Drug and Alcohol Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Del Mar College is committed to working to maintain a safe, healthy, lawful and productive working and educational environment for all employees and students. Studies have shown that use of illegal drugs and abuse of alcohol increases the potential for accidents, absenteeism, tardiness, unsatisfactory performance, inefficiency, poor employee morale and damage to the College's reputation.

The intent of this policy is to make Del Mar College a better place to study and work through upgrading the mental and physical health of the total College community. It acknowledges the freedom of choice for those individuals who require or seek information relative to Drug/Alcohol Abuse.

A. Definition of Legal Drugs

  • A "legal drug" is a prescribed drug or over-the-counter drug which has been legally obtained and is being legally used for the purpose for which it was prescribed or manufactured.

B. Definition of Illegal Drugs

  • An "illegal drug" is any drug or controlled substance which is (l) not legally obtainable or (2) is legally obtainable but was not legally obtained. The term "illegal drug" includes all illegal drugs, dangerous drugs and controlled substances defined and listed in Articles 4476-14 and 4476-15 (Texas Controlled Substances Act) Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes. Marijuana, hashish, cocaine, PCP, LSD, heroin, Dilaudid, Quaaludes, steroids and methamphetamine are only a few of the dangerous drugs or controlled substances which are included within such terms.
  • This policy applies to all students and employees of Del Mar College, as well as College visitors, contractors and all other persons occupying space in/on conveyances, offices, buildings, facilities, or grounds over which Del Mar College has custody and control, including, but not limited to, rentals and leasing of auditorium and classroom spaces.
  • This policy does not cancel or supersede other laws, orders, instructions, or regulations which make the use, possession and/or distribution of dangerous drugs and controlled substances illegal.
  • When personal or behavioral problems begin to affect a student's academic performance, and this appears to be the result of drug or alcohol abuse, the individual may be referred to the College Counseling Center for information on drugs/alcohol and/or to local community professionals. The student shall be responsible for any cost and/or fees incurred for professional services. Information concerning diagnosis, treatment and medical records will be kept strictly confidential.
  • It is recognized that a person's job performance or academic studies may be affected by persons in the employee's or student's family who have alcohol, drug, or other emotional or behavioral problems. Therefore, the College will offer information services to these family members, but accepts no further responsibility.
  • Use, distribution, or possession of alcoholic beverages, dangerous drugs, or controlled substances while on College property or at any authorized activity sponsored by or for any College-related organization, whether on or off campus, is subject to disciplinary action.

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