Graphic Standards and College Symbols

Graphic Standards and College Symbols

College Relations is responsible for maintaining the highest standards in the production of all official College publications, including College logo and emblem usage, on stationery, business cards and many more online and print publications.

College Logo and Other Symbols

The College logo is a registered trademark and is appropriate for general use as a readily recognizable graphic symbol in publications, advertisements or printed materials that describe or promote the College.

Electronic copies of the College logo are available from the College Relations Office for approved purposes. In general, the logo is appropriate for public use in any context where Del Mar College is an active participant, host or sponsor. The College’s express written consent is required before any and all use.

To inquire about guidelines for use of the logo in your project, please contact the College Relations Office at (361) 698-1247 or email


Examples of the Del Mar College logo and Spirit Symbol

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