Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts

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  • All paper MUST be recycled separately from other recyclables
  • Cardboard or paper contaminated with food or liquid is NOT recyclable
  • Plastic lids are too small to be recycled alone, put them on the container or throw away separately
  • Be sure plastics and cans are rinsed and dried before placing in appropriate bin
  • Never allow more than ONE (1) teaspoon of liquid to remain in cans or plastics before being recycled
  • DON’T BAG RECYCLABLES – place each item in the appropriate receptacle separately

Additional information available from Recycling Simplified from Republic Services.

Recycling Simplified

Contacts for On-Campus Recycling

General Inquiries

Chris Tweddle
Director of Environmental Health and Safety
(361) 698-1641

Bin requests or pickup/dropoff information

Deborah Garcia
Warehouse Supervisor (Purchasing)
(361) 698-1273

Page last updated October 30, 2019.