DMC Fieldwork Objectives

DMC Fieldwork Objectives

Occupational Therapy Assistant Program 

Level I Fieldwork Objectives 

The DMC OTA student will: 

  1. Demonstrate respect for clients’ rights, confidentiality, and privacy according to HIPAA and site-specific policies and procedures.
  2. Use sound judgment in regard to safety of self and others. 
  3. Adhere to the policies and procedures of the facility. 
  4. Demonstrate professional behavior in attendance, appearance, and communication, safety and attitude.  
  5. Demonstrate recognition of the occupational therapy process in the fieldwork setting.   
  6. In the absence of occupational therapy at the Level I fieldwork site (e.g., mental health setting without occupational therapy), the student will gain foundational understanding of the potential role of OT at the site as well as understanding of how services offered at the fieldwork site coordinate with those offered by occupational therapy. 
  7. Demonstrate a synthesis between learning in the clinical and classroom setting. 
  8. Gain understanding of related rehabilitation, school, mental health, and community services (as pertinent to the site) as well as understanding of the interdisciplinary model. 
  9. Gain understanding of psychological and social factors influencing engagement in occupation. 
  10. Communicate with the Clinical Instructor and/or OT supervisor to facilitate implementation of treatment goals, as permitted following demonstration of student competency. 
  11. Develop understanding through observation and application of grading activity to provide “just right” challenge to clients. 
  12. Meet with the Clinical Instructor to set professional objectives and identify areas for improvement. 
  13. Accepting constructive criticism and modify behaviors appropriately in response to feedback. 
  14. Appropriately orient the client and client’s family members to the nature and purpose of occupational therapy. 
  15. Apply concept of Therapeutic Use of Self to support client’s outcomes. 
  16. Promote the use of appropriate home and community programming to support performance in the client’s natural environment and participation in all contexts relevant to the client and each site.  
  17. Use available resources for collecting data relevant to the client’s needs. 
  18. Elicit pertinent data from interviews and observation. 
  19. Effectively interact through written, oral, and nonverbal communication with the client, caregivers, and colleagues/other health providers in a professionally acceptable manner.  
  20. Develop understanding of site-specific documentation criteria and strive to produce documentation to meet site’s standards. 
  21. Assist with maintenance of equipment, supplies, and treatment area in good order. 

Additional site-specific objectives may be set at request of the clinical fieldwork site. Please contact the Del Mar College OTA Academic Fieldwork Coordinator in reference to this request.

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