Goal One

Goal 1. Student Learning Success: Ensure Exceptional Educational Opportunities for All Students

Retention: Maximize student learning to improve retention (Strategic Plan 1.6).

TARGET: The percentage of students returning for the next year of college will continue to increase by two percent per year*.

Projected Student Persistence Rates

Year 2013 2014 2015 2016
Percentage of students returning for second year 59.4% 61% 63% 65%

*based on one-year persistence rate of first-time, full-time, credential seeking graduates.

Chart showing DMC first time undergraduate persistence rate after one year

Graduation Rates: Improve student graduation rates and degree attainment

TARGET: 20% of students who enrolled in 2012 will graduate with a degree or certificate within 4 years (of the students who began taking courses in 2010, 16.2% graduated by 2014)

Note: 71% of students are classified as part-time, according to the DMC 2013-14 Statistical Profile

Chart showing DMC graduation rates

Chart showing DMC graduates by ethnicity

For more data on the 6-year graduation rate, go to: txhighereddata.org/GradRates

Transferability: Implement seamless student transfer to four-year and other institutions (Strategic Plan 1.1).

TARGET: 19% of students will transfer to a four-year institution

Note: State average for Del Mar College's peer institutions is 19%

Chart showing percentage of DMC students transferring within 6 years

For additional data on students graduating from and leaving institutions, go to: txhighereddata.org.

Page last updated May 15, 2019.