Viking Textbook Access

Viking Textbook Access

Textbooks in a tablet device

Del Mar College Bookstore is offering the Viking Textbook Access delivery option for course materials that is less expensive than traditional textbooks.  The program connects students and participating faculty with digital learning tools for their courses via Canvas. Students have the course materials on the first day of class and can use Viking Textbook Access course materials on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

The Del Mar College Bookstore's goals are to provide course materials at a reduced cost to students and improve educational outcomes for students by having immediate access to course materials.

The price will vary depending on the course materials chosen by the instructors, but the prices are lower than the cost of the printed materials,

The steps to participate are easy:

  1. Register for a course that states textbooks and/or courseware will be available digitally through VitalSource.  The information can be found on WebDMC in the the course description.
  2. Students will receive an email from the bookstore explaining how to access their digital materials content.
  3. Your ebook is available through Canvas on day one.
  4. Students have the ability to opt-out of VIking Textbook Access materials between the first day of class and census day; access is turned off and students will receive credit/refund after the census date of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Viking Textbook Access cost?

  • The cost will vary depending on each course.  Check the amount of the course in the course description through WebDMC course listing.

Does the bookstore have a website?

How do I pay for my access?

  • The charge is included in the tuition and fees bill for the course.  A student will see the cost as Viking Textbook Access on their bill.

How will I get my access code?

  • If your instructor is using Viking Textbook Access, you are already enrolled and don’t need an access code. You will be notified via email prior to the start of class with access instructions, the discounted pricing and information on opting out. 

What does it mean to opt-out?

  • If you do not wish to participate in Viking Texbook Access, you have the ability to opt out of the program (the opt-out procedure will be outlined in your emailed information). If you opt out by the deadline provided, access to the online content will be turned off and you will be credited.

If I opt-out, when will I receive a refund?

  • Refunds will be issued after census date of the course. Refunds will be issued based on your chosen Refund Preference. Please refer to the Refund information of this website.  

I opted out by mistake and realized that I still need my access. Can I opt back in?

  • Yes, as long as you request it before the census date of the course. Email the bookstore to have your access reinstated at

I did not opt out, but I did not register my access or use the online platform. Will I still be billed?

  • Yes. All students who enrolled in a course using Viking Textbook Access are automatically considered part of the program. To receive a credit for the initial charge, you must opt out before the census date of the course.

I dropped the course. Do I still need to opt out?

  • If a student drops a course prior to census date, they will automatically be “opted out” and will be credited. No refunds are available after the census date has passed.

I forgot to opt out and missed the deadline. Am I eligible for a refund now?

  • No refunds are available past the opt out deadline, which is the census date of the course.

I have trouble connecting with access to the online content. Who do I contact?

  • The publisher is your first point of contact. The links are provided below. The publisher of your content should be listed in the initial email you received regarding your textbook access. If you can’t find your publisher listed or are unable to find a resolution from the publisher, please email the Viking Textbook Access team at the bookstore at for further assistance.

What if I add a class late? How long do I have to decide to opt out?

  • Students enrolled were billed prior to the start of the semester. If you added a class after the semester begins, you will have until census date to decide whether to opt out before being billed.

I didn’t get an email about my course, but other students in my class did. Was I sent an email?

  • All enrolled students are emailed about the program. If it is not in a spam folder or was accidentally deleted, email the Viking Textbook Access team at for access instructions.

What if I would like to purchase printed materials?

  • Contact the Del Mar Bookstore to find out if a printed option is available. You are also able to opt out of the Viking Textbook Access program and purchase required materials from the publisher or a third party if they are available. You would then be responsible for purchasing the textbook materials that are required by your instructor.

If I have additional questions, who do I contact?

  • If your question wasn’t answered in these FAQs, please email the bookstore at for more information.

Page last updated May 20, 2024.