Writing Styles

DMC Writing Style Guide

Del Mar College uses the following written styles in its College publications.

Address, College

The official mailing address for all Del Mar College locations is:

  • (Name of Department, Office, Location)
    Del Mar College
    101 Balwin Blvd
    Corpus Christi, TX 78404-3897
    NOTE: Always use the Zip +4

The physical locations are as follows: 

  • Center for Economic Development
    (located at DMC Annex)
    3209 S. Staples
    NOTE: DMC Annex not South Campus or DMC South Annex
  • Northwest Center
    13725 Northwest Blvd.
  • Multiservice Center
    3013 Ayers
  • West Campus
    4101 Old Brownsville Road


Use “and” in place of the ampersand (&)


Not “chair” or “chairman, chairwoman”


Del Mar College style calls for no comma before “and” and “or” in a sequence or list.

Continuing Education

When referring to non-college credit. Use “continuing education” instead of “noncredit” to refer to Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or postgraduate programs that offer these units.  


Sept. 21, 20XX (not September 21st ). In calendars and some references with short timelines, using the day of the week is recommended. “Online registration ends Monday, Aug. 29, 20XX.”


Observe the following styles:

  • Associate in Arts Degree (or AA Degree)
  • Associate in Science Degree (or AS Degree)
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree (or AAS Degree)
  • Associate of Arts in Teaching Degree (or AAT Degree)
  • Certificate of Achievement (or Certificate)
  • Marketable Skills Achievement Award
  • Enhanced Skills Certificate
  • Occupational Skills Award
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Bachelor of Science Degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, etc.
  • Suggested Transfer Plan or Suggested Occupational Plan

Del Mar College

Use the full name of the institution on the first reference on each page. “The College” is appropriate on subsequent references. “Del Mar” is not appropriate. The formal, legal name of the institution is the “Del Mar College District.”


Only used in reference to academic departments within a division. Never used in reference to non-academic offices or service units, nor to individual academic programs within a department. Should be capitalized as part of a formal name, but not in general reference. Examples: 

  • CORRECT: Department of English and Philosophy, Nurse Education Department, academic departments 
  • INCORRECT: Department of Admissions, Automotive Applied Technology Department


Capitalized when used as proper name (Division of Arts and Sciences), but not as a general reference (academic divisions). 

Faculty/Administration List

This includes all Regents, Exempt (full-time) employees and Faculty. Correct style calls for the individual’s name and all appropriate honorifics and credentials, followed by the individual’s correct title (reflecting current rank and promotion on file in the Human Resources Office), and a list of all degrees earned. Degrees are listed in ascending order (earliest first), are abbreviated without punctuation and provide only the level of degree and institution, not subject or major. Institution names will be complete and correct.

  • Doe, Jane
    Associate Professor of Computer Science
    AAS, Del Mar College; BS, University of Texas-San Antonio; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Doe, John, Jr., RN
    Chairperson, Registered Nurse Education; Professor of Registered Nurse Education
    BSN, Incarnate Word College; MSN, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi; PhD, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi


  • Dr. Jane Doe
    Computer Science Teacher
    B.S. degree in Computer Science from The University of Texas at San Antonio.
    Associate in Applied Science, Computer Information Systems, Del Mar
    Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT
  • John Doe Junior, Nurse
    Registered Nursing Chair and Professor
    Bachelor’s in Nursing, Incarnate Word College; Master’s and Ph.D. at Texas A&M Corpus Christi


Refer to letter grades in quotations (grade of “C”)


Not “instate” or “in state” when referring to in-state tuition or similar.


Spell out all numbers between one and nine, unless the number is part of a proper noun (i.e.: three-hour course, Dreamweaver 4).  Write all numbers from 10 and above as numerals.   (three semester hours, 18 clock hours)


Never use vocational


One word, lowercase


Written as one word; do not use “%” 


Never capitalized when referring to academic programs. Example “OTA program” and “Music program” are correct.


Not “re-entry.”


Use “Developmental” in all cases.

Texas A&M University

The College Station campus carries no designation. 

  • “Texas A&M University” not “Texas A&M University–College Station”
  • “Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi” (or –Kingsville, etc.) is correct for branch campuses.
  • Second Preferred abbreviated references are “A&M-Corpus Christi” or “Texas A&M-Kingsville”

The entire name of each campus should be used in first reference.

Do not put spaces between the ampersand and “A” and “M.”


The UT System References

When referencing the UT System, use “The University of Texas System” on first reference and “the UT System” on second reference. 

It is also correct to refer to “the System” on second reference, as long as the meaning is clear. When publishing on the Web, do NOT use a space between U and T. 

  • “The University of Texas System” NOT “the University of Texas System” (never use a small “t” when the full name is spelled out) 
  • “UT System” NOT “UT Systems” (no s at the end) 

In general, when referencing the 15 UT institutions collectively, use the term “institutions” and not “components” or “campuses.” Second references can also be “the University,” “the institution,” “the Health Science Center,” “the Medical Branch,” “the Health Center,” etc. Use a space between M. and D. in M.D. Anderson. 

Do not use hyphens between “UT” and the rest of the name: for example UT-Arlington or UT-Medical Branch.

Telephone Numbers

All telephone numbers should be written in complete form with hyphens, including area code followed by closed parentheses. Toll-free numbers should include 1-800 designation. Ex: (361) 698-1247, 1-800-652-3357


  • CORRECT: 7 p.m., 8:30 a.m., Noon
  • INCORRECT: 7 o’clock, 7:00 p.m., 8:30am, 12:00 p.m.


All administrative and faculty titles should match the current College Catalog and/or Organizational Chart and used consistently throughout the College’s Web site.


All instructions should be given in second person (you, your) not third person (he, she, they, their).


as formal noun is lower case “web” and “website” is one word.

Web addresses (URLs)

Except where inappropriate to design, place all web addresses in italic type. Do not include the “http://” prefix.

Page last updated August 13, 2020.