About eLearning

About eLearning

The Office of eLearning inspires excellence and innovation in online instruction by creating and providing resources and professional development opportunities that foster innovative and effective pedagogical practices among all who teach at Del Mar College.


The Office of eLearning supports the mission of Del Mar College through its focus of the following goals, as established by the institution’s strategic plan:

Academic Preparedness and Student Learning

Accelerate student attainment of academic preparedness and ensure optimal levels of learning in all instructional delivery formats.

Objective: Online Education. Support the Del Mar community by providing resources designed to support the delivery of quality online instruction.

Objective: Technology and Equipment. Support the use of innovative technology solutions and up-to-date equipment used to facilitate student learning and instruction.

Objective: Faculty Professional Development. Provide professional development and one-to-one support designed to support faculty in their delivery of innovative and exceptional online instruction.

Learning Environments

Provide engaging, effective, and student ready environments with accomplished and qualified personnel to facilitate learning and productivity.

Objective: Professional GrowthOffer professional growth and leadership development opportunities for faculty and staff.


During the 2021-2022 academic year*, the Office of eLearning accomplished the following:

  • Conducted over 500 individual consultations with members of the Del Mar College community.
  • Delivered over 600 countable hours of professional development training to DMC personnel.
  • Hosted the third annual eLearning Symposium, Finding Balance in Distance Education.
  • Published monthly ‘Director’s Message’ on the eLearning SharePoint site.
  • Maintained the electronic document, Distance Education Faculty Handbook, ensuring updates and modifications to the living document were applied, in accordance with the expectations established by federal, state, and accrediting agencies.
  • Created numerous resources, including:
    • Revised Getting Started with Canvas, a self-paced course, inclusive of ‘how-to’ and video updates to reflect the changes in the learning management system.
    • Developed and published two new courses, Hybrid Course Design and Making Sense of Copyright.
    • EDU Digital Literacy Guide- a resource tool designed to offer general ‘how-to’ guidance for basic computer literacy.
  • Published four quarterly eLearning newsletters, Going the Distance.
  • Membership and involvement in various DMC standing committees and councils
    • eLearning Advisory Committee
    • eLearning Ad Hoc Committee
    • Student Learning Steering Committee
    • Faculty Council
  • Official Membership
    • DigiTex- Digital Higher Education Consortium of Texas
    • OLC- Online Learning Consortium
    • THECB Learning Technology Advisory Committee
    • TxDLA- Texas Distance Learning Association
    • Texas Out-of-State Community of Practice
    • USDLA- United States Distance Learning Association
  • Continued involvement with WCET/State Authorization Network.
  • Synchronous facilitation of the faculty professional development course, Designing and Teaching Online.
  • The Director of eLearning served as a co-presenter for the ‘Digital Accessibility’ Workshop delivered at the spring 2022 TxDLA Conference.
  • Updated several existing resources to ensure DMC stakeholders continue to receive current and relevant items pertaining to distance education course design and instruction:
    • Canvas Checklist
    • Dual Credit Facilitator Document
    • Viking Video Recordings- Video Platforms Document
  • Delivered the session, Good and Best Practices in Online Course Design: The Developmental Education Context, at the 2022 Summer Academy hosted by Faculty Council.
  • Delivered multiple sessions at the Faculty Development Day events offered during AY 2022:
    • Canvas Quick Start for the Beginning of the Semester
    • Cultivating Regular and Substantive Interaction that Extends Beyond the Traditional Classroom
    • Neuroplasticity: Instructional Tips to Promote Student Learning
    • Open Educational Resources at Del Mar College
  • Served as the primary Canvas training/consulting office for Continuing Education/Workforce Education personnel teaching online courses in Canvas.
  • Ongoing oversight of the following asynchronous courses:
    • Basics of Universal Design and Accessibility (BUDA)
    • Getting Started with Canvas (GSWC)
    • Hybrid Course Design (HYBRID)
    • Making Sense of Copyright (COPY)
    • Student Engagement (SE)
    • Respondus Lockdown Browser + Monitor (RLB)
  • Served as one of the managerial offices responsible for coordinating the budgetary and engagement logistics affiliated with the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Grant (HEERF).  Specifically, managerial tasks performed by eLearning included:
    • Coordinating independent contractor agreements and processing DMC personnel registrations for approved training.
    • Offering faculty professional development opportunities.

*AY2022 was the first academic year to resume pre-COVID-19 operations. The Office of eLearning worked extensively to support faculty offering web-enhanced, hybrid, and online courses at Del Mar community.

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