Math Department

Math Department

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The Department of Mathematics serves a large and diverse student population and thus offers a wide range of courses from basic developmental mathematics to sophomore level transfer courses for mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science students.

The department also offers a co-requisite model, where a student is placed in a college-level math course while taking a developmental math course. Please contact the department at (361) 698-1238 or if you have any questions about the co-requisite model.

New for Math Faculty: Support for Online Instruction

Math 0371 Seminar Schedule

The math department hosts seminars covering Math 0371 developmental math topics. These two hour seminars are all held in CB 319. View more information about these seminars.

  • Career Opportunities

    A solid background in mathematics increases employment opportunities in numerous fields. A double-major in mathematics and another related degree is particularly desirable to many employers. Continuing your math education at a four year institution allows you to pursue the following careers:

    • Actuary
    • Statistician
    • Cryptographer
    • Computer Programmer or Systems Analyst
    • Database Administrator
    • Software Engineer
    • Teacher
    • Financial Analyst or Advisor
    • Insurance Underwriter
    • Economist
    • Market Researcher

    *Certain positions require advanced degrees in mathematics or a related discipline.

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