Division of Communication, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences

Division of Communication, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences

Who we are

Our College is located in Corpus Christi, Texas, next to the Gulf of Mexico on Corpus Christi Bay in South Texas. We are proud of the role the College and especially the Division has played and continues to play in the education and advancement of so many students from South Texas and throughout the nation. Many alumni have become well known for their contributions to their professions and to the broader local, national, and international communities. Our graduates agree that we are the originating source for much that is good in our nation, and we hope to add your name to this growing list.

What we offer

The Division offers a full array of both traditional and innovative courses, including the Core Curriculum so necessary to transfer students. We help students develop degree plans reflecting their intentions for attending upper-division courses at four-year institutions throughout the nation. As a fully accredited institution, academic college-level credits earned in our Division are easily transferable to other state and national institutions.

What We Believe

We believe in the usefulness and pleasures of a liberal education. We help to educate and train our students for successful and lucrative experiences in the larger world. We understand the need for acquiring the fundamentals of leadership and of cooperative behaviors which lead to responsible civic engagement, and we feel strongly about the successive stages of personal and professional development required for a successful future. Yet just as important are the delights and pleasures of learning. These are what ultimately bring happiness and give depth to our human experience. They are what lend meaning to our lives. In the end, the enduring questions of life are what are addressed each day by our fine faculty in our many classes. We invite you to join our conversation.

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Division of Communication, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences
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