Library Displays

Library Displays

Buc Days History

The Buc Days History virtual display commemorates the historic Corpus Christi, Texas annual Buc Days Festival. Buc Day’s began in 1938. Its predecessor, Splash Days marked the beginning of bathing season with a swimsuit contest. Buc Days added more events to the celebration including a parade. In most recent years, the Buc Days includes a multitude of events over the span of eleven days including a rodeo, night parade, children’s parade, carnival, BBQ competition, robotics competition, Las Donas De La Corte coronation, ideas challenge, and leadership program.


Better Hearing & Speech Month

The Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) annual campaign is an initiative from the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) is recognized during the month of May. The Better Hearing and Speech Month Campaign educates the public on speech and hearing issues while also encouraging early screening for hearing loss and language disorders, also referred to as communication disorders. The initiative also focuses on the role of speech language pathologists and audiologists in treating those with communication disorders.

This year, ASHA’s theme for Better Hearing and Speech Month is “Connecting People.” Each week of BHSM focuses on audiology and speech language pathology services in various settings including, school bases services, inpatient services, outpatient services, and home and workplace settings.



National Screen-Free Week 2022

Screen-Free Week (formerly TV Turnoff Week and Digital Detox Week) is an annual observance when children, families, schools and communities are encouraged to turn off screens and "turn on life." Instead of relying on screens for entertainment, participants read, daydream, explore, enjoy nature and spend time with family and friends. Over 300 million people have taken part in the "turnoff" with millions participating each year.


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