Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Although Del Mar College has an open door policy, specific programs in the college have selected admission. To be eligible for consideration for selection into the Pharmacy Technology Program, applicants must meet the following criteria. New students are accepted into the Pharmacy Technology program each Fall and Spring semesters.

The Pharmacy Technician program application or eform, unofficial transcript(s), a background check, and a preliminary drug screen must be received in electronically or via mail by:

  • July 1 (Fall semester)
  • November 1 (Spring semester)

Meeting criteria for selection does not guarantee admission to the program. Final selection will be based on the applicant pool and space available. These criteria supersede any other information.

After program acceptance, the student must submit a completed physical examination which includes the complete Hepatitis B series, a current college transcript and a current card of completion in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for Health Care Providers which must be maintained throughout the program.

Upon enrollment, the student must pass a background check and drug screen test, at student's expense, for security clearance and continued enrollment in the program.

Admission criteria

The following is the admission criteria for the proposed program:


Official transcripts must be sent directly to Del Mar College Admission's Office from issuing schools/agencies. All applicants, including college transfers, must submit high school or official GED Transcript directly to Del Mar College. College transfer students must submit official transcripts from all colleges in which applicant has enrolled. A minimum of 2.0 undergraduate GPA is required of all students.

Placement test scores

Student must be TSIA2 compliant or be exempt according to the Texas Success Initiative standards; or, required remedial work (including any and all necessary college preparatory courses) must have been successfully completed.


  • All applicants must submit a transcript showing completion or course in progress by July 1 (Fall semester) or November 1 (Spring semester):
    • ENGL 1301
    • MATH 1314
    • For AAS degree: ITSC 1309 (computer course not required for certificate)
  • A grade point average of 2.0 or better on the above prerequisite courses is required.

Special Notes

Questions regarding the Pharmacy Technology Program should be directed to the Pharmacy Technology Program Director at (361) 698-2823.

Students have to apply for a trainee license if accepted into the program.

Further information will be provided for accepted applicants during the Pharmacy Technology Program orientation.

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Contact Information

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