Counselor's Corner

Counselor's Corner

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  • Holds & How to Remove Them

    • Address Correction - to clear this hold, students will need to submit a Personal Information Update Form.
    • Advising Hold - this hold will remain on dual credit student’s account throughout their high school years. This does not prevent students from being registered.
    • Change of Term - if you anticipated on enrolling at DMC but decide you want to enroll earlier than the anticipated term, this for will help you start earlier.
    • Change of Major - maybe the major you previously chose isn’t the path you want to continue, you will want to change your major to something you are interested in pursuing.
    • College Transcript - students will need to request an official college transcript from institutions they’ve attended previously.
    • Proof of Texas Residency Hold
      • In order to remove the proof of TX residency hold and allow a Dual Credit student to complete their registration, we can accept the following:
        • Student’s Texas-issued ID issued over 12 months ago.
        • Current Lease with student’s name listed, issued over 12 months ago.
        • Two years of parental tax returns with the student listed as a dependent with a Texas address.
        • Core Residency Form WITH supporting documentation:
          • High School Transcript showing enrollment at that institution for 12 months.
          • Current HS Freshman can submit a final report card from 8th grade year WITH a current high school transcript.
    • Proof of Visa
      • A student that indicates being a US Citizen but born in another Country will have this hold. The student can provide a document that shows proof of citizenship (Certificate of Birth, Passport, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, Certificate of Naturalization, or a Certificate of Citizenship are some examples.)
      • A student that indicates they are not a US Citizen, No Permanent Resident Card, No application for Permanent Residence pending, or No Visa will have this hold. The student will need to provide a document that indicates the student’s and parent’s citizenship and a Home Country. A letter or email indicating Undocumented will suffice.
  • Helping Students After Dual Credit

    • DMC Transcript Request - requesting a transcript from DMC to be sent another institution or yourself is free.
    • End of Year Form - students who plan on continuing their education at Del Mar College after high school, only need to submit this form. They do not need to complete an ApplyTexas Application since they are already a current student.
  • Important Dates

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