FAQ on Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

FAQ on Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Will the FAFSA changes delay my financial aid award?

    No. Although FAFSA results are available later than in past years, students who are eligible for financial aid will receive their award package in time to pay for Fall 2024 classes.

  • Should I register for classes while I’m waiting for financial aid?

    Yes. Del Mar College is committed to helping our students apply for financial aid and we will work diligently to award aid to all eligible students as soon as possible.

  • On the FAFSA application, the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is now the Student Aid Index (SAI). What does this mean?

    The Student Aid Index (SAI) will now replace the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) when calculating financial aid needs for families paying for college. This is the key formula that can help unlock scholarships, grants, federal student loans and other financial aid.

  • My Student Aid Index (SAI) is a negative number. Does this mean that my Pell Grant will be higher because it’s less than zero?

    No. Although you were issued a negative SAI, the Pell Grant amount will be the same, whether you have a zero or negative 1500 SAI.

  • Do I need to submit a FAFSA every year?

    Yes. Eligibility for federal student aid does not carry over from one award year to the next, so you need to submit the FAFSA each academic year in which you are or plan to be a student. Generally, you should submit the FAFSA in the fall for the following academic year (fall and spring). Your eligibility for federal student aid can differ from year to year for various reasons, including your family’s financial status.

Page last updated May 3, 2024.