In 2010, Del Mar College set out to create a more collegiate experience, enhance school spirit, build tradition, and promote a college-going culture in the community.

In the Spring of 2016 the Mascot Development Committee was created, which included the following members Dr. Rito Silva, Vice President for Student Affairs, Claudia Jackson, Jay Knioum and Melinda Eddleman with College Relations and Beverly Cage, Director of Student Leadership & Campus Life selected Raymond Entertainment for consulting services of a mascot for the college.

David Raymond, Owner of Raymond Entertainment, is a character building expert who works with corporations, sports teams and institutions of higher education, both colleges and universities all over the country. Raymond also is the original Phillie Phanatic, the well-known official mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball team.

The Viking, which was first recognized as DMC’s mascot in 1939, has remained a very strong image among alumni and current students. Developing a Viking “character” that appealed to all target audiences was key and required understanding the psychological factors behind that appeal.

Raymond led a mascot development focus group in mid-August 2016 to develop initial character design for consideration using input from students, alumni, faculty and individuals representing both Exempt and Nonexempt staff in January 2017. The College advertising agency of record-Morehead, Dotts, & Rybak led a similar focus group to collect input and recommended changes for the final Viking mascot design.

The final design was determined and costume production company, Avant Garb, was contracted to produce the Viking mascot costume. “The Viking” was then ready for his introduction.

While Del Mar College does not maintain competitive sports teams, use of “The Viking” will serve to build a recognizable presence on campus and off campus events in surrounding the communities. The Viking mascot will foster an enriching connection among Del Mar College’s various community supporters and partners.

The new Viking mascot will also support Del Mar’s expanded branding activities targeting young students in elementary through high school grades while they are at an age critical to developing a “college-going” perspective.

Page last updated February 14, 2018.