TSI Math Assessment


What is the purpose of the TSI Assessment?

The purpose of the TSI Assessment is to help students who are trying to take TSI math get awareness on the TSI grade scaling and class placement. We also strive to reduce stigma of REM classes and help the students understand it is for their benefit to take those of placed in them. Finally, we provide a framework of math materials coverage so as to have content to refer to and work on for all student who come in for TSI math help, regardless of if they have taken the exam before.


We will meet with students to identify goals and discuss desired outcome of our help and of the test.

We will determine student skill level though past TSI results and assessment results.

We will establish a plan of action tailored specifically to the student which may include setting up set tutoring date and time and TSI test dates.

What we are not

The TSI Initiative is not a replacement for class. We will help with the exam but we are merely supplemental support. The Student Success Center does provide tutoring for all REM math classes.

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