How to Communicate with your Professor

How to Communicate with your Professor

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Developing a relationship with your professor is a key part of your academic life. You may decide to or have to take a second course with them, so the more familiar you are, the better off you will be. The following is a few tips to help you navigate student life.

Know your professor's name

Professors will tell you what they want to be called, for example: Dr. Jones, Professor Snape, or some may even invite you to use their first names. This will also help when you look for course materials at the bookstores and at reference desks.

Review course material

Know the times and dates of your class(es), they are unique to your specific class and will help professors identify you. Go over your syllabus and website materials. They contain vital information pertaining to your class(es): assignments; due and test dates; attendance and tardy policies.

Keep noteworthy habits

  • Attend class and be ready to participate with homework and/or reading assignments completed.
  • Keep copies of your work on a thumb drive, in cloud storage, and email yourself your work. Having multiple copies help you succeed in case things are left behind, lost, or stolen.
  • Use your college email. You are more identifiable and your email is less likely to be mistaken for SPAM!
  • Utilize office hours for information to further class discussions or for clarification. Some materials are not talked about in class, but may still be on tests.

Getting to know your professors takes time and effort on your part. Think of it as an investment in your future. Professors who are familiar with you may give career advice in their field, have contacts - people looking for new talent, and/or write Letters of Recommendations for students. Time well spent on your college life builds the foundations of your future.

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