Books, Equipment, and Supplies

Books, Equipment, and Supplies


Note: DO NOT purchase textbooks until you are formally accepted into the program.

EMT-Basic: 12e bundle
ISBN#24861-6 AEMT: 4e Advantage
ISBN#22814-4 PARAMEDIC: NC 8e Preferred
ISBN#13723-1 You may also find textbooks at:

Clinical Rotations

In order to facilitate scheduling students in clinical rotations and to track their progress in the rotation, students are required to purchase an account with PlatinumED. You may review costs associated with your certificate/degree at this link:

Equipment & Supplies

Note: DO NOT purchase Equipment and Supplies until you are formally accepted into the program.

Clinical Uniform: Approximate Costs

  • Classroom Shirt (x2)*
  • Clinical Shirt (x2)*
  • Dark blue or black pants**
  • Black shoes or boots**
  • Stethoscope
  • Safety goggles
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Analog watch with second hand
  • Bandage shears
  • Penlight
  • EMS Testing Software
*Available at Stitch It Embroidery & Screen Printing, 4333 S. Alameda, (361) 992-2006.

**Available at BJ’s Famous Uniforms, 3950 Leopard St., (361) 888-9142 or Walmart (Dickies style).

Plain, unornamented black leather top shoes or boots (steel-toe preferred), or athletic shoe styles are acceptable if they are a solid black and have an upper surface made from impermeable leather or leather-like material. Only round-toed boots are allowed. 

Certification Fees

At publication, fees associated with certification were:

  • FAST 1 criminal background check (Required by the Texas Department of State Health Services) $45.00 (approx.)
  • Texas Department of State Health Services certification fee $64.00
  • National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians testing fee $70.00

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