Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement (JA) is a recognized activity of Del Mar College, sponsored by Alpha Beta Gamma, the National Business Honor Society. Its purpose is to put Del Mar students and faculty into the classrooms of area schools, grades K-12, to teach students about business and economics in their everyday lives.

Del Mar students are role models to students of various socioeconomic backgrounds. JA encourages all students, whether business majors or not, men and women, to participate at any area school that currently sponsors, or is willing to sponsor, the program.

Current sponsoring schools include: Miller, Travis, Zavala, McFadden (TM), Annaville, Kaffie Middle, Ella Barnes, M. L Garza-Gonzales Charter, Evans Elementary, Sanders Elementary, Galvan, Smith, Yeager, Oak Park, Dawson, Club Estates, Kostoryz, Meadowbrook, Los Encinos and W.C. Andrews.

Junior Achievement itself is a national organization established almost 100 years ago. Its original purpose was to put businessmen into high schools to teach students how to start their own businesses. It has expanded over the years to include age-appropriate lesson plans on all aspects of business and economics, including money, banking, marketing, job interviews, job search, community development, personal finance, management, production and accounting. Junior Achievement provides excellent teaching materials produced by national experts in education.

Junior Achievement is sponsored locally by Flint Hill's Refinery, H.E.B and other business such as Honda Financial Services. Jayne Woodall is the District Director for Junior Achievement. Charles "Chip" Campbell, Chairperson and Assistant Professor of Management in the Department of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, is the current campus interface with Ms. Woodall.

Student Benefits

Benefits of Junior Achievement

  • Course Credit. Several faculty at Del Mar College offer Junior Achievement as integral parts of their courses, or for honors or extra credit. If you are interested in participating in Junior Achievement, please inquire with your current instructor for available opportunities.
  • Resume. Participation in JA shows that the student teacher is active in the community and hence brings an extra dimension to the corporate and business workplace. Therefore it enhances your student resume.
  • Honors. Many students have participated in Junior Achievement for honors credit. Some have done special projects, such as: develop a web site, brochures, create PowerPoint presentations, set up standard operating procedures for administering the program.
  • Helping Children. The main reason for participating in Junior Achievement is that you make a difference in children’s lives. You are a role model. You feel good about yourself. Many student teachers receive thank you cards and have class parties. Virtually every participant, according to “blind” questionnaires: (1) would recommend JA to a friend and (2) consider it a positive experience. A high percentage plan to participate again.

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Charles "Chip" Campbell

Jayne Woodall
District Director


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