Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Tips for Students and Guests

Students and guests must be provided with a meeting link to join a Teams meeting.

  • If using a computer, click the link and join the meeting using a web browser (see below).
  • If using a smartphone or tablet, download the Teams app and join as a GUEST (see below).

Students do not currently have a Teams license, which means they cannot sign into the Teams app with their student account.

For more general information about Teams and other Microsoft Office apps, visit the Microsoft Support site. Information will be updated as Microsoft or Del Mar College provides new features in Microsoft Teams.

  • Join from a computer

    Join using a web browser. For the best experience, use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari


    1. Click the meeting link provided to you by your instructor to join in your browser.

    Arrow pointing to join link that reads Join meeting (Microsoft Teams Meeting)

    2. On the join screen, if prompted to open or download the Teams desktop app, click Cancel.

    Join screen with arrow pointing at Cancel button on prompt to download Teams app

    3. On the join screen, click "Continue on this browser - No download or installation required."

    Join screen with arrow pointing at button to Continue on this browser - Chrome, Edge, or Safari work best!

    4. On the preview screen:

    • Type in your first and last name.
    • Turn your webcam on or off.
    • Mute your audio before joining.
    • Click the "Join now" button when you are ready to join the meeting.

    Preview screen with arrows pointing to name field, webcam toggle, audio toggle, and join now button

    5. If you are the first person to enter the meeting, you will be joined by other participants shortly.

    Meeting screen showing wait message



  • Join from a phone or tablet

    Join using the Microsoft Teams mobile app. After clicking the meeting link, join as a GUEST and do not sign in with your student email account.


    1. Download Microsoft Teams: Get the app for iOS or Get the app for Android.

    2. Click the meeting link provided to you by your instructor to join in the mobile app.

    Arrow pointing to join link that reads Join meeting (Microsoft Teams Meeting)

    3. Join as a GUEST.

    Mobile join screen showing button to join as guest

    4. Enter your first and last name so your instructor can take attendance.


    5. Once in the meeting, the controls to show camera, mute audio, leave the call, and other functions are listed across the bottom of the screen.



Tips for Faculty

Q: Can I reuse a Teams meeting link for a dedicated virtual classroom or office hours?
Yes. Once created, a join link can be reused by anyone who has the link. Create a Teams meeting link, either using the Canvas integration or Outlook calendar, and copy/paste that link in an easy to find location like a Canvas homepage or module, webpage, or email signature.

Q: Why do I have to let participants into the meetings?
By default, guests must be admitted to all Teams meetings. Currently, all students are considered guests because they are not assigned a Teams license. The meeting organizer can open the Participants list and either admit/reject participants individually or click "Admit All" to admit all users currently waiting in the lobby.

Q: Does Teams allow breakout rooms?
Microsoft plans to release breakout rooms for Teams meetings in late November 2020. Breakout rooms will allow meeting organizers to split up meeting participants into smaller groups to facilitate brainstorming sessions or workgroup discussions. Presenters can choose to hop between breakout rooms, make announcements to all breakout rooms, and/or close the breakout rooms that then bring everybody back into the main meeting.

Q: How do I view all my students?
Turn on either Large Gallery or Together Mode to view all active webcams. From the meeting controls, click the 3 dots to find these options. Large gallery will be active when more than 9 people turn on their webcams. Together mode will be active when 5 or more people turn on their webcams. NOTE: You must upgrade your Teams desktop or iOS apps to access these features.

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Page last updated November 9, 2020.