Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Associate in Applied Science Degree, Certification Program

Available at: West Campus

Program Overview

The Del Mar Regional Police Academy, located in the Corpus Christi metropolitan area, is cosponsored by the Coastal Bend Council of Governments.

The Academy, in existence for over 25 years, is committed to serving the training needs of the law enforcement community. The Academy services 12 counties, 33 cities and numerous special districts.

Training programs include basic full-time peace officer and in-service training. Classes are offered at different times during the year, so please check the related pages. Courses conducted by the Academy are approved by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCOLE).


Program Application

To become a cadet of the Police Academy, one should meet all basic qualifications for a Basic Peace Officer as established by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). As described in the Academy Application Instructions, interview by one of the Law Enforcement Program Advisers initiates the application process. It also involves submission of a completed application packet and physical fitness assessment.

Page last updated March 30, 2021.


Updates on the CE CALENDAR OF TCOLE COURSES are emailed on a regular basis to those who are in the Police Academy directory list.  Click here if you wish your email address added to the directory list.

Important Dates

police academy SUMMER 2-FALL 2021


Application period for the SUMMER 2-FALL 2021 Police Academy is now closed. 

June 21 (Mon) @ 9AM - Physical fitness assessment.

July 1 (Thurs) @ 9AM - Cadet Orientation.

July 6 (Thurs) @ 8AM - First day of the academy.

Dec. 10 (Fri) - Last day of the academy.

police academy SPRING 2022

For the SPRING 2022 Police Academy, application period will re-open first week of September 2021,  Come visit the website once again around that time for further details. 

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