New Books & Media Report

New Books & Media Report

During the renovation of the William F. White, Jr. Library on Heritage Campus, All new materials are being housed at Barth Learning Resources Center on the Windward Campus.

Barth Learning Resources Center
September 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021

This list includes materials added to the library collections during the period indicated.
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  • Circulating Books

    Subject areas not linked have no new material this quarter.


    B4376 .C37 2020                          2020
        Philosopher of the heart : the restless life of Soren Kierkegaard / Clare
        Carlisle, Clare, 1977-
     BD431 .E2155 2020                        2020
        Life, death, and other inconvenient truths : a realist's view of the human
        condition / Shimon Edelman.
        Edelman, Shimon,
     BF323 .D36 S35 2021                      2021
        The power of awareness : and other secrets from the world's foremost
        spies, detectives, and special operators on how to stay safe and save your
        life / Dan Schilling.
        Schilling, Dan,
     BF481 .I58 2010                          2010
        Introduction to occupation : the art and science of living : new
        multidisciplinary perspectives for understanding human occupation as a
        central feature of individual experience and social organization / edited
        by Charles H. Christiansen, Elizabeth A. Townsend.
        Christiansen, Charles.
        Townsend, Elizabeth A., 1945-
     BF505 .G6 K68 2021                       2021
        The art of impossible : a peak performance primer / Steven Kotler.
        Kotler, Steven, 1967-
     BF575 .A6 S95 2021                       2021
        Good anxiety : harnessing the power of the most misunderstood emotion /
        Wendy Suzuki, PhD, with Billie Fitzpatrick.
        Suzuki, Wendy,
     BF637 .T5 A45 2015                       2015
        Getting things done : the art of stress-free productivity / David Allen.
        Allen, David, 1945 December 28-
     BF637 .T5 W75 2021                       2021
        Take back your time : the guilt-free guide to life balance / Christy
        Wright, Christy,
     BF671 .W45 2018                          2018
        Natural behavior : the evolution of behavior in humans and animals using
        comparative psychology and behavioral biology / Burton A. Weiss, Ph. D.
        Weiss, Burton A.
     BF698.35 .R47 R57 2009                   2009
        The unthinkable : who survives when disaster strikes and why / Amanda
        Ripley, Amanda.
     BF1573 .C76 2021                         2021
        American Brujeria : modern Mexican-American folk magic / J. Allen Cross.
        Cross, J. Allen, 1992-
     BJ1031 .M3157 2020                       2020
        Mindfulness in good lives / Mike W. Martin.
        Martin, Mike W., 1946-
     BL310 .H3 2017                           2017
        Mythology : timeless tales of gods and heroes / Edith Hamilton ;
        illustrated by Jim Tierney.
        Hamilton, Edith, 1867-1963,
     BL723 .B85 2015                          2015
        Bulfinch's mythology : stories of gods and heroes / Thomas Bulfinch.
        Bulfinch, Thomas, 1796-1867.
     BL1900 .L26 E5 1989                      1989
        Te-tao ching : a new translation based on the recently discovered
        Ma-wang-tui texts / Lao-Tzu ; translated, with an introduction and
        commentary by Robert G. Henricks.
     BP223 .Z8 L573339 2020                   2020
        Malcolm X / editor, Robert C. Evans (Auburn University at Montgomery).
        Evans, Robert C., 1955-
     BX4705 .D283 L68 2020                    2020
        Dorothy Day : dissenting voice of the American century / John Loughery and
        Blythe Randolph.
        Loughery, John,


    CD950 .H86 2020                          2020
        Developing and maintaining practical archives : a how-to-do-it manual /
        Gregory S. Hunter.
        Hunter, Gregory S.,


    D25 .K43 1993                            1993
        The face of battle / John Keegan.
        Keegan, John, 1934-2012.
     D769.31 141 ST .G87 2018                 2018
        Patriots from the Barrio : the story of Company E, 141st Infantry : the
        only all Mexican American Army unit in World War II / Dave Gutierrez.
        Gutierrez, Dave.,
     D810 .C88 P75 2021                       2021
        Geniuses at war : Bletchley Park, Colossus, and the dawn of the digital
        age / David A. Price.
        Price, David A. (David Andrew), 1961-
     D810 .J4 B35 2020                        2020
        The light of days : the untold story of women resistance fighters in
        Hitler's ghettos / Judy Batalion.
        Batalion, Judith,
     DG552.8 .C25 S23 2010                    2010
        Civilization and self-government : the political thought of Carlo Cattaneo
        / Filippo Sabetti.
        Sabetti, Filippo, 1940-
     DL65 .A723 1995                          1995
        The Vikings / translated and edited with an introd. by Alan Binns.
        Arbman, Holger.
     DS559.8 .W6 S78 2011                     2011
        Beyond combat : women and gender in the Vietnam War era / Heather Marie
        Stur, Heather Marie, 1975-


    E176.5 .F56 2021                         2021
        Photographic presidents : making history from daguerreotype to digital /
        Cara A. Finnegan.
        Finnegan, Cara A.,
     E183 .R255 2021                          2021
        American schism : how the two Enlightenments hold the secret to healing
        our nation / Seth David Radwell.
        Radwell, Seth David,
     E184 .A1 G554 2020                       2020
        Begin again : James Baldwin's America and its urgent lessons for our own /
        Eddie S. Glaude Jr.
        Glaude, Eddie S., Jr., 1968-
     E184 .A1 K344 2019                       2019
        How to be an antiracist / Ibram X. Kendi.
        Kendi, Ibram X.,
     E184 .A75 K36 2021                       2021
        The loneliest Americans / Jay Caspian Kang.
        Kang, Jay Caspian, 1979-
     E184 .M5 C458 2020                       2020
        The Chicano studies reader : an anthology of Aztl*an, 1970-2019 / edited
        by Chon A. Noriega, Eric Avila, Karen Mary Davalos, Chela Sandoval, Rafael
        P*erez-Torres, Charlene Villase*nor Black.
        Noriega, Chon A., 1961-
        Avila, Eric, 1968-
        Davalos, Karen Mary, 1964-
        Sandoval, Chela, 1956-
        P*erez-Torres, Rafael,
        Villase*nor Black, Charlene, 1962-
     E184 .M5 N35 2021                        2021
        Nepantla familias : an anthology of Mexican American literature on
        families in between worlds / edited by Sergio Troncoso.
        Troncoso, Sergio, 1961-
     E184 .N53 M65 2021                       2021
        For brown girls with sharp edges and tender hearts : a love letter to
        women of color / Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez.
        Mojica Rodr*iguez, Prisca Dorcas, 1985-
     E185.615 .E25 2018                       2018
        The struggle over Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter / by Amanda Nell
        Edgar and Andre E. Johnson.
        Edgar, Amanda Nell, 1981-
     E185.86 .K46 2020                        2020
        Hood feminism : notes from the women that a movement forgot / Mikki
        Kendall, Mikki,
     E185.93 .T4 G67 2021                     2021
        On Juneteenth / Annette Gordon-Reed.
        Gordon-Reed, Annette,
     E893 .R68 2021                           2021
        The storm is upon us : how QAnon became a movement, cult, and conspiracy
        theory of everything / Mike Rothschild.
        Rothschild, Mike,
     E901.1 .H37 M673 2021                    2021
        Kamala's way : an American life / Dan Morain.
        Morain, Dan,
     E901.1 .Y36 A3 2021                      2021
        Forward : notes on the future of our democracy / Andrew Yang.
        Yang, Andrew, 1975-


    F128.9 .C5 W35 2021                      2021
        Beautiful country : a memoir / by Qian Julie Wang.
        Wang, Qian Julie, 1987-
     F387 .M37 2021                           2021
        What lies beneath : Texas pioneer cemeteries and graveyards / Cynthia Leal
        Massey, Cynthia Leal, 1956-
     F390 .B925 2021                          2021
        Forget the Alamo : the rise and fall of an American myth / Bryan Burrough,
        Chris Tomlinson, and Jason Stanford.
        Burrough, Bryan, 1961-
     F392 .B842 G7 2002                       2002
        Goodbye to a river : a narrative / by John Graves ; illustrations by
        Russell Waterhouse.
        Graves, John, 1920-2013.
     F392.5 .R43 2021                         2021
        Recent studies in Rio Grande Valley history / edited by Milo Kearney,
        Anthony Knopp, Antonio Zavaleta, Thomas Daniel Knight ; illustrated by
        Gabriel Trevino.
        Kearney, Milo,
        Knopp, Anthony K., 1940-
        Zavaleta, Antonio,
        Knight, Thomas Daniel, 1970-
        Trevino, Gabriel,
     F395 .M5 V56 2018                        2018
        The lynching of Mexicans in the Texas borderlands / Nicholas Villanueva,
        Villanueva, Nicholas,
     F454 .B66 D78 2021                       2021
        Blood and treasure : Daniel Boone and the fight for America's first
        frontier / Bob Drury and Tom Clavin.
        Drury, Bob,
     F1234 .G928 2021                         2021
        War on the border : Villa, Pershing, the Texas Rangers, and an American
        invasion / Jeff Guinn.
        Guinn, Jeff,


    G1201 .C51 K37 2021                      2021
        A slice through America : a geological atlas / David Kassel ; with an
        introduction by Joanne Bourgeois.
        Kassel, David (Artist),
     GC21 .E27 2021                           2021
        Sea change : a message of the oceans / Sylvia Alice Earle.
        Earle, Sylvia A., 1935-
     GF80 .N49 2021                           2021
        The new possible : visions of our world beyond crisis / edited by Philip
        Clayton, Kelli M. Archie, Jonah Sachs, and Evan Steiner ; foreword by Kim
        Stanley Robinson.
        Clayton, Philip, 1956-
        Archie, Kelli M.,
        Sachs, Jonah,
        Steiner, Evan,
        Robinson, Kim Stanley,
     GN347 .S658 2020                         2020
        Photographic returns : racial justice and the time of photography / Shawn
        Michelle Smith.
        Smith, Shawn Michelle, 1965-
     GN799 .F6 C87 2021                       2021
        The story of food in the human past : how what we ate made us who we are /
        Robyn E. Cutright.
        Cutright, Robyn E.,
     GV181.5 .B37 2016                        2016
        Recreational sport : program design, delivery, and management / Robert J.
        Barcelona, PhD, University of New Hampshire, Mary Sara Wells, PhD,
        University of Utah, Skye Arthur-Banning, PhD, Clemson University.
        Barcelona, Robert J., 1970-
     GV200.5 .A88 2020                        2020
        Crisis preparedness handbook : a comprehensive guide to home storage and
        physical survival / Jack A. Spigarelli.
        Aston, Patricia Spigarelli,
     GV428.7 .B47 2019                        2019
        Change maker : turn your passion for health and fitness into a powerful
        purpose and a wildly successful career / John Berardi, PhD, with Ted
        Berardi, John,
     GV428.7 .G66 2014                        2014
        Ignite the fire : the secrets to building a successful personal training
        career / Jonathan Goodman.
        Goodman, Jonathan, CSCS.
     GV436 .A35 2022                          2022
        ACSM's fitness assessment manual.
     GV436 .B33 2016                          2016
        Measurement for evaluation in kinesiology / Ted A. Baumgartner, PhD
        University of Georgia ; Andrew S. Jackson, PED University of Houston ;
        Matther T. Mahar, EdD East Carolina University ; David A. Rowe, PhD
        University of Strathclyde.
        Baumgartner, Ted A.
     GV481 .C317 2022                         2022
        Functional training anatomy / Kevin Carr, Mary Kate Feit.
        Carr, Kevin, 1987-
     GV481 .H258 2014                         2014
        Special forces fitness training : gym-free workouts to build muscle and
        get in elite shape / Augusta DeJuan Hathaway.
        Hathaway, Augusta DeJuan,
     GV481 .K416 2020                         2020
        Methods of group exercise instruction / Mary M. Yoke, PhD, Indiana
        University, Bloomington, Carol Kennedy-Armbruster, PhD, Indiana
        University, Bloomington.
        Yoke, Mary M., 1953-
     GV482 .S86 2022                          2022
        Big & bold : strength training for the plus-size woman / Morit Summers.
        Summers, Morit, 1986-
     GV546 .R558 2013                         2013
        Practical programming for strength training / Mark Rippetoe & Andy Baker ;
        with Stef Bradford.
        Rippetoe, Mark,
     GV584 .T4 G87 2021                       2021
        The sports revolution : how Texas changed the culture of American
        athletics / Frank Andre Guridy.
        Guridy, Frank Andre,
     GV711 .C334 2021                         2021
        Becoming a better sports coach : development through theory application /
        Andreas Carlsson.
        Carlsson, Andreas,
     GV711.5 .C67 2021                        2021
        Secrets of successful program design : a how-to guide for busy fitness
        professionals / Alwyn Cosgrove, Craig Rasmussen.
        Cosgrove, Alwyn,
     GV711.5 .C77 2020                        2020
        CSCS study guide : 2021-2022 complete review + 380 test questions and
        detailed answer explanations for the NSCA Certified Strength and
        Conditioning Specialist Exam.
        National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.)
     GV711.5 .Z38 2021                        2021
        Science and practice of strength training / Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, PhD,
        The Pennsylvania State University, William J. Kraemer, PhD, The Ohio State
        University, Andrew C. Fry, PhD, University of Kansas.
        Zatsiorsky, Vladimir M., 1932-
     GV839.7 .W65 K46 2021                    2021
        Women on waves : a cultural history of surfing : from ancient goddesses
        and Hawaiian queens to Malibu movie stars and millennial champions / Jim
        Kempton, Jim,
     GV1061 .E83 2021                         2021
        Running on science : the exercise professional's evidence-based framework
        for measuring fitness and reducing injury risk / J. A. Eveleigh DPT,
        BScPT, BSc.
        Eveleigh, Janice A.
     GV1061.5 .S6713 2021                     2021
        Running smart : how science can improve your endurance and performance /
        Mariska van Sprundel ; translated by Danny Guinan.
        Sprundel, Mariska van,
     GV1065.23 .N67 A48 2020                  2020
        Spirit run : a 6,000-mile marathon through North America's stolen land /
        No*e *Alvarez.
        *Alvarez, No*e,


    HC106.84 .M334 2021                      2021
        Fulfillment : winning and losing in one-click America / Alec MacGillis.
        MacGillis, Alec,
     HC110 .C6 D846 2021                      2021
        Retail racism : shopping while Black and Brown in America / Michelle R.
        Dunlap, Michelle R., 1965-
     HD57.7 .P87 2021                         2021
        Purposeful people / compiled by Chris Paton.
        Paton, Chris,
     HD57.7 .T865 2021                        2021
        Provoke : how leaders shape the future by overcoming fatal human flaws /
        Geoff Tuff, Steven Goldbach ; illustrations by Tom Fishburne.
        Tuff, Geoff, 1970-
     HD58.8 .T84 2018                         2018
        Detonate : why -- and how -- corporations must blow up best practices (and
        bring a beginner's mind) to survive / Geoff Tuff Steve Goldbach.
        Tuff, Geoff, 1970-
     HD60 .R346 2021                          2021
        Woke, Inc. : inside corporate America's social justice scam / Vivek
        Ramaswamy, Vivek,
     HD4901 .O75 2018                         2018
        "We are all fast-food workers now" : the global uprising against poverty
        wages / Annelise Orleck ; photographs by Liz Cooke.
        Orleck, Annelise,
     HD6955 .J34 2021                         2021
        Work won't love you back : how devotion to our jobs keeps us exploited,
        exhausted, and alone / Sarah Jaffe.
        Jaffe, Sarah, 1980-
     HD9576 .P52 V58 2020                     2020
        Oilcraft : the myths of scarcity and security that haunt U.S. energy
        policy / Robert Vitalis.
        Vitalis, Robert, 1955-
     HF5382.693 .F56 2019                     2019
        The introvert's complete career guide : from landing a job, to surviving,
        thriving, and moving on up / Jane Finkle.
        Finkle, Jane,
     HF5382.7 .B644 2021                      2021
        What color is your parachute? : your guide to a lifetime of meaningful
        work and career success / Richard N. Bolles with Katharine Brooks.
        Bolles, Richard Nelson,
     HF5429.215 .U6 J84 2020                  2020
        Fulfillment : diary of a warehouse picker / Paul Juhasz.
        Juhasz, Paul,
     HG6041 .M48 2021                         2021
        The antisocial network : the GameStop short squeeze and the ragtag group
        of amateur traders that brought Wall Street to its knees / Ben Mezrich.
        Mezrich, Ben, 1969-
     HM671 .N867 2020                         2020
        "What does injustice have to do with me?" : engaging privileged white
        students with social justice / David Nurenberg.
        Nurenberg, David,
     HN59.2 .E96 2021                         2021
        Experiencing race, class, and gender in the United States / Roberta
        Fiske-Rusciano (Rider University)
        Fiske-Rusciano, Roberta,
     HN90 .R3 N46 2021                        2021
        Unmasked : inside Antifa's radical plan to destroy democracy / Andy Ngo.
        Ngo, Andy,
     HN90 .V5 V5485 2020 V.1                  2020
        Violence in American society : an encyclopedia of trends, problems, and
        perspectives / Chris Richardson, editor.
        Richardson, Chris, 1985-
     HQ769 .M924 2021                         2021
        How to raise kids who aren't assholes : science-based strategies for
        better parenting--from tots to teens / Melinda Wenner Moyer.
        Moyer, Melinda Wenner,
     HT175 .G353 2021                         2021
        The misunderstood history of gentrification : people, planning,
        preservation, and urban renewal, 1915-2020 / Dennis E. Gale.
        Gale, Dennis E.,
     HT1521 .R6255 2021                       2021
        Speaking of race : how to have antiracist conversations that bring us
        together / Patricia Roberts-Miller.
        Roberts-Miller, Patricia, 1959-
     HV1568 .A53 2020                         2020
        Disability as diversity : developing cultural competence / Erin E.
        Andrews, PsyD, ABPP.
        Andrews, Erin E.,
     HV3011 .L33 2021                         2021
        Demystifying disability : what to know, what to say, and how to be an ally
        / Emily Ladau.
        Ladau, Emily, 1991-
     HV3020 .S39 2012                         2012
        Home accessibility : 300 tips for making life easier / Shelley Peterman
        Schwarz, Shelley Peterman.
     HV6534 .S3 C65 2020 V.2                  2020
        The Zodiac revisited / Michael F. Cole.
        Cole, Michael F.,
     HV6536.5 .M34 2021                       2021
        From a taller tower : the rise of the American mass shooter / Seamus
        McGraw, Seamus,
     HV6545 .K675 2021                        2021
        Understanding suicide's allure : steps to save lives by healing
        psychological scars / Stanley Krippner, Linda Riebel, Debbie Joffe Ellis,
        and Daryl S. Paulson ; foreword by Harris L. Friedman, PhD.
        Krippner, Stanley, 1932-
     HV8073 .C37 2021                         2021
        Careers in forensic science.
     HV9950 .H395 2021                        2021
        Policing Black bodies : how Black lives are surveilled and how to work for
        change / Angela J. Hattery and Earl Smith.
        Hattery, Angela,


    JK1759 .L223 2020                        2020
        Conditional citizens : on belonging in America / Laila Lalami.
        Lalami, Laila, 1968-


    KF3989 .S53 2021                         2021
        Sport law : a managerial approach / edited by Anita M. Moorman ;
        non-contributing editors, Linda Sharp, Cathryn Claussen.
        Moorman, Anita M.,
        Sharp, Linda A.,
        Claussen, Cathryn L.,
     KF4700 .N33 2021                         2021
        American by birth : Wong Kim Ark and the battle for citizenship / Carol
        Nackenoff and Julie Novkov.
        Nackenoff, Carol,


    LB1042 .W48 2021                         2021
        How to tell stories to children / Silke Rose West & Joseph Sarosy ;
        illustrations by Rebecca Green.
        West, Silke Rose,
     LB1050.2 .A55 2021                       2021
        Bringing up bookmonsters : the joyful way to turn your child into a
        fearless, ravenous reader / Amber Ankowski, PhD, Andy Ankowski.
        Ankowski, Amber,
     LB1067 .T54 2021                         2021
        Play to progress : lead your child to success using the power of sensory
        play / Allie Ticktin, MA, OTD, OTR/L ; [illustrations by Brian Lee].
        Ticktin, Allie,
     LB2336 .S87 2018                         2018
        Assessing student learning : a common sense guide / Linda Suskie.
        Suskie, Linda A.,
     LB2342 .H522 2020                        2020
        The college affordability crisis / Laurie Collier Hillstrom.
        Hillstrom, Laurie Collier, 1965-
     LB2353.7 .T46 T75 2021                   2021
        TSI study guide. 2020-2021 : TSI secrets test prep.
        Mometrix Media LLC.


    ML54.6 .P38 S66 2020                     2020
        Dolly Parton : songteller, my life in lyrics / Dolly Parton ; with Robert
        K. Oermann.
        Parton, Dolly,
     ML394 .C663 2020                         2020
        [Ghost notes] : pioneering spirits of Texas music / Michael Corcoran ;
        illustrations by Tim Kerr.
        Corcoran, Michael, 1955-
     ML419 .D43 M55 2009                      2009
        Carved in stone : the life and musical legacy of Vincent DeRosa, the most
        recorded horn player / Todd Miller.
        Miller, Todd (Todd Louis)
     ML420 .C2555 A3 2020                     2020
        The meaning of Mariah Carey / Mariah Carey ; with Michaela Angela Davis.
        Carey, Mariah,
     ML420 .G864 A3 2021                      2021
        The storyteller : tales of life and music / Dave Grohl.
        Grohl, David,
     ML420 .H427 M67 2018                     2018
        She begat this : 20 years of The miseducation of Lauryn Hill / Joan
        Morgan, Joan, 1965-
     ML420 .H675 C73 2019                     2019
        A song for you : my life with Whitney Houston / Robyn Crawford.
        Crawford, Robyn,
     ML420 .K3745 A3 2020                     2020
        More myself : a journey / Alicia Keys with Michelle Burford.
        Keys, Alicia,
     ML420 .M62 A25 2021                      2021
        The collected works of Jim Morrison : poetry, journals, transcripts, and
        lyrics / foreword by Tom Robbins ; edited with an introduction by Frank
        Lisciandro ; prologue by Anne Morrison Chewning.
        Morrison, Jim, 1943-1971,
     ML1015 .G9 J644 2021                     2021
        Immortal axes : guitars that rock / Lisa S. Johnson ; edited by Brad
        Tolinski ; foreword by Peter Frampton ; afterword by Suzi Quatro.
        Johnson, Lisa S.,
     ML3470 .S25 2021                         2021
        Major labels : a history of popular music in seven genres / Kelefa Sanneh.
        Sanneh, Kelefa,
     ML3534.3 .O99 2021                       2021
        Sellout : the major-label feeding frenzy that swept punk, emo, and
        hardcore (1994-2007) / Dan Ozzi.
        Ozzi, Dan,
     ML3537 .L67 2020                         2020
        The meaning of soul : Black music and resilience since the 1960s / Emily
        J. Lordi.
        Lordi, Emily J., 1979-
     ML3838 .C648 2021                        2021
        The music advantage : how music helps your child develop, learn, and
        thrive / Dr. Anita Collins.
        Collins, Anita (Anita Marie)‏,
     MT425 .A47 H3 2018                       2018
        Harmony Kopprasch / Jeffrey Agrell.
        Agrell, Jeffrey, 1948-
     MT425 .H58 2006                          2006
        Mastery of the French horn : technique and musical expression / Michael
        Hoeltzel ; English translation by William Melton.
        H*oltzel, Michael, 1936-


    N6559 .K34 S73 2020                      2020
        Frida in America : the creative awakening of a great artist / Celia Stahr.
        Stahr, Celia,
     NA2545 .S3 2019                          2019
        Build your space : how to create an accessible home that is perfect for
        you, your family and your future / Julie Sawchuk.
        Sawchuk, Julie,
     NA2547 .H36 2017                         2017
        Building access : universal design and the politics of disability / Aimi
        Hamraie, Aimi,
     NC1806.45 .P67 2020                      2020
        The poster : a visual history / edited by Gill Saunders and Margaret
        Saunders, Gill,
        Timmers, Margaret,
     ND237 .H75 A4 2019                       2019
        Edward Hopper and the American hotel / Leo G. Mazow with Sarah G. Powers.
        Mazow, Leo G.,
     ND237 .W795 T39 2020                     2020
        Grant Wood's secrets / Sue Taylor.
        Taylor, Sue, 1949-
     ND553 .B6 H49 2020                       2020
        Art is a tyrant : the unconventional life of Rosa Bonheur / Catherine
        Hewitt, Catherine,
     ND623 .A5395 C65 2019                    2019
        Sofonisba's lesson : a Renaissance artist and her work / Michael W. Cole.
        Cole, Michael Wayne, 1969-
     ND623 .F78 I87 2020                      2020
        Piero della Francesca and the invention of the artist / Machtelt Br*uggen
        Isra*els, Machtelt,
     ND673 .E9 A4 2020                        2020
        Van Eyck / edited by Maximiliaan Martens, Till-Holger Borchert, Jan
        Dumolyn, Johan De Smet, Frederica Van Dam.
        Martens, Maximiliaan P. J.,
        Borchert, Till,
        Dumolyn, Jan,
        Smet, Johan de,
        Van Dam, Frederica,
        Eyck, Jan van, 1390-1440. Works. Selections.
        Alkins, Ted,
        Arblaster, Paul,
        Pistolesi, Donald,
        Williams, Karen (Translator),
     ND813 .G7 A4 2019                        2019
        Goya : drawings / Jos*e Manuel Matilla and Manuela B. Mena Marqu*es.
        Matilla, Jos*e Manuel,
     ND2422 .C6553 2021                       2021
        Colour demystified : a complete guide to mixing and using watercolours /
        Julie Collins.
        Collins, Julie, 1962-
     ND2644 .V53 2020                         2020
        Vida Americana : Mexican muralists remake American art, 1925-1945 / edited
        by Barbara Haskell ; with additional essays by Mark A. Castro [and 9
        Haskell, Barbara,
        Castro, Mark A.,
     NE539.3 .M4 P75 2020                     2020
        *Printing the revolution! : the rise and impact of Chicano graphics, 1965
        to now / edited by E. Carmen Ramos ; contributions by E. Carmen Ramos,
        Tatiana Reinoza, Terezita Romo, and Claudia E. Zapata.
        Ramos, E. Carmen,
        Reinoza, Tatiana,
        Romo, Terecita,
        Zapata, Claudia E. (Claudia Elisa),
        Container of (work): Reinoza, Tatiana. War at home.
        Container of (work): Romo, Terecita. Aesthetics of the message.
        Container of (work): Zapata, Claudia E. (Claudia Elisa). Chicanx graphics
        in the digital age.


    PA4167 .A2 O39 2019                      2019
        The Odyssey / editor, Robert C. Evans.
        Evans, Robert C., 1955-
     PE3724 .O3 M38 2021                      2021
        Nine nasty w*rds : English in the gutter : then, now, and forever / John
        McWhorter, John H.,
     PG3456 .A13 C368 2002                    2002
        Plays / Anton Chekhov ; translated with notes by Peter Carson ; with an
        introduction by Richard Gilman.
        Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904.
     PG3456 .A13 P66 2014                     2014
        Anton Chekhov's selected stories : texts of the stories, comparison of
        translations, life and letters, criticism / selected and edited by Cathy
        Popkin, Columbia University.
        Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904,
     PM4231 .Z77 S63 2019                     2019
        Rewriting Maya religion : Domingo de Vico, k'iche' Maya intellectuals, and
        the Theologia indorum / Garry G. Sparks.
        Sparks, Garry,
     PN56 .D465 W55 2017                      2017
        Giving the devil his due : demonic authority in the fiction of Flannery
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        Introduction to quality and safety education for nurses : core
        competencies for nursing leadership and management / [edited by] Patricia
        Kelly, Beth A. Vottero, Carolyn A. Christie-McAuliffe.
        Vana, Patricia Kelly, 1941-
        Vottero, Beth A.,
        Christie-McAuliffe, Carolyn A.,
     RT73 .K46 2018                           2018
        Grant writing handbook for nurses and health professionals / Barbara J.
        Holtzclaw, Carole Kenner, Marlene Walden.
        Holtzclaw, Barbara J.,
     RT81.5 .P63 2022                         2022
        Essentials of nursing research : appraising evidence for nursing practice
        / Denise F. Polit, Cheryl Tatano Beck.
        Polit, Denise F.,
     RT89 .M377 2021                          2021
        Transformational leadership in nursing : from expert clinician to
        influential leader / Marion E. Broome, Elaine Sorensen Marshall, editors.
        Marshall, Elaine S.,
     RT97 .S28 2020                           2020
        Public/community health and nursing practice : caring for populations /
        Christine L. Savage.
        Savage, Christine L.,
     RT98 .C44 2022                           2022
        Community and public health nursing : promoting the public's health /
        Cherie Rector, Mary Jo Stanley.
        Rector, Cherie L.,
     RT98 .D46 2020                           2020
        Community and public health nursing : evidence for practice / Rosanna F.
        DeMarco, Judith Healey-Walsh.
        DeMarco, Rosanna F.,
     RT108 .D56 2019                          2019
        Disaster nursing and emergency preparedness for chemical, biological, and
        radiological terrorism, and other hazards / [edited by] Tener Goodwin
        Veenema, PhD, MPH, MS, RN, FAAN.
        Veenema, Tener Goodwin,
     RT120 .E4 B84 2022                       2022
        Fast facts for the ER nurse : guide to a successful emergency department
        orientation / Jennifer R. Buettner, BSN, RN, CEN.
        Buettner, Jennifer R.,
     RT120 .I5 C766 2021                      2021
        Critical care nursing made incredibly easy (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins)
        Woodruff, David W.,


    TH4816.15 .P54 2012                      2012
        The accessible home : designing for all ages and abilities / Deborah
        Pierce, D. (Deborah), 1938-
     TH4860 .G72 2021                         2021
        Shipping container home : how to build your dream home using containers;
        everything you need to know; the most complete guide for beginners with
        amazing ideas, plans and designs  / Thomas Grant.
        Grant, Thomas
     TH4860 .P74 2021                         2021
        Shipping container homes 2021 : the complete step-by-step guide for
        beginners to building your homemade eco-friendly home including plans, the
        best techniques, FAQs, and more to make it a masterpiece / Robert Price.
        Price, Robert, 1975-
     TJ151 .A448 2020                         2020
        Guide to the use of tables and formulas in Machinery's handbook / by John
        M. Amiss, Franklin D. Jones, Henry H. Ryffel, amd Christopher J. McCauley
        ; Laura Brengelman, editor.
        Amiss, John Milton, 1887-1968.
     TJ151 .M355 2020                         2020
        Machinery's handbook pocket companion / Richard P. Pohanish and
        Christopher J. McCauley ; Laura Brengelman, editor.
        Pohanish, Richard P.,
     TL152 .K575 2021                         2013
        Automotive technician certification test preparation manual.
     TR139 .F47 2020                          2020
        Latinx photography in the United States : a visual history / Elizabeth
        Ferrer, Elizabeth,
     TR645 .L7 R39 2020                       2020
        Raza (University of California, Los Angeles. Chicano Studies Research
        Center. Press)
        Scott, Amy, 1971-
        Garza, Luis,
        Gunckel, Colin, 1975-
     TR681 .C5 W335 2020                      2020
        Lewis Carroll's photography and modern childhood / Diane Waggoner.
        Waggoner, Diane,
     TS533.62 .B76 2021                       2021
        The guns of John Moses Browning : the remarkable story of the inventor
        whose firearms changed the world / Nathan Gorenstein.
        Gorenstein, Nathan,
     TT185 .W65755 2020                       2020
        Woodworking : the complete step-by-step manual.
        DK Publishing, Inc.,
     TT720 .M573 2021                         2021
        Mending with love : creative repairs for your favorite things / Noriko
        Misumi ; [translated from Japanese by Nancy Marsden].
        Misumi, Noriko,
     TX361 .A8 F74 2021                       2021
        The plant-based athlete : a game-changing approach to peak performance /
        Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke with Rachel Holtzman.
        Frazier, Matt,
     TX631 .W35 2021                          2021
        We are what we eat : a slow food manifesto / Alice Waters ; with Bob
        Carrau and Cristina Mueller.
        Waters, Alice,


    UB270 .C44 2021                          2021
        Scared fearless : an unlikely agent in the us secret service / Kathryn
        Clark Childers, with Deborah Hickman Perry.
        Childers, Kathryn Clark,


    Z649 .L53 M69 2020                       2020
        Copyright policies and workflows in libraries : a concise handbook /
        Allyson Mower.
        Mower, Allyson,
     Z682 .H4949 2020                         2020
        Cultivating civility : practical ways to improve a dysfunctional library /
        Jo Henry, Joe Eshleman, and Richard Moniz.
        Henry, Jo,
     Z682.4 .L46 S36 2020                     2020
        Beyond accommodation : creating an inclusive workplace for disabled
        library workers / Jessica Schomberg, Wendy Highby.
        Schomberg, Jessica J., 1975-
     Z701.3 .D54 M37 2021                     2021
        Along came Google : a history of library digitization / Deanna Marcum and
        Roger C. Schonfeld.
        Marcum, Deanna B.,
     Z711 .B54 2021                           2021
        Responding to rapid change in libraries : a user experience approach /
        Callan Bignoli and Lauren Stara.
        Bignoli, Callan,
     Z7963 .S55 P68 2021                      2021
        Hiding in plain sight : women warriors throughout time and space /
        Christian P. Potholm.
        Potholm, Christian P., 1940-
     ZA3088.5 .C65 H47 2021                   2021
        Modular online learning design : a flexible approach for diverse learning
        needs / Amanda Nichols Hess.
        Hess, Amanda Nichols, 1986-
  • Popular Books

    *POPULAR READING  WOOLEVER               2021
        Bourdain : the definitive oral biography / Laurie Woolever.
        Woolever, Laurie,
     *POPULAR READING ACHO                    2020
        Uncomfortable conversations with a black man / Emmanuel Acho.
        Acho, Emmanuel,
     *POPULAR READING ARMSTRONG               2021
        When women invented television : the untold story of the female
        powerhouses who pioneered the way we watch today / Jennifer Keishin
        Armstrong, Jennifer Keishin,
     *POPULAR READING BARDUGO                 2019
        King of scars / Leigh Bardugo.
        Bardugo, Leigh,
     *POPULAR READING BARDUGO                 2021
        Rule of wolves / Leigh Bardugo.
        Bardugo, Leigh,
     *POPULAR READING BARDUGO                 2016
        Crooked kingdom / Leigh Bardugo.
        Bardugo, Leigh,
     *POPULAR READING BENEDICT                2021
        The personal librarian / Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray.
        Benedict, Marie,
     *POPULAR READING BREWES                  2021
        The doomsday book of fairy tales : a novel / Emily Brewes.
        Brewes, Emily, 1982-
     *POPULAR READING BRYANT                  2021
        Kobe Bryant : a tribute to a basketball legend / Sports illustrated.
     *POPULAR READING CHARLES                 2021
        The Paris library : a novel / Janet Skeslien Charles.
        Skeslien Charles, Janet,
     *POPULAR READING CHILD                   2021
        The best mystery stories of the year 2021 / edited and with an
        introduction by Lee Child ; Otto Penzler, series editor.
        Child, Lee,
        Penzler, Otto,
        Container of (work) : Allyn, Douglas. 30 and out.
        Container of (work) : Allyn, Jim, 1944- Things that follow.
        Container of (work) : Bracken, Michael. Blest be the tie that binds.
        Container of (work) : Burke, James Lee, 1936- Harbr lights.
        Container of (work) : Edwards, Martin, 1955- Locked cabin.
        Container of (work) : Floyd, John M. Biloxi bound.
        Container of (work) : Freimor, Jacqueline. That which is true.
        Container of (work) : Gaylin, Alison. Gift.
        Container of (work) : Grafton, Sue. If you want something done right ...
        Container of (work) : Kemprecos, Paul. Sixth decoy.
        Container of (work) : King, Stephen, 1947- Fifth step.
        Container of (work) : Law, Janice. Client.
        Container of (work) : McFadden, Dennis, 1943- Truth about Lucy.
        Container of (work) : Marcum, David, 1965- Adventure of the home office
        Container of (work) : Mead, Tom, (writer). Heatwave.
        Container of (work) : Morrell, David. Requiem for a homecoming.
        Container of (work) : Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- Parole hearing, California
        Institution for women, Chino CA.
        Container of (work) : Paretsky, Sara. Law & other crimes.
        Container of (work) : Walker, Joseph S. Etta at the end of the world.
        Container of (work) : Welsh-Huggins, Andrew. Path I took.
        Container of (work) : Brice, Ambrose Gwinnett. My favorite year.
     *POPULAR READING CHILD                   2021
        Better off dead / Lee Child and Andrew Child.
        Child, Lee,
     *POPULAR READING CLAVELL                 2019
        Sh*ogun / James Clavell.
        Clavell, James,
     *POPULAR READING CLINE                   2020
        Ready player two : a novel / Ernest Cline.
        Cline, Ernest,
     *POPULAR READING COMPTON                 2020
        A knot a day : 365 knot challenges for all abilities / Nic Compton.
        Compton, Nic,
     *POPULAR READING COOKE                   2021
        Come fly the world : the jet-age story of the women of Pan Am / Julia
        Cooke, Julia,
     *POPULAR READING CRUZE                   2021
        Know yourself, know your money : discover why you handle money the way you
        do, and what to do about it! / Rachel Cruze ; [foreword by Dave Ramsey].
        Cruze, Rachel,
     *POPULAR READING DEABLER                 2021
        Lone stars / Justin Deabler.
        Deabler, Justin,
     *POPULAR READING DOERR                   2021
        Cloud cuckoo land : a novel / Anthony Doerr.
        Doerr, Anthony, 1973-
     *POPULAR READING DREILINGER              2021
        The secret history of home economics : how trailblazing women harnessed
        the power of home and changed the way we live / Danielle Dreilinger.
        Dreilinger, Danielle,
     *POPULAR READING DUCHOVNY                2021
        Truly like lightning / David Duchovny.
        Duchovny, David,
     *POPULAR READING DYSON                   2021
        Invention : a life / James Dyson.
        Dyson, James,
     *POPULAR READING EDER                    2021
        The girls who stepped out of line : untold stories of the women who
        changed the course of World War II / Major General Mari K. Eder.
        Eder, Mari K.,
     *POPULAR READING EPPLIN                  2021
        Our team : the epic story of four men and the World Series that changed
        baseball / Luke Epplin.
        Epplin, Luke,
     *POPULAR READING FOX                     2020
        No time like the future : an optimist considers mortality / Michael J.
        Fox, Michael J., 1961-
     *POPULAR READING FOXX                    2021
        Act like you got some sense : and other things my daughters taught me /
        Jamie Foxx with Nick Chiles.
        Foxx, Jamie,
     *POPULAR READING GABALDON                2005
        A breath of snow and ashes / Diana Gabaldon.
        Gabaldon, Diana.
     *POPULAR READING GABALDON                2001
        The fiery cross / Diana Gabaldon.
        Gabaldon, Diana.
     *POPULAR READING GABALDON                2009
        An echo in the bone : a novel / Diana Gabaldon.
        Gabaldon, Diana,
     *POPULAR READING GABALDON                1994
        Voyager / Diana Gabaldon.
        Gabaldon, Diana.
     *POPULAR READING GRAY                    2020
        Talking to GOATs : the moments you remember and the stories you never
        heard / Jim Gray, with Greg Bishop ; [foreword by Tom Brady].
        Gray, Jim (Sportscaster),
     *POPULAR READING GROSS                   2021
        Secrets of the force : the complete, uncensored, unauthorized oral history
        of Star Wars / Edward Gross and Mark A. Altman.
        Gross, Edward (Edward A.),
     *POPULAR READING HAIG                    2020
        The midnight library / Matt Haig.
        Haig, Matt, 1975-
     *POPULAR READING HANNAH                  2021
        The four winds / Kristin Hannah.
        Hannah, Kristin,
     *POPULAR READING HEARNE                  2021
        A question of navigation / Kevin Hearne.
        Hearne, Kevin,
     *POPULAR READING HEARNE                  2021
        Paper & blood / Kevin Hearne.
        Hearne, Kevin,
     *POPULAR READING HENDRIX                 2021
        The final girl support group / Grady Hendrix.
        Hendrix, Grady,
     *POPULAR READING HOROWITZ                2020
        Moonflower murders : a novel / Anthony Horowitz.
        Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-
     *POPULAR READING KING                    2021
        Billy Summers : a novel / Stephen King.
        King, Stephen, 1947-
     *POPULAR READING KLUNE                   2020
        The house in the cerulean sea / TJ Klune.
        Klune, TJ,
     *POPULAR READING KOUDOUNARIS             2020
        A cat's tale : a journey through feline history / Baba the cat as dictated
        to Paul Koudounaris.
        Koudounaris, Paul,
     *POPULAR READING LANSDALE                2021
        Moon Lake : an East Texas gothic / Joe R. Lansdale.
        Lansdale, Joe R., 1951-
     *POPULAR READING LARSON                  2020
        The splendid and the vile : a saga of Churchill, family, and defiance
        during the Blitz / Erik Larson.
        Larson, Erik, 1954-
     *POPULAR READING LESTER                  2021
        Winning in reverse : defying the odds and achieving dreams : the Bill
        Lester story / Bill Lester ; with Jonathan Ingram.
        Lester, Bill, 1961-
     *POPULAR READING LIMA                    2021
        Believe it / Jamie Kern Lima.
        Lima, Jamie Kern,
     *POPULAR READING MACK                    2021
        How to be a girl : a mother's memoir of raising her transgender daughter /
        Marlo Mack.
        Mack, Marlo,
     *POPULAR READING MAGUIRE                 2021
        The brides of Maracoor : a novel / Gregory Maguire.
        Maguire, Gregory,
     *POPULAR READING MILES                   2021
        Rabbits : a novel / Terry Miles.
        Miles, Terry,
     *POPULAR READING MILLBURN                2021
        Love people, use things : because the opposite never works / The
        Minimalists: Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus.
        Millburn, Joshua Fields,
     *POPULAR READING MILLS                   2021
        Forever young : a memoir / Hayley Mills.
        Mills, Hayley,
     *POPULAR READING MURPHY                  2021
        Pumpkin / Julie Murphy.
        Murphy, Julie, 1985-
     *POPULAR READING NEWMAN                  2021
        Falling / T.J. Newman.
        Newman, T. J. (Novelist),
     *POPULAR READING NOVIK                   2021
        The last graduate : a novel / Naomi Novik.
        Novik, Naomi,
     *POPULAR READING O'FARRELL               2021
        Hamnet : a novel of the plague  / Maggie O'Farrell.
        O'Farrell, Maggie, 1972-
     *POPULAR READING PARRISH                 2021
        Clockwork, curses, and coal : steampunk & gaslamp fairytales : a punked up
        fairy tales anthology / edited by Rhonda Parrish.
        Parrish, Rhonda, 1967-
     *POPULAR READING PFEIFER                 2021
        Ordinary heroes : a memoir of 9/11 / Joseph Pfeifer.
        Pfeifer, Joseph, 1956-
     *POPULAR READING PHILLIPS                2021
        A good long drive : fifty years of Texas country reporter / Bob Phillips.
        Phillips, Bob, 1951-
     *POPULAR READING POWERS                  2021
        Bewilderment : a novel / Richard Powers.
        Powers, Richard, 1957-
     *POPULAR READING QUESTLOVE               2021
        Music is history / Questlove with Ben Greenman
     *POPULAR READING QUINN                   2020
        Bridgerton : the duke and I / Julia Quinn.
        Quinn, Julia, 1970-
     *POPULAR READING QUINN                   2021
        The viscount who loved me / Julia Quinn.
        Quinn, Julia, 1970-
     *POPULAR READING RAHMANI                 2021
        Open skies : my life as Afghanistan's first female pilot / Niloofar
        Rahmani with Adam Sikes.
        Rahmani, Niloofar,
     *POPULAR READING RAVEN                   2021
        Fox and I : an uncommon friendship / Catherine Raven.
        Raven, Catherine, 1959-
     *POPULAR READING ROSSER                  2021
        Crossing the line : a fearless team of brothers and the sport that changed
        their lives forever / Kareem Rosser.
        Rosser, Kareem,
     *POPULAR READING SAMPSON                 2021
        The last chance library / Freya Sampson.
        Sampson, Freya,
     *POPULAR READING SCHWAB                  2020
        The invisible life of Addie LaRue / V.E. Schwab.
        Schwab, Victoria
     *POPULAR READING SPARKS                  2021
        The wish / Nicholas Sparks.
        Sparks, Nicholas,
     *POPULAR READING ST. AUBYN               2021
        Double blind / Edward St. Aubyn.
        St. Aubyn, Edward, 1960-
     *POPULAR READING STONE                   2021
        Always, in December : a novel / Emily Stone.
        Stone, Emily, 1989-
     *POPULAR READING SWANN                   2021
        Olympus, Texas  / Stacey Swann.
        Swann, Stacey,
     *POPULAR READING TERKEURST               2020
        Forgiving what you can't forget : discover how to move on, make peace with
        painful memories, and create a life that's beautiful again / Lysa
        TerKeurst, Lysa,
     *POPULAR READING TEVIS                   2020
        The queen's gambit / Walter Tevis.
        Tevis, Walter S.,
     *POPULAR READING TREJO                   2021
        Trejo : my life of crime, redemption, and Hollywood / Danny Trejo with
        Donal Logue.
        Trejo, Danny, 1944-
     *POPULAR READING TUCCI                   2021
        Taste : my life through food / Stanley Tucci.
        Tucci, Stanley,
     *POPULAR READING TURNBULL                2021
        No gods, no monsters : a novel / Cadwell Turnbull.
        Turnbull, Cadwell, 1987-
     *POPULAR READING VITALE                  2021
        In the weeds : around the world and behind the scenes with Anthony
        Bourdain / Tom Vitale.
        Vitale, Tom,
     *POPULAR READING WEIR                    2021
        Project Hail Mary : a novel / Andy Weir.
        Weir, Andy
     *POPULAR READING WHITE                   2021
        I'm possible : a story of survival, a tuba, and the small miracle of a big
        dream / Richard Antoine White.
        White, Richard Antoine,
     *POPULAR READING WHITEHEAD               2021
        Harlem shuffle / Colson Whitehead.
        Whitehead, Colson, 1969-
     *POPULAR READING WOLFF                   2021
        How to betray your country / James Wolff.
        Wolff, James
     *POPULAR READING WOLK                    2021
        All of the marvels : a journey to the ends of the biggest story ever told
        / Douglas Wolk.
        Wolk, Douglas,
     *POPULAR READING WRIGHT                  2021
        The plague year : America in the time of COVID / Lawrence Wright.
        Wright, Lawrence, 1947-
  • Children's Literature

    *CHILD LIT ML3930.S43 L64 2021            2021
        Sing with me : the story of Selena Quintanilla / by Diana L*opez ;
        illustrations by Teresa Mart*inez.
        L*opez, Diana,
     *CHILD LIT NC915.D6 W45 2021              2021
        Doodling 101 : a silly symposium / words and pictures by Mo Willems ; book
        design and additional illustrations by Scott Sosebee.
        Willems, Mo,
     *CHILDRENS LITERATURE CZAJAK             2018
        The book tree / written by Paul Czajak ; illustrated by Rashin Kheiriyeh.
        Czajak, Paul,
        Love from the crayons / Drew Daywalt ; illustrations by Oliver Jeffers.
        Daywalt, Drew,
        The crayons' book of feelings / Drew Daywalt ; [illustrations by] Oliver
        Daywalt, Drew,
        The crayons' book of numbers / Drew Daywalt, Oliver Jeffers.
        Daywalt, Drew,
        The rabbit listened / by Cori Doerrfeld.
        Doerrfeld, Cori,
        We will rock our classmates / Ryan T. Higgins.
        Higgins, Ryan T.,
        We don't eat our classmates! / Ryan T. Higgins.
        Higgins, Ryan T.,
     *CHILDRENS LITERATURE HONG               2017
        Lovely / Jess Hong.
        Hong, Jess,
        My monster and me / written by Nadiya Hussain ; illustrated by Ella
        Hussain, Nadiya,
     *CHILDRENS LITERATURE MENG               2016
        Always remember / Cece Meng ; illustrated by Jajo.
        Meng, Cece,
     *CHILDRENS LITERATURE PARKER             2021
        Wiggles, stomps, and squeezes calm my jitters down / Lindsey Rowe Parker ;
        illustrated by Rebecca Burgess.
        Parker, Lindsey Rowe,
     *CHILDRENS LITERATURE RUBIN              2017
        Dragons love tacos 2 : the sequel / Adam Rubin, Daniel Salmieri.
        Rubin, Adam, 1983-
     *CHILDRENS LITERATURE RUBIN              2012
        Dragons love tacos / by Adam Rubin ; illustrated by Daniel Salmieri.
        Rubin, Adam, 1983-
        Just ask! : be different, be brave, be you / Sonia Sotomayor ; illustrated
        by Rafael L*opez.
        Sotomayor, Sonia, 1954-
     *CHILDRENS LITERATURE WHITE              2010
        Ruby's school walk / written by Kathryn White ; illustrations by Miriam
        White, Kathryn (Kathryn Ivy)
        Opposites abstract / by Mo Willems.
        Willems, Mo,
  • Reference Books

    REF KF245.B58 2021                       2021
        The bluebook : a uniform system of citation / compiled by the editors of
        the Columbia Law Review, the Harvard Law Review, the University of
        Pennsylvania Law Review, and the Yale Law Journal.
        Harvard Law Review Association,
     REF LB2369 .M52 2021                     2021
        MLA handbook for writers of research papers.
        Modern Language Association of America,
     REF QL703 .H355 2009 V.1                 2009
        Handbook of the mammals of the world / chief editors, Don E. Wilson,
        Russell A. Mittermeier ; authors, Paolo Cavallini [and 16 others] ; color
        plates,Toni Llobet.
        Wilson, Don E.
        Mittermeier, Russell A.
        Cavallini, Paolo.
     REF RK701 .M58 2022                      2022
        Mosby's dental drug reference / editor-in-chief, Arthur H. Jeske.
        Jeske, Arthur H.,
     REF RM125 .H572 2022                     2021
        Saunders nursing drug handbook 2022 / Robert J. Kizior ; Keith J. Hodgson.
        Kizior, Robert J.,
     REF RM301.12 .N87 2022                   2021
        Nursing 2022 drug handbook / editor-in-chief, Collette Bishop Hendler, RN,
        MS, MA, CIC.
        Hendler, Collette Bishop,
     REF RM700 .O88 2014                      2014
        Physical rehabilitation / Susan B. O'Sullivan, Thomas J. Schmitz, George
        D. Fulk.
        O'Sullivan, Susan B.
     REF RT120.I5 C752 2022                   2021
        Critical care nursing : diagnosis and management.
        Urden, Linda Diann,
        Stacy, Kathleen M.,
        Lough, Mary E.,
     REF RT120.I5 I58 2021                    2021
        Introduction to critical care nursing / editors, Mary Lou Sole, Deborah G.
        Klein, Marthe J. Moseley ; associate editors, Mary Beth Flynn Makis,
        Lauren T. Morata.
        Sole, Mary Lou,
        Klein, Deborah G.,
        Moseley, Marthe J.,
     REF RT41 .D445 2021                      2021
        DeWit's medical-surgical nursing : concepts and practice / Holly K.
        Stromberg, Holly,
     REF RT41 .M4882 2020                     2020
        Lewis's medical-surgical nursing : assessment and management of clinical
        problems / Mariann M. Harding ; section editors, Jeffrey Kwong, Dottie
        Roberts, Debra Hagler, Courtney Reinisch.
        Harding, Mariann,
     REF RT48.6 .D643 2019                    2019
        Nursing diagnosis manual : planning, individualizing, and documenting
        client care / Marilynn E. Doenges, APN, BC - Retired (Clinical
        Specialist-Adult Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, Adjunct Faculty
        (Ret.), Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences, CU-Springs,
        Colorado Springs, Colorado), Mary Frances Moorhouse, RN, MSN, CRRN
        (Adjunct Nursing Faculty/Clinical Instructor, Pikes Peak Community
        College, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Nurse Consultant, TNT-RN
        Enterprises), Alice C. Murr, BSN, RN-Retired (Retired Legal Nurse
        Consultant, certified Rahabilitation Case Manager, and certified
        practitioner in Critical Care Nursing, Parkville, Missouri).
        Doenges, Marilynn E., 1922-
     REF RT48.6 .N36 2021                     2021
        NANDA International, Inc. nursing diagnoses : definitions and
        classification / edited by T. Heather Herdman, PhD, RN, FNI, FAAN, Shigemi
        Kamitsuru, PhD, RN, FNI, Camila Tak*ao Lopes, PhD, RN, FNI.
        Herdman, T. Heather,
        Kamitsuru, Shigemi, 1961-
        Takao Lopes, Camila,
     REF RT49 .N87 2022                       2022
        Nursing care plans : diagnoses, interventions, & outcomes / [edited by]
        Meg Gulanick, Judith L. Myers.
        Gulanick, Meg,
        Myers, Judith L.,
     REF RT73 .G53 2021                       2021
        Concepts for nursing practice / [edited by] Jean Foret Giddens.
        Giddens, Jean,
     REF RT85.5 .N87 2021                     2021
        Nursing : Scope and standards of practice / American Nurses Association.
        American Nurses Association,
     REF TJ151 .M3 2020                       2020
        Machinery's handbook : a reference book for the mechanical engineer,
        designer, drafter, metalworker, toolmaker, machinist, hobbyist, educator,
        and student / by Erik Oberg, Franklin D. Jones, Holbrook L. Horton, Henry
        H. Ryffel, and Christopher J. McCauley ; Laura Brengelman, editor.
        Oberg, Erik, 1881-1951,
        Jones, Franklin D., 1879-1967,
        Horton, Holbrook Lynedon, 1907-
        Ryffel, Henry H.,
        McCauley, Christopher J.,
        Brengelman, Laura,
     REF Z253 .U69 2017                       2017
        The Chicago manual of style.
  • Audio/Visuals

    VIDEO DISC DVD                           2020
        Tenet / a Warner Bros. Pictures presentation ; a Syncopy production ;
        produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan ; written and directed by
        Christopher Nolan.
        Nolan, Christopher, 1970-
        Thomas, Emma (Motion picture producer),
        Washington, John David, 1984-
        Pattinson, Robert, 1986-
        Debicki, Elizabeth,
        Kapadia, Dimple, 1957-
        Caine, Michael,
        Branagh, Kenneth,
        Donovan, Martin, 1957-
        Dourif, Fiona, 1981-
        Kolokol*nikov, *I*Uri*i, 1980-
        Patel, Himesh, 1990-
        Po*esy, Cl*emence,
        Taylor-Johnson, Aaron, 1990-
        Hoytema, Hoyte van, 1971-
        Lame, Jennifer (Film editor),
        G*oransson, Ludwig, 1984-
        Kurland, Jeffrey,
        Crowley, Nathan,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 215 DISC 1-3           2021
        Hemingway / a Florentine Films production ; directed by Ken Burns, Lynn
        Novick ; written by Geoffrey C. Ward ; produced by Sarah Botstein, Lynn
        Novick, Ken Burns.
        Burns, Ken, 1953-
        Novick, Lynn,
        Botstein, Sarah, 1972-
        Ward, Geoffrey C.,
        Coyote, Peter,
        Daniels, Jeff, 1955-
        Russell, Keri, 1976-
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        Gilliatt, Olivia,
        Parker, Mary-Louise,
        Streep, Meryl,
        Morton, Joe, 1947-
        Lucas, Josh,
        Hill, Arlo,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 216                    2021
        Minari / A24 presents ; a Plan B production ; produced by Dede Gardner,
        Jeremy Kleiner, Christina Oh ; written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung.
        Chung, Lee Isaac, 1978-
        Gardner, Dede,
        Kleiner, Jeremy,
        Oh, Christina,
        Yeun, Steven,
        Han, Ye-ri, 1984-
        Kim, Alan S.,
        Cho, Noel Kate,
        Haze, Scott,
        Yun, Y*o-j*ong, 1947-
        Cox, Darryl,
        Patton, Will,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 217 DISC 1-2           2021
        Soul / Disney [presents] ; [a] Pixar Animation Studios [production] ;
        directed by Pete Docter ; co-directed by Kemp Powers ; produced by Dana
        Murray ; story & screenplay by Pete Docter, Mike Jones, Kemp Powers.
        Docter, Pete,
        Powers, Kemp,
        Jones, Mike, 1971-
        Murray, Dana (Producer),
        Foxx, Jamie,
        Fey, Tina, 1970-
        Norton, Graham, 1963-
        House, Rachel,
        Braga, Alice,
        Ayoade, Richard, 1977-
        Rashad, Phylicia, 1948-
        Rawlings, Donnell, 1968-
        Bassett, Angela,
        Champommier, Cora,
        Hall, Margo (Actor),
        Diggs, Daveed,
        Jones, Rhodessa,
        Studi, Wes,
        Jaffrey, Sakina,
        Feimster, Fortune,
        Grant, Calum (Actor),
        Mooney, Laura,
        Flood, Peggy,
        Shroff, Zenobia (Actor),
        Squibb, June, 1929-
        Oghie, Ochuwa,
        Tirado, Jeannie,
        Cavadini, Cathy,
        Lockett, Dorian,
        Burke, Doris,
        Del Carmen, Ronnie,
        Chae, Esther,
        Isaac, Elisapie,
        Shelby, Marcus,
        Nolting, Kevin,
        Pilcher, Steve (Production designer),
        Reznor, Trent,
        Ross, Atticus, 1968-
        Aspbury, Matt,
        Megibben, Ian,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 219                    2021
        Judas and the Black messiah / Warner Bros. Pictures presents ; in
        association with Macro, Participant, Bron Creative ; a Macro
        Media/Proximity Media production ; produced by Ryan Coogler, Charles D.
        King, Shaka King ; story by Will Berson & Shaka King and Kenny Lucas &
        Keith Lucas ; screenplay by Will Berson & Shaka King ; directed by Shaka
        King, Shaka, 1980-
        Berson, Will,
        Lucas, Kenny, 1985-
        Lucas, Keith, 1985-
        Coogler, Ryan, 1986-
        King, Charles D. (Producer),
        Kaluuya, Daniel, 1989-
        Stanfield, LaKeith, 1991-
        Plemons, Jesse, 1988-
        Fishback, Dominique, 1991-
        Sanders, Ashton, 1995-
        Smith, Algee, 1994-
        Britt-Gibson, Darrell,
        Howery, LilRel,
        Thorne, Dominique,
        Sheen, Martin,
        Harris, Craig S.,
        Isham, Mark,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 220                    2021
        Nomadland / Searchlight Pictures presents ; a Highwayman, Hear/Say, Cor
        Cordium production ; written for the screen, directed, and edited by
        Chlo*e Zhao ; produced by Frances McDormand, Peter Spears ; produced by
        Mollye Asher, Dan Janvey, Chlo*e Zhao.
        Zhao, Chlo*e,
        McDormand, Frances,
        Spears, Peter,
        Asher, Mollye,
        Janvey, Dan,
        Strathairn, David,
        May, Linda (Nomad),
        Richards, Joshua James,
        Einaudi, Ludovico, 1955-
        Peterson, Hannah (Hannah Logan),
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Bruder, Jessica. Nomadland.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 221                    2020
        Bacurau / Emilie Lesclaux, Sa*id Ben Sa*id & Michel Merkt apresentam ; uma
        co-produ*c*ao Brasil-Fran*ca Cinemasc*opio, SBS Productions ; em
        co-produ*c*ao com Globo Filmes [and four others] ; filme Kleber Mendon*ca
        Filho & Juliano Dornelles ; produzido por Emilie Lesclaux, Sa*id Ben
        Sa*id, Michel Merkt ; escrito e dirigido por Kleber Mendon*ca Filho &
        Juliano Dornelles.
        Mendon*ca Filho, Kleber,
        Dornelles, Juliano, 1980-
        Lesclaux, Emilie,
        Ben Sa*id, Sa*id,
        Merkt, Michel, 1972-
        Colen, B*arbara, 1986-
        Aquino, Thom*as, 1986-
        Pereira, Silvero, 1982-
        Lima, Thardelly,
        Santos, Rubens,
        Kier, Udo,
        Braga, Sonia, 1950-
        Saboia, Antonio, 1985-
        Teles, Karine,
        Andrade, F*abio (Film critic),
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 222                    2021
        Sound of metal / Stage 6 Films presents a Caviar and Flat 7 production in
        association with Ward Four ; directed by Darius Marder ; screenplay by
        Darius Marder & Abraham Marder ; story by Darius Marder & Derek Cianfrance
        ; produced by Bert Hamelinck, Sacha Ben Harroche ; producers, Kathy Benz,
        Bill Benz.
        Marder, Darius,
        Hamelinck, Bert, 1968-
        Ben Harroche, Sacha,
        Marder, Abraham,
        Ahmed, Riz, 1982-
        Cooke, Olivia, 1993-
        Raci, Paul, 1948-
        Ridloff, Lauren, 1978-
        Amalric, Mathieu, 1965-
        Bouquet, Dani*el,
        Nielsen, Mikkel E. G., 1973-
        Becker, Nicolas, 1970-
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 223                    2021
        Promising young woman / Focus Features presents ; in association with
        FilmNation Entertainment ; a LuckyChap Entertainment production ; produced
        by Margot Robbie, Josey McNamara, Tom Ackerley, Ben Browning, Ashley Fox,
        Emerald Fennell ; written & directed by Emerald Fennell.
        Fennell, Emerald, 1985-
        Robbie, Margot, 1990-
        McNamara, Josey,
        Ackerley, Tom,
        Browning, Ben,
        Fox, Ashley,
        Mulligan, Carey, 1985-
        Burnham, Bo, 1990-
        Brie, Alison,
        Brown, Clancy,
        Coolidge, Jennifer,
        Cox, Laverne,
        Lowell, Chris, 1984-
        Shannon, Molly, 1964-
        Britton, Connie,
        Brody, Adam, 1979-
        Greenfield, Max, 1980-
        Mintz-Plasse, Christopher, 1989-
        Monroe, Steve, 1972-
        Richardson, Sam (Actor),
        Thoraval, Fr*ed*eric, 1973-
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 224                    2021
        Father (Motion picture : 2020)
        Zeller, Florian,
        Spadone, Christophe,
        Friend, Simon,
        Parfitt, David, 1958-
        Livi, Jean-Louis,
        Carcassonne, Philippe,
        Hopkins, Anthony, 1937-
        Colman, Olivia,
        Gatiss, Mark,
        Poots, Imogen, 1989-
        Sewell, Rufus, 1967-
        Williams, Olivia, 1968-
        Motion picture adaptation of (work) : Zeller, Florian. P*ere.
     VIDEO DISC DVD                           2020
        Tenet / a Warner Bros. Pictures presentation ; a Syncopy production ;
        produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan ; written and directed by
        Christopher Nolan.
        Nolan, Christopher, 1970-
        Thomas, Emma (Motion picture producer),
        Washington, John David, 1984-
        Pattinson, Robert, 1986-
        Debicki, Elizabeth,
        Kapadia, Dimple, 1957-
        Caine, Michael,
        Branagh, Kenneth,
        Donovan, Martin, 1957-
        Dourif, Fiona, 1981-
        Kolokol*nikov, *I*Uri*i, 1980-
        Patel, Himesh, 1990-
        Po*esy, Cl*emence,
        Taylor-Johnson, Aaron, 1990-
        Hoytema, Hoyte van, 1971-
        Lame, Jennifer (Film editor),
        G*oransson, Ludwig, 1984-
        Kurland, Jeffrey,
        Crowley, Nathan,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2874 DISC 2-3             2002
        Prohibition : thirteen years that changed America / History Channel ;
        director, Clive Maltby ; producer, Charlotte Moore ; writer, Marius Brill
        ; produced by Atlantic Productions for BBC Wales and A & E Network.
        Maltby, Clive.
        Moore, Charlotte (Producer)
        Brill, Marius.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2875                      2021
        Welcome to Chechnya = (Dobro pozhalovat' v chechnyu) / HBO Documentary
        Films presents ; a Public Square Films production ; a David France & Joy
        A. Tomchin film ; in association with Ninety Thousand Words, Maylo Films
        and BBC Storyville ; written by Tyler H. Walk, David France ; produced by
        Joy A. Tomchin, Askold Kirov, David France ; produced by Alice Henty ;
        directed by David France.
        France, David, 1959-
        Walk, Tyler H.,
        Tomchin, Joy,
        Kirov, Askold,
        Henty, Alice,
        Isteev, David,
        Lapunov, Maxim,
        Baranova, Olga,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2876                      2019
        Icebox / HBO Films presents ; written and directed by Daniel Sawka ;
        produced by James L. Brooks.
        Sawka, Daniel,
        Brooks, James L.,
        Rodr*iguez, G*enesis, 1987-
        Gonzalez, Anthony, 2005-
        Minnich, Sarah,
        Bordonada, Luis,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2877                      2020
        Never rarely sometimes always / Focus Features and BBC Films present ; a
        Pastel production ; in association with Tango Entertainment, Mutressa
        Movies and Cinereach ; written and directed by Eliza Hittman ; produced by
        Adele Romanski, Sara Murphy.
        Hittman, Eliza,
        Romanski, Adele,
        Murphy, Sara (Film producer),
        Flanigan, Sidney,
        Ryder, Talia,
        Pellerin, Th*eodore, 1997-
        Eggold, Ryan, 1984-
        Van Etten, Sharon,
        Louvart, H*el*ene,
        Cummings, Scott (Filmmaker),
        Holter, Julia, 1984-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2878                      2020
        The assistant / Bleecker Street and 3311 Productions present ; in
        association with JJ Homeward Productions ; Cinereach ; Level Forward ; a
        Bellmer Pictures, Forensic Films, Symbolic Exchange production ; produced
        by Kitty Green, Scott Macaulay, James Schamus, P. Jennifer Dana, Ross
        Jacobson ; written and directed by Kitty Green.
        Green, Kitty (Filmmaker),
        Macaulay, Scott,
        Schamus, James, 1959-
        Dana, P. Jennifer,
        Jacobson, Ross,
        McClendon, Blair, 1991-
        Latham, Michael (Cinematographer),
        Garner, Julia, 1994-
        Macfadyen, Matthew, 1974-
        Leigh, Makenzie, 1990-
        Froseth, Kristine, 1996-
        Orsini, Jon, 1985-
        Robbins, Noah, 1990-
        Chaplin, Alexander, 1971-
        Sanders, Jay O., 1953-
        Canfield, Juliana,
        Dominczyk, Dagmara, 1976-
        Heinen, Bregje,
        Wong, Clara (Actor),
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2879                      2021
        Flannery : the storied life of the writer from Georgia / a film by
        Elizabeth Coffman & Mark Bosco ; produced by Mark Bosco, Elizabeth
        Coffman, Ted Hardin ; series producer, Julie Sacks.
        Coffman, Elizabeth,
        Bosco, Mark,
        Sacks, Julie (Julie A.),
        Hardin, Ted (Producer),
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 217 DISC 1-2           2021
        Soul / Disney [presents] ; [a] Pixar Animation Studios [production] ;
        directed by Pete Docter ; co-directed by Kemp Powers ; produced by Dana
        Murray ; story & screenplay by Pete Docter, Mike Jones, Kemp Powers.
        Docter, Pete,
        Powers, Kemp,
        Jones, Mike, 1971-
        Murray, Dana (Producer),
        Foxx, Jamie,
        Fey, Tina, 1970-
        Norton, Graham, 1963-
        House, Rachel,
        Braga, Alice,
        Ayoade, Richard, 1977-
        Rashad, Phylicia, 1948-
        Rawlings, Donnell, 1968-
        Bassett, Angela,
        Champommier, Cora,
        Hall, Margo (Actor),
        Diggs, Daveed,
        Jones, Rhodessa,
        Studi, Wes,
        Jaffrey, Sakina,
        Feimster, Fortune,
        Grant, Calum (Actor),
        Mooney, Laura,
        Flood, Peggy,
        Shroff, Zenobia (Actor),
        Squibb, June, 1929-
        Oghie, Ochuwa,
        Tirado, Jeannie,
        Cavadini, Cathy,
        Lockett, Dorian,
        Burke, Doris,
        Del Carmen, Ronnie,
        Chae, Esther,
        Isaac, Elisapie,
        Shelby, Marcus,
        Nolting, Kevin,
        Pilcher, Steve (Production designer),
        Reznor, Trent,
        Ross, Atticus, 1968-
        Aspbury, Matt,
        Megibben, Ian,

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