The Department of English and Philosophy is proud to have faculty who come from all over the country. They bring passion and experience to their craft of teaching. Below is information about our faculty members.

Currently, faculty offices are located in the Coles Classroom Building on East Campus.

  • Faculty

    Norma Ayala-Maynard 

    Professor of English
    CB 250 | (361) 698-1452
    Norma Ayala Maynard; Professor of English AA - Del Mar College 
    BA - English and BA - Spanish - Corpus Christi State University
    MA - English, Spanish, and Ethnic Studies - Corpus Christi State University

    With 25 years of experience at Del Mar, Norma has taught several face-to-face and online courses in composition (first-year and developmental) and Literature (American, Mexican-American, and British). Professor Ayala-Maynard serves as the adjunct mentoring coordinator.

    Erica Rose Bertero

    Assistant Professor of English
    Faculty Coordinator for Development Education
    CB 140 | (361) 698-1433 | ebertero@delmar.edu
    Erica Rose Bertero; Assistant Professor of English and Faculty Coordinator for Developmental Education

    BA - English - Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
    MA - English (Rhetoric and Composition) - Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

    Erica has been with the Del Mar College family since Fall 2006. Her teaching interests include Developmental Composition, Mexican-American Literature, and Women's Literature.

    Carrie Buttler

    Instructor of English
    CB 219 | (361) 698-1925 | cbuttler@delmar.edu
    Carrie Buttler; Instructor of English AA - English - Del Mar College
    BA - English - Texas Lutheran College
    MA - English - Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

    Carrie Buttler is a native of Corpus Christi and alum of Del Mar College. She teaches developmental composition and, occasionally, Literature courses.

    Dr. Jonizo Cain-Calloway

    Professor of English
    CB 137 | (361) 698-1688 | jccallo@delmar.edu
    Dr. Jonizo Cain-Calloway; Professor of EnglishBA - English Literature - The University of Texas at Austin
    MA - English Literature - Rice University
    Ph.D. - English Literature - Rice University

    Jonizo's graduate studies focused on 19th Century British Literature. At Del Mar, she has taught developmental composition, first-year composition, and Literature courses.

    Alan Clark

    Professor of Philosophy
    CB 247 | (361) 698-1429 | aclark@delmar.edu
    Alan Clark; Professor of PhilosophyBA - Philosophy - Missouri State University
    MA - Philosophy - Texas A&M University

    Alan mainly teaches Ethics although his other interests include Eastern Philosophy and Meta Philosophy. If he could choose the manner of his own death, he would prefer to be struck by a meteor.

    Dr. Barbara Craig

    Professor of English
    CB 245 | (361) 698-1428 |  bcraig@delmar.edu
    Dr. Barbara Craig; Professor of EnglishBA - English and French - MacMurray College
    MA - English - Ohio University
    Certificat d'Assiduite in French language and culture - Universitede Strasbourg, France
    Ph.D. - Interdisciplinary (English, Communications, and Education) - Ohio University

    Dr. Craig teaches mostly Developmental Composition and Women's Literature (ENGL 2341). She is a winner of the Creighton Award for Teaching Excellence.

    Dr. Susie Crowson

    Professor of English
    CB 248 | (361) 698-1432 |  scrowson@delmar.edu 
    Dr. Susie Crowson; Professor of EnglishBA - English - Texas Tech University
    MA - English - Texas Tech University
    Ph.D. - Rhetoric - Texas Women's University

    Susie teaches Developmental Composition, First-Year Composition, and British Literature.

    Dr. Andre Rosenbaum de Avillez

    Instructor of Philosophy
    Fine Arts 161 | (3611) 698-1426 | adeavillez@delmar.edu | CV
    Dr. Andre Rosenbaum de Avillex; Instructor of PhilosophyAA - Liberal Arts - Collin County Community College
    BA - Philosophy - University of North Texas
    MA (2) - Philosophy - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Penn State University
    Ph.D. - Philosophy - Penn State University

    André's teaching and research interests include Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art, Ethics, the History of Philosophy, and Contemporary Continental Philosophy.

    Edith Gonzalez

    Instructor of English
    VB 329 | (361) 698-1313 | egonzalez43@delmar.edu
    Edith Gonzalez; Instructor of EnglishAA (2) - English and Art - South Texas Community College
    BA - English with Minor in Journalism - Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
    MA - Rhetoric and Composition (minor in Mexican-American Literature) - Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
    Texas Teaching Certification (Grades 4-8)

    Edith is originally from the Rio Grande Valley and moved to Corpus Christi in 2006. Her teaching interests include First-Year Composition, Mexican-American Literature, and Content Reading.

    Marivel Gonzales-Hernandez

    Professor of English
    CB 249 | (361) 698-1927 | mgherna@delmar.edu
    Marivel Gonzales Hernandez; Professor of EnglishBS - Education (English and Government) - Texas A&I University
    MS - English - Texas A&I University

    Ms. Gonzales-Hernandez teaches English Composition and American Literature. She is married and has two sons and two dogs.

    Connie Gutiérrez (Assistant Chair)

    Professor of English
    CB 240 | (361) 698-1431 | cgutier@delmar.edu
    Connie Gutiérrez (Assistant Chair); Professor of EnglishBS - Secondary Education - Texas A&I University
    MS - English - Texas A&I University

    Connie teaches Developmental Composition and First-Year Composition courses.

    Sara Kaplan

    Associate Professor of English
    Heritage Hall 109 | (361) 698-1427 | skaplan@delmar.edu | CV
    Sara Kaplan; Associate Professor of EnglishBA - English Literature and Creative Writing - Sweet Briar College
    MA - Poetry - Miami University
    MFA - Creative Writing in Poetry - University of Idaho

    Sara is originally from North Carolina. Her educational background and teaching interests include poetry and Literature. She currently teaches sophomore level Literature, creative writing, and English Composition.

    Dr Kent A. Lenz

    Assistant Professor of English
    CB 246 | (361) 698-1689 | klenz@delmar.edu | CV
    Dr. Kent A Lenz; Assistant Professor of EnglishBFA - Creative Writing in Fiction - University of Nebraska at Omaha
    MFA - Creative Writing in Fiction - University of Nebraska
    Ph.D. - English in Rhetoric and Composition - Bowling Green State University

    Kent's teaching interests include multimodal composition and pop culture. He teaches English Composition and Sophomore Level Literature. When outside of the classroom, Kent enjoys baseball, softball, and comic books.

    Dr. Paul McCann

    Associate Professor of English
    CB 241 | (361) 698-1439 | pmccann@delmar.edu
    Dr. Paul McCann; Associate Professor of EnglishBA - The University of Texas at Austin
    MA - Texas A&M University
    Ph.D. - Texas A&M University

    Paul's teaching interests include First Year Composition, Literature, Creative Writing, and Professional / Technical Writing.

    Matthew Moore

    Instructor of Philosophy
    CB 243 | (361) 698-1923 | mfmoore@delmar.edu
    Matthew Moore; Instructor of PhilosophyBA - Philosophy - University of Dallas
    MA - Philosophy - University of Dallas
    MTH - Theology - University of Dallas
    Ph.D. (ABD) - Philosophy - University of St. Thomas at Houston

    Matthew is a proud father of four. His scholarly interests include Philosophy of Religion, Virtue Theory, the History of Ideas, Aquinas, Modernism, Greek Tragedy, and Shakespeare.

    George Obermiller

    Instructor of English
    E 211 | (361) 698-1430 | gobermiller@delmar.edu
    George Obermiller; Instructor of EnglishBA - English - Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
    M.Ed. - Education - Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA
    MFA - Creative Writing - Goddard College, Plainfield, VT

    George teaches Developmental and First-Year composition. His interests include dramatic writing for the stage and screen.

    Dr. Maria Veronica Pantoja

    Assistant Professor of English
    CB 141 | (361) 698-2329 | mpantoja6@delmar.edu
    Dr. Maria Veronica PantojaAA - English - Del Mar College
    BA - English - Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
    MA - English - Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
    Ph.D. - Rhetoric/Composition & Linguistics - Arizona State University

    Dr. Pantoja is fascinated by the horror genre and stories about madmen, zombies, and monsters. She enjoys teaching first-year composition and encouraging her students.

    Dr. Matthew Perry (Chair)

    Associate Professor of English
    CB 233 | (361) 698-1234 | mattperry@delmar.edu
    Dr. Matthew Perry(Chair); Associate Professor of EnglishBA - English - Missouri Southern State University
    MS - College Teaching (emphasis in Language Arts) - Northeastern State University
    MA - English Language & Literature - The University of Tulsa
    Ph.D. - English Language & Literature - The University of Tulsa

    Dr. Perry's research and teaching interests include War Literature, American and British Modernism, and Film Studies. He teaches First-Year Composition and Literature Courses.

    Kezia Ruiz

    Assistant Professor of English
    CB 242 | (361) 698-1423 | kruiz16@delmar.edu
    Kezia Ruiz; Assistant Professor of EnglishBA - English - Baylor University
    MA - English - Baylor University
    Ph.D. (ABD) - Rhetoric and Composition - Texas Women's University

    Ruiz's doctoral work is in Rhetoric and Composition with specialty in information literacy and multimodal composition.

    Dr. Emily Shearer Stewart

    Assistant Professor of English
    CB 325 | (361) 698-1450 | eshearerstewart@delmar.edu
    Dr. Emily Shearer Stewart; Assistant Professor of EnglishBA - English Literature - Eastern Kentucky University
    MA - British Literature - Eastern Kentucky University
    Ph.D. - British Literature - Middle Tennessee State University

    Dr. Stewart studies the interactions between science, religion, and art in the poetry of the Victorian era as well as new media interpretations of Victorian classics.

    Dr. Susan Swan

    Assistant Professor of English
    CB 335 | (361) 698-1441 | sswan@delmar.edu
    Dr. Susan Swan; Assistant of EnglishBA - French - Washington University in St. Louis
    MA - Teaching of Writing - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
    Ph.D. - Rhetoric - Carnegie Mellon University

    Susan's teaching interests revolve around creativity and innovation in the classroom. She teaches first-year composition and sophomore-level Literature.

    Sandra Valerio

    Assistant Professor of English
    CB 334 | (361) 698-2314 | svalerio@delmar.edu
    Sandra Valerio; Assistant Professor of EnglishAA - Foreign Languages (Spanish) - Del Mar College
    AAS - Health Care Management and Allied Health Sciences - Comm. Coll. of the Air Force
    BA - English - Texas A&M Corpus Christi
    MA - English in Rhetoric and Composition - Texas A&M Corpus Christi

    Valerio, a native of Corpus Christi's Molina neighborhood, is a Veteran of the USAF. She teaches developmental and first-year composition as well as sophomore level Literature courses.

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  • Adjunct Faculty

  • Professor Emeriti Honorees

    The Department of English and Philosophy and Del Mar College are proud to recognize the following former faculty members with this honorary title.

    These individuals dedicated most of their careers to quality instruction, research, leadership, and service to their colleagues and students.

    Mike M. Anzaldula

    Professor Emeritus of English
    Mike M. Anzaldula; Professor Emeritus of EnglishAA - Del Mar College
    BA - East Texas State University
    MA - East Texas State University

    Mike passed away in 2012 after a successful career at Del Mar College where he served as the Assistant Director of the Writing Center (1986-89), Chair of the English Department (1989-96), and Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences (2008-09).

    Joann Heymann

    Professor Emeritus of English
    Joann Heymann; Professor Emeritus of EnglishBBA - The University of Texas at Austin
    MS - Texas A&I University

    Dr. Eva Muñiz

    Professor Emeritus of English
    Dr. Eva Muñiz; Professor Emeritus of EnglishAA - Del Mar College
    BA - English - Corpus Christi State University
    MAIS - English, Education, and Hispanic Studies - Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
    Ed.D - Educational Leadership - Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi


    During Dr. Muñiz’s 25 years at DMC, she taught developmental and college-level composition, technical and business writing, and Literature (American, British, Women’s, and Mexican-American), face-to-face and online. She was the first to teach a course in Native American and African-American Women’s Literature as well as Mexican-American Literature at DMC.

    Dr. Cheryl Pfoff

    Professor Emeritus of English
    Dr. Cheryl Pfoff; Professor Emeritus of EnglishAA - Del Mar College
    BA - The University of Texas at Austin
    MA - University of California at Los Angeles
    Ph.D. - University of California at Los Angeles

    During Dr. Pfoff's time at Del Mar, she taught Developmental Composition, First-Year Composition, and American Literature.

    Dr. Maria D. Salinas

    Professor Emeritus of English
    Dr. Maria D. Salinas; Professor Emeritus of English

    Maria retired and moved to San Antonio after teaching various disciplines at Del Mar for over 25 years. She taught GED courses, ESL, Freshman Seminar, Developmental English, Composition I & II and Mexican American Literature. She is currently teaching as an adjunct at San Antonio College.

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