Viking Style Guide

Viking Style Guide

Del Mar College promotes a unique educational experience. Having a recognizable and positive image reflects that style, and the strength of marketing communication is dependent upon a strong,
unified graphic identity. By understanding and complying with the Del Mar College Style Guide, you help promote the College as a well-integrated and cohesive organization to both internal and external audiences.

It is crucial that everyone follow the rules and guidelines as presented in this manual and any additional marketing guidelines as they are provided. In addition to this manual, it is important to have a main point of contact within the College’s Community Relations office who will serve as the guardian of the brand and give final approval for unique uses of the Del Mar College mark and printed items produced or distributed to the general public. This graphic standards manual explains the proper use of the Del Mar College logo and other elements used in the design of printed materials.

The manual is designed to familiarize you with Del Mar College’s official graphic symbols, and to assist you in implementing these symbols easily and accurately. This manual is a guide to the basic standard uses of the Del Mar College logo. While it is not possible to address every variation concerning application and use of the logo, this guide will provide a foundation to work from.


Page last updated May 11, 2020.