Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars

Reach for Success with Success Coaching Workshops!

The Student Success Center's Success Coach Office is offering a variety of workshops throughout the Spring 2019 semester!

Please call (361) 698-2263 or email for more information.

The Student Success Center is located in the St. Clair Building, Del Mar College East Campus in Room 119 from 1:00PM - 2:00PM.

Jan 30 & 31: Learning Styles

Do you know your learning style you are? We offer tips to help you strengthen your style of learning and studying habits.

Feb 6 & 7: Study Skills

Developing good study habits and skills is a vital part of student life.

Feb 13 & 14: Note Taking Strategies

Is there a right or wrong way to take notes? We will discuss different methods to build up your skills.

Feb 20 & 21: Time Management

Are you having trouble managing your time?

Feb 27 & 28: Testing Anxiety

Many students may experience some type of TEST ANXIETY prior to exams, learn some techniques to eliminate this type of stress.

March 6 & 7: Procrastination

Learn tips on WHY we put things off, how to prioritize your tasks to be more productive.

March 20 & 21: How to Communicate with your Professor

Tips on how to discuss key issues related to your class, homework, exams, etc. and relate this to your professor through text, email or in person.

March 27 & 28: Give Your Frustrations a Voice

Need to release tension? Join us for an opportunity to speak your mind or write a message to be read or placed in a box.

April 3 & 4: Stress Management

Learn ways to manage stress with strategies and meditation.

April 10 & 11: Financial Tips for College Students

Understand what a NEED and a WANT is and how this can assist you in making better decisions with regard to your financial future!

April 17 & 18: Guided Imagery

Guided imagery or meditation, visualization, is a gentle but powerful technique that focuses the imagination in proactive, positive ways.

April 24 & 25: Fuel Up for Finals

Learn how eating healthy fuels your brain.

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