General Academic/Music Building Phase II

General Academic/Music Building Phase II

Project/Program Location

Del Mar College’s East Campus located at Baldwin Boulevard and Ayers Street in Corpus Christi, Texas

Project Size

  • Current Building Area: The new Space Program will be approximately 127,000 Gross Square Feet (GSF). 
  • GSF/USF: GSF includes both the Space Program noted below, as well as Unassignable Square Feet (USF) for service areas such as corridors, mechanical/electrical rooms, janitorial rooms, walls, partitions and chases.
  • Includes courtyard in memory of Professor Emeritus Mike Anzaldua 

Project Budget

  • Base Bid: $45,500,000
  • Alternate Bid Total: $475,075
  • Total: $45,975,075
  • Authorized Construction Budget Building/Sidewalks/Paving: $45,125,000
  • Site, Utility Extensions, and English Demolition: $1,250,000
  • Total Authorized Budget: $46,375,000
  • Surplus:$399,925


Concept Design Approved by Board - January 26, 2016

Project Construction

  • Space Program 
    • General: This Project will house the instructional programs in General Academic and Music.
    • Preliminary Space Program: The preliminary space program will be provided to the Project Architect prior to fee/scope negotiations. 

  • Building Assignments 
    • New Building: Approximately 127,000 Gross Square Foot total; including 42,000 GSF
    • Music Phase 2 and 85,000 GSF – Academic Building
  • Other Construction  
    • Sitework: Will address the current parking and general site renovations. 
    • Additional new sidewalks, paving, lighting and other site improvements. 
    • Additional new earthwork, grading, and drainage about the Project Area. 
    • Demolition of existing Sitework and improvements as needed. 
    • Renovations to existing Sitework and improvements as needed. 
    • Campus Utility Systems: Modify service to building and connections to such as needed.
    • Campus Drainage: Modify drainage of site as needed.
  • Landscaping: New Landscaping and Irrigation systems at yard/planting areas adjacent the new facilities.

Project Timeline

Process Date
Board Award Construction Contract 04/11/17
Notice to Proceed - Begin Construction 05/08/17
Complete Construction 03/09/19
Complete Closeout 05/01/19
Soft Opening - Staff Move In 05/15/19
Full Occupancy 08/15/19

Project Architect
Richter Architects, INC & BRW Architects
General Contractor
Bartlett Cocke/Beecroft JV
Construction Manager

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