Del Mar College logos

The most critical visual identification device for Del Mar College is its logo. This unique graphic expression of individuality is to the college what a handwritten signature is to a person. The college’s graphic identity is meant to make great impact. Therefore, the logo must be consistent in appearance and in color.

Del Mar College's logos shown in color, black and white, and reverse versions

  • Logo Guidelines

    Improper usage of approved logos, colors, fonts and design elements can give the impression of a disjointed organization. The Del Mar College brand is clean, organized and sophisticated. Attention to detail when using the Del Mar College logo and coordinating elements is necessary and greatly appreciated.


    • Do not change colors or rearrange any part of the logo. Del Mar College logo in orange
    • Del Mar College logo out of proportionDo not distort the logo in any way. Resizes must be proportionate.
    • Del Mar College logo shown tiltedDo not tilt or rotate the logo in any way.
    • Del Mar College logo with the font changedDo not alter the design of the logo or substitute a typeface for the wordmark.
    • Del Mar College logo with the tagline removedDo not use the logo with only either the wave or tagline.
    • Del Mar College logo with the font outlinedDo not outline the logo or any of the fonts in any way.
    • Del Mar College logo with a drop shadow addedDo not add a drop shadow of any kind to the logo regardless of background image.
    • Del Mar College logo with the tagline moved to an unacceptable positionDo not place the tagline anywhere other than how it is intended.
    • Del Mar College logo set against an intricate backgroundDo not place the logo on top of a heavy texture, pattern, background or conflicting visual material.


  • Color Variations

    Del Mar College’s branding projects the attitude and persona of a strong and established institute of higher education. The selection of the color scheme and fonts play a large role in that persona.

    NOTE: Due to color inaccuracies possible with vendors or printing equipment, CRO is happy to collaborate with you or your vendors on ensuring color accuracy.


    • Del Mar College color logo marking the percentages of Pantone 286 to create the screen colorsThe color version of the Del Mar College logo uses Pantone 286 blue, in screens of 100%, 80% and 20%.

    • Del Mar College black and white logo marking the percentages of black to create the screen tintsThe black and white version of the Del Mar College logo uses black in screens of 100%, 80% and 20%.





  • Clear Space and Size

    In order to command attention, the Del Mar College logo must always have a certain amount of clear space around it. It should not be crowded or overwhelmed by other elements competing for the space. If placed within a cluttered environment, the logo’s message risks becoming obscured and insignificant.


    • Del Mar College log showing the width of the R in the wording that should equal the minimum white space around the logoDel Mar College logo showing the proper amount of clear space to surround the logo

      As a general rule, make the amount of clear space even larger when possible. The required minimum clear space can be measured in relation to the width of the letter “R” in “Mar” (“x”). The clear space around the Del Mar College logo requires at least 1x of space surrounding the entire logo top and bottom; left and right.

    • DMC logo for print versions with tagline removed demonstrating that it should be printed no smaller than 1.25 inches in widthDMC screen version logo with tagline removed demonstrating that it should be no smaller than 125 pixels in width

      Use the logo without the tagline when the width of the logo is less than 2 inches. Always use the tagline where applicable.

  • Symbol

    The Del Mar College “DMC” symbol is reserved for building signs, street signs and other unique applications that require a more simplified mark. Other than a few exceptions, the symbol should never be used in place of the full DMC logo and wordmark.


    • DMC interlocking letter symbol shown in various acceptable tints for print and watermark purposes

      The watermarked color and black and white versions can be used for design purposes on items such as letterhead, banners and some digital executions.

Page last updated March 7, 2019.