Student Achievement

Student Achievement

At Del Mar College, students come first.

To support students in achieving their educational goals, Del Mar College prioritizes student success, access, and support.

Goal 1. Student Learning Success: Ensure Exceptional Educational Opportunities for All Students

  • Retention: Maximize student learning to improve retention (Strategic Plan 1.6).
  • Graduation: Improve student graduation rates and degree attainment (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board 60X30TX Strategic Plan)
  • Transferability: Implement seamless student transfer to four-year and other institutions (Strategic Plan 1.1).

Goal 1 Targets

  • Target - Annual Retention: Exceed the fall-to-fall retention rate for DMC students by 2% compared to the state average on a five-year trend. (Appropriateness is key to the Student Success Points Model of the State and based upon the past five years trend.)
  • Target – Annual Retention: The percentage of students returning for the next year of college will continue to increase by two percent per year (based on one-year persistence rate of first-time, full-time, credential seeking graduates.) (Appropriateness is determined by review of the trend from the year 2000 to 2013 which only improved by 1%.) 
  • Target - Full-Time Graduation: 18% of first-time, full-time students who enrolled in 2012 will graduate with a degree or certificate within 4 years (Appropriateness of the target is based on an analysis of the students who began taking courses in 2010; 16.2% of that cohort graduated by 2014.) 
  • Target - Transferability: 19% of first-time, full-time students will transfer to a four-year institution (Appropriateness of the target is based on the state average for peer institutions)

Goal 2. Student Access and Support Services: Maximize Affordable Access and Excellence in Student Services

  • Workforce: Facilitate students’ workforce success and career advancement (Strategic Plan 2.6). 
  • Recruitment and Re-Entry: Maximize student services to improve recruitment and re-entry (Strategic Plan 2.8) 

Goal 2 Targets

The College also assesses student achievement through performance on academic work and other indicators of student engagement. Instructional, Educational Support and Administrative Support programs engage in annual learning outcomes assessment and Instructional Program Reviews or Student Support Administrative Reviews to measure student achievement.

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