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Dance Ensemble

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Reflections from One Dance:

Dance Ensemble: Is It Art After-Thoughts

By Kai Hernandez

Going to the auditions for the dance ensemble brought up familiar feelings of inadequacy every dancer faces when going to an audition. You find yourself thinking will I be good enough, will I suck, will I mess up horrendously and be the laughing stock of the room. Nothing so bad ever really happens though, and the audition played out as usual

It’s when rehearsals began that it became clear this ensemble, this collection of fellow dancers and instructors was going to be different. From the beginning you got the distinct impression, as an artist impressionist paints, that ideas and excitement lay beneath the surface of the familiar collection of strangers you were suddenly expected to move with. Creative passion was our instructor, Shawnee exudes a vitality that infects you in the greatest sort of way. No idea is too out there, no voice is unheard. Everyone played off this energy like a magnetism that kept us all in tune to each other’s orbits. From this constant tap of artistic freedom the dance pieces I had the pleasure of being informed so naturally that even on an off day time seemed to fly by. I cannot choose a favorite piece because I loved each and every piece I was in, in its own special sort of way. Even the “Beings” piece, which I was originally skeptical about, came to be a favorite of mine. Because it is only in the odd and uncomfortable movements that growth can be achieved and artists can be enlightened to new venues of creative expression.

At the end of the show, when the lights went out and the curtain fell for good. I felt proud. Proud to know all the wonderful people I met, and not in the typical sense of knowing someone by name. I knew them as dancers, even if this is the last time they ever dance. To dance with someone, using music and impromptu movements, is like painting a story in space. You cannot see and read it with your eyes, you can only feel it. And those feelings belong to a more deeper source of connection than any word could ever convey. Looking back these stories become memories and memories are who we are. If that isn’t art I don’t know what is.

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All students chosen for the ensemble must enroll in DANC 1151 or 1152

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