Publicity and Promotion

Publicity and Promotion

Every program and service of Del Mar College provides an opportunity to positively promote the institution. Various forms of promotion are available including news and calendar releases, media interviews, public service announcements and some forms of publication such as flyers or posters.

A key component of publicity and promotion is the function that media relations plays through the CRO News Services team.

Viking News is a robust online newsroom that highlights several components of the work the CRO News Services team and Dal Mar TV produce to promote Del Mar College, student and personnel achievements, departments, programs and events. Ranging from detailed feature stories, the latest news and recognition briefs called Quick Takes to Del Mar TV programming and Del Mar Events, the newsroom is a resource that provides access to releases, photos and video for both news media and the campus and general communities that the College serves. You can even access stories that local, state and national news media have covered about Del Mar College.

News Releases

Both print and broadcast reporters use seven major criteria to judge the newsworthiness of a story: impact, timeliness, prominence, proximity, uniqueness, conflict and currency. Paid advertising is the only guaranteed way to promote your program or event exactly when and where you prefer. Keep in mind that to make any news coverage successful, your availability for media interviews may become necessary (See DMC Employee News Services Guidelines)

All media have the option to use or not use the information sent to them.

News releases concerning College programs, events and personnel are generated by CRO News Services daily and are distributed throughout the week. News releases are also posted in Viking News for access by news media and the public.

To publicize your event, send the information (who, what, where, when and why) to the College Relations Office. Providing printed materials or Web links with more detailed event information, such as biographies for guest performers or lecturers, are also useful in preparing news releases. Providing photographs in a high-resolution format (JPEG or PNG) or links to videos and other graphic elements also increase news value.

Ideally, information should be provided at least two weeks in advance for an event. For optimal coverage, however, you should plan to provide information four to six weeks prior to an event so College Relations staff can submit information to area, statewide and national monthly publications when appropriate.


Radio stations routinely announce upcoming public events as a public service. Television stations place these events on their community calendars and require information a minimum of four weeks in advance. CRO staff send a Weekly Calendar featuring DMC events to local stations every week for use as public service announcements (PSAs). For campus-wide events open to the public, College Relations staff also provide stations with scripts for use to produce PSAs. However, use of College information is at the discretion of each station.

College Special Events

College Relations coordinates College-wide special events and other activities with wide community and media appeal. Utilizing the professional capabilities and services ranging from advertising, web and print publications, photo and video services, news and events linkages, College Relations can maximize the positive image of your program or event.

College celebrations and events offer unique opportunities to highlight our students, faculty and staff as well as the facilities and programs that make Del Mar exceptional. College Relations coordinates college-wide special events and other activities ranging from milestone anniversaries, building and facility dedications and major announcements to other projects with wide community appeal.

Contact College Relations early in your planning timeline of a major event or announcement to allow adequate coordination of all communications aspects. Using this CRO Special Events Planning form allows you to streamline College services to get the positive results you want.

You will also want to reserve the appropriate location through Viking Scheduler to ensure you have the right venue booked for your special event.

Page last updated April 11, 2018.