Students prepare for the Occupational Therapy Assistant profession after achieving entry-level competence through a combination of didactic (school) and fieldwork education. The fieldwork experience is designed to promote clinical reasoning and reflective practice, transmit the values and beliefs that enable ethical practice, and develop professionalism and competence in career responsibilities. 

Level I Fieldwork 

The goal of Level I fieldwork is to introduce students to fieldwork, apply knowledge to practice, and develop understanding of the needs of clients. Del Mar College OTA students actively participate in Level I Fieldwork rotations through the third and fourth semesters. At least one Level I fieldwork experience will address practice in behavioral health or psychological and social factors influencing engagement in occupation. 

Level I fieldwork enriches didactic coursework through directed observation and participation in selected aspects of the occupational therapy process and includes mechanisms for formal evaluation of student performance. Level I fieldwork is not to be substituted for any part of the Level II fieldwork.

Level II Fieldwork 

The goal of Level II fieldwork is to develop competent, entry-level generalist occupational therapy assistants. Level II fieldwork supervision is direct and then decreases to less direct supervision as appropriate for the setting, the severity of the client's condition, and the ability of the student to support progression toward entry-level competence.

Del Mar College OTA students complete two 8-week Level II fieldwork rotations during the fifth and final semester of the program. This may be completed on a part-time basis, as defined by the fieldwork placement in accordance with the fieldwork placement's usual and customary personnel policies, as long as it is at least 50% of an FTE (full-time employee status) at that site.

The student can complete Level II fieldwork in a minimum of one setting if it is reflective of more than one practice area, or in a maximum of three different settings.

Resources for Fieldwork Educators 

Fieldwork educators are integral partners in the preparation of entry-level OTA professionals.  

Level I fieldwork educators may include, but are not limited to, currently licensed or otherwise regulated occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants, psychologists, physician assistants, teachers, social workers, physicians, speech language pathologists, nurses, and physical therapists. 

Level II fieldwork educators must be a currently licensed or otherwise regulated occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant (under the supervision of an occupational therapist) who has a minimum of 1 year full-time (or it's equivalent) of practice experience as a licensed or otherwise regulated occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant. 

Resources for Fieldwork Educators: 

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