Adjunct Part Time

Adjunct Part Time

Adjunct faculty (or part-time) are working professionals with advanced degrees in their field who teach part-time at Del Mar College. Adjunct instructors are subject to class availability and the need of the College. Qualified applicants become part of the "Applicant Pool" which will match applicants to class availability.

If you have an advanced degree in an academic field or a bachelor's degree with applicable work experience in an occupations field and you have talent, skills, and knowledge that you would like to share with Del Mar College students, we invite you get into the applicant pool for future opportunities. Click "Adjunct Pool" and then "Search Jobs" for more details.

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Adjunct faculty teaching semester hour courses will be paid as follows:

A6.13.1 Adjunct Faculty Teaching Salary Schedule
Degree/Time Pay
3 hours lecture per week Bachelor's degree $2,205 per semester
Master's degree $2,625 per semester
MFA if teaching Art, Drama or ENGL 2307: Creative Writing
Or Associate Professor Rank for FT Faculty Overload Pay
$2,888 per semester
Or Full Professor Rank for FT Faculty Overload Pay
$3,150 per semester
1 laboratory hour per week Bachelor's degree $420 per semester
Any Master's degree $420 per semester
Doctorate $420 per semester

A course which meets for three (3) lecture hours per week per long semester is the standard on which compensation is based. Courses which meet for more or fewer lecture hours per week will be adjusted. Courses which have laboratory hours will pay an additional $420 per laboratory hour per semester.

Example: Compensation for a course with three (3) lecture hours and one (1) laboratory hour per week taught by an adjunct faculty member with a master's degree would be $3,045 ($2,625 for lecture plus $420 for lab).

Official transcripts are required upon employment. Proof of work eligibility must be verified for successful candidates.

General Employment Questions: 361-698-1106 or 361-698-2178
General Employment Questions:

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