New Books & Media Report

New Books & Media Report

William F. White, Jr. Library
September 1, 2016 - august 31, 2017

This list includes materials added to the library collections during the period indicated.
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     AG243 .S476 2014                         2014
        The book of odds : from lightning strikes to love at first sight, the odds
        of everyday life / Amram Shapiro, Louise Firth Campbell, Rosalind Wright ;
        Alison Caverly, contributing editor ; Zachary Turpin, Jon Sobel,
        contributing writers.
        Shapiro, Amram R.
     AM305 .B37 2013                          2013
        Sacred relics : pieces of the past in nineteenth-century America / Teresa
        Barnett, Teresa,


     B126 .L588 2016                          2016
        Chinese philosophy : an introduction = Zhe xue / Ronnie L. Littlejohn.
        Littlejohn, Ronnie, 1949-
     B785 .M24 B455 2017                      2017
        Be like the fox : Machiavelli's lifelong quest for freedom / Erica Benner.
        Benner, Erica,
     B945 .A694 K54 2016                      2016
        Hannah Arendt and theology / John Kiess.
        Kiess, John,
     B945 .R523 P44 2016                      2016
        Philosophy as poetry / Richard Rorty.
        Rorty, Richard,
     B2521 .H67 2017                          2017
        A short history of German philosophy / Vittorio Hosle ; Translated by
        Steven Rendall.
        Hosle, Vittorio, 1960-
     B3279 .H49 D48413 2016                   2016
        Heidegger : the question of being and history / Jacques Derrida ; edited
        by Thomas Dutoit ; with the assistance of Marguerite Derrida ; translated
        by Geoffrey Bennington.
        Derrida, Jacques,
     B3279 .H49 S426 2015                     2015
        Making sense of Heidegger : a paradigm shift / Thomas Sheehan.
        Sheehan, Thomas.
     B4378 .I76 S74 2015                      2015
        Soren Kierkegaard : subjectivity, irony, and the crisis of modernity / Jon
        Stewart, Jon (Jon Bartley),
     BC177 .L486 2016                         2016
        A field guide to lies : critical thinking in the information age / Daniel
        J. Levitin.
        Levitin, Daniel J.
     BD31 .V37 2015                           2015
        Living philosophy : a historical introduction to philosophical ideas /
        Lewis Vaughn.
        Vaughn, Lewis.
     BD450 .F79456 2017                       2017
        The creative spark : how imagination made humans exceptional / Agustin
        Fuentes, Agustin,
     BF295 .H25 2011                          2011
        Motor Learning and Development / Pamela S. Haibach, Greg Reid, Douglas H.
        Haibach-Beach, Pamela S., 1977-
     BF311 .S5683 2007                        2007
        The untethered soul : the journey beyond yourself / Michael A. Singer.
        Singer, Michael A.
     BF561 .B337 2017                         2017
        How emotions are made : the secret life of the brain / Lisa Feldman
        Barrett, Lisa Feldman,
     BF637 .C45 E45 2009                      2009
        Taking the war out of our words : the art of powerful non-defensive
        communication / Sharon Strand Ellison.
        Ellison, Sharon.
     BF637 .S8 F43 2017                       2017
        Tools of titans : the tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires,
        icons, and world-class performers / Tim Ferriss ; foreword by Arnold
        Schwarzenegger ; illustrations by Remie Geoffroi.
        Ferriss, Timothy,
     BF1472 .U6 B327 2015                     2015
        I am haunted : living life through the dead / Zak Bagans with Kelly
        Bagans, Zak, 1977-
     BJ977 .A8 S56 2016                       2016
        Ethics in the real world : 82 brief essays on things that matter / Peter
        Singer, Peter, 1946-
     BJ1012 .C73 2016                         2016
        Inside ethics : on the demands of moral thought / Alice Crary.
        Crary, Alice, 1967-
     BJ1475 .B56 2016                         2016
        Against empathy : the case for rational compassion / Paul Bloom.
        Bloom, Paul, 1963-
     BJ1589 .T39 2015                         2015
        You're making me hate you : a cantankerous look at the common
        misconception that humans have any common sense left / Corey Taylor.
        Taylor, Corey, 1973-
     BL41 .H445 2016                          2016
        A beginner's guide to the study of religion / Bradley L. Herling.
        Herling, Bradley L., 1969-
     BL65 .D7 F47 2016                        2016
        Sacred bliss : a spiritual history of cannabis / Mark S. Ferrara.
        Ferrara, Mark S.,
     BL1285.892 .A28 G74 2016                 2016
        Swami in a strange land : how Krishna came to the West : the biography of
        A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada / Joshua M. Greene ; foreword by Klaus
        K. Klostermaier.
        Greene, Joshua, 1950-
     BP187.3 .H2433 2016                      2016
        The Hajj : pilgrimage in Islam / edited by Eric Tagliacozzo (Cornell
        University), Shawkat M. Toorawa (Cornell University).
        Tagliacozzo, Eric,
        Toorawa, Shawkat M.
     BP189 .B84 2016                          2016
        Recognizing Sufism : contemplation in the Islamic tradition / Arthur F.
        Buehler, Arthur F.,
     BP605 .P46 G85 2017                      2017
        The road to Jonestown : Jim Jones and Peoples Temple / Jeff Guinn.
        Guinn, Jeff
     BP605 .W53 W45 2016                      2016
        Wicca : history, belief, and community in modern pagan witchcraft / Ethan
        Doyle White.
        White, Ethan,
     BQ894 .S77 2016                          2016
        Strange tales of an Oriental idol : an anthology of early European
        portrayals of the Buddha / edited by Donald S. Lopez Jr.
        Lopez, Donald S., 1952-
     BQ5612 .K563 2016                        2016
        Siddhartha's brain : unlocking the ancient science of enlightenment /
        James Kingsland.
        Kingsland, James,
     BQ9800 .T5392 N4547 2015                 2015
        Silence : the power of quiet in a world full of noise / Thich Nhat Hanh.
        Nhat Hanh, Thich,
     BR325 .R746 2017                         2017
        Martin Luther : renegade and prophet / Lyndal Roper.
        Roper, Lyndal,
     BR1720 .T33 H95 2015                     2015
        A modest apostle : Thecla and the history of women in the early church /
        Susan E. Hylen.
        Hylen, Susan.
     BR1725 .O745 S56 2015                    2015
        Salvation with a smile : Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church, and American
        Christianity / Phillip Luke Sinitiere.
        Sinitiere, Phillip Luke,
     BS450 .F75 2016                          2016
        The murderous history of Bible translations : power, conflict and the
        quest for meaning / Harry Freedman.
        Freedman, Harry,
     BS2651 .S232 2015                        2015
        Paul : the apostle's life, letters, and thought / E.P. Sanders.
        Sanders, E. P.,
     BT103 .N44 2015                          2015
        God? Very probably : five rational ways to think about the question of a
        god / Robert H. Nelson ; foreword by Herman Daly.
        Nelson, Robert H.,
     BX1378.7 .S54 2016                       2016
        Pilgrimage : my search for the real Pope Francis / Mark Shriver.
        Shriver, Mark K. (Mark Kennedy), 1964-
     BX1749 .T515 2016                        2016
        Questions on love and charity : Summa theologiae, Secunda Secundae,
        Questions 23-46 / Thomas Aquinas ; edited, translated, and with an
        introduction by Robert Miner ; with essays by Jeffrey A. Bernstein [and
        four others].
        Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274,
     BX1912.85 .S45 2016                      2016
        Priestly celibacy : theological foundations / Gary Selin ; foreword by J.
        Francis Cardinal Stafford.
        Selin, Gary, 1964-
     BX4805.3 .R97 2017                       2017
        Protestants : the faith that made the modern world / Alec Ryrie.
        Ryrie, Alec,


     CHILD LIT E184.M5 J83 2017               2017
        Hector P. Garcia / by Christine Juarez.
        Juarez, Christine, 1976-
     CHILD LIT LB1775 .L535 2001              2001
        I want to be a teacher / Dan Liebman.
        Liebman, Daniel.
     CHILD LIT PS3606.O4225 A6 2016           2016
        When green becomes tomatoes / poems for all seasons by Julie Fogliano ;
        pictures by Julie Morstad.
        Fogliano, Julie,
     CHILD LIT PZ7 .C92123 1998A              1998
        Curious George and the puppies / [illustrated by Vipah Interactive].
        Rey, Margret.
        Rey, H. A. (Hans Augusto), 1898-1977.
     CHILD LIT PZ7 .C92155 1998               1998
        Curious George : Goes to a Chocolate Factory.
        Rey, Margaret (Margaret Rey.)
     CHILD LIT PZ7 .C921643 1998              1998
        Curious George Makes pancakes / by Margaret and H. a. Rey.
        Rey, Margaret and H. A.
     CHILD LIT PZ7 .C921645 1990              1990
        Curious George goes to a toy store / edited by Margret Rey and Alan J.
        Rey, Margret.
        Shalleck, Alan J.
     CHILD LIT PZ7 .C9217 1984                1984
        Curious George goes to the aquarium / edited by Margret Rey and Alan J.
        Rey, Margret.
        Shalleck, Alan J.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.B81618 DWP 1999            1999
        D.W., go to your room! / Marc Brown.
        Brown, Marc Tolon.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.B81618 DYR 2001            2001
        D.W.'s library card / Marc Brown.
        Brown, Marc Tolon.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.D43275 SW 2016             2016
        Swatch : the girl who loved color / Julia Denos.
        Denos, Julia,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.H1996 CU 2006B             2006
        Curious George's dinosaur discovery / written by Catherine Hapka ;
        illustrated in the style of H.A. Rey by Anna Grossnickle Hines.
        Hapka, Cathy.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.M47883 LOL 2006            2006
        Lola at the library / Anna McQuinn ; illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw.
        McQuinn, Anna,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.R71852 DG 2013             2013
        Dora goes to the doctor ; Dora goes to the dentist / by Ellen Rosebrough ;
        illustrated by Bob Roper.
        Rosebrough, Ellen,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.S972 BIG 2013              2013
        Big hair, don't care / Crystal Swain-Bates ; illustrated by Megan Bair.
        Swain-Bates, Crystal,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.T176 IL 2001               2001
        I love my hair! / by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley ; illustrated by E. B.
        Tarpley, Natasha
     CHILD LIT PZ8.3.G276                     1960
        Green Eggs and Ham / by Dr. Seuss.
        Seuss, Dr.
     CHILD LIT PZ8.3.M41852 WON 2015          2015
        The wonderful things you will be / Emily Winfield Martin.
        Martin, Emily Winfield,
     CHILD LIT PZ8.I84 RAP 2008               2008
        Rapunzel / written by the Brothers Grimm ; retold and illustrated by
        Rachel Isadora.
        Isadora, Rachel.
     CHILD LIT PZ8.K474 SEN 2012              2012
        Senorita Gordita / Helen Ketteman ; illustrated by Will Terry.
        Ketteman, Helen.
     CHILD LIT QB631.4 .H67 2010              2010
        First earth encyclopedia / [written and edited by Wendy Horobin and
        Caroline Stamps ; US editor, Margaret Parrish].
        Horobin, Wendy.
     CHILD LIT QH309.2 .Y68 2015              2015
        Young scientists : learning basic biology (ages 9 and up).
     CHILD LIT QH48 .F53 2006                 2006
        First nature encyclopedia.
     CHILD LIT QH582.5 .A64 2016              2016
        The animal cell and division biology for kids / Baby Professor, Education
        Baby Professor (Firm)
     CHILD LIT QL49 .A577 2012                2012
        Animal encyclopedia : 2,500 animals with photos, maps, and more!.
        National Geographic Society (U.S.)
     CHILD LIT QM27 .H864 2005                2005
        Human body encyclopedia / senior editor, Penny Smith.
        Smith, Penny.
     CHILD LIT S519 .S65 2016                 2016
        Soil, seeds, sun and rain! : how nature works on a farm! : farming for
        kids, children's agriculture books / Baby Professor Education Kids.
        Baby Professor Education Kids.
     CHILD LIT SF756 .A32 2004                2004
        A day in the life of a veterinarian / by Heather Adamson ; consultant,
        Daniel F. Simpson.
        Adamson, Heather, 1974-
     CHILD LIT SF80 .B43 2017                 2017
        So, you want to work with animals? : discover fantastic ways to work with
        animals, from veterinary science to aquatic biology / J. M. Bedell.
        Bedell, J. M. (Jane M.),
     CHILD LIT TX652.5 .L54 2012              2012
        I want to be a chef / Dan Liebman.
        Liebman, Daniel.


     D5 .M55 2015                             2015
        Evidence explained : citing history sources from artifacts to cyberspace /
        Elizabeth Shown Mills.
        Mills, Elizabeth Shown,
     D16.14 .L57 2014                         2014
        Listening on the Edge : Oral History in the Aftermath of Crisis / edited
        by Mark Cave and Stephen M. Sloan.
        Cave, Mark, 1964-
        Sloan, Stephen M.
     D21 .S17 2015                            2015
        The methods and skills of history : a practical guide / Michael J.
        Salevouris with Conal Furay.
        Salevouris, Michael J.,
     D113 .M48 2015                           2015
        The Middle Ages (476-1500) / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, PhD.
        Shally-Jensen, Michael,
     D410 .C8 V.1                             1917
        The European War : Vol. 1-20. / August/December 1914-July 1919/October
     D639 .T4 C63 2017                        2017
        The Hello Girls : America's first women soldiers / Elizabeth Cobbs.
        Cobbs Hoffman, Elizabeth,
     D743 .D66 2013                           2013
        World War II in numbers : an infographic guide to the conflict, its
        conduct, and its casualties / Peter Doyle.
        Doyle, Peter, 1960-
     D743 .H59 1974                           1974
        History of World War II / editor-in-chief, A.J.P. Taylor ; compiled by
        S.L. Mayer.
        Taylor, A. J. P. (Alan John Percivale), 1906-1990.
        Mayer, S. L. (Sydney L.), 1937-
     D767 .S754 1978                          1978
        Island fighting / by Rafael Steinberg and the editors of Time-Life Books.
        Steinberg, Rafael, 1927-
     D810 .S7 H365 2016                       2016
        The secret war : spies, ciphers, and guerrillas 1939-1945 / Max Hastings.
        Hastings, Max,
     D810 .V42 T48 2015                       2015
        Tattooed on my soul : Texas veterans remember World War II / edited by
        Stephen M. Sloan, Lois E. Myers, and Michelle Holland.
        Sloan, Stephen M.,
        Myers, Lois E., 1946-
        Holland, Michelle, 1982-
     DB844 .M34 H5513 2004                    2015
        Malevolent muse : the life of Alma Mahler / Oliver Hilmes : translated by
        Donald Arthur.
        Hilmes, Oliver,
     DD256.5 .D56 2016                        2016
        Anatomy of malice : the enigma of the Nazi war criminals / Joel E.
        Dimsdale, Joel E., 1947-
     DK254 .R3 S66 2016                       2016
        Rasputin : faith, power, and the twilight of the Romanovs / Douglas Smith.
        Smith, Douglas, 1962-
     DK265 .W339 2017                         2017
        Was revolution inevitable? : turning points of the Russian Revolution /
        edited by Tony Brenton.
        Brenton, Tony,
     DK268.4 .P54 2006                        2006
        Piggy foxy and the sword of revolution : Bolshevik self-portraits / edited
        by Alexander Vatlin and Larisa Malashenko ; translated by Vadim A. Staklo
        ; foreword by Simon Sebag Montefiore.
        Vatlin, A. IU.
        Malashenko, Larisa.
     DK510.763 .S276 2016                     2016
        The less you know, the better you sleep : Russia's road to terror and
        dictatorship under Yeltsin and Putin / David Satter.
        Satter, David, 1947-
     DS19 .F74 2016                           2016
        Mongol conquests : warfare, slaughter, and political rule / Jeri Freedman.
        Freedman, Jeri
     DS19 .H343 2017                          2017
        Mongols on the Silk Road : trade, transportation, and cross-cultural
        exchange in the Mongol Empire / Kathryn Harrison.
        Harrison, Kathryn, 1987-
     DS19 .S93 2017                           2017
        The fall of the Mongol empire : disintegration, disease, and an enduring
        legacy / Jennifer Swanson.
        Swanson, Jennifer,
     DS22 .L87 2017                           2017
        Genghis Khan and the building of the Mongol Empire / Marcia Amidon Lusted.
        Lusted, Marcia Amidon,
     DS22.7 .B94 2016                         2016
        The Golden Horde and the rise of Moscow / Ann Byers.
        Byers, Ann,
     DS62.4 .A63 2016                         2016
        A history of the modern Middle East : rulers, rebels, and rogues / Betty
        S. Anderson.
        Anderson, Betty S. (Betty Signe), 1965-
     DS267 .P36 2017                          2017
        The Persians : lost civilizations / Geoffrey Parker and Brenda Parker.
        Parker, Geoffrey, 1933-
     DS752 .D74 2016                          2016
        The Yuan Dynasty / David L. Dreier.
        Dreier, David Louis,
     DS752.6 .K83 V54 2017                    2017
        Kublai Khan : emperor of China / Andrew Vietze.
        Vietze, Andrew
     DT33 .F313 2004                          2004
        The wretched of the earth / Frantz Fanon ; translated from the French by
        Richard Philcox ; with commentary by Jean-Paul Sartre and Homi K. Bhabha.
        Fanon, Frantz, 1925-1961.


     E83.863 .K45 2013                        2013
        A misplaced massacre : struggling over the memory of Sand Creek / Ari
        Kelman, Ari, 1968-
     E90 .C78 A6 2009                         2009
        Uprising! : Woody Crumbo's Indian Art / by Robert Perry.
        Perry, Robert (Robert Johnson)
     E98 .U72 M47 2016                        2016
        Urban American Indians : reclaiming native space / Donna Martinez, Grace
        Sage, and Azusa Ono.
        Martinez, Donna,
     E99 .O3 J33 2016                         2016
        Black Elk : the life of an American visionary / Joe Jackson.
        Jackson, Joe, 1955-
     E169 .E85 2012                           2012
        American photographs / Walker Evans ; with an essay by Lincoln Kirstein.
        Evans, Walker, 1903-1975.
     E169.1 .M1366 2017                       2017
        The American spirit : who we are and what we stand for / speeches by David
        McCullough, David G.,
     E173 .T46 2011                           2010
        Forging a nation : the American history collection at Gilcrease Museum /
        foreword by Duane H. King ; Randy Ramer, Kimberly Roblin, Amanda Lett,
        Eric Singleton.
        Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art.
     E183.8 .C5 U8 2016                       2016
        U.S. national debate topic, 2016-2017. U.S.-China relations / [compiled
        by] H. W. Wilson, a division of EBSCO Information Services.
        H.W. Wilson Company.
     E184 .M5 D29 2017                        2017
        Mestizos come home! : making and claiming Mexican American identity /
        Robert Con Davis-Undiano.
        Davis, Robert Con, 1948-
     E184 .S67 H57 2010                       2010
        Nomad : from Islam to America--a personal journey through the clash of
        civilizations / Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
        Hirsi Ali, Ayaan, 1969-
     E184 .S75 B366 2012                      2012
        Ethnic cues : the role of shared ethnicity in Latino political
        participation / Matt A. Barreto.
        Barreto, Matt A.
     E184 .S75 B367 2014                      2014
        Latino America : how America's most dynamic population is poised to
        transform the politics of the nation / Matt Barreto and Gary M. Segura ;
        with contributions from Elizabeth Bergman, Loren Collingwood, David
        Damore, Justin Gross, Blanca Flor Guillen, Sylvia Manzano, Adrian Pantoja,
        Francisco Pedraza, Gabriel Sanchez, and Ali Valenzuela.
        Barreto, Matt A.
     E184 .S75 L3548 2016                     2016
        The Latino/a American dream / edited by Sandra L. Hanson and John Kenneth
        Hanson, Sandra L.,
        White, John Kenneth, 1952-
        White, John Kenneth, 1952- Whose dream?
     E184 .S75 L3616 2014                     2014
        Latino politics en ciencia politica : the search for Latino identity and
        racial consciousness / edited by Tony Affigne, Evelyn Hu-DeHart, and
        Marion Orr.
        Affigne, Tony,
        Hu-DeHart, Evelyn,
        Orr, Marion, 1962-
     E184 .S75 M363 2015                      2015
        Latino stats : American Hispanics by the numbers / Idelisse Malave, Esti
        Malave, Idelisse.
     E184 .S75 R685 2013                      2013
        The roots of Latino urban agency / edited by Sharon A. Navarro and Rodolfo
        Navarro, Sharon Ann.
        Rosales, Rodolfo.
     E184.37 .G87 A3 2016                     2016
        Memories of two generations : a Yiddish life in Russia and Texas /
        Alexander Z. Gurwitz ; edited by Bryan Edward Stone ; translated by Rabbi
        Amram Prero.
        Gurwitz, Z., 1859-
     E185.86 .T85 2016                        2016
        The birth of cool : style narratives of the African diaspora / Carol
        Tulloch, Carol,
     E185.97 .E46 J33 2016                    2016
        The strange career of William Ellis : the Texas slave who became a Mexican
        millionaire / Karl Jacoby.
        Jacoby, Karl, 1965-
     E185.97 .K47 A3 2017                     2017
        My Life, My Love, My Legacy / Coretta Scott King ; as told to the Rev. Dr.
        Barbara Reynolds.
        King, Coretta Scott, 1927-2006
     E209 .S36 2015                           2015
        Fighting over the founders : how we remember the American Revolution /
        Andrew M. Schocket.
        Schocket, Andrew M.
     E449 .D75 L48 2016                       2016
        The lives of Frederick Douglass / Robert S. Levine.
        Levine, Robert S. (Robert Steven), 1953-
     E668 .S943 2014                          2014
        The ordeal of the reunion : a new history of Reconstruction / Mark
        Wahlgren Summers.
        Summers, Mark W. (Mark Wahlgren), 1951-
     E746 .B59 2012                           2012
        The admirals : Nimitz, Halsey, Leahy, and King--the five-star admirals who
        won the war at sea / Walter R. Borneman.
        Borneman, Walter R., 1952-
     E748 .U74 A3 2015                        2015
        My way : a south Texas rancher in the diplomatic service of the United
        States / Ernesto Uribe.
        Uribe, Ernesto,
     E814 .B73 2016                           2016
        The general vs. the president : MacArthur and Truman at the brink of
        nuclear war / H.W. Brands.
        Brands, H. W.,
     E837.7 .O45 2017                         2017
        The road to Camelot : inside JFK's five-year campaign / Thomas Oliphant
        and Curtis Wilkie.
        Oliphant, Thomas,
     E841 .H548 2015                          2015
        The Cuban Missile Crisis / Laurie Collier Hillstrom.
        Hillstrom, Laurie Collier, 1965-
     E842.9 .Z37 2016                         2016
        Twenty-six seconds : a personal history of the Zapruder film / Alexandra
        Zapruder, Alexandra,
     E876 .U847 2013                          2013
        When things went right : the dawn of the Reagan-Bush administration /
        Chase Untermeyer.
        Untermeyer, Chase, 1946-


     F220 .M5 W45 2015                        2015
        Corazon de Dixie : Mexicanos in the U.S. South since 1910 / Julie M.
        Weise, Julie M.,
     F220 .S75 L363 2009                      2009
        Latino immigrants and the transformation of the U.S. South / edited by
        Mary E. Odem and Elaine Lacy.
        Odem, Mary E.
        Lacy, Elaine Cantrell.
     F296 .D38 2017                           2017
        The Gulf : the making of an American sea / Jack E. Davis.
        Davis, Jack E., 1956-
     F314 .F54 2014                           2014
        La Florida : five hundred years of Hispanic presence / edited by Viviana
        Diaz Balsera and Rachel A. May.
        Diaz Balsera, Viviana, 1958-
        May, Rachel A.,
        Milanich, Jerald T.
        Hoffman, Paul E., 1943-
        Chang-Rodriguez, Raquel
        Bushnell, Amy Turner,
        Landers, Jane
        Guardia, Carmen de la,
        Racine, Karen, 1967-
        Davis, Darien J., 1964-
        Duany, Jorge,
        Stepick, Alex,
        Feldman, Marcos (Marcos H.),
        Eckstein, Susan, 1942-
     F354 .P27 2017                           2017
        The flood year 1927 : a cultural history / Susan Scott Parrish.
        Parrish, Susan Scott,
     F383 .S44 2016                           2016
        Seeing Texas history : the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum / edited
        by Victoria Ramirez.
        Ramirez, Victoria, Ed. D.
     F384.3 .P38 2016                         2016
        Explore Texas : a nature travel guide / Mary O. Parker ; photography by
        Jeff Parker ; foreword by Carter Smith.
        Parker, Mary O.,
     F386 .D57 2014                           2014
        Discovering Texas history / edited by Bruce A. Glasrud, Light Townsend
        Cummins, and Cary D. Wintz.
        Glasrud, Bruce A.
        Cummins, Light Townsend.
        Wintz, Cary D., 1943-
     F386.6 .G55 2012                         2012
        Great tales : from the history of south Texas / Murphy Givens.
        Givens, Murphy D.
     F390 .S57 2017                           2017
        Single star of the West : the Republic of Texas, 1836-1845 / edited by
        Kenneth W. Howell and Charles Swanlund.
        Howell, Kenneth Wayne, 1967-
        Swanlund, Charles,
     F391 .W78 2016                           2016
        Women in Civil War Texas : Diversity and Dissidence in the
        Trans-Mississippi / edited by Deborah M. Liles and Angela Boswell.
        Liles, Debbie M.,
        Boswell, Angela, 1965-
     F392 .K3 L36 2013                        2013
        Hillingdon Ranch : four seasons, six generations / David K. Langford &
        Lorie Woodward Cantu.
        Langford, David K., 1942-
     F392 .K47 L43 2017                       2017
        Caesar Kleberg and the King Ranch / Duane M. Leach ; foreword by Stephen
        J. "Tio" Kleberg.
        Leach, Duane M., 1935-
     F392 .N82 C75 2017                       2017
        The Nueces River : Rio Escondido / Margie Crisp ; with artwork by William
        B. Montgomery ; foreword by Andrew Sansom.
        Crisp, Margie, 1960-
     F392 .R5 R55 2016                        2016
        Rio : a photographic journey down the old Rio Grande / edited by Melissa
        Savage ; introduction by William deBuys.
        Savage, Melissa,
     F394 .C78 G88 2010                       2010
        Remembering Corpus Christi / Cecilia Gutierrez Venable.
        Gutierrez Venable, Cecilia.
     F394 .C78 O73 2017                       2017
        Bulwark against the bay : the people of Corpus Christi and their seawall /
        Mary Jo O'Rear.
        O'Rear, Mary Jo, 1943-
     F394 .C78 V46 2008                       2008
        Historic photos of Corpus Christi / text and captions by Cecilia
        Gutierrez Venable.
        Gutierrez Venable, Cecilia.
     F394 .S2119 M51736 2010                  2010
        Quixote's soldiers : a local history of the Chicano movement, 1966-1981 /
        David Montejano.
        Montejano, David, 1948-
     F394 .V6 Q57 2005                        2005
        Claiming citizenship : Mexican Americans in Victoria, Texas / Anthony
        Quiroz, Anthony, 1958-
     F395 .M5 R36 2009                        2009
        To the line of fire! : Mexican Texans and World War I / Jose A. Ramirez.
        Ramirez, Jose A., 1975-
     F395 .M5 S68 2017                        2017
        Life in a south Texas colonia / Manuel Andres Soto.
        Soto, Manuel Andres.
     F866.4 .H42 T66 2016                     2016
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        Childs, Laura, 1963-
     SF140 .M67 T45 2015                      2015
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        meat / Rebecca Thistlethwaite and Jim Dunlop ; foreword by Bill Niman and
        Nicolette Hahn Niman.
        Thistlethwaite, Rebecca,
     SF429 .P58 D53 2016                      2016
        Pit bull : the battle over an American icon / Bronwen Dickey.
        Dickey, Bronwen,
     SH451 .M57 1992                          1992
        Fly tying made clear and simple / Skip Morris ; fly-tying illustrations by
        Richard Bunse.
        Morris, Skip.


     T58.5 .C375 2016                         2016
        Careers in information technology / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen.
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     T173.8 .K45 2016                         2016
        The inevitable : understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape
        our future / Kevin Kelly.
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     T385 .C33875 2013                        2013
        The functional art : an introduction to information graphics and
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     T385 .D875 2011                          2011
        3D math primer for graphics and game development / Fletcher Dunn, Ian
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     T385 .S527 2016                          2016
        Pixel art for game developers / by Daniel Silber.
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     TA347 .A78 D67 2017                      2017
        Thinking machines : the quest for artificial intelligence--and where it's
        taking us next / Luke Dormehl.
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     TA1145 .R45 2015                         2015
        Roads were not built for cars : how cyclists were the first to push for
        good roads & became the pioneers of motoring / Carlton Reid.
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     TA1540 .S36 2016                         2016
        Practical holography / Graham Saxby, Stanislovas Zacharovas.
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     TK139 .C39 2016                          2016
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     TP548 .B757 2017                         2017
        Cork dork : a wine-fueled adventure among the obsessive sommeliers, big
        bottle hunters, and rogue scientists who taught me to live for taste /
        Bianca Bosker.
        Bosker, Bianca,
     TR139 .A76 2017                          2017
        Eyes of the world : Robert Capa, Gerda Taro, and the invention of modern
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     TR139 .F75 2014                          2014
        Women photographers : from Julia Margaret Cameron to Cindy Sherman /Boris
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        Burkhardt, Joanna M.,
  • White Library Popular Books

     POPULAR READING ADAIR                   2016
        Sanctum : a novel / by Bobby Adair.
        Adair, Bobby.
     POPULAR READING ADAIR                   2015
        Grind : a novel / by Bobby Adair.
        Adair, Bobby.
     POPULAR READING ADAIR                   2015
        City of Stin / a novel by Bobby Adair.
        Adair, Bobby.
     POPULAR READING ADAIR                   2014
        Slow burn. 6, Bleed / a novel by Bobby Adair.
        Adair, Bobby,
     POPULAR READING ADAIR                   2014
        Slow burn. 5, Torrent / a novel by Bobby Adair.
        Adair, Bobby,
     POPULAR READING ADAIR                   2014
        Slow burn. Book 4, Dead fire / a novel by Bobby Adair.
        Adair, Bobby,
     POPULAR READING ADAIR                   2013
        Slow burn. 3, Destroyer / a novel by Bobby Adair.
        Adair, Bobby,
     POPULAR READING ADAIR                   2013
        Slow burn. 2, Infected / a novel by Bobby Adair.
        Adair, Bobby,
     POPULAR READING ADAIR                   2013
        Slow burn. 1, Zero day / Bobby Adair.
        Adair, Bobby,
     POPULAR READING ALBOM                   2007
        Tuesdays with Morrie : an old man, a young man, and life's greatest lesson
        / Mitch Albom.
        Albom, Mitch, 1958-
     POPULAR READING ALLAN                   2016
        The race / Nina Allan.
        Allan, Nina
        Tartarus / by Eric Andrews-Katz.
        Andrews-Katz, Eric
     POPULAR READING ANONYMOUS               2016
        Diary of an oxygen thief / Anonymous.
     POPULAR READING ARDEN                   2017
        The bear and the nightingale : a novel / Katherine Arden.
        Arden, Katherine
     POPULAR READING BACKMAN                 2014
        A man called Ove : a novel / Fredrik Backman.
        Backman, Fredrik, 1981-
     POPULAR READING BARON                   2016
        Banshees / Mike Baron.
        Baron, Mike, 1949-
     POPULAR READING BARRY                   2017
        The fifth petal : a novel / Brunonia Barry.
        Barry, Brunonia,
     POPULAR READING BASU                    2015
        Victoria & Abdul : the true story of the Queen's closest confidant /
        Shrabani Basu.
        Basu, Shrabani.
     POPULAR READING BAUER                   2017
        The beautiful dead / Belinda Bauer.
        Bauer, Belinda, 1962-
     POPULAR READING BEAGLE                  2016
        Summerlong / Peter S. Beagle.
        Beagle, Peter S.,
     POPULAR READING BEAGLE                  2017
        In Calabria / Peter S. Beagle.
        Beagle, Peter S.,
     POPULAR READING BIRMANT                 2015
        Pablo / by Julie Birmant & Clement Oubrerie ; translated by Edward Gauvin
        ; coloured by Sandra Desmazieres.
        Birmant, Julie.
     POPULAR READING BOGLE                   2016
        Elizabeth and Michael : the Queen of Hollywood and the King of Pop : a
        love story / Donald Bogle.
        Bogle, Donald,
     POPULAR READING BOLICK                  2015
        Spinster : making a life of one's own / Kate Bolick.
        Bolick, Kate,
     POPULAR READING BOMANN                  2016
        The moonlit garden / Corina Bomann ; translated by Alison Layland.
        Bomann, Corina, 1974-
     POPULAR READING BOUCHET                 2016
        A promise of fire / Amanda Bouchet.
        Bouchet, Amanda,
     POPULAR READING BOUCHET                 2017
        Breath of fire / Amanda Bouchet.
        Bouchet, Amanda,
     POPULAR READING BRAND                   2014
        Revolution / Russell Brand.
        Brand, Russell, 1975-
     POPULAR READING BRIGGS                  2016
        Fire touched / Patricia Briggs.
        Briggs, Patricia,
     POPULAR READING BRODSKY                 2017
        Winter of the Gods / Jordanna Max Brodsky.
        Brodsky, Jordanna Max,
     POPULAR READING BROOKS                  2016
        The sorcerer's daughter : the defenders of Shannara / Terry Brooks.
        Brooks, Terry,
        Good morning, midnight : a novel / Lily Brooks-Dalton.
        Brooks-Dalton, Lily, 1987-
     POPULAR READING BROWN                   2016
        The light of Paris : [a novel] / Eleanor Brown.
        Brown, Eleanor, 1973-
     POPULAR READING BROWN                   2013
        Adulting : how to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps / Kelly
        Williams Brown.
        Brown, Kelly Williams.
     POPULAR READING BUCKLAND                2016
        Who shot sports : a photographic history, 1843 to the present / Gail
        Buckland, Gail,
     POPULAR READING BURNETT                 2016
        Designing your life : how to build a well-lived, joyful life / Bill
        Burnett and Dave Evans.
        Burnett, William (Consulting professor of design),
     POPULAR READING BURTON                  2016
        Rules of contact / Jaci Burton.
        Burton, Jaci,
     POPULAR READING BUTTS                   2016
        Texas bad girls : hussies, harlots, and horse thieves / J. Lee Butts.
        Butts, J. Lee (Jimmy Lee)
     POPULAR READING CAGAN                   2017
        Piper Perish / Kayla Cagan.
        Cagan, Kayla,
     POPULAR READING CAMERON                 2010
        A dog's purpose / W. Bruce Cameron.
        Cameron, W. Bruce.
     POPULAR READING CAREY                   2014
        The girl with all the gifts / M.R. Carey.
        Carey, Mike, 1959-
     POPULAR READING CAREY                   2017
        Miranda and Caliban / Jacqueline Carey.
        Carey, Jacqueline, 1964-
     POPULAR READING CASEY                   2017
        The return of the Raven Mocker : An Alafair Tucker Mystery / Donis Casey.
        Casey, Donis,
     POPULAR READING CHARLTON                2016
        Spellbreaker / Blake Charlton.
        Charlton, Blake
     POPULAR READING CHIANG                  2016
        Stories of your life and others / Ted Chiang.
        Chiang, Ted
     POPULAR READING CLARKE                  2016
        The mad scientist's daughter / Cassandra Rose Clarke.
        Clarke, Cassandra Rose, 1983-
     POPULAR READING CLARKE                  2017
        Galactic empires / edited by Neil Clarke.
        Clarke, Neil, 1966-
        Container of (work): McAuley, Paul J. Winning peace.
        Container of (work): Leckie, Ann. Night's slow poison.
        Container of (work): Clare, Gwendolyn. All the painted stars.
        Container of (work): Sanderson, Brandon. Firstborn.
        Container of (work): Egan, Greg, 1961- Riding the crocodile.
        Container of (work): Barnes, John, 1957- Lost princess man.
        Container of (work): Bodard, Aliette de. Waiting stars.
        Container of (work): Asher, Neal L., 1961- Alien archeology.
        Container of (work): Berger, Paul M. Muse of empires lost.
        Container of (work): Lee, Yoon Ha, 1979- Ghostweight.
        Container of (work): Buckell, Tobias S. Cold heart.
        Container of (work): Silverberg, Robert. Colonel returns to the stars.
        Container of (work): Rusch, Kristine Kathryn. Impossibles.
        Container of (work): Wilson, Robert C. (Robert Charles), 1951- Utriusque
        Container of (work): Hemry, John G. Section seven.
        Container of (work): Scholes, Ken. Invisible empire of ascending light.
        Container of (work): Reed, Robert, 1956- Man with the golden balloon.
        Container of (work): Nestvold, Ruth, 1958- Looking through lace.
        Container of (work): Tem, Steve Rasnic, 1950- Letter from the Emperor.
        Container of (work): Snodgrass, Melinda M., 1951- Wayfarer's advice.
        Container of (work): Novik, Naomi. Seven years from home.
        Container of (work): McDonald, Ian, 1960- Verthandi's ring.
     POPULAR READING CLARKE                  2017
        Star's end / Cassandra Rose Clarke.
        Clarke, Cassandra Rose, 1983-
     POPULAR READING CLINE                   2016
        The girls : a novel / Emma Cline.
        Cline, Emma,
     POPULAR READING COE                     2017
        Number 11 / Jonathan Coe.
        Coe, Jonathan,
     POPULAR READING COELHO                  2014
        The alchemist / Paulo Coelho ; translated by Alan R. Clarke.
        Coelho, Paulo
     POPULAR READING COELHO                  2010
        The alchemist : a graphic novel / Paulo Coelho ; [adapted by Derek Ruiz ;
        artwork by Daniel Sampere and others].
        Ruiz, Derek, 1980-
     POPULAR READING COELHO                  2016
        The spy : a novel / Paulo Coelho ; translated by Zoe Perry.
        Coelho, Paulo
     POPULAR READING COGMAN                  2016
        The invisible library / Genevieve Cogman.
        Cogman, Genevieve
     POPULAR READING CONWAY                  2017
        The agent runner : a novel / Simon Conway.
        Conway, Simon, 1967-
     POPULAR READING COX                     2016
        Texas Ranger tales : hard-riding stories from the Lone Star State / Mike
        Cox, Mike, 1948-
     POPULAR READING CRANSTON                2016
        A life in parts / Bryan Cranston.
        Cranston, Bryan, 1956-
     POPULAR READING CRILLEY                 2017
        Department Zero / Paul Crilley.
        Crilley, Paul, 1975-
     POPULAR READING CROFTS                  2016
        Mystery in the channel / Freeman Wills Crofts.
        Crofts, Freeman Wills, 1879-1957,
     POPULAR READING CUTTER                  2017
        Little heaven : a novel / Nick Cutter ; illustrations by Adam Gorham.
        Cutter, Nick,
     POPULAR READING DAITCH                  2016
        The lost civilization of Suolucidir / Susan Daitch.
        Daitch, Susan,
     POPULAR READING DALAI LAMA              2016
        The book of joy : lasting happiness in a changing world / His Holiness 
        Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, with Douglas Abrams.
        Bstan-dzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama XIV, 1935-
     POPULAR READING DANLER                  2016
        Sweetbitter / Stephanie Danler.
        Danler, Stephanie,
     POPULAR READING DAS                     2016
        The devourers / Indra Das.
        Das, Indra
     POPULAR READING DELANEY                 2017
        The girl before : a novel / JP Delaney.
        Delaney, JP
     POPULAR READING DELL                    2016
        Reckless in Texas / Kari Lynn Dell.
        Dell, Kari Lynn,
     POPULAR READING DOLAN-LEACH             2017
        Dead letters : a novel / Caite Dolan-Leach.
        Dolan-Leach, Caite,
     POPULAR READING DORI                    2016
        Gauguin : the other world / Fabrizio Dori ; translation from the French 
        Edward Gauvin.
        Dori, Fabrizio,
     POPULAR READING DUFFY                   2016
        Dust to dust / Margaret Duffy.
        Duffy, Margaret,
     POPULAR READING ECCLES                  2016
        Against the light / Marjorie Eccles.
        Eccles, Marjorie,
     POPULAR READING FALLON                  2012
        You know when the men are gone / Siobhan Fallon.
        Fallon, Siobhan.
     POPULAR READING FAYE                    2017
        The whole art of detection : lost mysteries of Sherlock Holmes / Lyndsay
        Faye, Lyndsay,
    POPULAR READING FELLOWES                2016
        Belgravia / Julian Fellowes.
        Fellowes, Julian,
     POPULAR READING FENN                    2016
        Dead souls : a novel / J. Lincoln Fenn.
        Fenn, J. Lincoln,
     POPULAR READING FERRANTE                2016
        My brilliant friend / Elena Ferrante ; translated from the Italian by Ann
        Ferrante, Elena,
     POPULAR READING FERRANTE                2015
        The story of a new name / Elena Ferrante ; translated from the Italian by
        Ann Goldstein.
        Ferrante, Elena,
     POPULAR READING FERRANTE                2015
        The story of the lost child / Elena Ferrante ; translated from the Italian
        by Ann Goldstein.
        Ferrante, Elena,
     POPULAR READING FERRANTE                2014
        Those who leave and those who stay / Elena Ferrante ; translated from the
        Italian by Ann Goldstein.
        Ferrante, Elena,
     POPULAR READING FOER                    2016
        Here I am / Jonathan Safran Foer.
        Foer, Jonathan Safran, 1977-
     POPULAR READING FOER                    2016
        Atlas obscura : an explorer's guide to the world's hidden wonders / Joshua
        Foer, Dylan Thuras & Ella Morton.
        Foer, Joshua
     POPULAR READING FOSTER                  2017
        Under pressure / Lori Foster.
        Foster, Lori, 1958-
     POPULAR READING GAIMAN                  2016
        Miracleman. [Book 1], The golden age / story, Neil Gaiman ; art, Mark
        Buckingham ; color art, D'Israeli ; lettering, Todd Klein.
        Gaiman, Neil
     POPULAR READING GAIMAN                  2016
        The view from the cheap seats : selected nonfiction / Neil Gaiman.
        Gaiman, Neil
     POPULAR READING GAIMAN                  2017
        Norse mythology / Neil Gaiman.
        Gaiman, Neil
     POPULAR READING GARBER                  2017
        Caraval / Stephanie Garber.
        Garber, Stephanie,
     POPULAR READING GARCIA                  2013
        Final stand / by Rose Garcia.
        Garcia, Rose.
     POPULAR READING GARCIA                  2015
        Final Death / by Rose Garcia ; [cover design by Steven Novak, Novak
        Illustration; interior formatting and design by Amy Eye, the Eyes for
        Garcia, Rose.
     POPULAR READING GARCIA                  2012
        Final life / by Rose Garcia.
        Garcia, Rose.
     POPULAR READING GARDAM                  2016
        Bilgewater / Jane Gardam.
        Gardam, Jane.
     POPULAR READING GINGRICH                2016
        Treason : a novel / Newt Gingrich and Pete Earley.
        Gingrich, Newt
     POPULAR READING GOODMAN                 2017
        The widow's house / Carol Goodman.
        Goodman, Carol
     POPULAR READING GOODWIN                 2017
        Latin@ rising : an anthology of Latin@ science fiction and fantasy /
        edited by Matthew David Goodwin.
        Goodwin, Matthew David,
     POPULAR READING GRAHAM                  2017
        The rising / Heather Graham and Jon Land.
        Graham, Heather,
     POPULAR READING GRANN                   2010
        The lost city of Z : a tale of deadly obsession in the Amazon / David
        Grann, David,
     POPULAR READING GRIMLY                  2013
        Frankenstein, or, The modern Prometheus / assembled from the original text
        by Mary Shelley in three volumes.
        Grimly, Gris,
     POPULAR READING GROSS                   2016
        The fifty-year mission : the complete, uncensored, unauthorized oral
        history of Star trek : the first 25 years / Edward Gross & Mark A. Altman.
        Gross, Edward (Edward A.),
     POPULAR READING HAIG                    2015
        The fire sermon : a novel / Francesca Haig.
        Haig, Francesca,
     POPULAR READING HALL                    2016
        Trail of echoes / Rachel Howzell Hall.
        Hall, Rachel Howzell
     POPULAR READING HALL                    2016
        Looking for group / Alexis Hall.
        Hall, Alexis J.
     POPULAR READING HALL                    2006
        Same kind of different as me / Ron Hall and Denver Moore ; with Lynn
        Hall, Ron, 1945-
     POPULAR READING HAMILTON                2016
        Crimson death / Laurell K. Hamilton.
        Hamilton, Laurell K.,
     POPULAR READING HAMILTON                2016
        A night without stars : a novel of the Commonwealth / Peter F. Hamilton.
        Hamilton, Peter F.
     POPULAR READING HANNAH                  2015
        The nightingale / Kristin Hannah.
        Hannah, Kristin.
     POPULAR READING HARARI                  2017
        Homo deus : a brief history of tomorrow / Yuval Noah Harari ; translated
        by the author.
        Harari, Yuval N.
     POPULAR READING HARKNESS                2012
        Shadow of night / Deborah Harkness.
        Harkness, Deborah E., 1965-
     POPULAR READING HARKNESS                2011
        A discovery of witches / Deborah Harkness.
        Harkness, Deborah E., 1965-
     POPULAR READING HARKNESS                2014
        The book of life / Deborah Harkness.
        Harkness, Deborah E., 1965-
     POPULAR READING HARPER                  2017
        The dry / Jane Harper.
        Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth),
     POPULAR READING HARRISON                2013
        The silent wife : a novel / A.S.A. Harrison.
        Harrison, A. S. A.
     POPULAR READING HEGAR                   2017
        Shoot like a girl : one woman's dramatic fight in Afghanistan and on the
        home front / Mary Jennings Hegar.
        Hegar, Mary Jennings,
     POPULAR READING HENSON                  2016
        Around the way girl : a memoir / Taraji P. Henson with Denene Millner.
        Henson, Taraji P.
     POPULAR READING HERNANDEZ               2016
        An innocent fashion : a novel / R.J. Hernandez.
        Hernandez, R. J., 1989-
     POPULAR READING HIGGINS                 2016
        Supernova / C.A. Higgins.
        Higgins, C. A. (Caitlin A.),
     POPULAR READING HILFIGER                2016
        American dreamer : my life in fashion & business / Tommy Hilfiger with
        Peter Knobler.
        Hilfiger, Tommy,
     POPULAR READING HILL                    2016
        The Fireman : a novel / Joe Hill.
        Hill, Joe,
     POPULAR READING HOFFMAN                 2011
        The dovekeepers : a novel / Alice Hoffman.
        Hoffman, Alice.
     POPULAR READING HOFFMAN                 2016
        Faithful / Alice Hoffman.
        Hoffman, Alice
     POPULAR READING HOGAN                   2017
        The keeper of lost things : a novel / Ruth Hogan.
        Hogan, Ruth,
     POPULAR READING HOLAHAN                 2016
        The widower's wife : a thriller / Cate Holahan.
        Holahan, Cate
     POPULAR READING HONDA                   2016
        The silent dead / Tetsuya Honda ; translated  by Giles Murray.
        Honda, Tetsuya, 1969-
     POPULAR READING HOUNSOM                 2016
        Starborn / Lucy Hounsom.
        Hounsom, Lucy,
     POPULAR READING HOWEY                   2013
        Wool / Hugh Howey.
        Howey, Hugh.
     POPULAR READING HUFFINGTON              2016
        The sleep revolution : transforming your life, one night at a time /
        Arianna Huffington.
        Huffington, Arianna Stassinopoulos, 1950-
     POPULAR READING HUMPHREY                2016
        Spells of blood and kin : a dark fantasy / Claire Humphrey.
        Humphrey, Claire,
     POPULAR READING HUNTLEY                 2016
        We could be beautiful : a novel / Swan Huntley.
        Huntley, Swan,
     POPULAR READING ILES                    2015
        The bone tree / Greg Iles.
        Iles, Greg.
     POPULAR READING ILES                    2017
        Mississippi blood : a novel / Greg Iles.
        Iles, Greg,
     POPULAR READING INGHAM                  2016
        Texas myths & legends : the true stories behind history's mysteries /
        Donna Ingham.
        Ingham, Donna,
     POPULAR READING ISLINGTON               2016
        The shadow of what was lost / James Islington.
        Islington, James, 1981-
     POPULAR READING JACKSON                 2017
        Forged in desire / Brenda Jackson.
        Jackson, Brenda (Brenda Streater),
     POPULAR READING JAEGER                  2017
        The dressmaker's dowry / Meredith Jaeger.
        Jaeger, Meredith,
     POPULAR READING JAE-JONES               2017
        Wintersong / S. Jae-Jones.
        Jae-Jones, S.
     POPULAR READING JAE-JONES               2016
        The sun is also a star / Nicola Yoon.
        Yoon, Nicola
     POPULAR READING JEFFERIES               2016
        The tea planter's wife : a novel / Dinah Jefferies.
        Jefferies, Dinah, 1948-
     POPULAR READING JEFFRIES                2016
        Stormswept / Sabrina Jeffries writing as Deborah Martin.
        Jeffries, Sabrina,
     POPULAR READING JILES                   2016
        News of the world : a novel / Paulette Jiles.
        Jiles, Paulette, 1943-
     POPULAR READING JOHNSON                 2016
        An obvious fact / Craig Johnson.
        Johnson, Craig, 1961-
     POPULAR READING JONES                   2016
        George Lucas : a life / Brian Jay Jones.
        Jones, Brian Jay,
     POPULAR READING KATCHER                 2010
        Almost perfect / Brian Katcher.
        Katcher, Brian.
     POPULAR READING KEETLEY                 2014
        "We're all infected" : essays on AMC's The walking dead and the fate of
        the human / edited by Dawn Keetley.
        Keetley, Dawn, 1965-
     POPULAR READING KELLY                   2016
        Lilac girls : a novel / Martha Hall Kelly.
        Kelly, Martha Hall,
     POPULAR READING KENYON                  2016
        Born of legend / Sherrilyn Kenyon.
        Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965-
     POPULAR READING KENYON                  2016
        Dragonmark / Sherrilyn Kenyon.
        Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965-
     POPULAR READING KHAN                    2017
        Among the ruins / Ausma Zehanat Khan.
        Khan, Ausma Zehanat,
     POPULAR READING KING                    2016
        End of watch : a novel / Stephen King.
        King, Stephen, 1947-
     POPULAR READING KIRKMAN                 2009
        The walking dead compendium one / Robert Kirkman, creator, writer,
        letterer (chapters 1-3) ; Tony Moore, penciler, inker, gray tones (chapter
        1) ; Charlie Adlard, penciler, inker (chapters 2-8) ; Cliff Rathburn, gray
        tones (chapters 2-8) ; Rus Wooten, letterer (chapter 4-8).
        Kirkman, Robert.
     POPULAR READING KIRKMAN                 2012
        The walking dead compendium two / Robert Kirkman creator, writer ; Charlie
        Adlard, penciler, inker ; Cliff Rathburn, gray tones ; Rus Wooton,
        letterer ; Sina Grace, editor ; Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn, cover.
        Kirkman, Robert.
     POPULAR READING KIRKMAN                 2015
        The walking dead compendium three / Robert Kirkman, creator, writer ;
        Charlie Adlard, penciler, inker (chapters 17-19) ; Stefano Gaudiano, inker
        (chapters 20-24) ; Cliff Rathburn, gray tones ; Rus Wooton, letterer ;
        Sean Mackiewicz, editor ; Charlie Adlard & Dave Stewart, cover.
        Kirkman, Robert
     POPULAR READING KNOLL                   2015
        Luckiest girl alive / Jessica Knoll.
        Knoll, Jessica.
     POPULAR READING KOPE                    2016
        Collecting the dead / Spencer Kope.
        Kope, Spencer,
     POPULAR READING KORETO                  2016
        Death on the Sapphire / R.J. Koreto.
        Koreto, Richard J.
     POPULAR READING KUSHNER                 2016
        Alligator candy : a memoir / David Kushner.
        Kushner, David, 1968-
     POPULAR READING LAFFERTY                2017
        Six wakes / Mur Lafferty.
        Lafferty, Mur
     POPULAR READING LAKE                    2016
        Death at the Boston Tea Party : a John Rawlings mystery / Deryn Lake.
        Lake, Deryn.
     POPULAR READING LANSDALE                2009
        Captains outrageous : a Hap and Leonard novel / Joe R. Lansdale.
        Lansdale, Joe R., 1951-
     POPULAR READING LAPHAM                  2014
        Stray bullets / David Lapham.
        Lapham, David,
     POPULAR READING LEE                     2015
        Go set a watchman / Harper Lee.
        Lee, Harper
        Hidden figures : the American dream and the untold story of the Black
        women mathematicians who helped win the space race / Margot Lee Shetterly
        Shetterly, Margot Lee
     POPULAR READING LETTS                   2016
        The perfect horse : the daring U.S. mission to rescue the priceless
        stallions kidnapped by the Nazis / Elizabeth Letts.
        Letts, Elizabeth
     POPULAR READING LEVINE                  2016
        Arabella of Mars / David D. Levine.
        Levine, David D., 1961-
     POPULAR READING LEVITHAN                2015
        Another day / David Levithan.
        Levithan, David
     POPULAR READING LINVILLE                2016
        Welcome to Deadland / Zachary Tyler Linville.
        Linville, Zachary Tyler
     POPULAR READING LOVELACE                2017
        The princess saves herself in this one / Amanda Lovelace.
        Lovelace, Amanda
     POPULAR READING LOWELL                  2015
        Conquering chaos / by Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.
        Lowell, Catelynn,
     POPULAR READING LOWRY                   2016
        Who killed these girls? : cold case : the yogurt shop murders / Beverly
        Lowry, Beverly,
     POPULAR READING MACDONALD               2015
        Adult onset / Ann-Marie MacDonald.
        MacDonald, Ann-Marie, 1958-
     POPULAR READING MACDONALD               2003
        The way the crow flies : a novel / Ann-Marie MacDonald.
        MacDonald, Ann-Marie, 1958-
     POPULAR READING MAGARIEL                2017
        One of the boys : a novel / Daniel Magariel.
        Magariel, Daniel
     POPULAR READING MAHER                   2017
        Apollo in the Age of Aquarius / Neil M. Maher.
        Maher, Neil M., 1964-
     POPULAR READING MARI                    2016
        Ocean of storms / Christopher Mari, Jeremy K. Brown.
        Mari, Christopher
     POPULAR READING MARLANTES               2011
        What it is like to go to war / Karl Marlantes.
        Marlantes, Karl.
     POPULAR READING MARTIN                  2016
        A game of thrones / George R. R. Martin ; foreword by John Hodgman.
        Martin, George R. R.,
     POPULAR READING MARTIN                  2010
        The mountain between us / Charles Martin.
        Martin, Charles, 1969-
     POPULAR READING MASSIMINO               2016
        Spaceman : an astronaut's unlikely journey to unlock the secrets of the
        universe / Mike Massimino.
        Massimino, Mike, 1962-
     POPULAR READING MAXWELL                 2016
        The fairest of them all / Cathy Maxwell.
        Maxwell, Cathy,
     POPULAR READING MCDONALD                2017
        Luna : wolf moon / Ian McDonald.
        McDonald, Ian, 1960-
     POPULAR READING MCDONALD                2015
        Luna : new moon / Ian McDonald.
        McDonald, Ian, 1960-
     POPULAR READING MCPHERSON               2016
        The reek of red herrings / Catriona McPherson.
        McPherson, Catriona, 1965-
     POPULAR READING MELTON                  2016
        Love warrior / Glennon Doyle Melton.
        Melton, Glennon Doyle, 1976-
     POPULAR READING MEYER                   2016
        The chemist : a novel / Stephenie Meyer.
        Meyer, Stephenie, 1973-
     POPULAR READING MEYERS                  2016
        Man of peace : the illustrated life story of the Dalai Lama of Tibet / by
        William Meyers, Robert A.F. Thurman, and Michael G. Burbank.
        Meyers, William, 1942-
     POPULAR READING MIDDLETON               2016
        London belongs to me : a novel / Jacquelyn Middleton.
        Middleton, Jacquelyn,
     POPULAR READING MILLER                  2016
        The game changers : Abner Haynes, Leon King, and the fall of major college
        football's color barrier in Texas / Jeff Miller ; foreword by Joe Greene.
        Miller, Jeff, 1955-
     POPULAR READING MINIER                  2016
        Don't turn out the lights / Bernard Minier ; translated by Alison
        Minier, Bernard,
     POPULAR READING MIRACLEMAN              2014
        Miracleman, Book two, The red king syndrome / story, the Original Writer
        with Cat Yronwode ; art, Alan Davis, John Ridgway, Chuck Austen & Rick
        Veitch with Rick Bryant ; color art, Steve Oliff ; lettering, Joe
        Caramagna ; art restoration, Michael Kelleher & Kellustration ; Miracleman
        created by Mick Anglo.
        Original Writer, 1953-
     POPULAR READING MIRACLEMAN              2015
        Miracleman. Book three, Olympus / story, the Original Writer ; art, John
        Totleben ; color art, Steve Oliff ; lettering, Joe Caramagna ; art
        restoration, Michael Kelleher & Kellustration ; Miracleman created by 
        Original Writer, 1953-
     POPULAR READING MOODY                   2016
        Quick and the dead / Susan Moody.
        Moody, Susan,
     POPULAR READING MOORE                   2016
        Jerusalem : a novel / Alan Moore.
        Moore, Alan, 1953-
     POPULAR READING MOORE                   2014
        The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Volume III, Century / by Alan Moore
        ; artist, Kevin O'Neill.
        Moore, Alan, 1953-
     POPULAR READING MOORE                   2013
        The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the omnibus edition / Alan Moore,
        Kevin O'Neill.
        Moore, Alan, 1953-
     POPULAR READING MOORE                   2015
        Nemo : river of ghosts / Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill.
        Moore, Alan, 1953-
     POPULAR READING MOORE                   2013
        Nemo : heart of ice / [written by] Alan Moore ; [illustrated by] Kevin
        Moore, Alan, 1953-
     POPULAR READING MOORE                   2014
        Nemo : the roses of Berlin / Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill.
        Moore, Alan, 1953-
     POPULAR READING MORGAN                  2017
        The raven's table : Viking stories / Christine Morgan.
        Morgan, Christine,
     POPULAR READING MORIARTY                2013
        The husband's secret / Liane Moriarty.
        Moriarty, Liane.
     POPULAR READING MURATA                  2015
        One-Punch Man / story by One ; art by Yusuke Murata.
        ONE, 1986-
     POPULAR READING NEUMEIER                2016
        The mountain of kept memory / Rachel Neumeier.
        Neumeier, Rachel,
     POPULAR READING NORMAN                  2016
        Paul McCartney : the life / Philip Norman.
        Norman, Philip, 1943-
     POPULAR READING NORTH                   2016
        Romeo and/or Juliet : a chooseable-path adventure / by Ryan North and
        William Shakespeare.
        North, Ryan, 1980-
     POPULAR READING NOVIK                   2016
        League of dragons / Naomi Novik.
        Novik, Naomi,
     POPULAR READING O'FLAHERTY              2016
        The Calorium wars : an extravaganza of the Gilded Age / Dennis O'Flaherty
        O'Flaherty, Dennis,
     POPULAR READING OLDER                   2016
        Infomocracy / Malka Older.
        Older, Malka, 1977-
     POPULAR READING OLIVA                   2016
        The last one : a novel / Alexandra Oliva.
        Oliva, Alexandra,
     POPULAR READING O'LOUGHLIN              2017
        Minds of winter / Ed O'Loughlin.
        O'Loughlin, Ed,
     POPULAR READING O'MALLEY                2010
        Scott Pilgrim the complete series / [Bryan Lee O'Malley].
        O'Malley, Bryan Lee.
     POPULAR READING O'NEILL                 2016
        The dark side / Anthony O'Neill.
        O'Neill, Anthony, 1964-
     POPULAR READING PALAHNIUK               2016
        Fight Club 2 : the tranquility gambit / story by Chuck Palahniuk ; art by
        Cameron Stewart ; colors by Dave Stewart ; letters and logo by Nate Piekos
        of Blambot ; covers and chapter break art by David Mack.
        Palahniuk, Chuck
     POPULAR READING PATRICK                 2016
        The curious charms of Arthur Pepper / Phaedra Patrick.
        Patrick, Phaedra.
     POPULAR READING PEARLMAN                2016
        Gunslinger : the remarkable, improbable, iconic life of Brett Favre / Jeff
        Pearlman, Jeff
     POPULAR READING PENNELL                 2017
        The Young Wives Club : a novel / Julie Pennell.
        Pennell, Julie
     POPULAR READING PETRIE                  2017
        Burning bright / Nick Petrie.
        Petrie, Nicholas,
     POPULAR READING PRESTON                 2017
        The lost city of the Monkey God : a true story / Douglas Preston.
        Preston, Douglas J.,
     POPULAR READING PUTNAM                  2016
        These honored dead : a Lincoln and Speed mystery / Jonathan F. Putnam.
        Putnam, Jonathan F.,
     POPULAR READING QUIGLEY                 2016
        Murder, by George : a Veronica Walsh mystery / Jeanne Quigley.
        Quigley, Jeanne,
     POPULAR READING QUIRK                   2017
        Dead man switch / Matthew Quirk.
        Quirk, Matthew,
     POPULAR READING REMENDER                2016
        Black science. Volume one, The beginner's guide to entropy / Rick
        Remender, writer ;  Matteo Scalera, artist ; Dean White (#1-10), Michael
        Spicer (#11), Moreno Dinisio (#12-16), colors ; Rus Wooton, lettering +
        logo design ; Sebastian Girner, editor.
        Remender, Rick,
     POPULAR READING REMENDER                2016
        Deadly class. Book 1, Noise, noise, noise / Rick Remender, writer,
        co-creator ; Wes Craig, artist, co-creator ; Lee Loughridge (#1-14) &
        Jordan Boyd (#15-16), colorists ; Rus Wooton, letterer, logo design ;
        Sebastian Girner, editor.
        Remender, Rick,
     POPULAR READING REVIS                   2011
        Across the universe / Beth Revis.
        Revis, Beth.
     POPULAR READING REVIS                   2012
        A million suns / Beth Revis.
        Revis, Beth.
     POPULAR READING REYNOLDS                2017
        Revenger / Alastair Reynolds.
        Reynolds, Alastair, 1966-
     POPULAR READING RHIMES                  2015
        Year of yes / Shonda Rhimes.
        Rhimes, Shonda,
     POPULAR READING RICCA                   2017
        Mrs. Sherlock Holmes : the true story of New York's City's greatest female
        detective and the 1917 missing girl case that captivated a nation / Brad
        Ricca, Brad,
     POPULAR READING RICE                    2016
        Prince Lestat and the realms of Atlantis / Anne Rice.
        Rice, Anne, 1941-
     POPULAR READING RINDELL                 2016
        Three-martini lunch / Suzanne Rindell.
        Rindell, Suzanne,
     POPULAR READING RIORDAN                 2016
        The hammer of Thor / Rick Riordan.
        Riordan, Rick,
     POPULAR READING ROBERTSON               2016
        The Baker Street jurors / Michael Robertson.
        Robertson, Michael, 1951-
     POPULAR READING ROE                     2017
        A list of cages / Robin Roe.
        Roe, Robin,
     POPULAR READING RUDOLPH                 2016
        Noble chase : a novel / Michael Rudolph.
        Rudolph, Michael, 1937-
     POPULAR READING RYDALL                  2015
        Emergence : seven steps for radical life change / Derek Rydall.
        Rydall, Derek, 1968-
     POPULAR READING SAENZ                   2017
        The inexplicable logic of my life : a novel / by Benjamin Alire Saenz.
        Saenz, Benjamin Alire,
     POPULAR READING SALVATORE               2016
        Maestro / R.A. Salvatore.
        Salvatore, R. A., 1959-
     POPULAR READING SAPKOWSKI               2008
        The last wish : introducing The witcher / Andrzej Sapkowski.
        Sapkowski, Andrzej.
     POPULAR READING SAPKOWSKI               2009
        Blood of elves / Andrzej Sapkowski ; translated by Danusia Stok.
        Sapkowski, Andrzej.
     POPULAR READING SAPKOWSKI               2013
        The time of contempt / Andrzej Sapkowski ; translated by David French.
        Sapkowski, Andrzej.
     POPULAR READING SAPKOWSKI               2014
        Baptism of fire / Andrzej Sapkowski ; translated by David French.
        Sapkowski, Andrzej,
     POPULAR READING SAPKOWSKI               2016
        The tower of swallows / Andrzej Sapkowski ; translated by David French.
        Sapkowski, Andrzej,
     POPULAR READING SAPKOWSKI               2015
        Sword of destiny / Andrzej Sapkowski ; translated by David French.
        Sapkowski, Andrzej,
     POPULAR READING SAPKOWSKI               2017
        The lady of the lake / Andrzej Sapkowski ; translated by David French.
        Sapkowski, Andrzej,
     POPULAR READING SCHIFF                  2016
        The bed moved : stories / Rebecca Schiff.
        Schiff, Rebecca,
     POPULAR READING SCHUMER                 2016
        The girl with the lower back tattoo / Amy Schumer.
     POPULAR READING SCHUTT                  2016
        Hell's gate : a thriller / Bill Schutt & J.R. Finch.
        Schutt, Bill,
     POPULAR READING SHAN                    2000
        Cirque du freak / Darren Shan.
        Shan, Darren.
     POPULAR READING SHAN                    2000
        The vampire's assistant / Darren Shan.
        Shan, Darren.
     POPULAR READING SHAN                    2000
        Tunnels of blood / Darren Shan.
        Shan, Darren.
     POPULAR READING SHAN                    2009
        Vampire mountain / Darren Shan.
        Shan, Darren,
     POPULAR READING SHAN                    2009
        Trials of death / Darren Shan.
        Shan, Darren,
     POPULAR READING SHAN                    2009
        The vampire prince / Darren Shan.
        Shan, Darren,
     POPULAR READING SHAN                    2009
        Hunters of the dusk / Darren Shan.
        Shan, Darren,
     POPULAR READING SHAN                    2009
        Allies of the night / Darren Shan.
        Shan, Darren,
     POPULAR READING SHAN                    2009
        Killers of the dawn / Darren Shan.
        Shan, Darren,
     POPULAR READING SHAN                    2009
        The lake of souls / Darren Shan.
        Shan, Darren,
     POPULAR READING SHAN                    2009
        Lord of the shadows / Darren Shan.
        Shan, Darren,
     POPULAR READING SHAN                    2009
        Sons of destiny / Darren Shan.
        Shan, Darren,
     POPULAR READING SHARRATT                2016
        The dark lady's mask / Mary Sharratt.
        Sharratt, Mary, 1964-
     POPULAR READING SHEPARD                 2014
        Deadly / Sara Shepard.
        Shepard, Sara, 1977-
     POPULAR READING SHINN                   2016
        Unquiet land / Sharon Shinn.
        Shinn, Sharon,
     POPULAR READING SIMS                    2017
        Arthur and Sherlock : Conan Doyle and the creation of Holmes / Michael
        Sims, Michael, 1958-
     POPULAR READING SKOVRON                 2016
        Hope and Red / Jon Skovron.
        Skovron, Jon,
     POPULAR READING SKYE                    2016
        The Crown's Game / Evelyn Skye.
        Skye, Evelyn,
     POPULAR READING SLATER                  2016
        Wolf boys : two American teenagers and Mexico's most dangerous drug cartel
        / Dan Slater.
        Slater, Dan
     POPULAR READING SMITH                   2006
        A simple plan / a novel by Scott Smith.
        Smith, Scott, 1965 July 13-
     POPULAR READING SMITH                   2016
        Swing time / Zadie Smith.
        Smith, Zadie,
     POPULAR READING SPENCER                 2016
        Death in disguise : a Monika Paniatowski mystery / Sally Spencer.
        Spencer, Sally,
        Born to run / Bruce Springsteen.
        Springsteen, Bruce,
     POPULAR READING STEVENS                 2017
        Never let you go / Chevy Stevens.
        Stevens, Chevy,
     POPULAR READING STOK                    2014
        Vincent / by Barbara Stok ; translation by Laura Watkinson.
        Stok, Barbara, 1970-
     POPULAR READING STOLARZ                 2015
        Return to the Dark House / Laurie Faria Stolarz.
        Stolarz, Laurie Faria, 1972-
     POPULAR READING STOLARZ                 2014
        Welcome to the Dark House / Laurie Faria Stolarz.
        Stolarz, Laurie Faria, 1972-
     POPULAR READING STONE                   2016
        Rune of the apprentice / Jamison Stone.
        Stone, Jamison,
     POPULAR READING STRAUB                  2016
        Modern lovers / Emma Straub.
        Straub, Emma,
     POPULAR READING STROSS                  2017
        Empire games / Charles Stross.
        Stross, Charles
     POPULAR READING SUNSTEIN                2016
        The world according to Star Wars / Cass R. Sunstein.
        Sunstein, Cass R.,
     POPULAR READING SWADOS                  2016
        Walking the dog : a novel / Elizabeth Swados ; with an afterword by 
        Swados, Elizabeth,
     POPULAR READING SYERS                   2016
        Supernatural Texas : 50 chilling tales from the Lone Star State / William
        Edward Syers ; edited by Michael J. Wilson ; foreword by Sarah Syers
        Syers, William Edward, 1914-1987
     POPULAR READING TAKAYA                  2016
        Fruits basket / Natsuki Takaya ; translation: Sheldon Drzka ; lettering:
        Lys Blakeslee.
        Takaya, Natsuki, 1973-
     POPULAR READING TANABE                  2016
        The gilded years : a novel / Karin Tanabe.
        Tanabe, Karin,
     POPULAR READING TATUM                   2016
        Only the dead know Burbank : a novel / Bradford Tatum.
        Tatum, Bradford, 1965 March 29-
     POPULAR READING TAYLOR                  2016
        Just one damned thing after another / Jodi Taylor.
        Taylor, Jodi,
     POPULAR READING THOR                    2016
        Foreign agent : a thriller / by Brad Thor.
        Thor, Brad
     POPULAR READING TITLE                   2017
        The undateable / Sarah Title.
        Title, Sarah,
     POPULAR READING TOLKIEN                 2016
        The story of Kullervo / by J.R.R. Tolkien ; edited by Verlyn Flieger.
        Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973,
     POPULAR READING TUCKER                  2016
        The lion in the living room : how house cats tamed us and took over the
        world / Abigail Tucker.
        Tucker, Abigail,
     POPULAR READING TUOMALA                 2016
        Drakon : a novel / A. M. Tuomala.
        Tuomala, A. M.,
     POPULAR READING TYE                     2016
        Bobby Kennedy : the making of a liberal icon / Larry Tye.
        Tye, Larry,
     POPULAR READING TYSON                   2016
        A muddied murder / Wendy Tyson.
        Tyson, Wendy, 1969-
     POPULAR READING TYSON                   2017
        Bitter harvest / Wendy Tyson.
        Tyson, Wendy, 1969-
     POPULAR READING VANCE                   2016
        Hillbilly elegy : a memoir of a family and culture in crisis / J.D. Vance.
        Vance, J. D.,
     POPULAR READING VANDERMEER              2016
        The big book of science fiction : the ultimate collection / edited and
        with an introduction by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer.
        VanderMeer, Ann,
        VanderMeer, Jeff
     POPULAR READING VAUGHAN                 2014
        Saga. Book one / Brian K. Vaughan, writer ; Fiona Staples, artist ;
        Fonografiks, lettering design ; Eric Stephenson, coordinator.
        Vaughan, Brian K.,
     POPULAR READING VAUGHN                  2017
        Martians abroad / Carrie Vaughn.
        Vaughn, Carrie,
     POPULAR READING VEA                     2016
        The Mexican flyboy / Alfredo Vea.
        Vea, Alfredo, 1952-
     POPULAR READING VOGAN                   2015
        ESPN : the making of a sports media empire / Travis Vogan.
        Vogan, Travis.
     POPULAR READING VYLETA                  2016
        Smoke : a novel / Dan Vyleta.
        Vyleta, Dan,
     POPULAR READING WAGERS                  2016
        Behind the throne / K.B. Wagers.
        Wagers, K. B.,
     POPULAR READING WAGERS                  2016
        After the crown / K.B. Wagers.
        Wagers, K. B.,
     POPULAR READING WEBBER                  2016
        The intelligent conversationalist : 31 cheat sheets that will show you how
        to talk to anyone about anything, anytime / Imogen Lloyd Webber.
        Lloyd Webber, Imogen,
     POPULAR READING WELLS                   2016
        The edge of worlds / Martha Wells.
        Wells, Martha,
     POPULAR READING WELLS                   2012
        The serpent sea / Martha Wells.
        Wells, Martha.
     POPULAR READING WELLS                   2012
        The siren depths / Martha Wells.
        Wells, Martha.
     POPULAR READING WELLS                   2014
        Stories of the Raksura. Volume 1, The falling world & the tale of Indigo
        and Cloud / Martha Wells.
        Wells, Martha.
     POPULAR READING WELLS                   2015
        Stories of the Raksura. Volume two, The dead city & the dark Earth below /
        Martha Wells.
        Wells, Martha,
     POPULAR READING WELLS                   2011
        The cloud roads / Martha Wells.
        Wells, Martha.
     POPULAR READING WENDIG                  2016
        Star wars, aftermath : life debt / Chuck Wendig.
        Wendig, Chuck
     POPULAR READING WENDIG                  2017
        Star wars : empire's end / Chuck Wendig.
        Wendig, Chuck
     POPULAR READING WESTERFELD              2007
        Extras / Scott Westerfeld.
        Westerfeld, Scott
     POPULAR READING WESTMORE                2017
        Makeup man : from Rocky to Star trek : the amazing creations of
        Hollywood's Michael Westmore / Michael Westmore with Jake Page.
        Westmore, Michael G.,
    POPULAR READING WHITE                   2016
        Heartstone / Elle Katharine White.
        White, Elle Katharine, 1991-
     POPULAR READING WHITEHEAD               2016
        The underground railroad : a novel / Colson Whitehead.
        Whitehead, Colson, 1969-
     POPULAR READING WILLIAMS                2016
        The perfect find / Tia Williams.
        Williams, Tia, 1975-
     POPULAR READING WILLIAMS                2016
        Ninety-nine stories of God / by Joy Williams.
        Williams, Joy, 1944-
     POPULAR READING WILLIAMSON              2016
        The art of being normal / Lisa Williamson.
        Williamson, Lisa, 1980-
     POPULAR READING WONG                    2013
        John dies at the end / David Wong.
        Wong, David, 1975 January 10-
     POPULAR READING YANCEY                  2016
        The last star / Rick Yancey.
        Yancey, Richard,
     POPULAR READING YANG                    2014
        The shadow hero / story by Gene Luen Yang ; art by Sonny Liew ; lettering
        by Janice Chiang.
        Yang, Gene Luen,
     POPULAR READING YOON                    2015
        Everything, everything / Nicola Yoon ; illustrations by David Yoon.
        Yoon, Nicola
     POPULAR READING YOUNG                   2007
        The shack : a novel / by Wm. Paul Young ; in collaboration with Wayne
        Jacobsen and Brad Cummings.
        Young, William P.
  • White Library Reference Books

     REF AG5 .K315 2015                       2015
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  • White Library Audio/Visuals

     CD AUDIO CD 1695                         0199
        NCRA actual speed contests 1995/1996 / National Court Reporters
        National Court Reporters Association.
     CD AUDIO CD 1696                         0200
        NCRA actual speed contests 1999/2000 / National Court Reporters
        National Court Reporters Association.
     CD AUDIO CD 1697                         0200
        NCRA actual speed contests 2001/2002 / National Court Reporters
        National Court Reporters Association.
     CD AUDIO CD 1698                         0200
        Reporter Series : Testimony 1 / National Court Reporters Association.
        National Court Reporters Association.
     CD AUDIO CD 1699                         0020
        Examination : RPR 2009 / National Court Reporters Association.
        National Court Reporters Association.
     CD AUDIO CD 1700                         0200
        Examination : RMR 2005 / National Court Reporters Association.
        National Court Reporters Association.
     CD AUDIO CD 1701                         0200
        Examination : RMR 2006 / National Court Reporters Association.
        National Court Reporters Association.
     CD AUDIO CD 1702                         0020
        Dictation series 2 : Jury charge 180 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1703                         0020
        Dictation series 2 : Jury charge 200 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1704                         0020
        Dictation series 2 : Jury charge 220 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1705                         0020
        Dictation series 2 : Jury charge 240 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1706                         0020
        Dictation : Jury charge drill 140-200 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1707                         0020
        Dictation : Jury charge drill 160-220 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1708                         0020
        Dictation series 3 : Jury charge 240 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1709                         0020
        Dictation : Legal opinion 230 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1710                         0020
        Dictation series 1 : Testimony 260 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1711                         0020
        Dictation series 1 : Testimony 280 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1712                         0020
        Dictation series 2 : Testimony 200 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1713                         0020
        Dictation series 2 : Testimony 225 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1714                         0020
        Dictation series 2 : Testimony 240 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1715                         0020
        Dictation series 2 : Testimony 260 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1716                         0020
        Dictation series 2 : Testimony 280 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1717                         0020
        Dictation : Testimony drill 120-180 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1718                         0020
        Dictation series 2 : Literary 160 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1719                         0020
        Dictation series 2 : Literary 180 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1720                         0020
        Dictation series 2 : Literary 200 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1721                         0020
        Dictation series 2 : Literary 220 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1722                         0020
        Dictation : Literary drill 140-200 wpm.
     CD AUDIO CD 1723                         2017
        2017 Grammy nominees.
        Beyonce, 1981-
        White, Jack, 1975-
        Sia (Singer),
        Paul, Sean,
        Drake, 1986-
        Adele, 1988-
        Bieber, Justin, 1994-
        Halsey, 1994-
        Ballerini, Kelsea, 1993-
        Morris, Maren,
        Simpson, Sturgill, 1978-
        Anderson .Paak, 1986-
        Schoolboy Q, 1986-
        Lovato, Demi, 1992-
        Grande, Ariana,
        Clarkson, Kelly, 1982-
        Underwood, Carrie, 1983-
        Urban, Keith, 1967-
        Clark, Brandy (Musician),
        Rhett, Thomas, 1990-
        Lambert, Miranda, 1983-
        McGraw, Tim,
     CD AUDIO CD 1724 DISC 1-8                2016
        Anatomy of a song : the oral history of 45 iconic hits that changed rock,
        R & B and pop / Marc Myers.
        Myers, Marc, 1956-
     DVDROM 46                                2015
        Hands-on game development with Unity V5 : learn to build cross-device
        games using the Unity game engine / with Robert Wiebe.
        Wiebe, Robert,
     DVDROM 47                                2015
        Learning Autodesk Maya 2016 / Todd Palamar.
        Palamar, Todd,
     DVDROM 48                                2014
        Learning Autodesk 3DS Max 2015 / Brian Mennenoh.
        Mennenoh, Brian,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2690 DISC 1-4             2006
        The six wives of Henry VIII [videorecording] / British Broadcasting
        Company ; produced by Ronald Travers and Mark Shivas.
        Glenister, John.
        Capon, Naomi.
        Caleb, Ruth.
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        Crosbie, Annette, 1934-
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     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 136                    2007
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        Blinn, William.
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     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 137                    2016
        In the heart of the sea / Warner Bros. Pictures presents ; in association
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        co-production ; a Roth Films/Spring Creek/Imagine Entertainment production
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        Mantle, Anthony Dod, 1955-
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Philbrick, Nathaniel. Revenge of the
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 138                    2006
        Tears of the sun / produced by Michael Lobell [and others] ; written by
        Alex Lasker, Patrick Cirillo ; directed by Antoine Fuqua.
        Fuqua, Antoine.
        Willis, Bruce, 1955-
        Bellucci, Monica, 1968-
        Hauser, Cole, 1975-
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 139                    2013
        Reluctant fundamentalist (Motion picture)
        Ahmed, Riz, 1982-
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     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 140                    2012
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        Goddard, Drew, 1975-
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        Hemsworth, Chris.
        Connolly, Kristen, 1980-
        Hutchison, Anna, 1986-
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 141                    2014
        Lee Daniels' the butler / Weinstein Company presents a Laura Ziskin
        production in association with Windy Hill Pictures, Follow Through
        Productions, Salamander Pictures and Pam Williams Productions ; produced
        by Pamela Oas Williams, Laura Ziskin, Lee Daniels, Buddy Patrick, Cassian
        Elwes ; written by Danny Strong ; directed by Lee Daniels.
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        Williams, Robin, 1951-2014.
        Dunn, Andrew (Andrew William)
        Leao, Rodrigo.
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Haygood, Wil. Butler well served by
        this election.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 142                    2016
        Hell or high water (Motion picture : 2016 : Mackenzie)
        Mackenzie, David, 1966-
        Kimmel, Sidney,
        Berg, Peter, 1964-
        Hacken, Carla,
        Yorn, Julie, 1969-
        Sheridan, Taylor,
        Bridges, Jeff, 1949-
        Pine, Chris, 1980-
        Foster, Ben, 1980-
        Birmingham, Gil,
        Ireland, Marin,
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        Sterchi, William,
        Berg, Kristin,
        Mixon, Katy, 1981-
        Cave, Nick, 1957-
        Ellis, Warren, 1965-
        Roberts, Jake, 1977-
        Nuttgens, Giles,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 143                    2013
        Who framed Roger Rabbit? (Motion picture)
        Zemeckis, Robert, 1952-
        Price, Jeffrey.
        Seaman, Peter S.
        Marshall, Frank.
        Watts, Robert, 1938-
        Hoskins, Bob.
        Lloyd, Christopher, 1938-
        Cassidy, Joanna, 1945-
        Fleischer, Charles.
        Kaye, Stubby.
        Turner, Kathleen, 1954-
        Schmidt, Arthur, 1937-
        Silvestri, Alan
        Wolf, Gary K. Who censored Roger Rabbit?
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 144                    2008
        Beetle Juice (Motion picture)
        McDowell, Michael, 1950-1999.
        Skaaren, Warren, 1946-1990.
        Bender, Michael, 1946-1997.
        Wilson, Larry.
        Hashimoto, Richard.
        Burton, Tim, 1958-
        Baldwin, Alec, 1958-
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     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 145                    2016
        Birds (Motion picture)
        Hunter, Evan, 1926-2005
        Hitchcock, Alfred, 1899-1980
        Taylor, Rod, 1930-2015
        Tandy, Jessica,
        Pleshette, Suzanne, 1937-2008,
        Hedren, Tippi,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Du Maurier, Daphne, 1907-1989. Birds.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 146                    2013
        Funny girl (Motion picture)
        Wyler, William, 1902-1981.
        Lennart, Isobel.
        Styne, Jule, 1905-1994.
        Merrill, Bob.
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        Streisand, Barbra.
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        Medford, Kay.
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        Francis, Anne, 1930-2011.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 147                    2014
        Point blank.
        Marvin, Lee
        Dickinson, Angie,
        O'Connor, Carroll,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 148 DISC 1-2           2016
        Eight days a week : the touring years / Apple Corps Limited presents ; a
        White House Pictures, Imagine Entertainment production ; in association
        with Diamond Docs ; a Ron Howard film ; directed by Ron Howard ; produced
        by Nigel Sinclair, Scott Pascucci, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard ; written by
        Mark Monroe.
        Howard, Ron, 1954-
        Sinclair, Nigel,
        Pascucci, Scott,
        Grazer, Brian, 1953-
        Monroe, Mark,
        McCartney, Paul,
        Starr, Ringo,
        Lennon, John, 1940-1980
        Harrison, George, 1943-2001,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 149                    2017
        Hacksaw Ridge / Summit Entertainment and Cross Creek Pictures present ; in
        association with Demarest Media [and five others] ; a Pandemonium Films /
        Permut Presentations production ; a Mel Gibson film ; directed by Mel
        Gibson ; screenplay by Robert Schenkkan and Andrew Knight ; produced by
        Bill Mechanic, David Permut [and five others].
        Gibson, Mel,
        Schenkkan, Robert, 1953-
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        Gilbert, John (Editor),
        Gregson-Williams, Rupert,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 150 DISC 1-2           2016
        13 hours : the secret soldiers of Benghazi / Paramount Pictures presents ;
        a 3 Arts Entertainment/Bay Films production ; produced by Erwin Stoff,
        Michael Bay ; screenplay by Chuck Hogan ; directed by Michael Bay.
        Stoff, Erwin
        Bay, Michael, 1964-
        Hogan, Chuck
        Dale, James Badge, 1978-
        Krasinski, John, 1979-
        Martini, Max, 1969-
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        Scalia, Pietro, 1960-
        McCusker, Michael,
        Wimmer, Calvin,
        Beecroft, Jeffrey,
        Beebe, Dion,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Zuckoff, Mitchell. 13 hours.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 151                    2017
        Moonlight / an A24 and Plan B Entertainment presentation ; a Plan B
        Entertainment/Pastel production ; directed by Barry Jenkins ; screenplay
        by Barry Jenkins ; story by Tarell Alvin McCraney ; produced by Adele
        Romanski ; produced by Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner.
        Jenkins, Barry, 1979-
        McCraney, Tarell Alvin,
        Romanski, Adele,
        Gardner, Dede,
        Kleiner, Jeremy,
        Rhodes, Trevante, 1990-
        Holland, Andre,
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        Sanders, Ashton, 1995-
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        Harris, Naomie, 1976-
        Ali, Mahershala, 1974-
        Britell, Nicholas, 1980-
        Laxton, James,
        Sanders, Nat,
        McMillon, Joi,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work) : McCraney, Tarell Alvin. In moonlight
        black boys look blue.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 152                    2016
        Of mind and music / Monterey Media presents a South Rampart Production ;
        produced by Richie Adams [and three others] ; written by Richie Adams and
        Nicolas Bazan ; directed by Richie Adams.
        Adams, Richie,
        Bazan, Nicholas,
        Almeida, Joaquim de, 1957-
        Cobbs, Bill,
        Negga, Ruth, 1982-
        Royo, Andre,
        Lawrence, Sharon, 1961-
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 153                    2017
        Arrival / Paramount Pictures presents ; in association with Filmnation
        Entertainment and Lava Bear Films ; a 21 Laps Entertainment production ; a
        Denis Villeneuve film ; produced by Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, Aaron Ryder,
        David Linde ; screenplay by Eric Heisserer ; directed by Denis Villeneuve
        Villeneuve, Denis, 1967-
        Heisserer, Eric,
        Levy, Shawn, 1968-
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        Adams, Amy,
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        Whitaker, Forest,
        Stuhlbarg, Michael
        Ma, Tzi,
        Young, Bradford,
        Walker, Joe, 1963 October 2-
        Johann Johannsson, 1969-2018
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Chiang, Ted. Story of your life.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 154                    2008
        Thing (Motion picture : 1982)
        Foster, David, 1929-
        Turman, Lawrence,
        Lancaster, Bill, 1947-1997,
        Carpenter, John, 1948-
        Russell, Kurt,
        Brimley, Wilford, 1935-
        Carter, T. K., 1956-
        Clennon, David,
        David, Keith,
        Dysart, Richard,
        Cundey, Dean, 1945-
        Morricone, Ennio,
        Campbell, John W., Jr. (John Wood), 1910-1971. Who goes there?
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 155 DISC 1-3           2016
        Soundbreaking : stories from the cutting edge of recorded music / Higher
        Ground in association with Sir George Martin present ; a Show of Force
        production ; producers, Joshua Bennett, Julia Marchesi, Sally Rosenthal,
        Amy Schewel, Warren Zanes ; series produced and directed by Jeff Dupre,
        Maro Chermayeff.
        Martin, George, 1926-2016
        Bennett, Joshua (Producer),
        Marchesi, Julia,
        Rosenthal, Sally,
        Schewel, Amy,
        Zanes, Warren,
        Dupre, Jeff,
        Chermayeff, Maro,
        Mulroney, Dermot,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 156                    2016
        Jungle book (Motion picture : 2016)
        Favreau, Jon,
        Sethi, Neel,
        Murray, Bill, 1950 September 21-
        Kingsley, Ben, 1943-
        Debney, John,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936. Jungle
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 157                    2017
        Manchester by the Sea (Motion picture)
        Steward, Kimberly,
        Mol, Gretchen,
        Hedges, Lucas, 1996-
        Lonergan, Kenneth,
        Damon, Matt
        Affleck, Casey, 1975-
        Williams, Michelle, 1980-
        Chandler, Kyle
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 158                    2017
        Jackie / Fox Searchlight Pictures and LD Entertainment present ; in
        association with Wild Bunch, Fabula, Why Not Productions, Bliss Media,
        Endemol Shine Studios ; a Protozoa production ; produced by Juan Dios
        Larrain, Darren Aronofsky, Mickey Liddell, Scott Franklin, Ari Handel ;
        written by Noah Oppenheim ; directed by Pablo Larrain.
        Larrain, Juan de Dios,
        Aronofsky, Darren,
        Liddell, Mickey
        Franklin, Scott,
        Handel, Ari,
        Oppenheim, Noah D.,
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        Portman, Natalie, 1981-
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        Hurt, John, 1940-2017,
        Fontaine, Madeline,
        Levi, Mica, 1987-
        Sepulveda, Sebastian, 1972-
        Rabasse, Jean,
        Fontaine, Stephane,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 159                    2017
        Tower / director, Keith Maitland.
        Maitland, Keith,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 160                    2017
        Fences / Paramount Pictures presents in association with Bron Creative in
        association with Macro Media ; screenplay by August Wilson ; produced by
        Scott Rudin, Denzel Washington, Todd Black ; directed by Denzel
        Rudin, Scott, 1958-
        Black, Todd,
        Washington, Denzel, 1954-
        Wilson, August
        Davis, Viola, 1965-
        Henderson, Stephen, 1949-
        Adepo, Jovan, 1988-
        Hornsby, Russell,
        Williamson, Mykelti,
        Sidney, Saniyya,
        Zarvos, Marcelo,
        Winborne, Hughes,
        Christensen, Charlotte Bruus,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work) : Wilson, August. Fences.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2752                      2017
        Hidden figures / Fox 2000 Pictures presents a Chernin Entertainment,
        Levantine Films production ; produced by, Donna Gigliotti, Peter Chernin,
        Jenno Topping, Pharrell Williams, Theodore Melfi ; screenplay by Allison
        Schroeder and Theodore Melfi ; directed by Theodore Melfi.
        Melfi, Theodore,
        Schroeder, Allison,
        Gigliotti, Donna,
        Chernin, Peter, 1951-
        Topping, Jenno
        Williams, Pharrell
        Henson, Taraji P.,
        Spencer, Octavia,
        Monae, Janelle,
        Costner, Kevin,
        Dunst, Kirsten, 1982-
        Parsons, Jim, 1973-
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Lee Shetterly, Margot. Hidden
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 162                    2017
        La La land / written and directed by Damien Chazelle ; produced by Fred
        Berger ; produced by Jordan Horowitz, Gary Gilbert ; produced by Marc
        Platt ; Summit Entertainment presents ; in association with Black Label
        Media ; in association with TIK Films (Hong Kong) Limited ; an Imposter
        Pictures/Gilbert Films production ; a Marc Platt production.
        Chazelle, Damien, 1985-
        Berger, Fred, 1981-
        Horowitz, Jordan, 1980-
        Gilbert, Gary,
        Platt, Marc, 1957-
        Gosling, Ryan, 1980-
        Stone, Emma, 1988-
        Legend, John,
        DeWitt, Rosemarie,
        Wittrock, Finn, 1984-
        Hernandez, Callie,
        Mizuno, Sonoya,
        Rothe, Jessica,
        Scott, Tom Everett, 1970-
        Pence, Josh, 1982-
        Sandgren, Linus,
        Wasco, David,
        Cross, Tom (Film editor),
        Zophres, Mary,
        Hurwitz, Justin
        Pasek, Benj,
        Paul, Justin, 1985-
        Moore, Mandy, 1984-
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 163                    2016
        Macbeth (Motion picture : 2015)
        Canning, Iain,
        Sherman, Emile,
        Hastings-Smith, Laura,
        Louiso, Todd,
        Koskoff, Jacob,
        Lesslie, Michael,
        Kurzel, Justin,
        Fassbender, Michael, 1977-
        Cotillard, Marion, 1975-
        Considine, Paddy,
        Harris, Sean, 1966-
        Madigan, Jack,
        Reynor, Jack, 1992-
        Debicki, Elizabeth,
        Thewlis, David, 1963-
        Kurzel, Jed,
        Arkapaw, Adam,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work) Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 164                    2017
        Lion / The Weinstein Company presents ; in association with Screen
        Australia ; a See-Saw Films production ; in association with Aquarius
        Films and Sunstar Entertainment ; produced by Emile Sherman, Iain Canning,
        Angie Fielder ; screenplay by Luke Davies ; directed by Garth Davis.
        Davis, Garth (Director),
        Davies, Luke, 1962-
        Sherman, Emile,
        Canning, Iain,
        Fielder, Angie,
        Patel, Dev, 1990-
        Pawar, Sunny,
        Wenham, David, 1965-
        Kidman, Nicole, 1967-
        Mara, Rooney
        Bharate, Abhishek,
        Ladwa, Divian,
        Bose, Priyanka,
        Dipti Navala,
        Chatterjee, Tannishtha,
        Siddiqui, Nawazuddin,
        O'Halloran, Dustin, 1971-
        Hauschka (Musician),
        De Franceschi, Alexandre,
        Fraser, Greig, 1975-
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Brierley, Saroo. Long way home.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 165                    2016
        Snowden / Open Road Films and Endgame presents ; in association with Wild
        Bunch and TG Media ; a Borman/Kopeloff production ; produced by Moritz
        Borman, Fernando Sulichin, Philip Schulz-Deyle, and Eric Kopeloff ;
        screenplay by Kieran Fitzgerald & Oliver Stone ; directed by Oliver Stone.
        Borman, Moritz,
        Sulichin, Fernando,
        Schulz-Deyle, Philip, 1972-
        Kopeloff, Eric,
        Fitzgerald, Kieran,
        Stone, Oliver
        Gordon-Levitt, Joseph, 1981-
        Woodley, Shailene,
        Leo, Melissa,
        Quinto, Zachary,
        Wilkinson, Tom, 1948-
        Eastwood, Scott, 1986-
        Marshall-Green, Logan, 1976-
        Schnetzer, Ben, 1990-
        Stanfield, Keith, 1991-
        Ifans, Rhys, 1968-
        Cage, Nicolas, 1965-
        Armstrong, Craig, 1959-
        Daigeler, Bina,
        Marquez, Alex (Film editor),
        Percy, Lee,
        Tildesley, Mark,
        Mantle, Anthony Dod, 1955-
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Kucherena, Anatoly. Time of the
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Harding, Luke, 1968- Snowden files.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 166                    2016
        Eye in the sky (Motion picture : 2015)
        Hood, Gavin,
        Hibbert, Guy,
        Doherty, Ged, 1958-
        Firth, Colin, 1960-
        Lancaster, David,
        Mirren, Helen,
        Paul, Aaron, 1979-
        Rickman, Alan,
        Abdi, Barkhad,
        Northam, Jeremy, 1961-
        Fox, Phoebe, 1987-
        Haggio, Armaan,
        Takow, Aisha,
        Glen, Iain, 1961-
        Zambarloukos, Haris, 1970-
        Gill, Megan,
        Hepker, Paul, 1967-
        Kilian, Mark,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2192                      2004
        Fashion through the ages [videorecording] : the history of costume /
        producer, George H. Russell ; author, Shirley Dye.
        Russell, George H. (George Haw)
        Dye, Shirley Ann.
        Soare, Thomas F. (Thomas Fulton), 1936-
        Roth, Jude Lee.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2688                      2016
        Concussion / Columbia Pictures presents, in association with LStar
        Capital, in association with Village Roadshow Pictures, a Scott Free, the
        Shuman Company, Cara Films, Cantillon Company production ; produced by
        Ridley Scott, Giannina Scott, David Wolthoff, Larry Shuman, Elizabeth
        Cantillon ; written and directed by Peter Landesman.
        Landesman, Peter, 1965-
        Scott, Ridley,
        Scott, Giannina, 1955-
        Wolthoff, David,
        Shuman, Larry (Producer),
        Cantillon, Elizabeth,
        Howard, James Newton,
        Goldenberg, William,
        Totino, Salvatore,
        Smith, Will, 1968-
        Baldwin, Alec, 1958-
        Brooks, Albert, 1947-
        Mbatha-Raw, Gugu, 1983-
        Morse, David, 1953-
        Howard, Arliss,
        Reiser, Paul,
        Wilson, Luke, 1971-
        Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Adewale, 1967-
        O'Malley, Mike, 1966-
        Moyer, Stephen,
        Caldwell, L. Scott,
        Harper, Hill, 1966-
        Jones, Richard T., 1972-
        Marsan, Eddie,
        Tulloch, Bitsie, 1981-
        Willig, Matthew, 1969-
        Ziskie, Daniel,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Laskas, Jeanne Marie, 1958- Game
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2696                      2015
        I am Chris Farley / Network Entertainment and Spike TV present ; a Derik
        Murray production ;  directed by Brent Hodge and Derik Murray ; produced
        by Derik Murray ; written by Steve Burgess.
        Hodge, Brent, 1985-
        Murray, Derek A., 1956-
        Burgess, Steve, 1958-
        Spade, David,
        Sandler, Adam,
        Myers, Mike, 1963-
        Applegate, Christina, 1971-
        Arnold, Tom,
        Aykroyd, Dan,
        Derek, Bo,
        Lovitz, Jon,
        Michaels, Lorne, 1944-
        Mohr, Jay,
        Odenkirk, Bob, 1962-
        Saget, Bob,
        Sasso, Will, 1975-
        Shannon, Molly, 1964-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2697                      2016
        Experimenter : the Stanley Milgram story / written, produced, and directed
        by Michael Almereyda ; produced by Uri Singer, Fabio Golombeck, Aimee
        Schoof, Isen Robbins, Danny A. Abeckaser, Per Melita ; a BB Films
        production ; an Intrinsic Value production ; a FJ production ; in
        association with Jeff Rice Films, 2B Productions ; in association with
        Marzipan Productions, Ltd.
        Almereyda, Michael,
        Singer, Uri,
        Golombeck, Fabio,
        Schoof, Aimee,
        Robbins, Isen,
        Abeckaser, Danny A.,
        Melita, Per,
        Sarsgaard, Peter,
        Ryder, Winona, 1971-
        Gaffigan, Jim,
        Ballerini, Edoardo,
        Manning, Taryn,
        Leguizamo, John,
        Lutz, Kellan, 1985-
        Singer, Lori, 1957-
        Haysbert, Dennis,
        Samul, Ryan,
        Schubert, Kathryn J.,
        Senti, Bryan, 1983-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2698 DISC 1-2             2014
        America by the numbers / with Maria Hinojosa ; series producer, Charlotte
        Mangin ; produced by the Futuro Media Group in association with WGBH for
        Hinojosa, Maria,
        Mangin, Charlotte,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2699                      2016
        Revenant (Motion picture : 2015)
        Gonzalez Inarritu, Alejandro,
        Smith, Mark L.,
        Milchan, Arnon,
        Golin, Steve,
        Parent, Mary,
        Redmon, Keith,
        Skotchdopole, James W.,
        Fisk, Jack, 1934-
        DiCaprio, Leonardo
        Hardy, Tom, 1977-
        Gleeson, Domhnall, 1983-
        Poulter, Will,
        Goodluck, Forrest, 1998-
        Howard, Duane, 1963-
        Redcloud, Arthur,
        Nakehk'o, Melaw,
        Dove, Grace,
        Haas, Lukas, 1976-
        Lubezki, Emmanuel,
        Mirrione, Stephen, 1969-
        West, Jacqueline,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Punke, Michael. Revenant.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2700 DISC 1-2             2010
        A star is born [videorecording] = Une etoile est nee / Warner Bros.
        Pictures presents ; screenplay by Moss Hart ; produced by Sidney Luft ;
        directed by George Cukor.
        Hart, Moss, 1904-1961.
        Luft, Sid.
        Cukor, George, 1899-1983.
        Garland, Judy.
        Mason, James, 1909-1984.
        Carson, Jack, 1910-1963.
        Bickford, Charles, 1891-1967.
        Noonan, Tom.
        Arlen, Harold, 1905-1986.
        Gershwin, Ira, 1896-1983.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 137                    2016
        In the heart of the sea / Warner Bros. Pictures presents ; in association
        with Village Roadshows Pictures ; a Cott Productions-Enelmar, A.L.E.
        co-production ; a Roth Films/Spring Creek/Imagine Entertainment production
        ; in association with Kia Jam ; a Ron Howard film ; screenplay by Charles
        Leavitt ; produced by Joe Roth, Paula Weinstein, Will Ward, Brian Grazer,
        Ron Howard ; directed by Ron Howard.
        Leavitt, Charles,
        Roth, Joe, 1948-
        Weinstein, Paula,
        Ward, Will,
        Grazer, Brian, 1953-
        Howard, Ron, 1954-
        Hemsworth, Chris,
        Walker, Benjamin, 1982-
        Holland, Tom, 1996-
        Murphy, Cillian, 1976-
        Whishaw, Ben, 1980-
        Gleeson, Brendan
        Banos, Roque,
        Hill, Mike (Michael J.),
        Hanley, Dan, 1955-
        Tildesley, Mark,
        Mantle, Anthony Dod, 1955-
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Philbrick, Nathaniel. Revenge of the
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2703                      2013
        Stolen education / Aleman/Luna Productions ; executive producer, Enrique
        Aleman, Jr. ; producers, Enrique Aleman, Jr., Rudy Luna ; director, Rudy
        Luna ; writers, Enrique Aleman, Jr., Rudy Luna.
        Aleman, Enrique, Jr., 1971-
        Luna, Rudy,
        Aleman, Henry.
        Mendoza, Sylvia.
        Molina, Melody,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2704                      2011
        The Black power mixtape 1967-1975 : a documentary in 9 chapters / Sundance
        Selects ; written and directed by Goran Hugo Olsson ; produced by Annika
        Rogell/Story AB ; co-produced by Joslyn Barnes, Danny Glover/Louverture
        Films, Axel Arno/Sveriges Television.
        Olsson, Goran Hugo,
        Rogell, Annika,
        Barnes, Joslyn,
        Glover, Danny,
        Arno, Axel,
        Keith, Om'Mas,
        Kweli, Talib,
        Badu, Erykah,
        Oyewole, Abiodun
        Forte (Musician),
        Kelley, Robin D. G.
        Carmichael, Stokely, 1941-1998,
        Seale, Bobby, 1936-
        Davis, Angela Y. (Angela Yvonne), 1944-
        Chisholm, Shirley, 1924-2005,
        Farrakhan, Louis,
        Cleaver, Eldridge, 1935-1998
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 141                    2014
        Lee Daniels' the butler / Weinstein Company presents a Laura Ziskin
        production in association with Windy Hill Pictures, Follow Through
        Productions, Salamander Pictures and Pam Williams Productions ; produced
        by Pamela Oas Williams, Laura Ziskin, Lee Daniels, Buddy Patrick, Cassian
        Elwes ; written by Danny Strong ; directed by Lee Daniels.
        Williams, Pamela Oas.
        Ziskin, Laura.
        Daniels, Lee, 1959-
        Patrick, Buddy.
        Elwes, Cassian, 1959-
        Strong, Danny, 1974-
        Whitaker, Forest.
        Winfrey, Oprah.
        Cusack, John, 1966-
        Carey, Mariah.
        Fonda, Jane, 1937-
        Gooding, Cuba, Jr., 1968-
        Howard, Terrence.
        Kravitz, Lenny.
        Marsden, James, 1973-
        Oyelowo, David.
        Rickman, Alan.
        Schreiber, Liev.
        Williams, Robin, 1951-2014.
        Dunn, Andrew (Andrew William)
        Leao, Rodrigo.
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Haygood, Wil. Butler well served by
        this election.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2706                      2016
        The little Prince / produced by Aton Soumache, Dimitri Rassam, Alexis
        Vonarb ; original screenplay by Irena Brignull & Bob Persichetti ;
        director, Mark Osborne.
        Osborne, Mark, 1970-
        Brignull, Irena
        Persichetti, Bob,
        Soumache, Aton,
        Rassam, Dimitri,
        Vonarb, Alexis,
        Bridges, Jeff, 1949-
        McAdams, Rachel, 1978-
        Rudd, Paul,
        Cort, Bud, 1948-
        Cotillard, Marion, 1975-
        Franco, James, 1978-
        Toro, Benicio del, 1967-
        Gervais, Ricky,
        Giamatti, Paul,
        Osborne, Riley (Voice actor),
        Brooks, Albert, 1947-
        Foy, Mackenzie, 2000-
        Zimmer, Hans,
        Harvey, Richard, 1953-
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Saint-Exupery, Antoine de,
        1900-1944. Petit prince.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2707                      2012
        Whistleblower (Motion picture : 2010 : Kondracki)
        Kondracki, Larysa.
        Piovesan, Christina.
        Rattray, Celine, 1975-
        Kirwan, Eilis.
        Weisz, Rachel, 1970-
        Strathairn, David.
        Kaas, Nikolaj Lie, 1973-
        Anissimova, Anna.
        Condurache, Roxana.
        Redgrave, Vanessa, 1937-
        Bellucci, Monica, 1968-
        Danna, Mychael.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2708                      2004
        The Burning Bed / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ; produced by Carol Schreder ;
        teleplay by Rose Leiman Goldemberg ; directed by Robert Greenwald.
        Schreder, Carol.
        Greenwald, Robert.
        Goldemberg, Rose Leiman.
        Fawcett, Farrah, 1947-2009.
        Le Mat, Paul.
        Masur, Richard.
        Zabriskie, Grace.
        Milford, Penelope.
        Grubbs, Gary, 1949-
        McNulty, Faith.
        Gross, Charles, 1934-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2709                      2005
        Pocahontas : ambassador of the new world / a Perpetual Motion Films
        production ; a presentation of Non Fiction Films Inc. in association with
        A & E Network ; producer/directors, Monte Markham, Adam Friedman ;
        writers, Stephen Bankler-Jukes, Lee Fulkerson.
        Markham, Monte.
        Friedman, Adam.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2710                      2016
        Requiem for the American dream / a film by Peter Hutchison, Kelly Nyks,
        Jared P. Scott ; a PF Pictures production in association with Naked City
        Films ; produced & directed by Peter Hutchison, Kelly Nyks, Jared P.
        Hutchison, Peter (Peter D.)
        Nyks, Kelly,
        Scott, Jared P.,
        Chomsky, Noam
        Francis, Malcolm,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2711                      2011
        Waste land / [a film by Lucy Walker, Joao Walker, Karen Harley] ; an
        Almega Projects and O2 Filmes production ; directed by Lucy Walker ;
        co-directed by Joao Jardim, Karen Harley ; produced by Angus Aynsley
        [and] Hank Levine.
        Walker, Lucy.
        Jardim, Joao.
        Harley, Karen.
        Levine, Hank, 1965-
        Aynsley, Angus.
        Muniz, Vik.
        Miranda, Dudu.
        Kos, Pedro.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2712                      2014
        Watermark (Motion picture : 2013)
        Baichwal, Jennifer,
        Burtynsky, Edward, 1955-
        De Pencier, Nick,
        Schlimme, Roland,
        Tielli, Martin,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2713                      2016
        Sicario / directed by Denis Villeneuve ; written by Taylor Sheridan ;
        produced by Basil Iwanyk, Edward L. McDonnell ; produced by Molly Smith,
        Thad Luckinbill, Trent Luckinbill ; a Lionsgate presentation ; a Black
        Label Media presentation ; a Thunder Road production ; a Denis Villeneuve
        Villeneuve, Denis, 1967-
        Sheridan, Taylor,
        Iwanyk, Basil,
        McDonnell, Edward L.,
        Mickler Smith, Molly,
        Luckinbill, Trent, 1975-
        Blunt, Emily,
        Brolin, Josh,
        Toro, Benicio del, 1967-
        Garber, Victor
        Bernthal, Jon,
        Kaluuya, Daniel, 1989-
        Donovan, Jeffrey,
        Johann Johannsson, 1969-2018
        Deakins, Roger A., 1949-
        Walker, Joe, 1963 October 2-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2714 DISC 1-2             2012
        The century project / written, directed and performed by Daniel Glass ;
        produced by and Daniel Glass.
        Glass, Daniel (Drummer)
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2715 DISC 1-2             2008
        Methods & mechanics / [DVD produced by Altitude Digital and Todd Sucherman
        ; directed by Eric Dorris].
        Sucherman, Todd.
        Dorris, Eric.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2716 DISC 1-2             2011
        Methods & mechanics II / Todd Sucherman.
        Sucherman, Todd.
        Mills, Taylor.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2717                      2010
        Tommy Igoe's great hands for a lifetime : featuring the Lifetime warmup /
        produced by Paul Siegel and Rob Wallis ; directed by Gregory McKean ;
        created and written by Tommy Igoe.
        Igoe, Tommy.
        Siegel, Paul.
        Wallis, Rob.
        McKean, Gregory.
        Fallo, Phil.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2718 DISC 1               2009
        Playing Shakespeare / written and presented by John Barton ; directed by
        John Carlaw ; produced by Andrew Snell ; executive producers, Melvyn 
        and Nick Evans ; [LWT ; ITV Global Entertainment].
        Barton, John, 1928-
        Carlaw, John.
        Snell, Andrew.
        Bragg, Melvyn, 1939-
        Evans, Nicholas, 1950-
        Ashcroft, Peggy, 1907-1991.
        Church, Tony.
        Cusack, Sinead.
        Dench, Judi, 1934-
        Fleetwood, Susan, 1944-1995.
        Gwilym, Mike.
        Hancock, Sheila, 1933-
        Harrow, Lisa.
        Howard, Alan, 1937-2015
        Kingsley, Ben, 1943-
        Lapotaire, Jane.
        Leigh-Hunt, Barbara.
        McKellen, Ian.
        Pasco, Richard.
        Pennington, Michael, 1943-
        Rees, Roger, 1944-2015.
        Rodway, Norman, 1929-2001.
        Sinden, Donald.
        Stewart, Patrick, 1940-
        Suchet, David
        Williams, Michael, 1935-2001.
        Woolfenden, Guy.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2719 DISC 1               2015
        The decline of western civilization collection / films by Penelope
        Spheeris, Penelope,
        Tyler, Steven, 1948-
        Perry, Joe, 1950-
        Cooper, Alice, 1948-
        Simmons, Gene, 1949-
        Stanley, Paul, 1952-
        Osbourne, Ozzy, 1948-
        Priore, Domenic
        Dayton, Jonathan,
        Faris, Valerie,
        Louthan, Guy J.,
        Wilder, Scott,
        Conant, Steve,
        Mullin, Charlie,
        Wiehl, Peter,
        Ghaffari, Earl, 1961-
        Thompson, Jamie, 1962-
        Trulove, Ann,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2720                      2014
        Ball of fire / Samuel Goldwyn presents ; screen play by Charles Brackett
        and Billy Wilder ; produced by Samuel Goldwyn ; directed by Howard Hawks.
        Goldwyn, Samuel, 1879-1974,
        Brackett, Charles, 1892-1969,
        Wilder, Billy, 1906-2002,
        Hawks, Howard, 1896-1977,
        Cooper, Gary, 1901-1961,
        Stanwyck, Barbara, 1907-1990,
        Homolka, Oscar, 1898-1978,
        Andrews, Dana, 1909-1992,
        Duryea, Dan, 1907-1968,
        Travers, Henry, 1874-1965,
        Sakall, S. Z., 1884-1955,
        Marshall, Tully, 1864-1943,
        Jenkins, Allen, 1900-1974,
        Toland, Gregg,
        Newman, Alfred, 1901-1970,
        Mandell, Daniel,
        Head, Edith,
        Monroe, Thomas.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2721                      2005
        Blackboard jungle (Motion picture)
        Brooks, Richard, 1912-1992.
        Berman, Pandro S., 1905-1996.
        Ford, Glenn, 1916-2006.
        Francis, Anne, 1930-2011.
        Calhern, Louis, 1895-1956.
        Hayes, Margaret, 1916-1977.
        Hoyt, John, 1905-1991.
        Kiley, Richard.
        Meyer, Emile, 1910-1987.
        Ruysdael, Basil
        Anderson, Warner, 1911-1976.
        Poitier, Sidney.
        Morrow, Vic, 1931-1982.
        Terranova, Dan, 1930-2003.
        Campos, Rafael, 1936-1985.
        Mazursky, Paul.
        MacMahon, Horace, 1907-1971
        Farr, Jamie, 1934-
        Dennis, Danny, 1927-1970.
        Harlan, Russell, 1903-1974.
        Gibbons, Cedric, 1895-1960.
        Duell, Randall.
        Willis, Edwin B.
        Grace, Henry.
        Webster, Ferris, 1912-1989.
        Wolcott, Charles, 1906-1987.
        Ford, Peter, 1945-
        Freeman, Joel.
        Hunter, Evan, 1926-2005. Blackboard jungle.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2722                      2006
        Putney Swope / a Cinema V release ; produced by Herald Productions, Inc. ;
        written and directed by Robert Downey.
        Downey, Robert, 1936-
        Johnson, Arnold, 1921-2000.
        Greene, Laura.
        Butler, Buddy.
        Fargas, Antonio, 1946-
        Hamill, Vincent.
        Wolfe, Lawrence, 1934-
        Cuva, Charlie.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2723                      2012
        Amigo / written, directed & edited by John Sayles ; produced by Maggie
        Renzi ; director of photography, Lee Briones-Meily ; co-producers, Mario
        Ontal, Joel Torre ; Anarchists' Convention presents.
        Sayles, John, 1950-
        Renzi, Maggie,
        Torre, Joel,
        Ontal, Mario,
        Daring, Mason,
        Cooper, Chris, 1951-
        DeHaan, Dane, 1987-
        Dillahunt, Garret, 1964-
        Lazaro, Ronnie,
        Locsin, Rio,
        Qualls, DJ, 1978-
        Roco, Bembol, 1953-
        Vazquez, Yul,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2724                      2000
        The brave one / RKO Radio Pictures ; directed by Irving Rapper ; produced
        by Maurice and Frank King ; screenplay by Harry Franklin and Merrill G.
        Rapper, Irving, 1898-1999.
        King, Maurice, 1914-1977.
        King, Frank, 1913-1989.
        Ray, Michel, 1944-
        Hoyos, Rodolfo, -1983.
        Lansing, Joi, 1934-1972.
        Cardenas, Elsa.
        Navarro, Carlos, 1921-1969.
        Rivera, Fermin.
        Franklin, Harry.
        White, Merrill G., approximately 1895-1959.
        Trumbo, Dalton, 1905-1976.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 142                    2016
        Hell or high water (Motion picture : 2016 : Mackenzie)
        Mackenzie, David, 1966-
        Kimmel, Sidney,
        Berg, Peter, 1964-
        Hacken, Carla,
        Yorn, Julie, 1969-
        Sheridan, Taylor,
        Bridges, Jeff, 1949-
        Pine, Chris, 1980-
        Foster, Ben, 1980-
        Birmingham, Gil,
        Ireland, Marin,
        Rankin, Kevin, 1976-
        Dickey, Dale,
        Sterchi, William,
        Berg, Kristin,
        Mixon, Katy, 1981-
        Cave, Nick, 1957-
        Ellis, Warren, 1965-
        Roberts, Jake, 1977-
        Nuttgens, Giles,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 143                    2013
        Who framed Roger Rabbit? (Motion picture)
        Zemeckis, Robert, 1952-
        Price, Jeffrey.
        Seaman, Peter S.
        Marshall, Frank.
        Watts, Robert, 1938-
        Hoskins, Bob.
        Lloyd, Christopher, 1938-
        Cassidy, Joanna, 1945-
        Fleischer, Charles.
        Kaye, Stubby.
        Turner, Kathleen, 1954-
        Schmidt, Arthur, 1937-
        Silvestri, Alan
        Wolf, Gary K. Who censored Roger Rabbit?
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2728 DISC 1-2             2014
        Drumming with Bruce Becker : concepts & philosophies, a comprehensive
        approach for the development of drum technique.
        Becker, Bruce.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2728 DISC 1-2             2009
        The language of drumming : a system for musical expression / written by
        Benny Greb, produced by Christopher Klemme, directed and edited by
        Christian Striboll.
        Greb, Benny.
        Klemme, Christopher.
        Striboll, Christian.
        Lockett, Pete.
        Rabb, Johnny.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2729                      2012
        The works for percussion 2 / [music by] John Cage.
        Beyer, Greg.
        Skidmore, David, 1982-
        Stein, Gertrude, 1874-1946.
        Goff, Bruce, 1904-1982.
        Cage, John. Construction, no. 1.
        Cage, John. Construction, no. 2.
        Cage, John. Construction, no. 3.
        Cage, John. Trio, percussion.
        Cage, John. Quartets, percussion.
        Cage, John. Living room music.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2730 DISC 1-5             2012
        Once upon a time (Television program). Season 1.
        Horowitz, Adam.
        Kitsis, Eddy.
        Morrison, Jennifer, 1979-
        Goodwin, Ginnifer,
        Dallas, Joshua, 1981-
        Parrilla, Lana, 1977-
        Carlyle, Robert, 1961-
        Sbarge, Raphael,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2731 DISC 1-5             2013
        Once upon a time (Television program). Season 2.
        Horowitz, Adam.
        Kitsis, Eddy.
        Goodwin, Ginnifer.
        Morrison, Jennifer, 1979-
        Parrilla, Lana, 1977-
        Dallas, Joshua, 1981-
        Carlyle, Robert, 1961-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2732 DISC 1-5             2014
        Once upon a time (Television program). Season 3.
        Horowitz, Adam,
        Kitsis, Eddy,
        Goodwin, Ginnifer,
        Morrison, Jennifer, 1979-
        Parrilla, Lana, 1977-
        Dallas, Joshua, 1981-
        Gilmore, Jared S., 2000-
        Carlyle, Robert, 1961-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2733 DISC 1-5             2015
        Once upon a time (Television program). Season 4.
        Horowitz, Adam,
        Kitsis, Eddy,
        Goodwin, Ginnifer,
        Morrison, Jennifer, 1979-
        Dallas, Joshua, 1981-
        Parrilla, Lana, 1977-
        Gilmore, Jared S., 2000-
        Carlyle, Robert, 1961-
        De Ravin, Emilie, 1981-
        O'Donoghue, Colin, 1981-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2734                      1988
        Camille Claudel / directed by Bruno Nuytten ; screenplay, Bruno Nuytten
        and Marilyn Goldin ; produced by Christian Fechner.
        Adjani, Isabelle, 1955-
        Depardieu, Gerard, 1948-
        Goldin, Marilyn.
        Fechner, Christian.
        Clevenot, Philippe.
        Nuytten, Bruno.
        Paris, Reine-Marie. Camille Claudel.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 149                    2017
        Hacksaw Ridge / Summit Entertainment and Cross Creek Pictures present ; in
        association with Demarest Media [and five others] ; a Pandemonium Films /
        Permut Presentations production ; a Mel Gibson film ; directed by Mel
        Gibson ; screenplay by Robert Schenkkan and Andrew Knight ; produced by
        Bill Mechanic, David Permut [and five others].
        Gibson, Mel,
        Schenkkan, Robert, 1953-
        Knight, Andrew, 1953-
        Mechanic, Bill,
        Permut, David,
        Garfield, Andrew, 1983-
        Worthington, Sam, 1976-
        Bracey, Luke, 1989-
        Palmer, Teresa, 1986-
        Weaving, Hugo, 1960-
        Griffiths, Rachel, 1968-
        Vaughn, Vince,
        Duggan, Simon, 1959-
        Gilbert, John (Editor),
        Gregson-Williams, Rupert,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 150 DISC 1-2           2016
        13 hours : the secret soldiers of Benghazi / Paramount Pictures presents 
        a 3 Arts Entertainment/Bay Films production ; produced by Erwin Stoff,
        Michael Bay ; screenplay by Chuck Hogan ; directed by Michael Bay.
        Stoff, Erwin
        Bay, Michael, 1964-
        Hogan, Chuck
        Dale, James Badge, 1978-
        Krasinski, John, 1979-
        Martini, Max, 1969-
        Balfe, Lorne,
        Scott, Deborah L. (Deborah Lynn), 1954-
        Scalia, Pietro, 1960-
        McCusker, Michael,
        Wimmer, Calvin,
        Beecroft, Jeffrey,
        Beebe, Dion,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Zuckoff, Mitchell. 13 hours.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2737 DISC 1-5             2016
        Game of thrones. The complete sixth season / created by David Benioff and
        D.B. Weiss.
        Benioff, David,
        Weiss, D. B.,
        Headey, Lena,
        Clarke, Emilia,
        Harington, Kit, 1986-
        Glen, Iain, 1961-
        Allen, Alfie, 1986-
        Bradley, John, 1988-
        Dinklage, Peter.
        Coster-Waldau, Nikolaj, 1970-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2738 DISC 1-5             2009
        Saw : 5-disc unrated collector's set.
        Bousman, Darren Lynn.
        Whannell, Leigh, 1977-
        Bell, Tobin.
        Smith, Shawnee.
        Wahlberg, Donnie, 1969-
        Wan, James, 1977-
        Elwes, Cary.
        Glover, Danny.
        Leung, Ken.
        MacFadyen, Angus, 1963-
        Soomekh, Bahar.
        Burg, Mark.
        Koules, Oren.
        Melton, Patrick.
        Dunstan, Marcus.
        Hackl, David.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 844                       2015
        Still Alice (Motion picture)
        Glatzer, Richard, 1952-2015,
        Lutzus, Lex,
        Brown, James (Producer),
        Koffler, Pamela R.
        Westmoreland, Wash,
        Moore, Julianne
        Baldwin, Alec, 1958-
        Stewart, Kristen, 1990-
        Bosworth, Kate, 1983-
        Parrish, Hunter, 1987-
        Gerroll, Daniel,
        Lenoir, Denis, 1949-
        Eshkeri, Ilan
        Motion picture adaptation of (work) : Genova, Lisa. Still Alice.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2740 DISC 1-2             2001
        Pearl Harbor (Motion picture)
        Bay, Michael, 1964-
        Wallace, Randall, 1949-
        Bruckheimer, Jerry,
        Stenson, Mike,
        Waldman, Barry (Barry H.),
        Oman, Chad,
        Hendricks, Bruce,
        Affleck, Ben, 1972-
        Hartnett, Josh, 1978-
        Beckinsale, Kate,
        Gooding, Cuba, Jr., 1968-
        Sizemore, Tom, 1961-
        Voight, Jon, 1938-
        Feore, Colm, 1958-
        Mako, 1933-2006,
        Baldwin, Alec, 1958-
        Scott, William Lee, 1973-
        Shannon, Michael, 1974-
        Wilson, Scott, 1942-
        Firth, Peter, 1953-
        Bremner, Ewen,
        King, Jaime, 1979-
        Zola, Greg,
        Garner, Jennifer, 1972-
        Schwartzman, John, 1960-
        Phelps, Nigel,
        Lebenzon, Chris,
        Rosenblum, Steven,
        Goldblatt, Mark (Film editor)
        Barton, Roger,
        Kaplan, Michael (Costume designer)
        Zimmer, Hans,
        Hill, Faith, 1967-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2741                      2010
        Elvis & Anabelle / Town Lake Films and Goldcrest Film Finance present a
        Burnt Orange/Goldcrest Films International production of a Will Geiger
        Film ; produced by Carolyn Pfeiffer & Nick Quested ; written and directed
        by Will Geiger.
        Geiger, Will.
        Pfeiffer, Carolyn.
        Quested, Nick, 1970-
        Lively, Blake.
        Mantegna, Joe.
        Steenburgen, Mary.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2742                      2010
        Catching Salinger / Canal Jimmy ; Rappi Productions presents ; in
        association with Transfuge Productions ; directed by Jean-Marie Perier ;
        written by Frederic Beigbeder and Jean-Marie Perier.
        Perier, Jean-Marie.
        Beigbeder, Frederic.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 156                    2016
        Jungle book (Motion picture : 2016)
        Favreau, Jon,
        Sethi, Neel,
        Murray, Bill, 1950 September 21-
        Kingsley, Ben, 1943-
        Debney, John,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936. Jungle
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 157                    2017
        Manchester by the Sea (Motion picture)
        Steward, Kimberly,
        Mol, Gretchen,
        Hedges, Lucas, 1996-
        Lonergan, Kenneth,
        Damon, Matt
        Affleck, Casey, 1975-
        Williams, Michelle, 1980-
        Chandler, Kyle
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 158                    2017
        Jackie / Fox Searchlight Pictures and LD Entertainment present ; in
        association with Wild Bunch, Fabula, Why Not Productions, Bliss Media,
        Endemol Shine Studios ; a Protozoa production ; produced by Juan Dios
        Larrain, Darren Aronofsky, Mickey Liddell, Scott Franklin, Ari Handel ;
        written by Noah Oppenheim ; directed by Pablo Larrain.
        Larrain, Juan de Dios,
        Aronofsky, Darren,
        Liddell, Mickey
        Franklin, Scott,
        Handel, Ari,
        Oppenheim, Noah D.,
        Larrain, Pablo
        Portman, Natalie, 1981-
        Sarsgaard, Peter,
        Gerwig, Greta
        Crudup, Billy, 1968-
        Hurt, John, 1940-2017,
        Fontaine, Madeline,
        Levi, Mica, 1987-
        Sepulveda, Sebastian, 1972-
        Rabasse, Jean,
        Fontaine, Stephane,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2746 DISC 1-2             2011
        The walking dead. The complete first season / AMC.
        Lincoln, Andrew.
        Bernthal, Jon.
        Holden, Laurie.
        DeMunn, Jeffrey, 1947-
        Yeun, Steven.
        Callies, Sarah Wayne, 1977-
        Kirkman, Robert.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2747 DISC 1-4             2012
        Walking dead (Television program). Season 2.
        Darabont, Frank.
        Holden, Laurie.
        Lincoln, Andrew, 1973-
        DeMunn, Jeffrey, 1947-
        Callies, Sarah Wayne, 1977-
        Bernthal, Jon.
        Kirkman, Robert. Walking dead.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2748 DISC 1-5             2013
        Walking dead (Television program). Season 3.
        Darabont, Frank,
        Gadd, Paul, (Paul Duncan),
        Beattie, Nichole, 1976-
        Kim, Sang Kyu,
        Kang, Angela,
        Luse, Tom,
        Mazzara, Glen,
        Reilly, Evan,
        Gimple, Scott M.,
        Renzulli, Frank, 1958-
        Kirkman, Robert
        Coleman, Ryan C.,
        Dickerson, Ernest R., 1952-
        Gierhart, Billy,
        Ferland, Guy, 1966-
        Nicotero, Greg, 1963-
        Attias, Daniel,
        Sackheim, Dan,
        Glatter, Lesli Linka,
        Mann, Seith,
        Brock, Tricia,
        Boyd, David (Filmmaker),
        Schwartz, Stefan, 1963-
        Holden, Laurie,
        Lincoln, Andrew, 1973-
        Callies, Sarah Wayne, 1977-
        Yeun, Steven,
        Riggs, Chandler, 1999-
        Reedus, Norman, 1969-
        Cohan, Lauren, 1982-
        Gurira, Danai,
        Rooker, Michael, 1955-
        Morrissey, David
        Wilson, Scott, 1942-
        McBride, Melissa,
        Television adaptation of (work): Kirkman, Robert. Walking dead.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2749 DISC 1-5             2014
        The walking dead. The complete fourth season / AMC presents ; developed by
        Frank Darabont ; producers, Paul Gadd, Jolly Dale, Angela Kang ; Circle of
        Confusion ; Valhalla Entertainment ; AMC Studios.
        Darabont, Frank,
        Gadd, Paul (Producer),
        Dale, Jolly,
        Kang, Angela,
        Gimple, Scott M.,
        Kirkman, Robert
        Negrete, Matthew,
        Powell, Channing,
        Beattie, Nichole, 1976-
        Gwinn, Curtis,
        Hoffman, Seth,
        Nicotero, Greg,
        Ferland, Guy, 1966-
        Sackheim, Dan,
        Brock, Tricia,
        Boyd, David (Filmmaker),
        Uppendahl, Michael,
        Podeswa, Jeremy,
        Dickerson, Ernest R., 1952-
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        Ramsay, Julius,
        Satrazemis, Michael E.,
        MacLaren, Michelle, 1965-
        Lincoln, Andrew, 1973-
        Yeun, Steven,
        Riggs, Chandler, 1999-
        Reedus, Norman, 1969-
        Cohan, Lauren, 1982-
        Gurira, Danai,
        Kinney, Emily, 1985-
        Morrissey, David
        McBride, Melissa, 1965-
        Wilson, Scott, 1942-
        Coleman, Chad L.,
        Martin-Green, Sonequa,
        Gilliard, Larry,
        Cudlitz, Michael,
        McCreary, Bear,
        Walker, Grace,
        Campbell, Stephen,
        Television adaptation of (work) Kirkman, Robert. Walking dead.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2750 DISC 1-5             2015
        The walking dead. The complete fifth season / AMC presents ; Circle of
        Confusion ; Valhalla Entertainment ; AMC Studios ; developed by Frank
        Darabont ; produced by Tom Luse.
        Darabont, Frank,
        Lincoln, Andrew, 1973-
        Yeun, Steven,
        Riggs, Chandler, 1999-
        Reedus, Norman, 1969-
        Cohan, Lauren, 1982-
        Gurira, Danai,
        Kinney, Emily, 1985-
        McBride, Melissa, 1965-
        Coleman, Chad L.,
        Martin-Green, Sonequa,
        Gilliard, Larry,
        Morrissey, David
        Television adaptation of (work) Kirkman, Robert. Walking dead.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2751 DISC 1-5             2016
        The walking dead. The complete sixth season / AMC presents ; Idiot Box ;
        Circle of Confusion ; Valhalla Entertainment ; AMC Studios ; producers,
        Jolly Dale, Paul Gadd, Heather Bellson, Caleb Womble ; developed by Frank
        Darabont, Frank,
        Dale, Jolly,
        Gadd, Paul (Producer),
        Bellson, Heather,
        Womble, Caleb,
        Lincoln, Andrew, 1973-
        Reedus, Norman, 1969-
        Yeun, Steven,
        McBride, Melissa, 1965-
        Cohan, Lauren, 1982-
        Riggs, Chandler, 1999-
        Gurira, Danai,
        Cudlitz, Michael,
        James, Lennie,
        Martin-Green, Sonequa,
        Television adaptation of (work): Kirkman, Robert. Walking dead.
        Television adaptation of (work): Adlard, Charles, 1966- Walking dead
        (Comic book)
        Television adaptation of (work): Moore, Tony, 1978- Walking dead (Comic
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2752                      2017
        Hidden figures / Fox 2000 Pictures presents a Chernin Entertainment,
        Levantine Films production ; produced by, Donna Gigliotti, Peter Chernin,
        Jenno Topping, Pharrell Williams, Theodore Melfi ; screenplay by Allison
        Schroeder and Theodore Melfi ; directed by Theodore Melfi.
        Melfi, Theodore,
        Schroeder, Allison,
        Gigliotti, Donna,
        Chernin, Peter, 1951-
        Topping, Jenno
        Williams, Pharrell
        Henson, Taraji P.,
        Spencer, Octavia,
        Monae, Janelle,
        Costner, Kevin,
        Dunst, Kirsten, 1982-
        Parsons, Jim, 1973-
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Lee Shetterly, Margot. Hidden
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 162                    2017
        La La land / written and directed by Damien Chazelle ; produced by Fred
        Berger ; produced by Jordan Horowitz, Gary Gilbert ; produced by Marc
        Platt ; Summit Entertainment presents ; in association with Black Label
        Media ; in association with TIK Films (Hong Kong) Limited ; an Imposter
        Pictures/Gilbert Films production ; a Marc Platt production.
        Chazelle, Damien, 1985-
        Berger, Fred, 1981-
        Horowitz, Jordan, 1980-
        Gilbert, Gary,
        Platt, Marc, 1957-
        Gosling, Ryan, 1980-
        Stone, Emma, 1988-
        Legend, John,
        DeWitt, Rosemarie,
        Wittrock, Finn, 1984-
        Hernandez, Callie,
        Mizuno, Sonoya,
        Rothe, Jessica,
        Scott, Tom Everett, 1970-
        Pence, Josh, 1982-
        Sandgren, Linus,
        Wasco, David,
        Cross, Tom (Film editor),
        Zophres, Mary,
        Hurwitz, Justin
        Pasek, Benj,
        Paul, Justin, 1985-
        Moore, Mandy, 1984-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2754                      2016
        Trumbo / Entertainment One Features and Shivhans Pictures present a
        Groundswell production ; a Jay Roach film ; produced by Michael London &
        Janice Williams, Shivani Rawat, Monica Levinson, Nimitt Mankad, John
        McNamara, Kevin Kelly Brown ; written by John McNamara ; directed by Jay
        London, Michael,
        Williams, Janice (Producer),
        Rawat, Shivani,
        Levinson, Monica,
        Mankad, Nimitt,
        McNamara, John, 1962-
        Brown, Kevin Kelly,
        Roach, Jay,
        Cranston, Bryan, 1956-
        Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Adewale, 1967-
        C. K., Louis,
        Elliott, David James, 1960-
        Fanning, Elle, 1998-
        Goodman, John, 1952-
        Lane, Diane,
        Stuhlbarg, Michael,
        Tudyk, Alan,
        Mirren, Helen,
        Shapiro, Theodore, 1971-
        Orlandi, Daniel,
        Baumgarten, Alan, 1957-
        Denault, Jim, 1960-
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Cook, Bruce, 1932-2003. Dalton
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 165                    2016
        Snowden / Open Road Films and Endgame presents ; in association with Wild
        Bunch and TG Media ; a Borman/Kopeloff production ; produced by Moritz
        Borman, Fernando Sulichin, Philip Schulz-Deyle, and Eric Kopeloff ;
        screenplay by Kieran Fitzgerald & Oliver Stone ; directed by Oliver 
        Borman, Moritz,
        Sulichin, Fernando,
        Schulz-Deyle, Philip, 1972-
        Kopeloff, Eric,
        Fitzgerald, Kieran,
        Stone, Oliver
        Gordon-Levitt, Joseph, 1981-
        Woodley, Shailene,
        Leo, Melissa,
        Quinto, Zachary,
        Wilkinson, Tom, 1948-
        Eastwood, Scott, 1986-
        Marshall-Green, Logan, 1976-
        Schnetzer, Ben, 1990-
        Stanfield, Keith, 1991-
        Ifans, Rhys, 1968-
        Cage, Nicolas, 1965-
        Armstrong, Craig, 1959-
        Daigeler, Bina,
        Marquez, Alex (Film editor),
        Percy, Lee,
        Tildesley, Mark,
        Mantle, Anthony Dod, 1955-
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Kucherena, Anatoly. Time of the
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Harding, Luke, 1968- Snowden files.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 166                    2016
        Eye in the sky (Motion picture : 2015)
        Hood, Gavin,
        Hibbert, Guy,
        Doherty, Ged, 1958-
        Firth, Colin, 1960-
        Lancaster, David,
        Mirren, Helen,
        Paul, Aaron, 1979-
        Rickman, Alan,
        Abdi, Barkhad,
        Northam, Jeremy, 1961-
        Fox, Phoebe, 1987-
        Haggio, Armaan,
        Takow, Aisha,
        Glen, Iain, 1961-
        Zambarloukos, Haris, 1970-
        Gill, Megan,
        Hepker, Paul, 1967-
        Kilian, Mark,

Barth Learning Resources Center
September 1, 2016 - August 31, 2017

  • Barth LRC Circulating Books

     BD21 .B344 2012                          2012
        Philosophy : all that matters / Julian Baggini.
        Baggini, Julian.
     BF698 .M3437 2014                        2014
        Personal intelligence : the power of personality and how it shapes our
        lives / John D. Mayer.
        Mayer, John D., 1953-
     BV3785 .M375 A3 2012                     2012
        Undaunted : [one man's real-life journey from unspeakable memories to
        unbelievable grace--] / Josh McDowell with Cristobal Krusen.
        McDowell, Josh.
     D20 .R65 2013                            2013
        The history of the world / J.M. Roberts and O.A. Westad.
        Roberts, J. M. (John Morris), 1928-2003.
     D756.5 .S33 P5 2000                      2000
        The greatest raid of all / C.E. Lucas Phillips ; foreword by the Earl
        Mountbatten of Burma.
        Phillips, C. E. Lucas (Cecil Ernest Lucas), 1897-1984.
     D767.4 .A845 2002                        2002
        Crisis in the Pacific : the battles for the Philippine Islands by the men
        who fought them / Gerald Astor.
        Astor, Gerald, 1926-2007.
     E901.1 .O23 C67 2008                     2008
        The Obama nation : leftist politics and the cult of personality / Jerome
        R. Corsi.
        Corsi, Jerome R.
     E902 .O748 2003                          2003
        Who's looking out for you? / Bill O'Reilly.
        O'Reilly, Bill.
     GT2343 .A23 2012                         2016
        Teach yourself henna tattoo : making Mehndi art with easy-to-follow
        instructions, patterns, and projects / Brenda Abdoyan.
        Abdoyan, Brenda.
     GT2345 .B83 2014                         2014
        Drawing & designing tattoo art / Fip Buchanan.
        Buchanan, Fip,
     GT2345 .J64 2015                         2015
        How to build a body art, tattoos, body piercing business / by TK Johnson.
        Johnson, T. K.,
     GT2345 .M336 2014                        2014
        The Mammoth book of new tattoo art / edited by Lal Hardy.
        Hardy, Lal, 1958-
     GT2949 .W36 2015                         2015
        Chopsticks : a cultural and culinary history / Q. Edward Wang.
        Wang, Q. Edward, 1958-
     HA29 .S2365 2016                         2017
        Statistics for people who (think they) hate statistics / Neil J. Salkind,
        University of Kansas.
        Salkind, Neil J.,
     HD49 .P39 2016                           2016
        Emergency management for facility and property managers / Richard Payant.
        Payant, Richard P.,
     HD58.7 .H684 2001                        2001
        Understanding behaviors for effective leadership / Jon P. Howell, Dan L.
        Howell, Jon P.
     HD9720.5 .C375 2016                      2016
        Careers in manufacturing & production / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, Ph.
        Shally-Jensen, Michael,
     HF1002 .S58 2001                         2001
        Spanish business dictionary : multicultural business Spanish / Morry
        Sofer, Morry.
     HF5548.4 .M523 E93 2011                  2011
        Microsoft Excel 2010 : basic, student manual / by Axzo Press ; president,
        Jo Winder ; vice president of product development, Charles G. Blum ; vice
        president of operations, Josh Pincus.
        Winder, Jon.
        Blum, Charles G.
        Pincus, Josh.
     HF5548.4 .M523 E933 2011                 2011
        Excel 2010 advanced : student manual.
     HF5548.4 .M525 M42 2011                  2011
        Microsoft Office 2010 : introductory / by Pasewark and Pasewark ; William
        R. Pasewark, Sr. [and others].
        Pasewark, William Robert.
     HF5548.4 .M525 S47975 2011               2011
        Microsoft Office 2010 : introductory / Gary B. Shelly, Misty E. Vermaat ;
        contributing authors, Raymond E. Enger [and others].
        Shelly, Gary B.
     HF5549.12 .G66 2006                      2006
        Supervisor's survival kit / Clifford R. Goodwin.
        Goodwin, Cliff, 1948-
     HF5549.12 .H67 2016                      2016
        The effective manager / Mark Horstman.
        Horstman, Mark
     HV2430 .E3798 2015                       2015
        Educating deaf learners : creating a global evidence base / edited by
        Harry Knoors, Marc Marschark.
        Knoors, Harry,
        Marschark, Marc,
     HV2471 .O94 2016                         2016
        The Oxford handbook of deaf studies in language / edited by Marc
        Marschark, Patricia Elizabeth Spencer.
        Marschark, Marc.
        Spencer, Patricia Elizabeth.
     HV2474 .N367 2016                        2016
        Sign language in action / Jemina Napier, Heriot-Watt University, UK and
        Lorraine Leeson, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
        Napier, Jemina,
     HV2474 .R47 2015                         2015
        Research methods in sign language studies : a practical guide / Edited by
        Eleni Orfanidou, Bencie Woll, and Gary Morgan.
        Orfanidou, Eleni,
        Woll, B. (Bencie),
        Morgan, Gary, 1968-
     HV6025 .B278 2012                        2012
        Criminology : a sociological understanding / Steven E. Barkan.
        Barkan, Steven E., 1951-
     HV6025 .C59 2013                         2013
        Criminology / John E. Conklin.
        Conklin, John E.
     HV6768 .F75 2010                         2010
        Trusted criminals : white collar crime in contemporary society / David O.
        Friedrichs, David O.
     HV7415 .H36 2016                         2016
        The handbook on measurement issues in criminology and criminal justice /
        edited by Beth M. Huebner and Timothy S. Bynum.
        Bynum, Timothy S.,
        Huebner, Beth M.,
     HV7935 .O74 2012                         2012
        Organizational behavior and management in law enforcement / Harry W. More,
        Gennaro F. Vito, William F. Walsh.
        More, Harry W.
     HV7936 .C79 D67 2015                     2015
        The foundations of communication in criminal justice systems / Daniel
        Adrian Doss, William H. Glover, Rebecca A. Goza, Michael Wigginton, Jr.
        Doss, Daniel Adrian,
     HV7936 .S8 W48 2011                      2011
        Supervising police personnel : the fifteen responsibilities / Paul M.
        Whisenand, Paul M.
     HV8073 .S2 2015                          2015
        Criminalistics : an introduction to forensic science / Richard Saferstein,
        Ph.D., Forensic Science Consultant, Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.
        Saferstein, Richard, 1941-
     HV8141 .R6 2014                          2014
        Police & society / Roy Roberg, Kenneth Novak, Gary Cordner, Brad Smith.
        Roberg, Roy R.
     HV9278 .A2 2015                          2015
        Probation and parole : theory and practice / Howard Abadinsky, St. John's
        Abadinsky, Howard, 1941-
     HV9950 .F85 2014                         2014
        Criminal justice : mainstream and crosscurrents / John Randolph Fuller,
        University of West Georgia.
        Fuller, John R.
     HV9950 .O837 2015                        2015
        Foundations of criminal justice / Stephen S. Owen, Radford University,
        Henry F. Fradella, California State University, Long Beach, Tod W. Burke,
        Radford University, Jerry W. Joplin, Guilford College.
        Owen, Stephen S.
     HV9950 .P43 2012                         2012
        Justice administration : police, courts, and corrections management /
        Kenneth J. Peak.
        Peak, Kenneth J., 1947-
     JK275 .M27 2012                          2012
        It's even worse than it looks : how the American constitutional system
        collided with the new politics of extremism / Thomas E. Mann and Norman J.
        Mann, Thomas E.
     KD2968 .N8 A94 2017                      2017
        Law and ethics in nursing and healthcare : an introduction / Graham Avery.
        Avery, Graham, 1954-
     KD8329.3 .P73 2015                       2015
        A practical approach to criminal procedure / [editor] John Sprack;
        contributor Michael Sparck.
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        Health assessment made incredibly visual! / clinical editor, Laura M.
        Willis, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, Family Nurse Practitioner, Urbana Family
        Medicine and Pediatrics, Urbana, Ohio.
        Willis, Laura M., 1969-
     REF RT49 .A45 2016                       2016
        All-in-one nursing care planning resource : medical-surgical, pediatric,
        maternity, and psychiatric-mental health / Pamela L. Swearingen, special
        project editor.
        Swearingen, Pamela L.
     RT51 .M436 2017                          2016
        Medical-surgical nursing made incredibly easy! / clinical editors, Carolyn
        Gersch, Nicole Heimgartner, Cherie Rebar, Laura M. Willis.
        Gersch, Carolyn J.,
        Heimgartner, Nicole M.,
        Rebar, Cherie R.,
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     RT51 .R29 2016                           2016
        Nursing made insanely easy! / Loretta Manning, MSN, RN, GNP, President, I
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        Manning, Loretta.
     RT55 .B55 2017                           2017
        Lippincott Q & A review for NCLEX-RN / Diane M. Billings, EdN, RN, FAAN,
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        NCLEX-RN 2017 : strategies, practice & review with practice test / 
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     RT55 .N36 2018                           2018
        NCLEX-PN Q & A plus! : made incredibly easy / clinical editor, Leigh W.
        Moore, Leigh W.,
     RT55 .O35 2017                           2017
        Davis's Q&A review for the NCLEX-RN(r) examination / Kathleen A. Ohman,
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        John's University, St. Joseph, Minnesota.
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     RT55 .S28 2017                           2017
        Saunders comprehensive review for the NCLEX-RN examination / Linda Anne
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     RT62 .K87 2017                           2017
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     RT68 .B68 2016                           2016
        Math for nurses : a pocket guide to dosage calculation and drug
        preparation / Mary Jo Boyer, RN, PhD, Vice Provost and Vice President,
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     RT71 .H39 2016                           2016
        Nursing mnemonics : 108 memory tricks to demolish nursing school / Jon
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     RT71 .H47 2016                           2016
        Creative teaching strategies for the nurse educator / Judith W. Herrman,
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     RT84 .H37 2014                           2014
        Hartman's nursing assistant care : the basics / Hartman Publishing, Inc ;
        with Jetta Fuzy.
        Fuzy, Jetta Lee.
        Hedman, Susan Alvare. Hartman's nursing assistant care.
     RT84 .S67 2017                           2017
        Mosby's textbook for nursing assistants / Sheila A. Sorrentino, PhD, RN,
        Delegation Consultant, Anthem, Arizona, Leighann N. Remmert, MS, RN,
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        Sorrentino, Sheila A.,
     RT86.54 .T73 2017                        2017
        Transcultural nursing (Giger)
        Giger, Joyce Newman,
     SB351 .H5 E52 1981                       1981
        The Encyclopedia of herbs and herbalism / edited by Malcolm Stuart.
        Stuart, Malcolm.
     TA159 .O45 2015                          2015
        FE fundamentals of engineering exam / Masoud Olia ; contributors,
        Professor Armen Casparian, M.S. [and eleven others].
        Olia, Masoud,
     TA219 .R87 2016                          2016
        Forensic uses of digital imaging / John C. Russ.
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     TH6012 .A48 2016                         2016
        Building automation systems A to Z : how to survive in a world full of BAS
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        Zito, Phil,
     TH6152 .T39 C66 2014                     2014
        Associated Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Texas continuing
        education manual for professional plumbers : 2014-2015.
        Associated Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Texas.
     TH6152 .T39 C66 2015                     2015
        Associated Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Texas continuing
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        Associated Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Texas.
     TH6152 .T39 C66 2016                     2016
        Associated Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Texas continuing
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        Associated Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Texas.
     TH7012 .S695 2017                        2017
        Fundamentals of HVACR / Carter Stanfield, Athens Technical College, David
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        Stanfield, Carter
     TH7345 .G87 2016                         2016
        Comprehensive HVAC system design : A handbook on practical approach to air
        conditioning, heating and ventilation systems  / N. C. Gupta.
        Gupta, N. C.,
     TJ1185 .B793 2015                        2015
        Useful machine shop tools to make for home shop machinists / Stan Bray ;
        edited by George Bulliss.
        Bray, Stan.
     TK151 .H28 2017                          2017
        Ugly's electrical references.
        Jones & Bartlett Learning.
     TK3271 .H27 2017                         2017
        Wiring simplified : based on the 2017 National Electrical Code / Frederic
        P. Hartwell, W. Creighton Schwann, H. P. Richter.
        Hartwell, Frederic P.,
     TK3285 .W558 2017                        2017
        Wiring (Complete projects for the home)
        Byers, Charles T.,
     TL152 .D3934 2017                        2017
        Advanced automotive fault diagnosis : automotive technology : vehicle
        maintenance and repair / Tom Denton.
        Denton, Tom
     TL152.2 .J668 2016                       2016
        Media blasting & metal preparation : a complete guide / Matt Joseph.
        Joseph, Matt, 1944-
     TL157 .H25 2017                          2017
        ASE test preparation and study guide : covers ASE areas A1-A8 plus A9, G1
        and L1
        Halderman, James D., 1943-
     TL210 .M3448 2017                        2017
        Automotive machining : a guide to boring, decking, hining, and more / Mike
        Mavrigian, Mike,
     TL230.2 .P74 2013                        2013
        Preventive maintenance inspection (T8).
        Delmar Cengage Learning.
     TL272 .S5155 2017                        2017
        The Hack Mechanic guide to European automotive electrical systems / by Rob
        Siegel and the Bentley Publishers Technical Team.
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     TP184 .A24 2017                          2017
        Chemical engineering primer with computer applications / Hussein K.
        Abdel-Aal, Hussein K.,
     TP373.6 .P76 2015                        2015
        Professional food manager / National Environmental Health Association
        National Environmental Health Association,
     TP548.5 .A5 G66 2016                     2016
        I taste red : the science of tasting wine / Jamie Goode.
        Goode, Jamie
     TR822 .R63 2010                          2010
        Crime scene photography / Edward M. Robinson ; with a foreword by Gerald
        B. Richards.
        Robinson, Edward M.
     TT951 .M5518 2014                        2014
        Beauty & wellness dictionary : for cosmetologists, barbers, estheticians
        and nail technicians / edited by Catherine M. Frangie.
        Frangie, Catherine M.
     TT958 .C54 2013                          2013
        Making it count : math for the beauty + wellness = industry / Terry Clark,
        Cathy Frangie.
        Clark, Terry Freeman,
     TT970 .M55 2016                          2016
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        Milady Publishing Company.
     TT970 .S557 2013                         2013
        Milady standard cosmetology : haircutting / [Frank Shipman, Maura
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     TX349 .M266 2013                         2013
        The encyclopedia of American food and drink / John F. Mariani.
        Mariani, John F.
     TX355 .R68 2017                          2017
        Taste : the infographic book of food / Laura Rowe.
        Rowe, Laura,
     TX531 .V33 2013                          2014
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        Vaclavik, Vickie.
     TX546 .M6913 2017                        2017
        Mouthfeel : how texture makes taste / Ole G. Mouritsen and Klavs Styrbk ;
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     TX661 .I58 2015                          2015
        Introduction to culinary arts / the Culinary Institute of America ;
        editor, Jerry Gleason.
        Gleason, Jerry,
     TX725 .A1 B474 2013                      2013
        Cooking from the heart : my favorite lessons learned along the way / John
        Besh ; produced by Dorothy Kalins ; photographs by Maura McEvoy.
        Besh, John,
     TX765 .K487 2016                         2016
        Fairy tale baking : more than 50 enchanting cakes, bakes, and decorations
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        Khan, Ramla.
     TX769 .W387 2017                         2017
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        Welker, Hans,
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        Jane's tank & combat vehicle recognition guide / Christopher F. Foss.
        Foss, Christopher F.
     Z52.5 .M52 M53 2011                      2011
        Word 2010 : Advanced. Student Manual.
  • Barth LRC Popular Books

    POPULAR READING                         2006
        The ghost brigades / John Scalzi.
        Scalzi, John, 1969-
     POPULAR READING ALEXANDER               1999
        Tomorrow's soldier : the warriors, weapons, and tactics that will win
        America's wars in the twentieth-first century / David Alexander.
        Alexander, David.
     POPULAR READING ATKINS                  2013
        Robert B. Parker's Wonderland / Ace Atkins.
        Atkins, Ace.
     POPULAR READING BATEMAN                 2003
        Digital war : a view from the front lines / Robert L. Bateman, editor.
        Bateman, Robert L.
     POPULAR READING BENNETT                 2005
        Ex machina / Christopher L. Bennett.
        Bennett, Christopher.
     POPULAR READING BERRY                   2013
        The king's deception : a novel / Steve Berry.
        Berry, Steve, 1955-
     POPULAR READING BONANNO                 2006
        Burning dreams / Margaret Wander Bonanno.
        Bonanno, Margaret Wander.
     POPULAR READING BROWN                   2003
        Deception point / Dan Brown.
        Brown, Dan, 1964-
     POPULAR READING BROWN                   2009
        Smash cut / Sandra Brown.
        Brown, Sandra, 1948-
     POPULAR READING BUGLIOSI                1996
        Outrage : the five reasons why O.J. Simpson got away with murder / Vincent
        Bugliosi, Vincent.
     POPULAR READING BURGETT                 2001
        The road to Arnhem : a Screaming Eagle in Holland / Donald R. Burgett.
        Burgett, Donald R. (Donald Robert), 1925-
     POPULAR READING CAIN                    2012
        Kill you twice : [an Archie Sheridan/Gretchen Lowell novel] / Chelsea
        Cain, Chelsea.
     POPULAR READING CAMPISI                 2017
        Blue on blue : an insider's story of good cops catching bad cops / Charles
        Campisi, former chief, NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau ; with Gordon Dillow.
        Campisi, Charles,
     POPULAR READING CAPECI                  2003
        Jerry Capeci's gang land / Jerry Capeci.
        Capeci, Jerry.
     POPULAR READING CLARK                   1995
        Let me call you sweetheart : a novel / Mary Higgins Clark.
        Clark, Mary Higgins
     POPULAR READING COCKBURN                1984
        The threat : inside the Soviet military machine / Andrew Cockburn.
        Cockburn, Andrew, 1947-
     POPULAR READING COELHO                  2014
        The alchemist / Paulo Coelho ; translated by Alan R. Clarke.
        Coelho, Paulo
     POPULAR READING CORNWELL                2006
        At risk / Patricia Cornwell.
        Cornwell, Patricia Daniels,
     POPULAR READING CORNWELL                2008
        Scarpetta / Patricia Cornwell.
        Cornwell, Patricia Daniels.
     POPULAR READING CORNWELL                2005
        Predator / Patricia Cornwell.
        Cornwell, Patricia Daniels.
     POPULAR READING COX                     2003
        The rise and fall of Khan Noonian Singh. Volume two / Greg Cox.
        Cox, Greg, 1959-
     POPULAR READING COX                     2006
        To reign in Hell : the exile of Khan Noonien Singh / Greg Cox.
        Cox, Greg, 1959-
     POPULAR READING CUSSLER                 2005
        Sahara / Clive Cussler.
        Cussler, Clive.
     POPULAR READING CUTLER                  1994
        The battle of Leyte Gulf : the greatest naval battle in history, the
        dramatic full history, 23-26 October, 1944 / Thomas J. Cutler.
        Cutler, Thomas J., 1947-
     POPULAR READING DECANDIDO               2009
        A Singular destiny / Keith R.A. DeCandido.
        DeCandido, Keith R. A.
     POPULAR READING DICK                    2006
        Cutthroats : the adventures of a Sherman tank driver in the Pacific /
        Robert C. Dick.
        Dick, Robert C.
     POPULAR READING ELIOT                   1995
        Kato Kaelin : the whole truth, the real story of O.J., Nicole, and Kato
        from the actual tapes / Marc Eliot.
        Eliot, Marc.
     POPULAR READING FALLON                  2012
        You know when the men are gone / Siobhan Fallon.
        Fallon, Siobhan.
     PS3606 .O844 B55 2012                    2012
        Billy Lynn's long halftime walk / Ben Fountain.
        Fountain, Ben.
     POPULAR READING GALANTER                2009
        Troublesome minds / Dave Galanter.
        Galanter, Dave.
     POPULAR READING GOLDBERG                2009
        A slobbering love affair : the true (and pathetic) story of the torrid
        romance between Barack Obama and the mainstream media / by Bernard
        Goldberg, Bernard, 1945-
     POPULAR READING GREENWOOD               2013
        Flying too high / by Kerry Greenwood.
        Greenwood, Kerry.
     POPULAR READING GROSS                   2012
        15 seconds / Andrew Gross.
        Gross, Andrew, 1952-
     POPULAR READING HALDEMAN                2006
        Old Twentieth / Joe Haldeman.
        Haldeman, Joe W.
     POPULAR READING HAMMEL                  1991
        Munda trail / Eric Hammel.
        Hammel, Eric M.
    POPULAR READING HANNAH                  2015
        The nightingale / Kristin Hannah.
        Hannah, Kristin.
     POPULAR READING HARPER                  2012
        Return to grace / Karen Harper.
        Harper, Karen (Karen S.)
     POPULAR READING HAYES                   2014
        I am Pilgrim : a thriller / Terry Hayes.
        Hayes, Terry, 1951-
     POPULAR READING HELM                    2001
        Ordeal by sea : the tragedy of the USS Indianapolis / Thomas Helm ;
        foreword and afterword by William J. Toti.
        Helm, Thomas.
     POPULAR READING HOFFMAN                 2011
        The dovekeepers : a novel / Alice Hoffman.
        Hoffman, Alice.
     POPULAR READING HOHNE                   1971
        The Order of the Death's Head : the story of Hitler's SS / Heinz Hohne ;
        translated from the German by Richard Barry.
        Hohne, Heinz, 1926-2010.
     POPULAR READING IRVING                  1989
        The destruction of Convoy PQ-17 / David Irving.
        Irving, David John Cawdell, 1938-
     POPULAR READING JACOBSON                2009
        Crush : a Karen Vail novel / Alan Jacobson.
        Jacobson, Alan, 1961-
     POPULAR READING JAMES                   2012
        Not dead yet / Peter James.
        James, Peter, 1948-
     POPULAR READING JOHNSTON                2016
        Star Wars Ahsoka / E.K. Johnston.
        Johnston, E. K.
     POPULAR READING LEE                     2015
        Go set a watchman / Harper Lee.
        Lee, Harper
     POPULAR READING LEVIN                   2009
        Liberty and tyranny : a conservative manifesto / Mark R. Levin.
        Levin, Mark R. (Mark Reed), 1957-
     POPULAR READING LUCENO                  2016
        Star Wars, Catalyst : a Rogue One novel / James Luceno.
        Luceno, James, 1947-
     POPULAR READING MACK                    2010
        The sorrows of empire / David Mack.
        Mack, David, 1969-
     POPULAR READING MACK                    2005
        Harbinger / David Mack.
        Mack, David.
     POPULAR READING MACK                    2010
        Zero sum game / David Mack.
        Mack, David, 1969-
     POPULAR READING MARLANTES               2011
        What it is like to go to war / Karl Marlantes.
        Marlantes, Karl.
     POPULAR READING MARTIN                  2013
        Night train to Jamalpur / by Andrew Martin.
        Martin, Andrew, 1962-
     POPULAR READING MCCONNELL               1992
        Just Cause : the real story of America's high-tech invasion of Panama /
        Malcolm McConnell.
        McConnell, Malcolm.
     POPULAR READING MODESITT                2010
        Haze / L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
        Modesitt, L. E., Jr., 1943-
     POPULAR READING MORIARTY                2013
        The husband's secret / Liane Moriarty.
        Moriarty, Liane.
     POPULAR READING MORRELL                 2013
        Murder as a fine art / David Morrell.
        Morrell, David, 1943-
     POPULAR READING MORRIS                  2009
        Catastrophe : how Obama, Congress, and the special interests are
        transforming-- a slump into a crash, freedom into socialism, and a
        disaster into a catastrophe-- and how to fight back / Dick Morris and
        Eileen McGann.
        Morris, Dick.
     POPULAR READING NIVEN                   2008
        Oath of Fealty / Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle.
        Niven, Larry.
     POPULAR READING PAGE                    2013
        The body in the piazza : a Faith Fairchild mystery / Katherine Hall Page.
        Page, Katherine Hall.
     POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2011
        Tick tock / by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge.
        Patterson, James, 1947-
     POPULAR READING PRANGE                  1985
        Target Tokyo : the story of the Sorge spy ring / Gordon W. Prange, with
        Donald M. Goldstein and Katherine V. Dillon.
        Prange, Gordon W. (Gordon William), 1910-1980.
        Star Trek : federation / Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.
        Reeves-Stevens, Judith.
     POPULAR READING ROBOTHAM                2011
        The wreckage / Michael Robotham.
        Robotham, Michael, 1960-
     POPULAR READING ROLLINS                 2015
        The 6th extinction / James Rollins.
        Rollins, James, 1961-
     POPULAR READING ROSCOE                  1982
        Pig boats : the true story of the fighting submariners of World War II 
        / authorized abridgement by Theodore Roscoe ; written for the Bureau of
        Naval Personnel from records prepared by R.G. Voge [and others].
        Roscoe, Theodore.
     POPULAR READING SHAPIRO                 1996
        The search for justice : a defense attorney's brief on the O.J. Simpson
        case / Robert L. Shapiro with Larkin Warren.
        Shapiro, Robert L.
     POPULAR READING SILVA                   2008
        Moscow rules = Moskvy pravila / Daniel Silva.
        Silva, Daniel, 1960-
     POPULAR READING SILVA                   2005
        Prince of fire / Daniel Silva.
        Silva, Daniel, 1960-
     POPULAR READING SIXX                    2011
        This is gonna hurt : music, photography, and life through the distorted
        lens of Nikki Sixx.
        Sixx, Nikki, 1958-
     POPULAR READING SMITH                   2006
        A simple plan / a novel by Scott Smith.
        Smith, Scott, 1965 July 13-
     POPULAR READING STEVENS                 2013
        Always watching / Chevy Stevens.
        Stevens, Chevy.
     POPULAR READING TOYNE                   2011
        Sanctus / Simon Toyne.
        Toyne, Simon, 1968-
     POPULAR READING URIARTE                 2016
        The white donkey : terminal lance / Maximillian Uriarte.
        Uriarte, Maximilian,
     POPULAR READING VARLEY                  2007
        Red lightning / John Varley.
        Varley, John, 1947 August 9-
     POPULAR READING WALLER                  2011
        Wild Bill Donovan : the spymaster who created the OSS and modern American
        espionage / Douglas Waller.
        Waller, Douglas C.
     POPULAR READING WARD                    2012
        That which divides / story by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore.
        Ward, Dayton.
     POPULAR READING WASHBURN                2011
        The gingerbread bump-off : a fresh-baked mystery / Livia J. Washburn.
        Washburn, L. J.,
     POPULAR READING WATERS                  1986
        Bloody winter / John M. Waters.
        Waters, John M.
     POPULAR READING WELSHMAN                2012
        Titanic : the last night of a small town / John Welshman.
        Welshman, John.
     POPULAR READING YANCEY                  2010
        The highly effective detective plays the fool / Richard Yancey.
        Yancey, Richard.
  • Barth LRC Reference Books

     REF LB2369 .G53 2016                     2016
        MLA handbook.
        Modern Language Association of America.
     REF R121 .M89 2017                       2017
        Mosby's dictionary of medicine, nursing & health professions.
        Mosby, Inc.,
     REF R895 .B86 2017                       2017
        Radiologic science for technologists : physics, biology, and protection /
        Stewart Carlyle Bushong, ScD, FAAPM, FACR, Professor of Radiologic
        Science, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas.
        Bushong, Stewart C.,
     REF RB38.2 .V36 2017                     2017
        Davis's comprehensive handbook of laboratory & diagnostic tests with
        nursing implications / Anne M. Van Leeuwen, Mickey Lynn Bladh.
        Van Leeuwen, Anne M.,
     REF RC78.4 .B67 2018                     2018
        Bontrager's textbook of radiographic positioning and related anatomy /
        John P. Lampignano, Leslie E. Kendrick.
        Lampignano, John.
     REF RG951 .R53 2017                      2017
        Essentials of maternity, newborn & women's health nursing / Susan Scott
        Ricci, Susan Scott,
     REF RM125 .H572 2017                     2017
        Saunders nursing drug handbook 2017 / Robert J. Kizior, Barbara B. 
        with additional contributions by Keith J. Hodgson, James B. Witmer.
        Kizior, Robert J.,
     REF RM125 .N87 2017                      2017
        2017 Nurse's drug handbook.
        Jones & Bartlett Learning,
     REF RM125 .N875 2017                     2017
        Nursing 2017 Drug Handbook.
     REF RT120.I5 C744 2018                   2018
        Critical care nursing : a holistic approach / [edited by] Patricia Gonce
        Morton, PhD, RN, ACNP-BC, FAAN, Dean and Professor, Louis H. Peery
        Presidential Endowed Chair, University of Utah College of Nursing, Salt
        Lake City, Utah, Dorrie K. Fontaine, PhD, RN, FAAN, Sadie Heath Cabaniss
        Professor of Nursing and Dean, University of Virginia School of Nursing,
        Charlottesville, VA.
        Morton, Patricia Gonce, 1952-
     REF RT41 .C86 2017                       2017
        Fundamentals of nursing (Craven)
        Craven, Ruth F.,
        Hirnle, Constance J.,
        Henshaw, Chris,
     REF RT41 .D445 2017                      2017
        Medical-surgical nursing : concepts & practice / Susan C. deWit, MSN, RN,
        CNS, PHN, formerly, Instructor of Nursing, El Centro College, Dallas,
        Texas, Holly Stromberg, RN, BSN, MSN, PHN, CCRN, Professor of Nursing,
        Allan Hancock College, Staff/Nurse Educator, Marian Medical College, Santa
        Maria, California, Carol Dallred, Phd, MSN, RN, WHNP-BC, Professor of
        Nursing, Kaplan School of Nursing, Faculty and Advanced Facilitator,
        University of Phoenix, Oncology Clinical Specialist, Ashfield
        Healthcare-Clinical, Houston, Texas.
        DeWit, Susan C.,
     REF RT41 .P46 2018                       2018
        Clinical nursing skills & techniques / Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia A.
        Potter, Wendy R. Ostendorf.
        Perry, Anne Griffin,
     REF RT48.5 .K44 2018                     2018
        Laboratory and diagnostic tests with nursing implications / Joyce LeFever
        Kee, MSN, RN, Associate Professor Emerita, College of Science, University
        of Delaware, Newark, Delaware.
        Kee, Joyce LeFever,
     REF RT48.6 .A35 2017                     2017
        Nursing diagnosis handbook : an evidence-based guide to planning care /
        [edited by] Betty J. Ackley, MSN, EdS, RN, Gail B. Ladwig, MSN, RN, Mary
        Beth Flynn Makic, PhD, RN, CNS, CCNS, FAAN.
        Ackley, Betty J.,
        Ladwig, Gail B.,
        Makic, Mary Beth Flynn,
     REF RT48.6 .C385 2017                    2017
        Handbook of nursing diagnosis / Lynda Juall Carpenito, RN, MSN, CRNP
        Family Nurse Practitioner, ChesPenn Health Services, Chester,
        Pennsylvania, Nursing Consultant, Mullica Hill, New Jersey.
        Carpenito, Lynda Juall,
     REF RT48.6 .D643 2016                    2016
        Nursing diagnosis manual : planning, individualizing, and documenting
        client care / Marilynn E. Doenges, APN, BC-Retired,   Clinical
        Specialist-Adult Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, Adjunct Faulty (Ret.),
        Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences, CU-Springs, Colorado
        Springs, Colorado, Mary Frances Moorhouse, RN, MSN, CRRN, Nurse
        Consultant, TNT-RN Enterprises, Adjunct Nursing Faculty, Pikes Peake
        Community College, Colrado Springs, Colorado, Alice C. Murr, Diane Bligh,
        BSN, RN-Retired, Nurse Consultant, Parkville, Missouri.
        Doenges, Marilynn E., 1922-
     REF RT48.6 .L33 2017                     2017
        Mosby's guide to nursing diagnosis / Gail B. Ladwig, MSN, RN, Betty J.
        Ackley, MSN, EdS, RN, Mary Beth Flynn Makic, PhD, RN, CNS, CCNS, FAAN.
        Ladwig, Gail B.,
     REF RT48.6 .N869 2017                    2017
        Nursing diagnosis : application to clinical practice / [edited by] Lynda
        Juall Carpenito, RN, MSN, CRNP.
        Carpenito, Lynda Juall,
     REF RT49 .N87 2017                       2017
        Nursing care plans : diagnoses interventions, & outcomes / [edited by] Meg
        Gulanick, Judith L. Myers.
        Gulanick, Meg,
        Myers, Judith L.,
     REF TK3283 .M85 2015                     2015
        Electrical wiring commercial : based on the 2014 National Electrical Code
        / Phil Simmons, Ray C. Mullin.
        Simmons, J. Philip,
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  • Barth LRC Audio/Visual

     VIDEO DISC DVD 860                       2004
        Dental office emergencies : treatment and avoidance / Mark Castle.
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     VIDEO DISC DVD 861                       2014
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     VIDEO DISC DVD 865                       2012
        Understanding dental concepts, equipment, materials, and techniques
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     VIDEO DISC DVD 866                       2010
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     VIDEO DISC DVD 868                       2013
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     VIDEO DISC DVD 869                       2012
        Out on a limb (Motion picture : 2012)
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     VIDEO DISC DVD 871 DISC 1-2              2016
        Fluoroscopic radiation protection.
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     VIDEO DISC DVD 873                       2016
        Mastering the art of digital radiography : labs, exercises, and
        Digital Radiography Solutions.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 874                       2014
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