Emergency Aid & Scholarships FAQ

Frequently Asked Scholarships Questions

Why Apply for Scholarships?


DMC Foundation Scholarships

How Do I Contact Your Office?

Contact our office by phone (361) 698-1317 or by email foundation@delmar.edu

When and How Do I Apply?

The DMC Foundation scholarship application opens each year from February 1 through April 30. During this yearly window of opportunity, you apply here: https://dmcfoundation.awardspring.com/. Scholarship awards are for the following Fall and Spring semesters.

How do Continuing/Returning DMC Students Apply?

  1. If you are a returning DMC student but have never applied for DMCF scholarships, ensure that you have your WEBDMC email set up and that you can log into it. If you are not sure what this means, go here to get your DMC ID and password. Then you need to have your WEBDMC email set up (this is NOT your Canvas email). So, go here to get your email address. Finally, log into your WEBDMC email to test your set up.
  2.  Go to the Scholarships Application, and choose "First Time Here? Set your Password" using your WEBDMC email account as your email address and creating a new password.
  3. Complete the Application by answering all of the questions. In the background, the application is matching you to the scholarships for which you likely pre-qualify as you answer the questions.

How Do New and Prospective Students Apply?

First, ensure you are "prospective and new!" You are considered a prospective student and a new applicant if: 

  • you have never attended Del Mar College before,
  • do not currently have a GPA (minimum 2.0) based on credit courses, or
  • are currently taking developmental courses (Reading, English or Math non-credit courses) or any non-credit course (Continuing Education).

If all of the above are true for you, "prospective and new" likely apply to you. Do the following:

Do You Have Dual Credit Scholarships?

Yes, we do. You need to have a 2.0 GPA and be planning to register for a minimum of 6 college credit hours per semester to apply. Use the instructions for returning student if this is not your first semester at DMC. Use the instructions for prospective student and new applicant if you are new to the Dual Credit program and Del Mar College.

What about Financial Aid?

While not required, you should submit your FAFSA application to qualify for more scholarships and financial aid. Find the free FAFSA application at: https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa - You may contact the Financial Aid Department here.

What Are The Facts About Scholarship?

  • Scholarships do not need to be paid back; they are a gift to help you graduate on time;
  • scholarships can be awarded without regard to Financial Aid eligibility;
  • you need 2.0 GPA or GED equivalency;
  • there are part-time awards = 6-11 credit hrs, and
  • full-time awards = 12+ credit hrs;
  • essays are not required for most scholarships;
  • you complete one application to apply for many scholarships; and
  • it takes 10-15 minutes for most people to apply.

What Can Scholarships be Used For?

Most scholarships help with whatever you need to remain in school and on track for graduation, for example: tuition, books and supplies, technology, tools, uniforms, and other support needs like transportation, food, housing, and more.

Do You Have Any Other Scholarships?

From time to time, we are given other scholarship opportunities for students from various organizations. We provide that information here.

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