Other Functions

Other College Relations Functions

Crisis Communication

College Relations manages crisis communication for the College as a unit of the President's Executive Team. A crisis is an unusual experience caused by a deliberate or accidental human action or a force of nature.

When the College experiences a crisis, we inform the campus community, the media and the public as quickly as possible with information important to maintaining the safety of our students and employees and protecting our campus facilities.

DMCAlert System

Del Mar College's Emergency Alert System will alert you in an emergency through text message, phone and email alerts if you have provided the College with your current contact information.Review and update your contact information today!

Look for additional crisis information on

  1. DMC Web site, specifically on the College's homepage.
  2. DMC Information Lines (361) 698-1600 for students and 698-1500 for employees.
  3. DMC-TV - Digital Channel 19 on Time Warner Cable and Grande Cable in Corpus Christi.
  4. Local radio and television broadcasts, other media and newspaper Web sites. CAVEAT: The accuracy of information communicated through commercial media may be compromised by the specific media platform or timing.
  5. The College's social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter.

Government Relations

College Relations builds key relationships with local, state and national legislators, elected officials and government agencies in order to build support for Del Mar College, our students and their educational goals.

During each Congressional and Texas Legislative session, College Relations serves an advisory capacity to provide College information to elected officials. CRO also monitors proposed bills and communicates appropriate information to the DMC Board of Regents, the DMC Foundation Trustees, faculty, staff and community supporters.

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