2018-2019 Manual of Policies and Procedures

2018-2019 Manual of Policies and Procedures


The Del Mar College Manual of Policies and Procedures presents faculty and staff with the latest rules, regulations, policies, practices, and procedures through which the College functions as an institution. The Manual also seeks to make manifest the rights and prerogatives, as well as the duties and responsibilities, of College personnel.

The Board of Regents has the responsibility of approving formal policies. The administration is directed to develop policies and procedures to implement these Board-approved policies. Administrative policy sections begin with an "A" and have  red headings, while Board-approved policy sections begin with a "B" and have  blue headings.  The former may be altered as needed by the administration with the approval of the President. Specific dates and calendar information requiring regular updating will not be considered policy per se.

Faculty committees are advisory in nature rather than administrative. Nevertheless, in a collegial atmosphere the deliberations of such committees are vitally important and often result in approved procedural changes that reflect the collective understanding of their members. Individually or collectively, faculty and staff are invited to submit recommendations for improvements in the Manual to the President or the Vice President of Instruction.

The Manual does not represent a contract between Del Mar College (the Del Mar College District) and any employee, student, or other person. Instead the Manual, along with the Catalog and other published works, constitutes a good-faith effort to outline normal policies, including rules, regulations, procedures, and customary practices currently in force at Del Mar College.

This Manual is published electronically so that it may be kept current.  Recent policy changes are indicated in Bold text.

  • Chapter I: Introduction

    Chapter I:  Introduction

    B.1 Vision Statement
    B1.2 Mission Statement 
        B1.2.1 Core Values
    B1.3 Guiding Principles 
        B1.3.1 Quality Education 
        B1.3.2 Academic  Excellence 
        B1.3.3 Academic Freedom and Responsibility 
        B1.3.4 Workforce Preparation 
        B1.3.5 Student Success 
        B1.3.6 Educational Access 
        B1.3.7 Personal Enrichment
    B1.4 Del Mar College
    A1.5 Vision and Mission Statements Review  


  • Chapter II: Administrative Organization

    Chapter II:  Administrative Organization

    B2.1 Board of Regents 
        B2.1.1 Vacancy 
        B2.1.2 Statement of Ethics 
        B2.1.3 Requests for College Records and Documents
        B2.1.4 Reprimand or Censure of a Board Member
    B2.2 Official Name/Seal of the College
    B2.3 Administrative Structure 
        B2.3.1 The President of the College 
        A2.3.2 Organizational Structure and Job Descriptions 
        A2.3.3 The Department Chairs
    B2.4 Committees, Cabinets, and Councils 
        A2.4.1 Elected Constituency Councils 
        A2.4.2 Standing Committees and other Councils
        A2.4.3 Ad Hoc Committees
    B2.5 Shared Governance

  • Chapter III: General Administration

    Chapter III:   General Administration

    B3.1 Administrative Relationships
    A3.2 College Relationships 
           A3.2.1 News Service 
           A3.2.2 Publications 
           A3.2.3 Advertising
    B3.3 Accessibility/Custodianship of Records 
           B3.3.1 Privacy Act 
           B3.3.2 Responsibility
    A3.4 Print Services 
    A3.5 Telephone Voice Mail, and Facsimile Services 
    A3.6 Mail and PBX Services 
    B3.7 Naming of Building and Other Facilities 
           B3.7.1 Monetary Gifts 
           B3.7.2 Service to the College 
           B3.7.3 Nominations for Naming Candidates
    B3.8 Operation of Vehicles/Equipment on College Business 
           A3.8.1 Requirements 
           A3.8.2 Considerations 
           A3.8.3 Grounds for Termination
    B3.9 Resident Classification 
           A3.9.1 Minors 
           A3.9.2 Adults 
           A3.9.3 Exceptions
    A3.10 Form Numbering System 
           A3.10.1 New/Revised Form 
           A3.10.2 Distribution
    B3.11 Public Speech 
           A3.11.1 Invited Speakers 
           A3.11.2 Non-invited Speakers 
           A3.11.3 Political Speech 
           A3.11.4 Speech Limitations 
           A3.11.5 Sanctions and Enforcement
    B3.12 Disruptive Physical Activities 
           B3.12.1 Sanctuary 
           B3.12.2 Action
    B3.13 Prohibition of Possession of Weapons on Del Mar College Property or at Del Mar College Events 
           A3.13.1 Prohibition and Definitions
    B3.14 Travel 
           A3.14.1 Site Selection 
           A3.14.2 Prepayments 
           A3.14.3 Travel Expense Form 
           A3.14.4 Agenda 
           A3.14.5 Transportation 
           A3.14.6 Hotel Accommodations 
           A3.14.7 Meals and Incidentals 
           A3.14.8 Long Distance Telephone Calls 
           A3.14.9 Non-Reimbursable Expenses 
           B3.14.10 Student Travel 
           A3.14.11 International Travel 
           A3.14.12 Reimbursement for On-Campus Job Interviews Requiring Travel
    A3.15 On-Campus Parking
    B3.16 Manual of Policies and Procedures
    B3.17 College Publications
    B3.18 Publication Requirements 
           B3.18.1 Provisions and Information 
           B3.18.2 Condensed Version
    B3.19 Records Management Policy 
           A3.19.1 Designation of Records Management Officer 
           A3.19.2 Administration of the Records Management Program 
           A3.19.3 Authority of the Records Management Officer
    A3.20 Records Management Program 
           A3.20.1 Definitions 
           A3.20.2 College Records Declared Public Property 
           A3.20.3 Records Management Committee 
           A3.20.4 Development, Approval, and Authority of Records Management Plan 
           A3.20.5 Duties of Records Management Officer 
           A3.20.6 Duties and Responsibilities of Department Heads 
           A3.20.7 Development, Approval, and Filing with the State the Records Control Schedules: 
           A3.20.8 Implementation of Records Control Schedules 
           A3.20.9 Destruction of Scheduled Records 
           A3.20.10 Destruction of Unscheduled Records 
           A3.20.11 Micrographics
    B3.21 Tuition Policy
    B3.22 Payment of Tuition and Fees by Installment Method 
           B3.22.1 Methods of Payment 
           B3.22.2 Payment Schedule for Installment Options 
           B3.22.3 Non- Refundable Processing Fee and Late Charge
    B3.23 Computer and Network Resources Use Policy 
           A3.23.1 Legitimate Use 
           A3.23.2 Ownership and Copyright 
           A3.23.3 Responsibilities of the User 
           A3.23.4 Purpose of Del Mar College World Wide Web Site 
           A3.23.5 Violation and Consequences
    B3.24 Indemnification Policy 
           B3.24.1 Indemnification of Regents 
           B3.24.2 Indemnification of Employees
    B3.25 Isensee Board Room
    B3.26 Substantive Change Notification 
           B3.26.1 Definition 
           B3.26.2 Procedure

  • Chapter IV: Business/Finance

     Chapter IV:   Business/Finance

    B4.1 Budget Preparation
           B4.1.1 Fund Balance
    B4.2 Checks - Authorized Signatures 
           A4.2.1 Accounts Payable Procedures 
            A4.2.2 Payroll Fund 
            A4.2.3 Federal and Agency Funds
    B4.3 Contracts - Authorized Signatures 
           B4.3.1 Chair of the Board of Regents 
           B4.3.2 Secretary of the Board 
           B4.3.3 President of the College
    B4.4 Contracts
    B4.5 Agency Reports 
           A4.5.1 Social Security 
           A4.5.2 Worker’s Compensation 
           A4.5.3 Unemployment Compensation 
           A4.5.4 ORP/Tax Sheltered Annuity
    B4.6 Investment 
         B4.6.1 Investment Objectives 
         B4.6.2 Cash Management 
         B4.6.3 Investment Strategy 
         B4.6.4 Scope 
         B4.6.5 Standard of Care 
         B4.6.6 Designation of Investment Officers 
         B4.6.7 Term 
         B4.6.8 Investment Procedures 
         B4.6.9 Disclosure of Personal Business 
         B4.6.10 Training 
         B4.6.11 Limitation of Liability 
         B4.6.12 Authorized Investments 
         B4.6.13 Unauthorized Investments 
         B4.6.14 Competitive Bidding 
         B4.6.15 Delivery versus Payment 
         B4.6.16 Diversification 
         B4.6.17 Collateral and Safekeeping 
         B4.6.18 Broker/Dealers 
         B4.6.19 Internal Management Reports 
         B4.6.20 Pricing 
         B4.6.21 Benchmark 
         B4.6.22 Distribution of Interest 
         B4.6.23 Internal Controls 
         B4.6.24 Cash Flow Analysis 
         B4.6.25 Investment Policy Adoption
    B4.7 Membership Dues
    B4.8 Customer Supplies
    B4.9 Authorization of the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board in Master Planning and Development 
           A4.9.1 HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) Guidelines 
           A4.9.2 HUB Vendor
    B4.10 College Master Development Plan 
           B4.10.1 Goals and Objectives 
           B4.10.2 Planning Assumptions 
           B4.10.3Currently Vacant 
           B4.10.4 Urban Context 
           B4.10.5 General Land Use Policies and Plan 
           B4.10.6 Transit Service 
           B4.10.7 Site Development and Site Design Policies 
           B4.10.8 Site Development Plan 
           B4.10.9 Site Development Details 
           B4.10.10 Development Guidelines and Standards 
           B4.10.11 College Management Strategies 
           B4.10.12 Project Programming
    B4.11 Acquisition of Real Property and Disposition of Improvements 
           B4.11.1 Boundaries 
           A4.11.2 Appraisers 
           A4.11.3 Negotiations 
           B4.11.4 Purchases 
           B4.11.5 Costs 
           B4.11.6 Improvements 
           B4.11.7 Surplus
    A4.12 Property Donated 
           A4.12.1 Prior Written Approval 
           A4.12.2 Recommendation 
           A4.12.3 Responsibility 
           A4.12.4 Disposal 
           A4.12.5 College Policies
    A4.13 Property Loaned 
           A4.13.1 Prior Written Approval 
           A4.13.2 Recommendation 
           A4.13.3 Responsibility 
           A4.13.4 Inventory Records 
           A4.13.5 Insurance Cost 
           A4.13.6 Non-Applicability
    A4.14 Disposal of Surplus Property 
           A4.14.1 Sealed-Bid Sale 
           A4.14.2 Defaulted First Bid 
           A4.14.3 Method of Payment 
           A4.14.4 Public Auction 
           A4.14.5 Donation
    A4.15 Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property 
           A4.15.1 Notification 
           A4.15.2 Temporary Disposition 
           A4.15.3 Public Notice 
           A4.15.4 Final Disposition
    B4.16 Acceptance of Student Loan Funds 
           A4.16.1 Liability 
           A4.16.2 Account 
           A4.16.3 Report 
           A4.16.4 Termination 
           A4.16.5 Stipulations/Conditions
    B4.17 Acceptance of Student Scholarship Funds 
           A4.17.1 Administration of Funds 
           A4.17.2 Named Funds
    B4.18 Allocation of Income to Funds
    B4.19 Delinquent Obligations 
           B4.19.1 Collections 
           B4.19.2 Grace Period 
           B4.19.3 Litigation
    B4.20 Write-offs and Defaults 
           B4.20.1 Delinquent Loans 
           B4.20.2 Defaulted National Defense/Direct Student Loan Notes
    B4.21 Property/Equipment Security, Accountability, and Control 
           A4.21.1 Overall Responsibility 
           A4.21.2 Physical Security
    B4.22 After-Hours Building Use 
           A4.22.1 Open Hours 
           A4.22.2 After Closing Time 
           A4.22.3 Use for Special Events 
           A4.22.4 Use on Weekends/Holidays
    B4.23 Equipment/Facilities Responsibility 
           A4.23.1 Removal from Designated Area 
           A4.23.2 Personal Use 
           A4.23.3 Report of Loss
           A4.23.4 Equipment Capitalization
           A4.23.5 Assets to be Inventoried
    B4.24 VACANT
    A4.25 Richardson Performance Hall 
           A4.25.1 Scheduling for Internal (College) Events 
           A4.25.2 Chargeback Fee for Cancellation 
           A4.25.3 Written Requests 
           A4.25.4 Fund Raising or Outreach Events 
           A4.25.5 Unscheduled Requests 
           A4.25.6 Use of Ticketing System
    B4.26 Rental and Use of College Facilities 
           A4.26.1 Employees Responsibility For Rentals 
           A4.26.2 Rental Sessions 
           A4.26.3 College Sponsorship 
           B4.26.4 Designation of College Facilities as location for voting and placement of campaign signs
    B4.27 Purchasing 
           B4.27.1 Ethics 
           B4.27.2 Local Vendor/Competitive Bids or Proposals or Responses to Requests for Qualifications 
           B4.27.3 Best Value 
           B4.27.4 Quality 
           B4.27.5 Accounting 
           B4.27.6 Grant Equipment/Non-Expendable Supplies 
           B4.27.7 Hiring of Consulting/Coordinating Architect and Project Architects
    B4.28 VACANT
    B4.29 Open Records
    B4.30 Parking/Tow-Away 
           B4.30.1 Prohibited Areas 
           B4.30.2 Removal of Cars 
           B4.30.3 Expenses/Liability
    B4.31 Land Lease
    B4.32 Externally Funded Grants and Contracts 
           B4.32.1 Control 
           B4.32.2 Approval 
           B4.32.3 Conflict 
           B4.32.4 Salaries 
           B4.32.5 Funds 
           A4.32.6 Indirect Cost
    B4.33 Bank Depository 
           B4.33.1 Approval of the Bid Document 
           B4.33.2 Depository Contract 
           B4.33.3 Protection of College Deposits
    B4.34 External Audit
    A4.35 Routine Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and Deferred Maintenance of Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment 
           A4.35.1 Routine Maintenance 
           A4.35.2 Preventive Maintenance 
           A4.35.3 Deferred Maintenance 
           A4.35.4 Provisions 
           A4.35.5 Annual Review
    B4.36 Tax Refunds 
           B4.36.1 Authority to Refund Tax
    A4.37 College Auxiliary Funds 
           A4.37.1 Auxiliary Funds 
           A4.37.2 Use of Auxiliary Funds

  • Chapter V: Human Resources

    Chapter V:   Human Resources
    B5.1 Statement of Ethics for Faculty, Exempt and Nonexempt Staff 
           B5.1.1 Protection of  Rights and Development 
           B5.1.2 Acceptance of Responsibilities
    A5.2 Employee Classification 
           A5.2.1 Faculty 
           A5.2.2 Exempt Personnel 
           A5.2.3 Nonexempt Personnel 
           A5.2.4 Unclassified Personnel
    B5.3 Employment Practices 
          B5.3.1 The District's Compliance Coordinator 
           B5.3.2 The District's Assistant Complaint Coordinator 
           B5.3.3 Obligation of Notification
    B5.4 Affirmative Action Policy 
           B5.4.1 Commitment/Obligation 
           B5.4.2 Goals 
           B5.4.3 Responsibility 
           B5.4.4 Practices 
           B5.4.5 Application to Situations
    B5.5 College Academic Fellowship Program 
           A5.5.3 Selection Process 
           A5.5.4 Advertising 
           A5.5.5 Fellowship Employees 
           A5.5.6 Condition of Employment 
           A5.5.7 Salary Range 
           A5.5.8Selection for Tenure-Track Positions
    B5.6 Selection Procedures 
           A5.6.1 Scope of Search 
           A5.6.2 Personnel Requisition/Position Justification 
           A5.6.3 Advertisements 
           A5.6.4 Applications 
           A5.6.5 Selection Guidelines 
           A5.6.6 Contracts/Records
    B5.7 Restrictions/Relatives
    A5.8 Qualification Testing
    A5.9 Employment Physical Examination Policy 
           A5.9.1 Requirements 
           A5.9.2 Purpose 
           A5.9.3 Labor Intensive Positions 
           A5.9.4 Procedure
    B5.10 Types of Employment Relationships Permitted 
           B5.10.1 Continuing Contract 
           B5.10.2 Renewing Term Contract 
           B5.10.3 Expiring Term Contract 
           B5.10.4 At-Will Employment 
    B5.11 Universal Conditions of Employment 
           B5.11.1 Employment and Contractual Relationship 
           B5.11.2 Assignment and Reassignment 
           B5.11.3 Discharge Appeals 
           B5.11.4 Discharge for Cause 
           B5.11.5 Grounds for Discharge of At-Will Employees
    B5.12 Discharge, Nonrenewal, Termination, Release, or Discontinuance of Employment 
           B5.12.1 Discharge of Tenured Faculty and Tenure Track Faculty 
           B5.12.2 Discharge of Expiring Term Employees With Unexpired Contracts 
           B5.12.3 Discharge of At-Will Employees
    A5.13 Job Duties and Responsibilities 
           A5.13.1 Instructional Faculty Schedules
           A5.13.2 Supervisors and Managers 
           A5.13.3 Professional Development
    A5.14 Attendance and Punctuality 
           A5.14.1 Notification of Absence 
           A5.14.2 Eligibility for Administrative Absence 
           A5.14.3 On-Call Status 
           A5.14.4 Recall Status 
           A5.14.5 Reporting to Work
    A5.15 Work Day and Work Week 
           A5.15.1 Work Day 
           A5.15.2 Work Week
    B5.16 Authorization of Insurance and Annuity Products
    B5.17 Group Medical and Hospitalization Insurance 
           B5.17.1 Dependents 
           A5.17.2 Enrollment 
           A5.17.3 Adjuncts 
           A5.17.4 Discontinuance
    B5.18 Health Maintenance Organization Option
    B5.19 Term Life Insurance 
           B5.19.1 Employee Supplemental Coverage 
           A5.19.2 Optional Coverage 
           A5.19.3 Dependent Coverage
    B5.20 Long Term Disability/Income Replacement
    B5.21 Other Optional Benefits 
           B5.21.1 Other ERS Offered Optional Benefits 
           B5.21.2 Other College Offered Optional Benefits
    B5.22 Participation of Companies in Optional Retirement Program 
           B5.22.1 Current Eligibility 
           B5.22.2 Future Eligibility 
           B5.22.3 Qualifications 
           B5.22.4 Agreements 
           B5.22.5 Rules/Regulations 
           B5.22.6 Failure to Comply 
           A5.22.7 List of Active and Inactive Vendors 
           A5.22.8 Solicitation 
           A5.22.9 Report to Participant
    A5.23 Annual Report to the College
    A5.24 Contributions to Carriers
    B5.25 Retirement Provisions 
           B5.25.1 Social Security 
           B5.25.2 Teacher Retirement 
           B5.25.3 Optional Retirement
    B5.26 Tax Deferred Annuities or Custodial Account 
           A5.26.1 Ownership of Each Contract or Custodial Account 
           A5.26.2 Premiums Payable on the Annuity Contract 
           A5.26.3 Purchasing Tax Deferred Annuity Contracts or Custodial Accounts 
           A5.26.4 Wage Reduction Agreement
    B5.27 Sick Leave 
           A5.27.1 Reasons 
           B5.27.2 Accrual 
           B5.27.3 Unused Sick Leave 
           B5.27.4 Emergency Leave 
           B5.27.5 Family And Medical Leave Act of 1993 Policy
    B5.28 Personal Affairs Leave 
           B5.28.1 Use of Personal Leave 
           A5.28.2 Notification of Personal Leave 
           B5.28.3 Contingent Benefit 
           B5.28.4 Reports
    B5.29 Maternity/Paternity Leave 
           B5.29.1 Requesting Maternity/Paternity Leave 
           B5.29.2 Use of Sick Leave and Vacation Time 
           B5.29.3 Reports
    B5.30 Military Leave 
           B5.30.1 Short-Term 
           B5.30.2 Long-Term 
           B5.30.3 Reports
    B5.31 Jury Duty 
           A5.31.1 Compensation 
           A5.31.2 Accumulated Leave 
           A5.31.3 Court Allowance 
           A5.31.4 Proof of Service 
           A5.31.5 Reports
    B5.32 Vacation 
           B5.32.1 Entitlement 
           A5.32.2 Accrual 
           A5.32.3 Unused Vacation 
           A5.32.4 Reports 
           A5.32.5 Scheduling 
           A5.32.6 Holiday Pay
    B5.33 Emeritus Status 
           B5.33.1 Purpose 
           B5.33.2 Eligibility 
           B5.33.3 Emeritus Titles 
           A5.33.4 Procedure 
           A5.33.5 Prequisites
    B5.34 Payroll Information 
           A5.34.1 Paychecks 
           B5.34.2 Withholding 
           B5.34.3 Deductions/Reductions 
           A5.34.4 Time and Attendance Payroll Reports
    A5.35 Overtime Hours for Classified Personnel 
           A5.35.1 Normal Work Week 
           A5.35.2 Payment for Overtime
    B5.36 Educational Benefits 
           A5.36.1 Eligibility 
           A5.36.2 Non- district Employees 
           A5.36.3 Other Charges/Fees 
           A5.36.4 Procedures 
           A5.36.5 Work Schedule 
           A5.36.6 Dropping/Withdrawing from Classes 
           A5.36.7 Non-credit Courses 
           B5.36.8 Educational Tuition Waiver for Displaced Full-time Employees 
    B5.37 Recognition for Service 
           A5.37.1 Plaques 
           A5.37.2 Service Awards 
           A5.37.3 Certificates
    B5.38 Safe Work Place 
           A5.38.1 Safety Committee 
           A5.38.2 OSHA 
           A5.38.3 Compliance 
           A5.38.4 Reports 
           A5.38.5 Investigation 
           A5.38.6 Use of Leave Time 
           A5.38.7 Return to Work
    B5.39 Smoke & Tobacco Free Environment 
           B5.39.1 Purpose 
           A5.39.2 Scope 
           B5.39.3 Provisions 
           B5.39.4 Responsibility
    B5.40 Policy on Drugs and Alcohol 
           B5.40.1 General Statement 
           B5.40.2 Educational Objectives 
           B5.40.3 Applicability and Scope 
           B5.40.4 Drug and Alcohol Information Services 
           B5.40.5 Prohibition of Anabolic Steroid or Human Growth Hormone 
           B5.40.6 Prohibition (Drugs and/or Alcohol) 
           B5.40.7 Condition of Employment 
           B5.40.8 Notice 
           A5.40.9 Drug Prevention Program
    B5.41 Professional Working Environment 
           B5.41.1 Professional Behavior 
           B5.41.2 Definition 
           B5.41.3 Academic Freedom/Free Speech
    B5.42 (Vacant) 
    B5.43 Employee Grievance Policy Regarding Terms & Conditions of Employment 
           B5.43.1 Purpose 
           B5.43.2 Forms and Grievance Management 
           B5.43.3 Time 
           B5.43.4 Exceptions
           B5.43.5 Right to Representation 
           B5.43.6 Steps in Grievance Procedure
    B5.44 Grievance Policy for Employees 
           A5.44 Grievance 
           A5.44.1 Purpose 
           A5.44.2 Exceptions 
           A5.44.3 Definitions 
           A5.44.4 Confidentiality 
           A5.44.5 Reprisal 
           A5.44.6 Forms 
           A5.44.7 Grievance Prerequisites 
           A5.44.8 Time Limits 
           A5.44.9 Grievance Process 
          A5.44.10 Conditions and Limitations
    B5.45 Policy on Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 
           B5.45.1 Purpose 
           B5.45.2 General Statement 
           B5.45.3 Educational Objectives-Students 
           B5.45.4 Educational Objectives-Employees 
           B5.45.5 Applicability and Scope 
           B5.45.6 Definitions 
           B5.45.7 Confidentiality of Information 
           B5.45.8 Nondiscrimination 
           B5.45.9 Reasonable Accommodation 
           A5.45.10 Administrative Procedures
    B5.46 Employee Performance Appraisal (Non-Faculty) 
           A5.46.1 Performance Appraisal Handbook 
           A5.46.2 Discussion of Appraisal 
           A5.46.3 Human Resources Office
    B5.47 Resignations
    B5.48 Salary Schedules for Non-faculty employees
    A5.49 Progressive Discipline
    B5.50 Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Complaint Policy for Employees 
           A5.50.1 Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Complaints
    B5.51 ADA Accommodation Policy for Employees and Job Applicants
    A5.52 Who is Covered
    A5.53 Procedures
    A5.54 Service and Therapy Animals
    A5.55 Prohibition of Disability Discrimination
  • Chapter VI: Faculty/Instruction

    Chapter VI:  Faculty/Instruction
    B6.1 Faculty 
        B6.1.1 Ranked Faculty 
        B6.1.2 Unranked Faculty  
    B6.2 Academic Freedom 
    and Propriety 
        B6.2.1 Freedom 
        B6.2.2 Professional Propriety
    B6.3 Fundamental Responsibilities of Ranked and Unranked Faculty 
        B6.3.1 Professional Practice 
        B6.3.2 Educational Growth 
        B6.3.3 Institutional and Community Service   
    B6.4 Standards 
        B6.4.1 Methods 
        B6.4.2 Emphasis 
        B6.4.3 Text Selection   
    B6.5 Evaluation of Faculty 
        B6.5.1 Purposes of Evaluation 
        B6.5.2 Criteria for Evaluation 
        B6.5.3 Requirements for Evaluation
        B6.5.4 Tools for Evaluation 
        B6.5.5 Process of Evaluation
        B6.5.6 Process for Review of Evaluations by Next Level Supervisor 
        B6.5.7 Faculty Appeal and Grievance of Evaluation Process
        B6.5.8 Changes to Evaluation Policy and Forms 
    B6.6 Faculty Promotion in Rank 
        B6.6.1 Promotion Eligibility 
        A6.6.2 Requirements for Promotion 
        A6.6.3 Exceptions and Leaves of Absence     
        A6.6.4 Promotion and Tenure 
        A6.6.5 Promotion Schedule     
        A6.6.6 Promotion Recommendation 
        A6.6.7 Process Deadlines     
        A6.6.8 Review by the Provost/Vice President of Instruction and Student Services 
        A6.6.9 Promotion Appeals     
        A6.6.10 The Promotion Appeals Committee 
        A6.6.11 Notification     
        A6.6.12 Initial Duties of the Chair of the Promotion Appeals Committee 
        A6.6.13 Promotion File     
        A6.6.14 Appeal Document 
        A6.6.15 Response Document 
        A6.6.16 Request for Oral Argument     
        A6.6.17 Request for Open Meeting 
        A6.6.18 Committee Recommendation     
        A6.6.19 Inapplicability of the Grievance/Appeals Policy 
        A6.6.20 Presidential Decision and Notification     
        A6.6.21 Definitions 
        A6.6.22 Policy and Procedure Changes    
    B6.7 Tenure 
        B6.7.1 Application 
        B6.7.2 Probation 
        B6.7.3 Non-reappointment of Tenure Track Probationary Faculty 
        B6.7.4 Requirements for Obtaining Tenure 
        B6.7.5 Procedures for Granting of Tenure 
        B6.7.6 Recommendation for Tenure 
        B6.7.7 Notification of Granting of Tenure 
        B6.7.8 Appeal
    B6.8 Reduction-in-Force Basic Assumptions 
        B6.8.1 Alternatives to Reduction 
        B6.8.2 Prior to Implementation 
        B6.8.3 Definitions 
        B6.8.4 Termination Priority Order 
        B6.8.5 Tenure-Track Faculty 
        B6.8.6 Termination Procedures 
        B6.8.7 Notification of Appointment Status 
        B6.8.8 Procedure for Termination of Non-Tenured Faculty 
        B6.8.9 Procedure for Termination of Tenured Faculty 
        B6.8.10 Additional Considerations
    B6.9 Procedure for Dismissal for Cause of Faculty 
        B6.9.1 Definitions 
        B6.9.2 Burden of Proof 
        B6.9.3 Termination Benefits 
        B6.9.4 Resignation 
        B6.9.5 Process
    B6.10 Temporary Change of Assignment 
        B6.10.1 Possible Action 
        B6.10.2 Decision 
        B6.10.3 Conference 
        B6.10.4 Appeal 
        B6.10.5 Time Limit
    B6.11 Instructional Program Review 
        B6.11.1 Definition 
        B6.11.2 Time Line 
        B6.11.3 Appeal 
        B6.11.4 Review Committee 
        A6.11.5 Performance Criteria in the Assessment of Quality of Instructional Programs
        A6.11.6 Status Report by the Provost/Vice President of Instruction and Student Services
        A6.11.7 Oversight Responsibility
    B6.12 Tenure-Track Faculty Salary Structure 
        B6.12.1 Common Base 
        B6.12.2 Additional Components
    B6.13 Term Salary Structure 
        A6.13.1 Adjunct Faculty Teaching Salary Schedule 
        A6.13.2Pay Scale for Substitute Teaching 
        A6.13.3 Pay Scale for Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows 
        A6.13.4 Pay Deductions for Absences
    B6.14 Addition of New Programs 
        B6.14.1 Qualification 
        B6.14.2 Benefit 
        B6.14.3 Enrollment 
        B6.14.4 Costs 
        B6.14.5 Final Authority
    B6.15 Leaves of Absence 
        B6.15.1 Reasons 
        B6.15.2 Length/Renewal 
        B6.15.3 Time
    B6.16 Absence for Service/Development
    B6.17 Faculty Sabbatical Leave 
        A6.17.1 Value Statement 
        A6.17.2 Eligibility 
        A6.17.3 Purposes for Which Sabbatical Leave may be taken 
        A6.17.4 Criteria 
        A6.17.5 Length of Sabbatical 
        A6.17.6 Sabbatical Leave Committee 
        A6.17.7 Application Process 
        A6.17.8 Cancellation of Leave 
        A6.17.9 Appeal of Sabbatical Leave Recommendations 
        A6.17.10 Post-Sabbatical Leave Service Requirements 
        A6.17.11 Funding of Sabbatical Leave 
        B6.17.12 Compensation and Benefits 
        B6.17.13 Other Employment 
        A6.17.14 Contracts 
    B6.18 Recruitment 
        A6.18.1 Qualifications 
        B6.18.2 Selection 
        B6.18.3 Appointments 
        A6.18.4 Orientation
    B6.19 Summer Employment 
        A6.19.1 Offerings 
        A6.19.2 Rotational List 
        A6.19.3 Offer of Employment 
        A6.19.4 Penalty for Late Notification 
        A6.19.5 Filling the Vacancy 
        A6.19.6 New Faculty 
        A6.19.7 Tentative Assignments 
        A6.19.8 Variant Plans
    B6.20 Faculty Personnel Records 
        A6.20.1 Official Transcripts 
        A6.20.2 Documentation
    B6.21 Faculty Year
    B6.22 Faculty Schedules    
    B6.23 Office Hours    
    A6.24 Syllabus    
    B6.25 Discipline    
    B6.26 Off-Campus Employment
    B6.27 Research/Publication 
        B6.27.1 Use of College Resources 
        B6.27.2 Use of Personal Resources 
        B6.27.3 Use of Outside Resources 
        A6.27.4 Intellectual Property Policy 
        A6.27.5 Definitions 
        A6.27.6 Applicability 
        A6.27.7 Provisions
    B6.28 Library Mission and Services 
        A6.28.1 Basic Purpose and Process 
        A6.28.2 Priorities in Resource Orders 
        A6.28.3 Gifts 
        A6.28.4 Periodical Resources 
        A6.28.5 Weeding of Library Collection 
        A6.28.6 Cooperative Institutional Relationships
    A6.29 Class Size
    A6.30 Adjunct Faculty Assignment
    A6.31 Grades 
        A6.31.1 Measurement of Students’ Work 
        A6.31.2 Final Examinations 
        A6.31.3 File Copies of Finals 
        A6.31.4 Reporting Grades 
        A6.31.5 Gradebooks 
        A6.31.6 Interim Reports to Students 
        A6.31.7Interim Grades 
        A6.31.8Last Date of Attendance
    B6.32 Elements of the College Academic Master Plan 
        B6.32.1 Mission Statement 
        B6.32.2 Annual Revision
    B6.33 Legal Counsel
    A6.34 Honors Program 
        A6.34.1 The Honors Committee 
        A6.34.2 Admission Criteria 
        A6.34.3 The Director of the Honors Program 
        A6.34.4 Frequency of Offerings 
        A6.34.5 Retention in the Program
    A6.35 Program of Spoken English Assessment and Assistance to Faculty Members 
        A6.35.1 Compliance with Texas Education Code 51.917 
        A6.35.2 Goals of the Program 
        A6.35.3 Test Failure 
        A6.35.4 Primary Language Determination 
        A6.35.5 Cost
    A6.36 Faculty Loads 
        A6.36.1 Definition 
        A6.36.2 Overloads 
        A6.36.3 Underloads 
        A6.36.4 Reassignments 
        A6.36.5 Adjuncts 
        A6.36.6 Other Teaching Assignments 
        A6.36.7 Contact Hours 
        A6.36.8 Exceptions 
        A6.36.9 Summer
    A6.37 Faculty/Course Evaluation by Students 
        A6.37.1 Evaluation Packet 
        A6.37.2 Procedure 
        A6.37.3 Reports
    B6.38 Faculty Reemployment After Retirement Program 
        A6.38.1 State Policies 
        A6.38.2 Qualifications for Participation 
        A6.38.3 Duties of the Reemployed Retiree 
        A6.38.4 Duration of Reemployment 
        A6.38.5 Program Compensation and Benefits 
        A6.38.6 Procedures for applying to the Program
    B6.39 Tenured Faculty Disciplinary Action Appeal Process
        B6.39.1 Step One
        B6.39.2 Step Two
        B6.39.3 Step Three
        B6.39.4 Burden of Proof
        B6.39.5 Termination of Appeal Process
        B6.39.6 Suspension with Pay
        B6.39.7 Time
  • Chapter VII: Student Services

    Chapter VII:  Student Services
    B7. 1 Counseling and Advising 
           A7.1.1 Advisement 
           A7.1.2 External Testing
    B7.2 Financial Aid 
           A7.2.1 Grants 
           A7.2.2 Loans 
           A7.2.3 Scholarships 
           A7.2.4 Employment 
           A7.2.5 Installment Payment Plan
    A7.3 Retention 
           A7.3.1 Encouragement of Student Retention 
           A7.3.2 Services
    B7.4 Special Record Registration 
           B7.4.1 Time 
           B7.4.2 Eligibility 
           B7.4.3 Cost 
           B7.4.4 AA/AAS Associate Degrees
    B7.5 Admissions 
          A7.5.1 Admissions and Registrar 
          A7.5.1.1 Scholastic Records 
          A7.5.1.2 Registration 
          A7.5.1.3 Graduation 
          A7.5.1.4 Agency Reports 
          A7.5.1.5 Room Reservations
     A7.6 Career Planning and Placement 
           A7.6.1 Availability 
           A7.6.2 Support Service 
           A7.6.3 Opportunities 
           A7.6.4 Follow-up Studies
    A7.7 Student Activities 
           A7.7.1 Services 
           A7.7.2 Student Services Committee
    A7.8 Services for Students with Disabilities 
          A7.8.1 Mission 
          A7.8.2 Services Provided 
          A7.8.3 Requesting Accomodations Based on Disability 
          A7.8.4 Resolving Faculty Concerns Regarding Recommended Accomodations 
          A7.8.5 Student Appeal of Denial of Accomodation Request 
          A7.8.6 Documentation Supporting Student Accomodation Requests 
          A7.8.7 General Campus Access 
          A7.8.8 Prohibition of Disability Discrimination
    A7.9 Out-of-town Travel
    A7.10 Student Publications
    A7.11 Intramural Sports
    B7.12 Student Complaint Policy 
           A7.12.2Non-Academic Complaint 
           A7.12.3General Academic (Non-Grade) Complaint 
           A7.12.4Grade Appeals
    B7.13 Standards of Student Conduct Policy 
           B7.13.1 Student Rights 
           B7.13.2 Student Obligations and Responsibilities 
           B7.13.3 Non-Scholastic Student Misconduct 
           B7.13.4 Non- Scholastic Misconduct Disciplinary Actions 
           A7.13.5 Non-Scholastic, Student Misconduct Review Procedure 
           A7.13.6 Hearing Procedure for Student Disciplinary Actions Involving Non-Scholastic Misconduct 
           B7.13.7 Student Scholastic Dishonesty 
           A7.13.8 Student Scholastic Dishonesty Disciplinary Actions 
           B7.13.9 Student Scholastic Dishonesty Review Procedure 
           A7.13.10 Hearing Procedure for Student Disciplinary Actions Involving Scholastic Dishonesty       
    B7.14 Graduate Guarantee for Job Competency 
           A7.14.1 Date of Degree 
           A7.14.2 Degree Requirements 
           A7.14.3 Employment 
           A7.14.4 Date of Employment 
           A7.14.5 Additional Skills Training 
           A7.14.6 Educational Plan for Retraining 
           A7.14.7 Limitation on Enrollment 
           A7.14.8 Retraining Time Limit 
           A7.14.9 Course Related Expenses 
           B7.14.10 Guarantee Limitation 
           B7.14.11 Limit on Claim for Remedy
    A7.15  The Procedures for Courses Requiring Reading, English, and Mathematics Assessment Levels (REMs) 
           A7.15.1 Areas Listed 
           A7.15.2 Noted Assessment Levels 
           A7.15.3 Transfer Courses Assessment Level 
           A7.15.4 REM Levels Not Required 
           A7.15.5 Special Approval
    A7.16 Student Withdrawal for Military Service
    A7.17 Del Mar College Developmental Education Plan 
           A7.17.1 Exemptions 
           A7.17.2 Assessment 
           A7.17.3 Advisement 
           A7.17.4 Determination of College Readiness 
           A7.17.5 Retesting 
           A7.17.6 Evaluation
    A7.18 Limit on Dropped Courses 
           A7.18.1 Applicability of Limit on Dropped Courses 
           A7.18.2 Definitions Applicable for this Policy
           A7.18.3 Procedures for Limit on Dropped Courses
    B7.19 Discrimination and Harassment Compliant Policy for Students
    A7.20 Confidentiality and Freedom from Reprisal or Retaliation
    A7.21 Definitions 
           A7.21.1 Discrimination on the Basis of Protected Characteristic(s) 
           A7.21.2 Harassment on the Basis of Protected Characteristic(s) 
           A7.21.3 Sexual Harassment 
           A7.21.4 Complainant 
           A7.21.5 Respondent
    A7.22 Informal Consultation and Counseling
    A7.23 Reporting a Student Formal Complaint
    A7.24 Complaint Review Procedure
    A7.25 Extension of Time Limits
    A7.26 Filing Externally
    A7.27 Appeals
    A7.28 Timely Notice of Appeal
    A7.29 Other Policies Not Applicable
    A7.30 Academic Freedom/Free Speech
    B7.31 Student Research/Publication
    B7.32 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 
           B7.32.1 Purpose 
           B7.32.2 Rights
  • Chapter VIII: Miscellaneous Procedures

    Chapter VIII:  Miscellaneous Procedures
     A8.1 Emergency/Disaster General Procedures 
           A8.1.1 Provision for Safety 
           A8.1.2 Requesting Emergency Services 
           A8.1.3 Contacting the College Administrator 
           A8.1.4 Prohibition of Discussion of Emergencies 
           A8.1.5 Inaccurate or Incomplete Information 
           A8.1.6 Fire Extinguishers and First Aid Kits
    A8.2 Responsibilities in Dealing with an Emergency or a Disaster 
           A8.2.1 The President or a Designated Administrator 
           A8.2.2 Evening Coordinator or Personnel in the Physical Plant 
           A8.2.3 Channeling Inquiries 
           A8.2.4 Physical Facilities Personnel 
           A8.2.5 College Relations Personnel 
           A8.2.6 College Faculty and Staff
    A8.3 Medical and Related Crisis Situations on Campus 
           A8.3.1 Victims of Accidents 
           A8.3.2 Contacts 
           A8.3.3 Transporting Victims to Physician/Hospital
    A8.4 Campus Security Emergency 
           A8.4.1 Call Numbers Listed Above 
           A8.4.2 Call 911 
           A8.4.3 Alert Appropriate College Administrators
    A8.5 Fire and Explosion 
           A8.5.1 Call 911 
           A8.5.2 In Case of a Small Fire
    A8.6 Bomb Threats 
           A8.6.1 Collecting Information 
           A8.6.2 Collecting Information 
           A8.6.3 Notifying Authorities 
           A8.6.4 Minimizing Publicity
    A8.7 Hurricane Preparedness Plan 
           A8.7.1 Hurricane Hazards and Preventative Measures 
           A8.7.2 Responsibilities 
           A8.7.3 Conditions of Readiness and Required Actions 
           A8.7.4 After the Hurricane has Passed 
           A8.7.5 Hurricane Supplies
    A8.8 Computer Resources and Services 
           A8.8.1 Information Management Committee 
           A8.8.2 Procedure for Requesting Equipment or Software 
           A8.8.3 Procedure for Requesting Application Programming 
           A8.8.4 Personal Computer Maintenance
  • Chapter IX: Policy Prohibiting Sexual Violence

    Chapter IX:   Policy Prohibiting Sexual Violence
    B9. 1 Policy Prohibiting Sexual Violence 
           B9.1.1 Purpose and Authority 
           B9.1.2 Statement of Policy
           A9.1.3 Scope
           A9.1.4 Definitions 
           A9.1.5 What To Do If You Are A Victim of Sexual Violence 
           A9.1.6 Filing a Complaint of Sexual Violence 
           A9.1.7 Freedom from Reprisal or Retaliation
           A9.1.8 Del Mar College Educational Programs and Resources
  • Chapter X: Policy Carrying Handguns on Campus by License Holder

    Chapter X:  Policy Carrying Handguns on Campus by License Holder
    B10.1 Policy Carrying Handguns on Campus License Holder 
           B10.1.1 Purpose and Authority 
           B10.1.2 Scope
           B10.1.3 Statement of Policy and Policy Violation
           A10.1.4 Enforcement and Reporting
           A10.1.5 Definitions 
           A10.1.6 Prohibited Campus Locations 
           A10.1.7 Other Possible Prohibited Campus Locations 
           A10.1.8 Effective Notice
           A10.1.9 Carrying of Concealed Handguns by Employees
           A10.1.10 Storage and Safeguarding of Handguns 
           A10.1.11 Disclosure by License to Carry Holder 
           A10.1.12 Permitted Concealed Carry by a License Holder 

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