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Mission Statement

Title V grant programs provide opportunities to students by building capacity in the areas of academic support, student services, classroom enhancement, professional development and academic/career pathways. 

What is Title V?

Title V is a federally funded grant program through the U.S. Department of Education. Title V funding is competitively awarded to institutions of higher education serving Hispanic, low-income and under-represented student populations. These postsecondary institutions, HSIs (Hispanic-Serving Institutions), are eligible based on enrollment documentation of a “fixed” percentage of full-time Hispanic undergraduate students in the year preceding the grant award. Other factors included in awarding Title V funding: the per capita income-level, the educational needs of the community, the institution’s vision for educational development through offering academically enhanced courses and rigorous programs. 

How do institutions benefit from Title V?

Title V funding is competitive and awarded based on the merit of the project proposal, a 75 – 80 page document narrative that identifies educational challenges faced by the institution and planned strategies for improving the educational success rate within their institution.  Three independent readers read each project proposal. Readers award points using a standardized rubric in seven areas: comprehensive development plan, quality of the activities, quality of implementation strategy, quality of key personnel, project management, strategic plan & summative and formative data analysis, and budget. The project proposal must clearly demonstrate how educational opportunities are expanded and improved for Hispanic and low-income students.  Title V funding aims to enhance academic course development, improve program quality and provide institutional stability.  Title V grants do not have to be paid back; the funding is intended to provide educational equity. Title V ‘jump starts’ academic development in HSIs, and all students benefit!

What are Title V project initiatives?

Project initiatives are the goals identified and evaluated in the Title V project proposal. When a Title V project proposal is awarded, the goals become ‘obligations’ that must be measured and reported to the federal government in an online Annual Performance Report (APR). Title V initiatives may focus on developing specific academic programs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics), improving student support services, supporting development of online learning, renovating instructional facilities, updating laboratory equipment, sponsoring faculty development, or redesigning instructional courses to meet the specific needs of the student population served. 

What Title V initiatives are at DMC?

The DMC Title V has several grants awarded and currently operating within DMC. For more information, please click on the appropriate grant. 

  • Title V STEM (2011-2016)

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  • Title V Viking CONNECT (2016-2021)

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  • Cooperative Title V Celebrando Educacion (2011-2016)

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  • Cooperative Title V CAFE (2016-2021)

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