Career Outlook

Career Outlook

Medical Laboratory Technologists have an unlimited choice of practice settings - hospitals, for-profit laboratories, clinics, physician office laboratories, public health facilities, business and industry - all of which offer excellent job placement. The Medical Laboratory Technologist performs a full range of laboratory tests from the most routine to the most complex.

Percentile wage estimates for this occupation:
Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $19.97 $24.70 $29.36 $35.46 $40.94
Annual Wage(2) $41,550 $51,370 $61,070 $73,760 $85,160

Median annual wages of medical and clinical laboratory technicians was $61,070 in May 2016. The middle 50 percent earned between $51,370 and $73,760. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $41,550, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $85,160. Note these are national averages for this occupation obtained from the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For more information, visit U.S. Department of Labor.

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