New Books & Media Report

New Books & Media Report

William F. White, Jr. Library
January 1, 2019 - march 31, 2019

This list includes materials added to the library collections during the period indicated.
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  • White Library Circulating Books

    Subject areas not linked have no new material this quarter.


     BD171 .M39 2018                          2018
        Post-truth / Lee McIntyre.
        McIntyre, Lee C.,
     BH301 .C7 M383 2017                      2017
        Only a joke can save us : a theory of comedy / Todd McGowan.
        McGowan, Todd,
     BV4527 .H658 2018                        2018
        Girl, wash your face : stop believing the lies about who you are so you
        can become who you were meant to be / Rachel Hollis.
        Hollis, Rachel (Event planner),


     F392 .R5 M56 2018                        2018
        Blue and gray on the border : the Rio Grande Valley Civil War trail /
        Christopher L. Miller, Russell K. Skowronek, Roseann Bacha-Garza ;
        foreword by John L. Nau III.
        Miller, Christopher L., 1950-


     GN799 .P4 M224 2018                      2018
        Pecos River Style rock art : a prehistoric iconography / James Burr
        Harrison Macrae.
        Macrae, James Burr Harrison, 1976-
     GV714.5 .B55 2018                        2018
        Mascot nation : the controversy over Native American representations in
        sports / Andrew C. Billings and Jason Edward Black.
        Billings, Andrew C.,
     GV1469.34 .S52 P38 2018                  2018
        The toxic meritocracy of video games : why gaming culture is the worst /
        Christopher A. Paul.
        Paul, Christopher A.,


     HD30.28 .M3839 2019                      2019
        How to write a business plan / Mike P. McKeever.
        McKeever, Mike P.,
     HQ1438 .T4 B69 2018                      2018
        Women in Texas history / Angela Boswell ; foreword by Nancy Baker Jones
        and Cynthia J. Beeman.
        Boswell, Angela, 1965-


     LC2682 .G88 2013                         2013
        The Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education / Jose Angel
        Gutierrez and Natalia Verjat Gutierrez.
        Gutierrez, Jose Angel.


     ML3790 .C52 2016                         2016
        Song arrangement for the small recording studio / Amos Clarke.
        Clarke, Amos,
     ML3790 .S293 2018                        2018
        Al Schmitt on vocal and instrumental recording technique / Al Schmitt ;
        adaptation by Bill Gibson.
        Schmitt, Al,
     MT50 .M936 2013                          2013
        The Berklee book of jazz harmony / Joe Mulholland & Tom Hojnacki.
        Mulholland, Joe, 1952-
     MT55 .D46 2017                           2017
        Contemporary counterpoint : theory & application / Beth Denisch.
        Denisch, Beth, 1958-
     MT582 .G71943 1985                       2008
        Jazz guitar : single note soloing Vol. 2 / Ted Greene.
        Greene, Ted.
     MT582 .W45 2016                          2016
        Jazz guitar fretboard navigation : from Bach to bebop / Mark White.
        White, Mark (Guitarist)
     MT588 .C528 2018                         2018
        The complete country guitar method compilation : three books in one! :
        master country guitar licks, techniques & soloing / by Levi Clay.
        Clay, Levi, 1988-
     MT588 .F396 2010                         2010
        Jazz improvisation for guitar : a harmonic approach / Garrison Fewell ;
        edited by Jonathan Feist.
        Fewell, Garrison.
     MT588 .W363 2008                         2008
        Bebop Guitar : basic theory and practice for Jazz guitar in the style of
        Charlie Parker / by Joseph Weidlich.
        Weidlich, Joseph.
     MT662.8 .I46 G7 2008                     2008
        Groove essentials : the play-along : the groove encyclopedia for the
        21st-century drummer / Tommy Igoe.
        Igoe, Tommy.


     NC1766 .J3 B65 2018                      2018
        Interpreting anime / Christopher Bolton.
        Bolton, Christopher.


     PC4813.4 .K64 2000                       2000
        Ladino-English, English-Ladino : concise encyclopedic dictionary
        (Judeo-Spanish) / Elli Kohen and Dahlia Kohen-Gordon.
        Kohen, Elli.
     PL2275 .C38 S86 2018                     2018
        Transforming Monkey : adaptation and representation of a Chinese epic /
        Hongmei Sun.
        Sun, Hongmei (Lecturer),
     PR5397 .F73 B676 2018                    2018
        Mary Shelley and the rights of the child : political philosophy in
        Frankenstein / Eileen Hunt Botting.
        Botting, Eileen Hunt, 1971-
     PR6063 .O5 A6 2018                       2018
        A spell to bless the silence : selected poems / John Montague.
        Montague, John,
     PR8761 .C36 2018                         2018
        The Cambridge companion to Irish poets / edited by Gerald Dawe, Trinity
        College, Dublin.
        Dawe, Gerald, 1952-
     PR9639.4 .M668 T38 2018                  2018
        The tattooist of Auschwitz : a novel / Heather Morris.
        Morris, Heather (Screenwriter),
     PS353 .B54 2018                          2018
        Twenty-first-century American playwrights / Christopher Bigsby.
        Bigsby, C. W. E.,
     PS374 .H67 C53 2017                      2017
        Why horror seduces / Mathias Clasen.
        Clasen, Mathias F.,
     PS430 .T83 2018                          2018
        Furiously funny : comic rage from Ralph Ellison to Chris Rock / Terrence
        T. Tucker.
        Tucker, Terrence T.,
     PS1331 .S24 2018                         2018
        The life of Mark Twain : the early years, 1835-1871 / Gary Scharnhorst.
        Scharnhorst, Gary,
     PS3503 .R7244 A6 2005                    2005
        The essential Gwendolyn Brooks / Gwendolyn Brooks, Elizabeth Alexander,
        Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1917-2000.
     PS3505 .U334 A6 2002                     2002
        95 poems / E.E. Cummings ; edited, with an afterword, by George James
        Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin), 1894-1962.
     PS3507 .R55 S5 1990                      1990
        Sister Carrie : an authoritative text, backgrounds, and sources     criticism
        / Theodore Dreiser ; edited by Donald Pizer.
        Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945.
     PS3511 .E557 A6 2017                     2017
        Ferlinghetti's greatest poems / Lawrence Ferlinghetti ; edited by Nancy J.
        Ferlinghetti, Lawrence,
     PS3515 .E37 A6 2017                      2017
        The short stories of Ernest Hemingway : the Hemingway library edition /
        Ernest Hemingway ; foreword by Patrick Hemingway ; edited with an
        introduction by Sean Hemingway.
        Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961,
     PS3525 .A83 S5 2007                      2007
        Spoon River anthology / Edgar Lee Masters ; with an introduction by John
        Hollander and a new afterword by Ronald Primeau.
        Masters, Edgar Lee, 1868-1950.
     PS3525 .A83 S5 2017                      2017
        Spoon River anthology / by Edgar Lee Masters ; introduction by May
        Masters, Edgar Lee, 1868-1950,
     PS3529 .N5 Z6284 2014                    2014
        Eugene O'Neill : a life in four acts / Robert M. Dowling.
        Dowling, Robert M., 1970-
     PS3535 .O25 A17 1922B                    1977
        Collected poems.
        Robinson, Edwin Arlington, 1869-1935.
     PS3551 .N454 A6 2010                     2010
        If there be thorns ; Seeds of yesterday / by V.C. Andrews.
        Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.),
     PS3551 .N454 F47 2009                    2009
        Flowers in the attic ; and, Petals on the wind / by V.C. Andrews.
        Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.),
     PS3553 .A655 C48 1996                    1996
        Children of the mind / Orson Scott Card.
        Card, Orson Scott.
     PS3553 .A655 E498 2008                   2008
        Ender in exile / Orson Scott Card.
        Card, Orson Scott.
     PS3553 .A655 S4 1987                     1987
        Seventh son / Orson Scott Card.
        Card, Orson Scott,
     PS3553 .A655 S67 1986                    1986
        Speaker for the dead / Orson Scott Card.
        Card, Orson Scott,
     PS3553 .A655 X46 1991                    1991
        Xenocide / Orson Scott Card.
        Card, Orson Scott,
     PS3553 .A7894 C3 1984                    1984
        Cathedral : stories / Raymond Carver.
        Carver, Raymond, 1938-1988.
     PS3556 .R352 A6 2018                     2018
        The end of the end of the earth : essays / Jonathan Franzen.
        Franzen, Jonathan,
     PS3561 .I483 I56 1994                    1994
        Insomnia / Stephen King.
        King, Stephen, 1947-
     PT2617 .E85 Z678513 2018                 2018
        Hesse : the wanderer and his shadow / Gunnar Decker ; translated by Peter
        Decker, Gunnar, 1965-
     PZ7.1 .S257 IAAM 2017                    2017
        I am not your perfect Mexican daughter / Erika L. Sanchez.
        Sanchez, Erika L.,


     QB54 .W178 2018                          2018
        Out there : a scientific guide to alien life, antimatter, and human space
        travel (for the cosmically curious) / Michael Wall, PhD (Senior Writer,
        Wall, Michael (Biologist),
     QB982 .S88 2018                          2018
        Your place in the universe : understanding our big, messy existence / Paul
        M. Sutter.
        Sutter, Paul M., 1982-
     QC981 .P756 2018                         2018
        Principles of climatology / editor, Richard Renneboog.
        Renneboog, Richard,
     QD37 .H4 2004                            2004
        Chemistry made simple.
        Moore, John T., 1947-
        Hess, Fred C. Chemistry made simple.
     QL651 .C65 2016                          2016
        Peterson field guide to reptiles and amphibians of eastern and central
        North America / Robert Powell, Roger Conant, and Joseph T. Collins ;
        illustrated by Isabelle Hunt Conant, Tom R. Johnson, and Errol D. Hooper
        Jr. ; maps by Travis W. Taggart.
        Powell, Robert, 1948-
     QL651 .S783 2018                         2018
        Peterson field guide to western reptiles and amphibians / Samuel M.
        McGinnis and Robert C. Stebbins ; illustrations by Robert C. Stebbins ;
        sponsored by the National Audubon Society, the National Wildlife
        Federation and the Roger Tory Peterson Institute.
        McGinnis, Samuel M.,
     QL653 .T4 S65 2018                       2018
        Herping Texas : the quest for reptiles and amphibians / Michael Smith and
        Clint King.
        Smith, Michael, 1951 April 18-


     RC1210 .C37 2018                         2018
        Careers in sports medicine & training.
     RM666 .C266 F79 2018                     2018
        The medical marijuana guide : cannabis and your health / Patricia C.     Frye
        with Dave Smitherman.
        Frye, Patricia C.,


     TJ211 .P75 2018                          2018
        Principles of robotics & artificial intelligence / editor, Donald R.
        Franceschetti, PhD.
        Franceschetti, Donald R., 1947-
     TJ808 .C37 2018                          2018
        Careers in green energy.


     Z711.92 .H66 D69 2018                    2018
        The librarian's guide to homelessness : an empathy-driven approach to
        solving problems, preventing conflict, and serving everyone / Ryan Dowd.
        Dowd, Ryan,
     Z716.33 .K764 2019                       2019
        Escape rooms and other immersive experiences in the library / Ellyssa
        Kroski, Ellyssa,
  • White Library Popular Books

     POPULAR READING BARTELS                 2019
        We hope for better things / Erin Bartels.
        Bartels, Erin, 1980-
     POPULAR READING CLEETON                 2018
        Next year in Havana / Chanel Cleeton.
        Cleeton, Chanel,
     POPULAR READING CREWS                   2018
        A true cowboy Christmas / Caitlin Crews.
        Crews, Caitlin,
     POPULAR READING JUSIONYTE               2018
        Threshold : emergency responders on the US-Mexico border / Ieva Jusionyte.
        Jusionyte, Ieva, 1983-
     POPULAR READING LAHAYE                  1995
        Left behind : a novel of the earth's last days / Tim LaHaye, Jerry B.
        LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016.
     POPULAR READING LAKOFF                  2014
        The all new Don't think of an elephant! : know your values and frame the
        debate / George Lakoff.
        Lakoff, George,
     POPULAR READING MABERRY                 2010
        Rot & Ruin / Jonathan Maberry.
        Maberry, Jonathan.
     POPULAR READING MABERRY                 2011
        Dust & decay / Jonathan Maberry.
        Maberry, Jonathan.
     POPULAR READING MABERRY                 2012
        Flesh & bone / Jonathan Maberry.
        Maberry, Jonathan.
     POPULAR READING MABERRY                 2013
        Fire & ash / Jonathan Maberry.
        Maberry, Jonathan.
     POPULAR READING MABERRY                 2015
        Bits & pieces / Jonathan Maberry.
        Maberry, Jonathan,
     POPULAR READING MITCHELL                2016
        50 unbelievable women and their fascinating (and true!) stories / Saundra
        Mitchell ; illustrated by Cara Petrus.
        Mitchell, Saundra,
     POPULAR READING PASSARELLA              2018
        Supernatural. Joyride / John Passarella ; Supernatural created by Eric
        Passarella, John,
     POPULAR READING POLONSKY                2014
        Gracefully Grayson / Ami Polonsky.
        Polonsky, Ami,
     POPULAR READING SCHWAB                  2013
        The archived / Victoria Schwab.
        Schwab, Victoria.
     POPULAR READING SURI                    2018
        Empire of sand / Tasha Suri.
        Suri, Tasha,
     POPULAR READING TEMBLADOR               2018
        Secrets of the Casa Rosada / Alex Temblador.
        Temblador, Alex,
     POPULAR READING WIGGINS                 2014
        Stung / Bethany Wiggins.
        Wiggins, Bethany,
  • White Library Reference Books

     REF HA202 2013                           2013
        ProQuest statistical abstract of the United States.
        ProQuest (Firm)
     REF RM671.A1 H36 2018                    2018
        Handbook of nonprescription drugs : an interactive approach to self-care /
        editor-in-chief: Daniel L. Krinsky ; associate editors: Stefanie P.
        Ferreri, Brian Hemstreet, Anne L. Hume, Gail D. Newton, Carol J. Rollins,
        Karen J. Tietze.
        Krinsky, Daniel L.,
        Ferreri, Stefanie P.
        Hemstreet, Brian.
        Hume, Anne L.
        Newton, Gail D.
        Rollins, Carol J.
        Tietze, Karen J.
  • White Library Audio/Visuals

     VIDEO DISC DVD 2789                      2017
        Get out (Motion picture : 2017)
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 194                    2018
        Chappaquiddick (Motion picture)
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 195 DISC 1-2           2008
        Nixon (Motion picture)
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 196                    2016
        Truth (Motion picture : 2015)
        Vanderbilt, James,
        Blanchett, Cate, 1969-
        Redford, Robert,
        Quaid, Dennis.
        Grace, Topher, 1978-
        Motion picture adaptation of (work) Mapes, Mary. Truth and duty.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 197                    2015
        The lady from Shanghai / Columbia Pictures presents ; screenplay and
        production by Orson Welles.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2348 DISC 1-2             2007
        Secret weapons for the modern drummer [videorecording] : a guide to hand
        technique / Newmagic Communications.
        Mayer, Jojo.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2811                      2018
        RBG (Motion picture)
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2812                      2018
        12 strong / an Alcon Entertainment, Black Label Media and Jerry
        Bruckheimer Films presentation ; a Jerry Bruckheimer, Black Label Media
        production ; in association with Torridon Films ; directed by Nicolai
        Fuglsig ; written by Ted Tally and Peter Craig ; produced by Jerry
        Bruckheimer, Molly Smith, Thad Luckinbill, Trent Luckinbill.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2813 DISC 1-4             2012
        4 film favorites. Gene Kelly collection / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2814                      2005
        Bad day at Black Rock (1954) / directed by John Sturges.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2815                      1999
        Broadcast news (Motion picture)
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2816                      2010
        Days of wine and roses (Motion picture)
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2817                      2003
        Eve's bayou / Trimark Pictures presents a Chubbco/Addis-Wechsler
        production ; a Kasi Lemmons film ; produced by Caldecot Chubb and Samuel
        L. Jackson ; written and directed by Kasi Lemmons and Samuel L. Jackson.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2818                      2012
        Jurassic Park (Motion picture)
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2819 DISC 1-2             2015
        Marlon Brando : Hollywood rebel.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2820                      2017
        Monterey pop (Motion picture)
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2821                      2004
        Pickup on South Street / Twentieth Century-Fox presents ; screen play by
        Samuel Fuller, from a story by Dwight Taylor ; produced by Jules Schermer
        ; directed by Samuel Fuller.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2822                      2006
        The Informer / RKO Radio Pictures presents a John Ford production ;
        directed by John Ford ; associate producer, Cliff Reid ; screen play by
        Dudley Nichols.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2823                      2018
        Love, Simon / Fox 2000 Pictures presents ; a Temple Hill production ;
        produced by Wyck Godfrey, Marty Bowen, Pouya Shahbazian, Isaac Klausner;
        screenplay by Elizabeth Berger & Isaac Aptaker ; directed by Greg

Barth Learning Resources Center
January 1, 2019 - march 31, 2019

  • Barth LRC Circulating Books

      RC568 .O45 B57 2018                      2018
        Overcoming opioid addiction : the authoritative medical guide for
        patients, families, doctors, and therapists / Adam Bisaga, MD, with Karen
        Chernyaev ; foreword by A. Thomas McLellan, PhD.
        Bisaga, Adam,
     RD93.95 .W69 2019                        2019
        Wound care made incredibly visual! / clinical editor, Patricia Albano
        Slachta, Patricia A.,
     REF RT62 .F686 2018                      2018
        Foundations of nursing / edited by Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell.
        Cooper, Kim (Kim D.),
        Gosnell, Kelly,
     TL157 .P3 M67 2012 V.A1                  2012
        Motor Age training : self-study guides for ASE certification / National
        Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.
        National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.
        Advanstar Communications.
  • Barth LRC Audio/Visual

     VIDEO DISC DVD 939 DISC 1-3              2018
        Poldark (Television program : 2015- ). Season 4.

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