for maintenance and general operation of the college networks, servers, communication systems and other related college technology equipment in order to provide high availability, efficient and scalable services for the college and its constituents.

    • Manage the general operation of all campus data networks, systems, servers, and infrastructure hardware such as core networking switches, routers, firewalls, and VPN.
    • Administer and support for the college's Active Directory domain.
    • Insure that the campus's servers are secured and the systems are up to date on patches and backups.
    • Ensure that the campus-wide network is secured to industry standards using firewalls, VPN, IPS and other necessary methods and systems.
    • Assist the Chief Information and Technology Officer in developing and implementing disaster recovery solutions and plans to ensure business continuity for the campus.
    • Support the technology specialists with interpreting and troubleshooting problems with hardware, software, and systems.
    • Support faculty and administration in developing and implementing new technology to the college.
  • Operations

    • The computer operations area oversees the mainframe for the college.
    • All programs that are processed by request by clients, programmers or whether they are scheduled jobs that are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly are run by computer operations.
    • Ensure all files are backed up daily, weekly, and monthly. This ensures that we have copies of everything if needed for recovery due to equipment system problems or even in the need of a disaster.
    • Support the college's staff as well as ensuring all student records are updated.
    • Process grades for students, and all other updates of student records to enrollment counts of the number of students enrolled for the term.
    • Support the staff of the college, which includes the Business Office, Financial Aid, Registrar Office and Payroll Department. Anything these clients need whether is updating their files or reports are run in these area. All checks are processed and printed in the Data Center as well.
    • The staff of the Data Center includes a supervisor, senior operator and a computer operator.
  • PC Repair

    • PC Repair provides technical assistance, support, and advice.
    • This group includes computer specialists and help-desk specialists. These troubleshooters interpret problems and provide technical support for hardware, software, and other systems.
    • Respond to inquiries from the college computer users.
    • Install, modify, clean, and repair desktop computer hardware and software.
    • In addition, the group may write training instructions and train computer users in how to use new computer hardware and software.
  • Software Development

    • Responsible for the development and management of custom in-house applications to provide functions and services not currently available in other institutional applications.
    • Responsible for the management and support of all RDBMS within the institution. Software Development will serve the DBA responsibility for the Colleague ERP suite and document imaging systems.
  • Voice/Telecom

    • Voice/Telecom provides telephone, voicemail service and supports mobile phone users.
    • Program new extensions to the East Campus, West Campus and CED telephone systems.
    • Program changes to existing extensions to reflect new users and/or changes to features.
    • Program new voice-mail boxes for new extensions. Literature on the use of voice-mail along with oral instructions are made available to new and continuing users. Extensions and voice mail boxes are removed when no longer needed. Changes are made to voice-mail box passwords as needed.
    • Procurement of new cell phones and taking care most of the problems with existing cell phones as they arise is done by us.
    • Reconcile the cell phone bill and work with Accounts Payable to charge departments for their cell phone usage.
    • Furnish a series of reports on the monthly use of long-distance charges, directory assistance charges, and international call charges that are used to charge the departments along with their regular monthly charges for extensions.
  • Web Services

    • Provides assistance with creating and maintaining webpages and CMS training.
    • Maintains the mailing lists for the college and administers the creation of new email accounts.
    • Supports Microsoft 365 and email issues for students, faculty, and staff.
    • Supports the college's online learning management system and assists faculty and students with online course technical issues.
    • Supports the queue management system for student services.
    • Supports the college's room scheduling system for academics and campus events.
    • Supports the college's virtual appointment scheduling system.

Campus Computer and Network Standards

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