How to Do Business with DMC

How to Do Business with DMC

  • Guidelines for Vendors

    • Please call ahead for appointments whenever possible. "Social Calls" are not necessary. In sales, we know that time is money for you.
    • It is mutually beneficial for us to be kept up-to-date on new ideas or products. Please make sure that we have your latest catalogs, website addresses, email contacts, and price lists. Electronic versions and websites are preferred.
    • Please be advised that purchasing authority at Del Mar College is delegated to the Purchasing Department. A purchase order is awarded after compliance with state, federal, and/or local regulations.
    • Please quote realistic delivery dates.
    • In discussing requirements with a College department, please make sure that the Purchasing Department is aware of the discussion.
    • Please conduct your business openly and frankly. As a public institution, our records are a matter of public record.
    • We expect you to honor all pricing, delivery, and service agreements as quoted.
    • We value our supplier relationships. If you have questions, please call us.
    • We solicit the help of all vendors to sustain our policy that College employees accept no gifts or favors.
  • Governing Policies

    Provisions of the Del Mar College Policy and Procedures manual, the Texas Education Code, the Texas Local Government Code, Attorney General Opinions and other statutes and regulations govern the purchasing policies of Del Mar College. Goods and services purchased with Federal grant funds must also comply with U. S. Government purchasing policies.

    We subscribe to the codes of ethics of the National Association of Education Procurement and the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing.

  • Purchase Order

    A College purchase order signed by an authorized member of the Purchasing Department, a written contract signed by the President of the College or the President's authorized designee (typically the Vice President of Administration and Finance), or a purchase charged against a College purchasing card (credit card) are the only methods for the purchase of supplies, materials, equipment, or services obligating Del Mar College. Vendors are cautioned not to act on verbal orders from College departments or employees without first obtaining a signed purchase order, contract or purchasing card authorization. Our standard terms and conditions for purchase of goods are provided in this booklet.

  • Vendor List

    The Purchasing Department maintains a current file of vendors for specific products and services. The file is updated and new vendors added as necessary. Vendors who have not previously conducted business with Del Mar College are invited to contact the Purchasing Department to get a copy of the Bidder’s Application Form.

  • Open Market Purchasing Procedures

    Purchases less than $5,000

    In accord with generally established good purchasing practice and at the discretion of the Purchasing Office.

    Purchases $5,000 to $14,999.99

    Require a minimum of two (2) price quotations from responsible vendors. Quotations may be in writing, facsimile or telephone with written notes for file. Purchases based on quotations obtained directly by a college department shall be at the discretion of the Purchasing Department.

    Purchases $15,000 to $49,999.99

    Require a minimum of three (3) price quotations in writing or facsimile from responsible vendors. Quotations for personal property must be in a format established by the Purchasing Department. Purchases of personal property based on quotations obtained directly by a college department shall be at the discretion of the Purchasing Department.

    Services $15,000.00 and over

    Quotations for services, including construction services, shall be obtained by the Purchasing Department.

    Purchases $50,000 and over in the aggregate for a 12 month fiscal year

    May require formal sealed bids or proposals. If so required, the College shall follow Education Code Chapter 44, Subchapter B, § 44.031 et seq.

    Advertisements for sealed bids or proposals are placed in the classified legal section of the Corpus Christi Caller Times. Notices about such purchases are also posted on a bulletin board in the Purchasing Department office. Copies of the invitation to bid or request for proposal are available at the Department office upon request or otherwise as noted in the solicitation.

    Bids or proposals are opened at a time specified in the solicitation, generally two weeks from the date of advertisement in the newspaper. Presence at openings is not required, although vendors are welcome to attend. If you have any questions regarding specifications, terms or procedures, contact the buyer in charge of the solicitation.

    The information submitted by vendors in response to publically advertised bids or proposals becomes public record after an award is made. All bids and copies of purchase order awards reflecting prices of supplies, materials, equipment, and/or services are available for public inspection in the Purchasing Department during regular office hours.

    The evaluation of bids or proposals will be based upon the purchase price; the reputation of the vendor and of the vendor's goods or services; the quality of the vendor's goods or services; the extent to which the goods or services offered meet the College's requirements or educational needs of its students; the vendor's past relationship with the College; the impact on the ability of the College to comply with laws and rules relating to historically underutilized businesses; the total long-term cost to the College to acquire the vendor’s goods or services; and any other relevant factor specifically listed in the request for bid proposals.

  • Cooperative Purchasing

    The College utilizes cooperative purchasing contracts when they provide the best value to the College. The College is a member of the following Cooperatives as of August 1, 2015.

    • TCCPN - Texas Community College Cooperative Purchasing Network
    • E&I
    • BuyBoard – Texas Association of Scholl Boards
    • DIR – State of Texas Technology
    • GoodBuy - ESC 2
    • HGAC – Houston Galveston Area Council
    • PACE – ESC20
    • TCPN – The Cooperative Purchasing Network
    • TxMAS – State Of Texas
    • US Communities
    • Food and Nutrition Program - ESC 1
  • Insurance

    Before commencing construction, repair, or maintenance work, a Contractor shall have and maintain in force, with companies satisfactory to the College, insurance coverage in amounts as specified for the particular project. Typical requirements for Workers’ Compensation, Employer’s Liability, Comprehensive General Liability, Automobile Liability, and Umbrella Liability are provided in this booklet for information only. A certificate evidencing the existence of all insurance specified must be delivered to the College prior to commencing any work.


    Vendors must provide Material Safety Data Sheets (M.S.D.S.) from the manufacturers for all products that are hazardous. For more information, questions can be addressed to the College's Department of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management (361- 698-1641).


    In general, invoices should be directed to the Business Office / Accounts Payable, Del Mar College, 101 Baldwin Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX, 78404-3897. The purchase order or Blanket order number must be clearly shown on the invoice. Reconciliation of an invoice, purchase order, and receiving report is necessary before payment can be made.

    We will process and pay valid invoices in accord with the payment terms on the invoice, "Net 30" in the absence of any written terms, or otherwise in accord with Chapter 2251 Texas Government Code (Prompt Payment Act).

    Construction invoices require other approvals and affidavits and, before final payment, may require a certification from the Contractor about the status of payments to subcontractors, material suppliers, tradesmen, and others employed by the Contractor in completion of the project.

  • Tax Status

    Del Mar College claims an exemption from taxes under Tex. Tax-Gen Ann. Art 20.01 et seq and Tex. Rev. Stat. Ann. Arts 1066c and 1118X, and Controller Rules regarding exempt purchases. Each purchase order references the state tax exempt status. An Exemption Certificate will be furnished upon request.

  • Delivery of Materials

    Deliveries for Del Mar College must be cleared through Central Receiving, located on the East Campus at 3001 Ayers Blvd. Deliveries are accepted by Central Receiving from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 12:45 to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Friday.

  • Purchasing Personnel

    The Office of the Director of Purchasing maintains a highly skilled and well qualified staff of purchasing professionals. They employ high ethical standards in carrying out the purchasing functions necessary for the acquisition of supplies, materials, equipment, and/or services required for the operation of Del Mar College. The Purchasing Department is a member of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) and the National Association of Education Purchasers (NAEP)

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