About the Libraries / FAQ

About the Libraries / FAQ

Del Mar College Libraries provide a wide range of materials supporting teaching and learning, faculty instruction, and student research and study.  These materials include print and electronic formats including books, magazines and journals, audiovisual media, ebooks, and online magazine and journal databases. 

  • Libraries Overview

    DMC Library Catalog is available to search for books and audiovisual media housed at the libraries.  The book collection is arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification SystemBeacon allows a single search to retrieve content from across most online resources provided by the libraries. 

    The libraries have over 300 computer workstations available for student use as well as notebook computers which may be checked out for use in the libraries.  Each library has a Student Technology Center which have Windows and MacIntosh computers, a variety of scanners and printers and a wide variety of software to support student assignments.   Listening and viewing stations are available for students who need to use audiovisual media for their assignments. 

    Reference Services provides personalized information-seeking assistance and formal instruction on the use of library resources.  The Reference librarians and their staff provide assistance face-to-face, by phone, email, and through their 24-hour live chat service.  Photocopiers and scan to flash drive or email are available at Reference.

    Small group study rooms are available at each library on a first come, first served basis.  Generally, groups of two or more have priority in use of the study rooms.

    The libraries actively participate in OCLC, and are a member of Amigos Library Services and TexShare consortia.

  • Libraries Mission & Guiding Principles

    Libraries Mission

    The Del Mar College Libraries are dedicated to providing access to learning resources, promoting information literacy, fostering creative thinking and intellectual curiosity, and supporting lifelong learning opportunities for our community.   Student learning is our highest priority.

    Guiding Principles

    • Select and support quality learning resources on-site and online
    • Create and maintain quality physical and virtual learning environments which meet the varied needs of college and community learners
    • Develop and conduct information literacy sessions for students that will familiarize them with the diversity of our collections and with the information resources they need for study, research and lifelong learning
    • Seek, investigate and implement new and innovative ways to provide service and access to resources
    • Recruit and maintain sufficient staff qualified, concerned and motivated to serve the needs of students and college personnel
  • William F. White, Jr. Library

    William F. White, Jr. LibraryThe White Library, East Campus, is the central library for the College. All library materials are purchased and processed here.

    White Library has study rooms available on second, third, and fifth floors.  In addition to small group study rooms, White Library has a larger study room on second floor or larger groups can use the Collaborative Learning Center.  The Collaborative Learning Center is a large study room with technology which can be used for groups to collaborate on projects and presentations or for individuals to practice presentations.  The Collaborative Learning Center is available by appointment or on-demand when not already in use.  There are several classrooms and meeting rooms, most equipped with computers, which may be reserved by instructors.  Contact Access Services for more information. 

    A Sorenson Relay Station is provided on the library's first floor.  This is a video system which allows the hearing impaired to communicate with others.  Additional assistive devices are available in the Student Technology Center for those with vision impairments.

    The library's Sculpture Gallery is on the fifth floor.  The gallery exclusively showcases the Library Award winning sculptures from more than forty years of DMC's annual National Drawing & Small Sculpture Show, a juried show of professional artistry.

    Two-story William F. White, Jr. Library, 1967White Library was built in 1967 as a two-story building, but designed to support five floors.  Floors 3-5 were completed in 1979 though the fifth floor was not finished for public use until 1998.  White Library is scheduled to undergo a multimillion dollar renovation as part of the 2014 Capital Improvement Plan.  Completion of the renovation is anticipated in 2021.

    The library is named for William F. White, Jr. (1916-2017), DMC regent for 33 years, from 1951-1984.  The honor was bestowed by his fellow regents in tribute of his many years of service to Del Mar College on his retirement from the Board of Regents.  Born in San Francisco, California, Mr. White was a naval aviator aboard the USS Bataan during WWII.  He spent most of his adult life in Corpus Christi working in the insurance field.  He was active in many community organizations including Rotary International, Chamber of Commerce, Corpus Christi Symphony, Art Foundation, Navy League, and Oso Naval Lodge.  Mr. White chose not to seek reelection to the DMC Board of Regents so that he could serve on the San Antonio Branch of the Federal Reserve Board.  Artwork donated by Mr. White and his wife are on display in the library.

  • Barth Learning Resources Center

    Barth Learning Resources Center front entry and walkway after darkBuilt in 1988, Barth Learning Resources Center is the library for the West Campus.  Materials at Barth LRC are specially selected to support the programs offered at West Campus and has all the amenities listed in the Libraries Overview.  The lecture/computer classroom also serves as a quiet study area.  The L. E. Harville Architecture collection is housed at Barth LRC.

    Barth Learning Resources Center was named for Dr. Howard E. Barth in 1992.  Dr. Barth was a DMC graduate who went on to be a celebrated orthodontist working until his death at age 79.  For a time he taught dental hygiene at DMC.  In 1971, Dr. Barth was appointed to the DMC Board of Regents, then elected and served for 28 years as a regent as well as board president 1988-1990.  On leaving the Board of Regents, he served on the DMC Foundation's Board of Trustees until his death in 2003.  Dr. Barth was inducted to DMC's Wall of Honor, a distinction reserved for the most prestigious alumni, and posthumously named Trustee Barth Learning Resources Center Book ShelvesEmeritus of the Foundation.  The Foundation provides a memorial scholarship in his name.  Loyd Neal, then Mayor of Corpus Christi, called Dr. Barth, "a champion for those who needed help the most to find educational opportunities." 

    On October 24, 2002, three tornados touched down in Corpus Christi.  The second tornado ripped through the Del Mar College West Campus.  The Barth Learning Resources Center lost the skylight, suffered heavy interior water damage, and the collapse of an exterior wall causing over $500,000 damage to the library and $2.25 million worth of damage to the campus.  During the storm, 72 year old Industrial Math instructor James F. "Buster" Gillis was assisting his students in Barth LRC when the wall collapsed on him.  Mr. Gillis lost his life and 14 others were injured at West Campus.  A portrait of Mr. Gillis hangs in Barth Learning Resources Center in his honor.  

Frequently Asked Questions

While designed to support students, faculty and staff of Del Mar College, all visitors are welcome to use library materials and electronic resources in the building as well as limited access to computer resources.  Only DMC students, faculty, and staff may check out materials, use electronic resources from off-campus, and have full access to the Student Technology Center.  Visitors with a TexShare card may check out books.

  • Del Mar College ID Cards

    DMC Identification Card graphic

    DMC ID's are obtained at Barth Learning Resources Center, West Campus.

    DMC ID's may be made beginning thirty minutes after library opening until thirty minutes before closing. Validation stickers can be issued at any time, upon verification of enrollment.

    Students may obtain a DMC ID card by presenting a picture ID, such as a driver's license that matches DMC Registration Information. The name printed on the ID will match DMC Registration Information. Each semester, students must obtain a free validation sticker.

    Faculty and staff may obtain a DMC ID card by showing a picture ID, such as a driver's license, that matches information Human Resources has submitted to the ID database or otherwise verified by Human Resources. Faculty and staff needing their badge to access buildings will need to contact Security.

  • Check Out Library Materials / Computers

    Check Out Books

    Take books to the Access Services desk (first floor at White Library, main desk at Barth LRC) and present a DMC ID with current semester validation.  Books that check out are located on the third floor of White Library and in the book area at Barth LRC.

    getting and returning books from different locations

    A student checks out books at the White Library Access Services DeskBooks and media may be returned at either the White Library or Barth LRC regardless of where the items were checked out.  Books may be returned in the book drop, but media, such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, must be returned at the Access Services Desk at either location.

    DMC students may checkout resources at both locations, and students are encouraged to visit both libraries.  Should an item be needed that's at the other library, and it is not possible to visit in person, place a request at the Access Services Desk and the item will be couriered to the location where the request was made.  Please allow two business days for the item to arrive at the desired library. 

    Check Out CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, Kindle Readers, Reserve Items and Notebook Computers

    Request the item desired at the Access Services desk and present a DMC ID with current semester validation.  Most Reserve items and notebook computers must be used at the respective library.

    some Items do not check out

    Some items may be used only in the library such as magazines and Reference books.  Self-serve photocopiers are available (second floor at White Library) as well as high quality scanners to copy needed information.  Magazines and Reference books are located on the second floor of White Library.  At Barth LRC, Reference books are located under the skylight; popular magazines are near the front while magazine backfiles are in the shelving area behind the Reference Desk.

    Student Technology Center (STC) Computers

    Stop at the STC desk (first floor at White, main desk at Barth LRC) and present a DMC ID with current semester validation.  Login using WebDMC username and password.

    Computers in Other Library Areas

    Computers located in other areas of the library are available on a first come - first served basis.  Log in with WebDMC username and password. 

    While located in the White Library, the Stone Writing Center is a separate department with their own policies. Please consult SWC staff for assistance with their computers.

    Items Not available at DMC libraries

    Books and articles not available at DMC Libraries may still be available for use.


    DMC Students, Faculty and Staff are eligible to use a TexShare Card to visit and borrow materials from other TexShare participating libraries.  There are over 1000 TexShare participating libraries and branches in the state that offer borrowing privileges including TAMU-CC and TAMU-Kingsville.  Contact Library Access Services for information on how to get a TexShare borrower's card.

    Interlibrary loan (ILL)

    DMC Libraries participate in reciprocal borrowing programs known as InterLibrary Loan or ILL to share books and articles.  Once a request is received, library staff begin the process to request the item from other libraries nearby and around the world.  Magazine and journal articles are delivered electronically and may only take a couple of days to fill the request.  Books are delivered via courier or mail and may take two weeks or more to arrive.  Contact the Library Reference Desk or Access Services Desk or email to ill@delmar.edu for more information.

    Requests for the library to buy books and materials

    Students, faculty and staff may request that the library buy books, media and other items for the library.  The library does not purchase textbooks for DMC classes.  Send your request via email or drop off a request at the Library Reference Desk or Access Services Desk. 


    Please see Circulation Policies, Collection Development Guidelines, and Student Technology Center Policies on the Library Policies page.

  • Get Help

    24/7 Chat

    Lisa Muilenburg, Branch Librarian, helps a student at the Reference Desk at Barth Learning Resources CenterGet live online help from a librarian 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except for Christmas Day and New Year's Day.  Ask questions via chat and get answers from professional librarians from Del Mar College or AskAcademic consortial partner higher education institutions.  Some overnight, weekend, and holiday hours are provided by RefStaffing professionals at Altarama.  To get started, click on the "Ask A Librarian" button on the top of this page.

    In Person

    Librarians and library staff will be happy to help you during library hours.

    • Reference assists with the research process, locating materials, selecting resources and using the electronic resources, and finding the information needed.  Reference is located on the second floor at White Library and under the skylight at Barth LRC.
    • Access Services assists with checking out materials, maintaining the Reserve collection, and reserving rooms for faculty.
    • Student Technology Center assists with the use of the computers, printers, equipment and software available in the STC.

    By Phone

    By Email

    Email to refdesk@delmar.edu

  • Computers / Internet / Technology / Wifi

    Computers / Internet

    Photo of Student Technology Center at Barth Learning Resources CenterInternet-connected computers (Mac and Windows) are available for student use in the Student Technology Centers (STC) in both libraries.  STC has the most options for software, printers and other connected equipment.  Computers in the Reference area and other library areas have word processing and Internet access.  Notebook computers for use in the library are available at the Access Services Desk.

    Wi-fi / Personal Devices

    Sstudents may use their own devices on the VikingNet wireless network.  Login using WebDMC username and password.  VikingNet access is limited to two devices per login at a time.

    Copiers / Scanners

    Second floor of White Library and Barth LRC have networked scanners.  Materials may be scanned to flash drive or email at no charge.  Flat-bed scanners are available in STC at each library.  White Library has a microfilm reader-printer.  Individuals making the scans and printouts/copies assume responsibility for compliance with copyright laws.

    Other Technology

    USB cameras, voice recorders, and graphing calculators are available at the Access Services Desk at each library.  Laser printers, color printers, large format printers, and flat-bed scanners are available at the STC at each library.

  • Online Resources

    Login with WebDMC username and password. Off-campus access to library databases and online resources is for use by DMC students, faculty and staff only. Use of the databases is subject to the DMC Computer & Network Resources Statement of Acceptable Use. If you need more assistance, call Library Reference or Barth Learning Resources Center at 698-1311 or 698-1753. 

    In order to purchase research databases for student use, the library agrees to restrict use to Del Mar College faculty, staff and students. All off-campus access must go through the library web page and the off-campus login page to comply with vendor requirements.  To create bookmarks, copy the link from the Databases A-Z pages, not the destination address displayed in the address bar.

  • Study Rooms / Collaborative Room

    Study Rooms

    Photo of a student study room at White LibraryStudy rooms can be found on the second, third and fifth floors of the White Library and at Barth LRC, as well. Please note that these rooms muffle normal voice levels, but are not soundproof. Students may request chalk or markers for study boards at the Access Services desk or the Reference desk, whichever is most convenient.

    Study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Preference is given to groups of two or more.

    collaborative room

    White Library has a Collaborative Room on the first floor.  It is designed for groups to gather to work on presentations and other group work with technology or for an individual or group to practice delivering a presentation.  This room may be reserved in advance or used on demand if no prior reservation has been placed.  Contact Access Services at 361-698-1310 for room availability information.

    Silent study area

    Barth LRC has a classroom which is available for silent study when not in use for a class. 

  • Student & Visitor Conduct Basics

    • Use of Tobacco products and smoking any product are prohibited in the libraries.
    • Small snacks and drinks in spill-proof containers are allowed.
    • Cell phones should be set to off or vibrate when entering the libraries.  Please be respectful of other library users when using phones.
    • Children must not be left unattended
    • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.  Anyone whose behavior is disruptive to others using the library will be asked to leave.
    • For more information, see the Code of Conduct for Patrons on the Libraries Policies page

Page last updated January 21, 2021.

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