New Books & Media Report

New Books & Media Report

William F. White, Jr. Library
September 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018

This list includes materials added to the library collections during the period indicated.
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  • White Library Circulating Books

    Subject areas not linked have no new material this quarter.


    B824 .H45 2017                           2017
        Simone de Beauvoir's philosophy of individuation : the problem of The
        second sex / Laura Hengehold.
        Hengehold, Laura,
     B2430 .B344 C655 2017                    2017
        A companion to Simone de Beauvoir / edited by Laura Hengehold and Nancy
        Hengehold, Laura,
        Bauer, Nancy, 1960-
     B2430 .S34 K445 2017                     2017
        Sartre and theology / Kate Kirkpatrick.
        Kirkpatrick, Kate,
     B3279 .H94 Z345 2017                     2017
        Husserl's legacy : phenomenology, metaphysics, and transcendental
        philosophy / Dan Zahavi.
        Zahavi, Dan,
     B3376 .W564 C345 2018                    2018
        The Cambridge companion to Wittgenstein / edited by Hans Sluga, University
        of California at Berkeley and David G. Stern, University of Iowa.
        Sluga, Hans D.,
        Stern, David G.,
     B4376 .H363 2018                         2018
        Soren Kierkegaard / Alastair Hannay.
        Hannay, Alastair,
     BD236 .A58 2018                          2018
        The lies that bind : rethinking identity, creed, country, color, class,
        culture / Kwame Anthony Appiah.
        Appiah, Anthony,
     BF109 .E35 A3 2017                       2017
        The choice : embrace the possible / Dr. Edith Eva Eger, with Esm*e Schwall
        Eger, Edith Eva,
     BF575 .E55 B43 2018                      2018
        I feel you : the surprising power of extreme empathy / Cris Beam.
        Beam, Cris,
     BF575 .H27 M38 1988                      1988
        Being happy! / written and illustrated by Andrew Matthews.
        Matthews, Andrew, 1957-
     BF637 .C45 E45 2016                      2016
        Taking the war out of our words : the art of powerful non-defensive
        communication / Sharon Strand Ellison.
        Ellison, Sharon,
     BF697 .R6565 2015                        2015
        The end of average : how we succeed in a world that values sameness / Todd
        Rose, Todd, 1974-
     BF721 .M424 2018                         2018
        Understanding child development : psychological perspectives and
        applications / Sara Meadows.
        Meadows, Sara,
     BJ1421 .D38 2017                         2017
        Post-truth : why we have reached peak bullshit and what we can do about it
        / Evan Davis.
        Davis, Evan, 1962-
     BJ1589 .P48 2018                         2018
        12 rules for life : an antidote to chaos / Jordan B. Peterson ; foreword
        by Norman Doidge ; illustrations by Ethan Van Sciver.
        Peterson, Jordan B.,
     BL1138.62 .E5 2018                       2018
        Bhagavadg*it*a. English.
        Majmudar, Amit,
     BL2525 .S68 2018                         2018
        The politics of the sacred in America : the role of civil religion in
        political practice / Anthony Squiers.
        Squiers, Anthony,
     BL2775.3 .H68 2017                       2017
        The illusion of certainty : how the flawed beliefs of religion harm our
        culture / James T. Houk.
        Houk, James T. (James Titus), 1955-
     BP189 .K695 2017                         2017
        Sufism : a new history of Islamic mysticism / Alexander Knysh.
        Knysh, Alexander D.,
     BQ4570 .P76 E662 2018                    2018
        Advice not given : a guide to getting over yourself / Mark Epstein, M.D.
        Epstein, Mark, 1953-
     BQ7935 .B774 A78 2009                    2009
        The art of happiness : a handbook for living / the Dalai Lama and Howard
        C. Cutler.
        Bstan-*dzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama XIV, 1935-
     BR516 .G75 2017                          2017
        Moral combat : how sex divided American Christians and fractured American
        politics / R. Marie Griffith.
        Griffith, R. Marie (Ruth Marie), 1967-
     BT375.3 .C76 2012                        2012
        The power of parable : how fiction by Jesus became fiction about Jesus /
        John Dominic Crossan.
        Crossan, John Dominic.
     BT590 .P45 T39 2018                      2018
        What did Jesus look like? / Joan E. Taylor.
        Taylor, Joan E.,
     BT761.3 .K555 2018                       2018
        John Wesley : optimist of grace / Henry H. Knight III.
        Knight, Henry H., 1948-
     BV639 .W7 K556 2018                      2018
        Pure : inside the Evangelical movement that shamed a generation of young
        women and how I broke free / Linda Kay Klein.
        Klein, Linda Kay,


    CB428 .H36848 2018                       2018
        21 lessons for the 21st century / Yuval Noah Harari.
        Harari, Yuval N.
     CHILD LIT BP186.4 .W46 2008              2008
        Under the Ramadan moon / Sylvia Whitman ; illustrated by Sue Williams.
        Whitman, Sylvia, 1961-
     CHILD LIT ML3930.S43 R64 2018            2018
        The life of Selena = La vida de Selena / a bilingual picture book
        biography by Patty Rodriguez & Ariana Stein ; illustrations by Citlali
        Rodr*iguez, Patty,
     CHILD LIT PZ7 .C258 ME 2018              2018
        Merry Hanukkah / Debby Caruso.
        Caruso, Debby.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.1.D455 WHE 2018            2018
        When I am big / Maria Dek.
        Dek, Maria,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.1.F37 LAI 2015             2015
        Lailah's lunchbox : a Ramadan story / Reem Faruqi ; illustrations by Lea
        Faruqi, Reem,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.1.Z33 WH 2015              2015
        The whisper / Pamela Zagarenski.
        Zagarenski, Pamela,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.A39843 DAD 2012            2012
        Daddy Christmas and Hanukkah Mama / by Selina Alko.
        Alko, Selina.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.C16153 CEM 2007            2007
        Celebrate Kwanzaa with Boots and her kittens / by F. Isabel Campoy and
        Alma Flor Ada ; illustrated by Valeria Docampo ; translated by Joe Hayes
        and Sharon Franco.
        Campoy, F. Isabel.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.K5648 HE 2014              2014
        Hershel and the Hanukkah goblins / by Eric Kimmel ; illustrated by Trina
        Schart Hyman.
        Kimmel, Eric A.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.S7365                      2009
        The grumpy dump truck / Brie Spangler.
        Spangler, Brie.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.W25854 LI 2010             2010
        Li'l Rabbit's Kwanzaa / Donna L. Washington ; illustrated by Shane W.
        Washington, Donna L., 1967-
     CHILD LIT PZ8.3.F874 MO 2015             2015
        Monster trouble / by Lane Fredrickson ; illustrations by Michael
        Fredrickson, Lane,


    D521 .L36513 2018                        2018
        Pandora's box : a history of the First World War / J*orn Leonhard ;
        translated by Patrick Camiller.
        Leonhard, J*orn,
     D521 M56 2007                            2007
        A world undone : the story of the Great War, 1914-1918 / G.J. Meyer.
        Meyer, G. J., 1940-
     D570.33 308 TH .L46 2018                 2018
        Never in finer company : the men of the Great War's lost battalion /
        Edward G. Lengel.
        Lengel, Edward G.,
     D627 .G3 B27 2018                        2018
        The escape artists : a band of daredevil pilots and the greatest prison
        break of the Great War / Neal Bascomb.
        Bascomb, Neal,
     D644 .S3613 2018                         2018
        A world on edge : the end of the Great War and the dawn of a new age /
        Daniel Sch*onpflug.
        Sch*onpflug, Daniel, 1969-
     DS61.7 .B37 W35 2005                     2005
        Desert queen : the extraordinary life of Gertrude Bell, adventurer,
        adviser to kings, ally of Lawrence of Arabia / Janet Wallach.
        Wallach, Janet, 1942-
     DS125.5 .B7413 2018                      2018
        In search of Israel : the history of an idea / Michael Brenner.
        Brenner, Michael, 1964-
     DS902.12 .K67 2018                       2018
        Korea reborn : a grateful nation honors war veterans for more than 60
        years of growth.
        Remember My Service Productions,


    E98 .R3 A44 2017                         2017
        American Indian medicine ways : spiritual power, prophets, and healing /
        edited by Clifford E. Trafzer.
        Trafzer, Clifford E.,
     E99 .C6 E63 2014                         2014
        Books and islands in Ojibwe country : traveling through the land of my
        ancestors / Louise Erdrich.
        Erdrich, Louise.
     E169.1 .M4977 2018                       2018
        The soul of America : the battle for our better angels / Jon Meacham.
        Meacham, Jon,
     E169.12 .A44 2018                        2018
        The American dream / [compiled by] Grey House Publishing.
        Grey House Publishing, Inc.,
     E184 .M5 A65313 2017                     2017
        They should stay there : the story of Mexican migration and repatriation
        during the Great Depression / Fernando Sa*ul Alan*is Enciso ; translated
        by Russ Davidson ; foreword by Mark Overmyer-Vel*azquez.
        Alan*is Enciso, Fernando Sa*ul,
     E185.61 .S796 2017                       2017
        30 days a black man : the forgotten story that exposed the Jim Crow South
        / Bill Steigerwald.
        Steigerwald, Bill,
     E312.17 .C17 2018                        2018
        The Indian world of George Washington : the first President, the first
        Americans, and the birth of the nation / Colin G. Calloway.
        Calloway, Colin G. (Colin Gordon), 1953-
     E444 .L49 H87 2018                       2018
        Barracoon : the story of the last "black cargo" / Zora Neale Hurston ;
        edited by Deborah G. Plant ; foreword by Alice Walker.
        Hurston, Zora Neale
     E449 .D75 D55 2018                       2018
        Frederick Douglass : America's prophet / D.H. Dilbeck.
        Dilbeck, D. H.,
     E757 .B17 2018                           2018
        Theodore Roosevelt : a literary life / Thomas Bailey & Katherine Joslin.
        Bailey, Thomas (Thomas Cullen),


    F384.3 .P36 2018                         2018
        Official guide to Texas state parks & historic sites / Laurence Parent ;
        revision assistance by Joanna Ruley-Garza.
        Parent, Laurence,
     F385 .J67 2018                           2018
        From Santa Anna to Selena : notable Mexicanos and Tejanos in Texas history
        since 1821 / Harriett Denise Joseph.
        Joseph, Harriett Denise,
     F387 .B745 2018                          2018
        As far as you can see : picturing Texas / photographs by Kenny Braun ;
        foreword by S. C. Gwynne.
        Braun, Kenny, 1959-
     F387 .S28 2018                           2018
        A mile above Texas / Jay B. Sauceda.
        Sauceda, Jay B.,
     F392 .D9 C37 2017                        2017
        The dukes of Duval County : the Parr family and Texas politics / Anthony
        R. Carrozza.
        Carrozza, Anthony R., 1942-
     F395 .M5 A75 2003                        2003
        Las Tejanas : 300 years of history / Teresa Palomo Acosta and Ruthe
        Acosta, Teresa Palomo.
     F395 .M5 A77 2002                        2002
        Tejano South Texas : a Mexican American cultural province / Daniel D.
        Arreola, Daniel D. (Daniel David), 1950-
     F395 .M5 M375 2018                       2018
        The injustice never leaves you : anti-Mexican violence in Texas / Monica
        Munoz Martinez.
        Martinez, Monica Munoz, 1984-
     F869 .S353 M5453 2018                    2018
        Harvey Milk : his lives and death / Lillian Faderman.
        Faderman, Lillian,


    GB5014 .J66 2018                         2018
        The big ones : how natural disasters have shaped us (and what we can do
        about them) / Dr. Lucy Jones.
        Jones, Lucile M.,
     GR166 .K5313 2011                        2011
        Kinder- und Hausm*archen. English.
        Grimm, Jacob, 1785-1863.
        Grimm, Wilhelm, 1786-1859.
        Mondschein, Ken.
     GV401 .F75 2015                          2015
        Managing sport facilities / Gil Fried, University of New Haven.
        Fried, Gil, 1965-
     GV706.4 W38 2015                         2015
        Foundations of sport and exercise psychology / Robert S. Weinberg,  PhD,
        Miami University, Daniel Gould, PhD, Michigan State University.
        Weinberg, Robert S. (Robert Stephen),
     GV865 .R8 L43 2018                       2018
        The Big Fella : Babe Ruth and the world he created / Jane Leavy.
        Leavy, Jane,
     GV883 .M27 2018                          2018
        Basketball : a love story / Jackie MacMullan, Rafe Bartholomew, and Dan
        MacMullan, Jackie,
     GV1061.15 .T98 2018                      2018
        Tigerbelle : the Wyomia Tyus story / Wyomia Tyus and Elizabeth Terzakis ;
        with a foreword by Joy Reid.
        Tyus, Wyomia,
     GV1061.8 .P75 D83 2016                   2016
        The tao of running : your journey to mindful and passionate running / Gary
        Dudney, Gary,
     GV1132 .M3 S73 2018                      2018
        Unbeaten : Rocky Marciano's fight for perfection in a crooked world / Mike
        Stanton, Mike, 1957-
     GV1588.5 .O84 2017                       2017
        The Oxford handbook of dance and wellbeing / edited by Vicky Karkou, Sue
        Oliver, and Sophia Lycouris.
        Karkou, Vassiliki,
        Oliver, Sue, 1952-
        Lycouris, Sophia, 1961-
        MacDonald, Raymond A. R.,
        Chaiklin, Sharon, 1934-


    HC106.84 .B55 2018                       2018
        Advice and dissent : why America suffers when economics and politics
        collide / Alan S. Blinder.
        Blinder, Alan S.,
     HD66 .G6723 2018                         2018
        The power of a positive team : proven principles and practices that make
        great teams great / by Jon Gordon.
        Gordon, Jon, 1971-
     HD4824 .C72 2009                         2009
        Shop class as soulcraft : an inquiry into the value of work / Matthew B.
        Crawford, Matthew B.
     HF5382.7 .A865 2018                      2018
        50 ways to get a job : an unconventional guide to finding work on your
        terms / Dev Aujla.
        Aujla, Dev,
     HF5549.5 .P37 S654 2015                  2015
        Variability in human performance / [authors] Thomas Jay Smith, Robert
        Henning, Michael G. Wade, Thomas Fisher.
        Smith, Thomas Jay.
     HM281 .D36 1997                          1997
        The gift of fear : survival signals that protect us from violence / Gavin
        de Becker.
        De Becker, Gavin.
     HM821 .S23 2018                          2018
        Why does inequality matter? / T.M. Scanlon.
        Scanlon, Thomas,
     HM846 .F739 2016                         2016
        Thank you for being late : an optimist's guide to thriving in the age of
        accelerations / Thomas L. Friedman.
        Friedman, Thomas L.,
     HM846 .F74 2007                          2007
        The world is flat : a brief history of the twenty-first century / Thomas
        L. Friedman.
        Friedman, Thomas L.
     HM891 .E268 2018                         2018
        It's better than it looks : reasons for optimism in an age of fear / Gregg
        Easterbrook, Gregg,
     HN59.2 .B36 2018                         2018
        The defiant : protest movements in post-liberal America / Dawson Barrett.
        Barrett, Dawson,
     HQ755.8 .B753 2018                       2018
        Small animals : parenthood in the age of fear / Kim Brooks.
        Brooks, Kim (Author and essayist),
     HV6133 .R68 2018                         2018
        Insane : America's criminal treatment of mental illness / Alisa Roth.
        Roth, Alisa,
     HV6565 .C2 M36 2018                      2018
        I'll be gone in the dark : one woman's obsessive search for the Golden
        State Killer / Michelle McNamara ; with an introduction by Gillian Flynn ;
        and an afterword by Patton Oswalt.
        McNamara, Michelle, 1970-2016,
     HV8141 .R395 2018                        2018
        American detective : behind the scenes of famous criminal investigations /
        Thomas A. Reppetto.
        Reppetto, Thomas A.,
     HV8144 .F43 C66 2018                     2018
        A higher loyalty : truth, lies, and leadership / James Comey.
        Comey, James B., Jr., 1960-
     HV8886 .U5 A73 2012                      2012
        Parental incarceration and the family : psychological and social effects
        of imprisonment on children, parents, and caregivers / Joyce A. Arditti.
        Arditti, Joyce A.
     HV9104 .B4243 2014                       2014
        Burning down the house : the end of juvenile prison / Nell Bernstein.
        Bernstein, Nell.
     HV9104 .N35 2015                         2015
        A return to justice : rethinking our approach to juveniles in the system /
        Ashley Nellis.
        Nellis, Ashley,
     HV9466 .L66 2015                         2015
        A country called prison : mass incarceration and the making of a new
        nation / Mary D. Looman, John D. Carl.
        Looman, Mary D.


     JC599 .U5 L85 2018                       2018
        The coddling of the American mind : how good intentions and bad ideas are
        setting up a generation for failure / Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt.
        Lukianoff, Greg,
     JV6483 .U8 2018                          2018
        U.S. national debate topic, 2018-2019. Immigration / [compiled by] Grey
        House Publishing.
        Grey House Publishing, Inc.,
     JZ6009 .K7 B43 2018                      2018
        North Korean military proliferation in the Middle East and Africa :
        enabling violence and instability / Bruce E. Bechtol Jr.
        Bechtol, Bruce E., 1959-


     KF242 .A1 E43 2018                       2018
        Legal research : how to find & understand the law / editors of Nolo.
        Nolo (Firm)
     KF245 .A45 2014                          2014
        ALWD citation manual.
        Barger, Coleen M., 1953-
     KF245 .B58 2015                          2015
        The bluebook : a uniform system of citation / compiled by the editors of
        the Columbia Law Review, the Harvard Law Review, the University of
        Pennsylvania Law Review, and the Yale Law Journal.
        Harvard Law Review Association,
     KF373 .S743 A3 2014                      2014
        Just mercy : a story of justice and redemption / Bryan Stevenson.
        Stevenson, Bryan,
     KF390 .E57 S87 2018                      2018
        Music law : how to run your band's business / attorney Richard Stim.
        Stim, Richard,
     KF3464 .E54 2018                         2018
        The essential guide to handling workplace harassment & discrimination /
        Attorney Deborah C. England.
        England, Deborah C., 1959-
     KF8745 .G56 D44 2018                     2018
        Ruth Bader Ginsburg : a life / Jane Sherron de Hart.
        De Hart, Jane Sherron,
     KF8900 .B44 2018                         2018
        Nolo's deposition handbook / Paul Bergman J.D. & Attorney Albert J. Moore,
        Bergman, Paul, 1943-
     KFI1799 .C62 C728 2016                   2016
        Crook County : racism and injustice in America's largest criminal court /
        Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve.
        Van Cleve, Nicole Gonzalez,
     KFT1275 .T4 2015                         2015
        The greenbook : Texas rules of form / Texas Law Review.
        Texas Law Review Association.
     KFT1278 .P68 2018                        2018
        America's Lone Star constitution : how Supreme Court cases from Texas
        shape the nation / Lucas A. Powe, Jr.
        Powe, L. A. Scot,
     KFT1590 .K45 2018                        2018
        The educator's guide to Texas school law / Jim Walsh, Laurie Maniotis, and
        Frank Kemerer.
        Walsh, Jim, 1950-
     KFT1726 .C68 B36 2017                    2017
        Complete written knowledge test prep textbook / Monette Benoit and Emmett
        J. Donnelly.
        Benoit, Monette.
     KFT1726 .C68 B36 2017 GUIDE              2017
        Written knowledge test prep companion study guide / Monette Benoit and
        Emmett J. Donnelly.
        Benoit, Monette
     KFT1726 .C68 B36 2017 WRKBK              2017
        Written knowledge test prep companion workbook / Monette Benoit and Emmett
        J. Donnelly.
        Benoit, Monette
     KZA1692 .S68 2018                        2018
        The South China Sea conflict / [compiled by] H.W. Wilson, a division of
        EBSCO Information Services.
        H.W. Wilson Company,


    LB1025.3 .D488 2018                      2018
        The scholarship of teaching and learning : a guide for scientists,
        engineers, and mathematicians / Jacqueline M. Dewar (Loyola Marymount
        University, Los Angeles, CA, US), Curtis D. Bennett (California State
        University, Long Beach, CA, US), Matthew A. Fisher (Saint Vincent College,
        Latrobe, PA, US).
        Dewar, Jacqueline M.,
     LB1028.3 .E45 2014                       2014
        Measuring the success of learning through technology : a step-by-step
        guide for measuring impact and ROI on e-learning, blended learning, and
        mobile learning / Tamar Elkeles, Patricia Pullman Phillips, Jack J.
        Elkeles, Tamar.
     LB1732.3 .H36 2016                       2016
        Handbook of early childhood teacher education / edited by Leslie J. Couse
        and Susan L. Recchia.
        Couse, Leslie J.,
        Recchia, Susan,
     LB2331 .M375 2017                        2017
        Successful college teaching begins with throwing away your lecture notes /
        Calvin Luther Martin, PhD, Rutgers University Professor (retired).
        Martin, Calvin,
     LB2338 .T36 2018                         2018
        The ultimate scholarship book 2019 : billions of dollars in scholarships,
        grants and prizes / Gen and Kelly Tanabe.
        Tanabe, Gen S.,
     LB3060.33 .H57 H577 2018                 2018
        HiSET 2018 preparation book : study guide & practice exam questions for
        the high school equivalency test / HiSET 2018 Preparation Team.
        HiSET Preparation Team,
     LC1752 .G53 2018                         2018
        VentureGirls : raising girls to be tomorrow's leaders / Cristal Glangchai,
        Glangchai, Cristal,


    ML410 .M67976 H57 2018                   2018
        Historians on Hamilton : how a blockbuster musical is restaging America's
        past / edited by Renee C. Romano and Claire Bond Potter.
        Romano, Renee Christine,
        Potter, Claire Bond, 1958-
     ML410 .S6872 H67 2010                    2010
        Sondheim on music : minor details and major decisions / Mark Eden
        Horowitz, Mark Eden.
     ML420 .S563 H55 2018                     2018
        Paul Simon : the life / Robert Hilburn.
        Hilburn, Robert,
     ML3790 .K4648 2017                       2017
        Recording orchestra and other classical music ensembles / Richard King.
        King, Richard (Richard Lempri*ere),
     MT662.2 .A39 2007                        2007
        Afro-Caribbean & Brazilian rhythms for the drums / by Memo Acevedo, Kim
        Plainfield, Maciek Schejbal, Adriano Santos, Frank Katz and Chris Lacinak.
        Acevedo, Memo.
        Plainfield, Kim.
        Schejbal, Maciek.
        Santos, Adriano.
        Katz, Frank.
        Lacinak, Chris.


    N6537 .O39 A4 2017                       2017
        Georgia O'Keeffe : living modern / Wanda M. Corn.
        Corn, Wanda M.,
     N6537 .O39 G73 2017                      2017
        Equal under the sky : Georgia O'Keeffe and twentieth-century feminism /
        Linda M. Grasso.
        Grasso, Linda M.,
     N6537 .W28 G78 2017                      2017
        Warhol's working class : pop art and egalitarianism / Anthony E. Grudin.
        Grudin, Anthony E.,
     N6923 .B9 A4 2018                        2018
        Michelangelo (Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.))
        Bambach, Carmen,
        Barry, Claire M.,
        Caglioti, Francesco,
        Elam, Caroline, 1945-
        Marongiu, Marcella,
        Mussolin, Mauro,
     NC892 .W555 2018                         2018
        The colored pencil manual : step-by-step instructions & techniques /
        Veronica Winters.
        Winters, Veronica,
     ND237 .C6 A4 2018B                       2018
        Picturesque and sublime : Thomas Cole's trans-Atlantic inheritance / Tim
        Barringer, Gillian Forrester, and Sophie Lynford.
        Barringer, T. J.,
     ND237 .S3 H47 2018                       2018
        Sargent : the masterworks / Stephanie L. Herdrich.
        Herdrich, Stephanie L.,
     ND237 .W93 A4 2017                       2017
        Andrew Wyeth (2017)
        Junker, Patricia A.
        Lewis, Audrey M.
        Wyeth, Andrew, 1917-2009. Works. Selections.
     ND259 .K33 H47 1983                      1983
        Frida, a biography of Frida Kahlo / Hayden Herrera.
        Herrera, Hayden.
     ND497 .G57 G59 2017                      2017
        Gluck : art and identity / edited by Amy de la Haye and Martin Pel.
        De La Haye, Amy,
        Pel, Martin,
     ND553 .R45 W4518 2017                    2017
        Renoir : an intimate biography / Barbara Ehrlich White.
        White, Barbara Ehrlich,
     ND653 .R4 S55 2018                       2018
        Rembrandt's Holland / Larry Silver.
        Silver, Larry, 1947-


    PE64 .S38 A3 2018                        2018
        When history is personal / Mimi Schwartz.
        Schwartz, Mimi,
     PK2198 .G4 N37 2017                      2017
        Ghalib : innovative meanings and the ingenious mind / Gopi Chand Narang,
        translated from Urdu by Surinder Deol.
        Narang, Gopi Chand, 1931-
     PN1992.8 .C66 A16 2018                   2018
        The 25 sitcoms that changed television : turning points in American
        culture / Laura Westengard and Aaron Barlow, editors.
        Westengard, Laura,
        Barlow, Aaron, 1951-
     PN2287 .W473 I89 2018                    2018
        Robin / Dave Itzkoff.
        Itzkoff, Dave,
     PN3437 .B59 2018                         2018
        More than true : the wisdom of fairy tales / Robert Bly.
        Bly, Robert,
     PN4784 .B75 P36 2017                     2017
        Broadcast news and writing stylebook / Robert A. Papper.
        Papper, Robert A., 1947-
     PN4888 .F35 A48 2018                     2018
        Alternative facts, post-truth and the information war / [compiled by] Grey
        House Publishing.
        Grey House Publishing, Inc.,
     PN6071 .H727 W67 2018                    2018
        A world of horror / edited by Eric J. Guignard ; illustrated by Steve
        Guignard, Eric J.,
        Lines, Steve,
     PN6231 .J5 B38 2018                      2018
        The Jewish joke : a short history - with punchlines / Devorah Baum.
        Baum, Devorah,
     PN6727 .S3 Z66 2017                      2017
        The comics of Charles Schulz : the good grief of modern life / edited by
        Jared Gardner and Ian Gordon.
        Gardner, Jared,
        Gordon, Ian, 1954-
     PQ2247 .G74 2017                         2017
        Gustave Flaubert / Anne Green.
        Green, Anne, 1947-
     PQ8097 .N4 Z6167 2018                    2018
        Neruda : the poet's calling / Mark Eisner.
        Eisner, Mark, 1973-
     PR2248 .G67 2017                         2017
        John Donne and baroque allegory : the aesthetics of fragmentation / Hugh
        Grady, Arcadia University, Pennsylvania.
        Grady, Hugh,
     PR2807 .L47 2017                         2017
        Hamlet and the vision of darkness / Rhodri Lewis.
        Lewis, Rhodri, 1976-
     PR2993 .L4 B57 2018                      2018
        Lear : the great image of authority / Harold Bloom.
        Bloom, Harold,
     PR5397 .F73 F72 2018                     2018
        Frankenstein : how a monster became an icon, the science and enduring
        allure of Mary Shelley's creation / edited by Sidney Perkowitz and Eddy
        Von Mueller.
        Perkowitz, Sidney,
        Mueller, Eddy von,
     PR5397 .F73 H37 2018                     2018
        Making the monster : the science behind Mary Shelley's Frankenstein /
        Kathryn Harkup.
        Harkup, Kathryn,
     PR5496 .F43 2017                         2017
        Thus I lived with words : Robert Louis Stevenson and the writer's craft /
        Annette R. Federico.
        Federico, Annette, 1960-
     PR6037 .T617 D782223 2018                2018
        The Cambridge companion to Dracula / edited by Roger Luckhurst.
        Luckhurst, Roger,
     PR9199.3 .A8 Z565 2006                   2006
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        Langston's salvation : American religion and the bard of Harlem / Wallace
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        H.P. Lovecraft : selected works, critical perspectives and interviews on
        his influence / H.P. Lovecraft ; edited by Leverett Butts.
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     PS3525 .A4152 Z7655 2017                 2017
        Understanding Norman Mailer / Maggie McKinley.
        McKinley, Maggie,
     PS3551 .N27 A6 2015                      2015
        Poems from the R*io Grande / Rudolfo Anaya ; foreword by Robert Con
        Anaya, Rudolfo A.
     PS3551 .N27 R36 2011                     2011
        Randy Lopez goes home : a novel / Rudolfo Anaya.
        Anaya, Rudolfo A.
     PS3552 .I425 I56 2014                    2014
        Imperial / George Bilgere.
        Bilgere, George, 1951-
     PS3552 .U75 Z466 2018                    2018
        Don't hide the madness / William S. Burroughs in conversation with Allen
        Ginsberg ; edited by Steven Taylor ; photos by Allen Ginsberg.
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     PS3555 .R42 L36 2016                     2016
        LaRose / Louise Erdrich.
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     PS3555 .R42 R44 2009                     2009
        The red convertible : selected and new stories, 1978-2008 / Louise
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     PS3558 .A62423 S5 2008                   2008
        She had some horses / Joy Harjo.
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     PS3558 .A8378 A6 2018                    2018
        American sonnets for my past and future assassin / Terrance Hayes.
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     PS3558 .I28 A6 2019                      2019
        Hold / Bob Hicok.
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     PS3558 .O3355 A6 2018                    2018
        Priest turned therapist treats fear of God : poems / Tony Hoagland.
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        Night hawks : stories / Charles Johnson.
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        Tropic of squalor : poems / Mary Karr.
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        Kindest regards : new and selected poems / Ted Kooser.
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        Chicago : a novel / David Mamet.
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        Adjustment Day / Chuck Palahniuk.
        Palahniuk, Chuck,
     PS3572 .O5 A6 2017                       2017
        Complete stories / Kurt Vonnegut ; collected and introduced by Jerome
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        Alice Walker : a woman for our times / Deborah G. Plant.
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        Friday black / Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah.
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        Circe : a novel / Madeline Miller.
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        Citizen illegal : poems / Jos*e Olivarez.
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        There there / Tommy Orange.
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        The oracle year : a novel / Charles Soule.
        Soule, Charles,
     PT2613 .R338 Z7738 2018                  2018
        G*unter Grass / Julian Preece.
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        Franz Kafka : a biography / Max Brod.
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        All quiet on the western front / by Erich Maria Remarque ; translated from
        the German by Brian Murdoch ; introduced by Norman Stone.
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     PT9150 .R55 I213 1999                    1999
        Giants in the earth : a saga of the prairie / O.E. Rolvaag ; translated
        from the Norwegian by Lincoln Colcord & the author ; with an introduction
        by Lincoln Colcord.
        Rolvaag, O. E. (Ole Edvart), 1876-1931.


     Q162 .N68 2018                           2018
        The skeptics' guide to the universe : how to know what's really real in a
        world increasingly full of fake / Dr. Steven Novella with Bob Novella,
        Cara Santa Maria, Jay Novella, and Evan Bernstein.
        Novella, Steven,
     Q164 .C4134 2018                         2018
        Maker lab outdoors : 25 super cool projects : build, invent, create,
        discover / Jack Challoner.
        Challoner, Jack,
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        Kitchen science lab for kids : 52 family- friendly experiments from around
        the house / Liz Heinecke.
        Heinecke, Liz Lee,
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        STEAM kids : 50+ science, technology, engineering, art, math hands-on
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        Weird math : a teenage genius & his teacher reveal the strange connections
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        The rise and fall of the dinosaurs : a new history of a lost world / Steve
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     QH431 .Z53 2018                          2018
        She has her mother's laugh : the powers, perversions, and potential of
        heredity / Carl Zimmer.
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     QK188 .E27 2018                          2018
        Wildflowers of Texas / Michael Eason.
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        Mesquite : an arboreal love affair / Gary Paul Nabhan ; foreword by Petey
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     QP303 .I53 2018                          2018
        Introduction to kinesiology : studying physical activity / Shirl J.
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        Hirsch, Michele Lent,
     RA776 .D45 2018                          2018
        Wellmania : extreme misadventures in the search for wellness / Bridgid
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     RC600 .T74 2014                          2014
        The autoimmune Paleo cookbook : an allergen-free approach to managing
        chronic illness / by Mickey Trescott, NTP.
        Trescott, Mickey,
     RC606.64 .A337 2018                      2018
        AIDS sourcebook : basic consumer health information about the human
        immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
        (AIDS), including facts about its origins, stages, types, transmission,
        risk factors, and prevention, and featuring details about diagnostic
        testing, antiretroviral treatments, and co-occurring infections, such as
        Cytomegalovirus, Mycobacterium Avium Complex, Pneumocystis Carinii
        Pneumonia, and Toxoplasmosis; along with tips for living with HIV/AIDS,
        updated statistics, reports on current research initiatives, a glossary of
        related terms, and a list of resources for additional help and
        Omnigraphics, Inc.,
     RJ506 .A9 A8929 2016                     2016
        Autism and pervasive developmental disorders sourcebook : basic consumer
        health information about autism spectrum disorder, and pervasive
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        along with facts about causes, symptoms, assessment, interventions,
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        Omnigraphics, Inc.
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        David J. Triggle.
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        Kinesiology taping for rehab and injury prevention : an easy, at-home
        guide for overcoming common strains, pains and conditions / Aliana Kim.
        Kim, Aliana,


    SB457 .C658 2018                         2018
        Dig in! : 12 easy gardening projects using kitchen scraps / Kari Cornell ;
        photographs by Jennifer S. Larson.
        Cornell, Kari A.,


    T11 .L625 2017                           2017
        Writing undergraduate lab reports : a guide for students / Christopher S.
        Lobban, University of Guam, Maria Schefter, University of Guam.
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        Popular Mechanics Press.
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        Pompom Pok*emon : 32 cute and fluffy Pok*emon to make, collect and give as
        gifts! / Sachiko Susa.
        Susa, Sachiko,
     TT180 .W75 2018                          2018
        Crafting with wooden crates and pallets : 25 simple projects to style your
        home / Natalie Wright.
        Wright, Natalie (Artisan),
     TT840 .M33 K38 2018                      2018
        Modern macram*e : 33 stylish projects for your handmade home / Emily Katz
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        Tomoko Fuse's origami boxes.
        Fuse, Tomoko, 1951-
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        Crepe paper flowers : the beginner's guide to making & arranging beautiful
        blooms / Lia Griffith.
        Griffith, Lia,
     TX801 .A73 2018                          2018
        Plant, cook, eat! : a children's cookbook / Joe Archer and Caroline Craig.
        Archer, Joe,
     TX840 .P7 M67 2017                       2017
        The essential Instant Pot cookbook : fresh and foolproof recipes for your
        electric pressure cooker / Coco Morante.


    UG1523 .T97 2018                         2018
        Accessory to war : the unspoken alliance between astrophysics and the
        military / Neil deGrasse Tyson and Avis Lang.
        Tyson, Neil deGrasse,


    Z721 .K36 2018                           2018
        The library : a catalogue of wonders / Stuart Kells.
        Kells, Stuart,
     ZA4234 .G64 B76 2017                     2017
        Harnessing the power of Google : what every researcher should know /
        Christopher C. Brown.
        Brown, Christopher C., 1953-
  • White Library Popular Books

        Mycroft and Sherlock : a novel / Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse.
        Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem, 1947-
     *POPULAR READING ALGER                   2018
        The banker's wife / Cristina Alger.
        Alger, Cristina,
     *POPULAR READING ARMSTRONG               2018
        Aftermath / Kelley Armstrong.
        Armstrong, Kelley,
     *POPULAR READING BANNEN                  2018
        The bird and the blade / Megan Bannen.
        Bannen, Megan,
     *POPULAR READING BATEMAN                 2018
        Fame : the hijacking of reality / Justine Bateman.
        Bateman, Justine,
     *POPULAR READING BLACK                   2018
        Murder on the Left Bank / Cara Black.
        Black, Cara, 1951-
     *POPULAR READING BLISS                   2018
        We'll fly away / Bryan Bliss.
        Bliss, Bryan,
     *POPULAR READING BONES                   2018
        Fail until you don't : fight, grind, repeat / Bobby Bones.
        Bones, Bobby, 1980-
     *POPULAR READING BONES                   2016
        Bare bones : I'm not lonely if you're reading this book / Bobby Bones.
        Bones, Bobby, 1980-
     *POPULAR READING BRISSETT                2014
        Elysium, or, The world after / Jennifer Marie Brissett.
        Brissett, Jennifer Marie,
     *POPULAR READING BROOKS                  2018
        The Skaar invasion / Terry Brooks.
        Brooks, Terry,
     *POPULAR READING CAINE                   2018
        Blowing the bloody doors off : and other lessons in life / Michael Caine.
        Caine, Michael,
     *POPULAR READING CAJOLEAS                2018
        The good demon / Jimmy Cajoleas.
        Cajoleas, Jimmy,
     *POPULAR READING CAMERON                 2018
        Out of the blue / Sophie Cameron.
        Cameron, Sophie (Novelist),
     *POPULAR READING CENTER                  2018
        How to walk away / Katherine Center.
        Center, Katherine,
     *POPULAR READING CHAN                    2018
        All that I can fix / Crystal Chan.
        Chan, Crystal,
     *POPULAR READING COHEN                   2018
        The glitch : a novel / by Elisabeth Cohen.
        Cohen, Elisabeth,
     *POPULAR READING COLLINS                 2017
        Unfiltered : no shame, no regrets, just me / by Lily Collins.
        Collins, Lily, 1989-
     PS3553.R542 T94 2012                     2012
        The twelve : a novel / Justin Cronin.
        Cronin, Justin.
     *POPULAR READING CRONIN                  2016
        The city of mirrors : a novel / Justin Cronin.
        Cronin, Justin,
     *POPULAR READING DAWSON                  2018
        Kill the farm boy / Delilah S. Dawson and Kevin Hearne.
        Dawson, Delilah S.,
     *POPULAR READING DE VISE                 2018
        The comeback : Greg LeMond, the true king of American cycling, and a
        legendary Tour de France / Daniel de Vis*e.
        De Vis*e, Daniel,
     *POPULAR READING DECKER                  2018
        Final 42 / Christy Decker.
        Decker, Christy,
     *POPULAR READING DEL COL                 2018
        Son of Hitler / story, Anthony Del Col & Geoff Moore ; art, Jeff McComsey
        ; letters, Jeff McClelland.
        Del Col, Anthony,
     *POPULAR READING DERACINE                2018
        Driving by starlight / Anat Deracine.
        Deracine, Anat,
     *POPULAR READING DEVENPORT               2018
        Medusa uploaded / Emily Devenport.
        Devenport, Emily,
     *POPULAR READING DEVITA                  2015
        The silenced : a novel / James DeVita.
        DeVita, James,
     *POPULAR READING DOLNICK                 2018
        The ghost notebooks / Ben Dolnick.
        Dolnick, Ben,
     *POPULAR READING DOWNIE                  2018
        Memento mori : a crime novel of the Roman empire / Ruth Downie.
        Downie, Ruth, 1955-
     *POPULAR READING DRISCOLL                2017
        Before it's too late / Sara Driscoll.
        Driscoll, Sara,
     *POPULAR READING FIELD                   2018
        In pieces : a memoir / Sally Field.
        Field, Sally,
     *POPULAR READING FINLEY                  2018
        The darkest time of night / Jeremy Finley.
        Finley, Jeremy,
     *POPULAR READING FRENCH                  2018
        The grey bastards / Jonathan French.
        French, Jonathan (Jonathan P.),
     *POPULAR READING GAIMAN                  2013
        Marvel 1602 / [writer, Neil Gaiman ; illustrator, Andy Kubert ; digital
        painting, Richard Isanove ; lettering, Todd Klein].
        Gaiman, Neil.
     *POPULAR READING GARBER                  2018
        Legendary : a Caraval novel / Stephanie Garber.
        Garber, Stephanie,
     *POPULAR READING GLINES                  2015
        Until Friday night : a Field party novel / by Abbi Glines.
        Glines, Abbi,
     *POPULAR READING GLINES                  2016
        Under the lights : a Field party novel / by Abbi Glines.
        Glines, Abbi,
     *POPULAR READING GLINES                  2017
        After the game : a Field party novel / by Abbi Glines.
        Glines, Abbi,
     *POPULAR READING GLINES                  2018
        Losing the field : a field party novel / by Abbi Glines.
        Glines, Abbi,
     *POPULAR READING GLUKHOVSKY              2013
        Metro 2033.
        Glukhovsky, Dmitry.
     *POPULAR READING GLUKHOVSKY              2014
        Metro 2034 / Dmitry Glukovsky ; [translated from Russian by Andrew
        Glukhovski*i, Dmitri*i,
     *POPULAR READING GLUKHOVSKY              2015
        Metro 2035 / Dmitry Glukhovsky ; translated by Andrew Bromfield ;
        illustrations by Diana Stepanova.
        Glukhovski*i, Dmitri*i,
     *POPULAR READING HADDISH                 2017
        The last black unicorn / Tiffany Haddish.
        Haddish, Tiffany, 1979-
     *POPULAR READING HAWKINS                 2018
        Into the water / Paula Hawkins.
        Hawkins, Paula,
     *POPULAR READING HEARNE                  2016
        Staked / Kevin Hearne.
        Hearne, Kevin,
     *POPULAR READING HEARNE                  2012
        Trapped / Kevin Hearne.
        Hearne, Kevin.
     *POPULAR READING HEARNE                  2012
        Tricked / Kevin Hearne.
        Hearne, Kevin.
     *POPULAR READING HEARNE                  2015
        Shattered / Kevin Hearne.
        Hearne, Kevin,
     *POPULAR READING HEARNE                  2011
        Hammered / Kevin Hearne.
        Hearne, Kevin.
     *POPULAR READING HEARNE                  2011
        Hexed / Kevin Hearne.
        Hearne, Kevin.
     *POPULAR READING HEARNE                  2013
        Hunted / Kevin Hearne.
        Hearne, Kevin.
     *POPULAR READING HEARNE                  2018
        Scourged / Kevin Hearne.
        Hearne, Kevin,
     *POPULAR READING HEARNE                  2011
        Hounded / Kevin Hearne.
        Hearne, Kevin.
     *POPULAR READING HOANG                   2018
        The kiss quotient / Helen Hoang.
        Hoang, Helen,
     *POPULAR READING HOCKING                 2018
        From the earth to the shadows / Amanda Hocking.
        Hocking, Amanda,
     *POPULAR READING HOCKING                 2018
        Between the blade and the heart / Amanda Hocking.
        Hocking, Amanda,
     *POPULAR READING HOLLEY                  2018
        Hurricane season : the unforgettable story of the 2017 Houston Astros and
        the resilience of a city / Joe Holley.
        Holley, Joe, 1946-
     *POPULAR READING HORIKOSHI               2015
        My hero academia / story & art Kohei Horikoshi ; translation & English
        adaptation Caleb Cook.
        Horikoshi, K*ohei, 1986-
     *POPULAR READING HUGHES                  2018
        The so blue marble / Dorothy B. Hughes ; Introduction by Otto Penzler.
        Hughes, Dorothy B. (Dorothy Belle), 1904-1993.
     *POPULAR READING IDE                     2016
        IQ / Joe Ide.
        Ide, Joe,
     *POPULAR READING IDE                     2017
        Righteous / Joe Ide.
        Ide, Joe,
     *POPULAR READING ITO                     2015
        Gyo : the death-stench creeps / story & art by Junji Ito ; translation &
        English adaptation, Yuji Oniki ; touch-up art & lettering, Stephen Dutro.
        It*o, Junji, 1963-
     *POPULAR READING ITO                     2016
        Tomie / story & art by Junji Ito ; translator, Naomi Kokubo ; touch-up &
        lettering, Eric Erbes.
        It*o, Junji, 1963-
     *POPULAR READING ITO                     2013
        Uzumaki : spiral into horror / Junji Ito ; translation & English
        adaptation, Yuji Oniki.
        It*o, Junji, 1963-
     *POPULAR READING KELSO                   2018
        Texas curiosities : quirky characters, roadside oddities & offbeat fun /
        John Kelso ; revised by Paris Permenter & John Bigley.
        Kelso, John,
     *POPULAR READING KENEMORE                2011
        Zombie, Ohio : a tale of the undead / Scott Kenemore.
        Kenemore, Scott.
     *POPULAR READING KING                    2018
        The outsider : a novel / Stephen King.
        King, Stephen, 1947-
     *POPULAR READING KING                    1990
        The stand : the complete & uncut edition / Stephen King.
        King, Stephen, 1947-
     *POPULAR READING KOONTZ                  2018
        The forbidden door : a Jane Hawk novel / Dean Koontz.
        Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-
     *POPULAR READING KORYTA                  2018
        How it happened / Michael Koryta.
        Koryta, Michael,
     *POPULAR READING KOWAL                   2018
        The calculating stars / Mary Robinette Kowal.
        Kowal, Mary Robinette, 1969-
     *POPULAR READING KOWAL                   2018
        The fated sky / Mary Robinette Kowal.
        Kowal, Mary Robinette, 1969-
     *POPULAR READING LANSDALE                2018
        Jackrabbit smile / Joe R. Lansdale.
        Lansdale, Joe R., 1951-
     *POPULAR READING LAUREN                  2018
        Josh and Hazel's guide to not dating / Christina Lauren.
        Lauren, Christina,
     *POPULAR READING LINDGREN                2016
        Death in Sunset Grove / Minna Lindgren ; translated by Lola Rogers.
        Lindgren, Minna, 1963-
     *POPULAR READING LINDNER                 2018
        Birds of a feather : a true story of hope and the healing power of animals
        / Lorin Lindner ; with Elizabeth Butler-Witter.
        Lindner, Lorin,
     *POPULAR READING MABERRY                 2009
        Patient zero / Jonathan Maberry.
        Maberry, Jonathan,
     *POPULAR READING MARINO                  2017
        Autonomous / Andy Marino.
        Marino, Andy, 1980-
     *POPULAR READING MARTIN                  2018
        Beyond control / Kat Martin.
        Martin, Kat,
     *POPULAR READING MCCLELLAN               2018
        Wrath of empire / Brian McClellan.
        McClellan, Brian, 1986-
     *POPULAR READING MCCLELLAN               2017
        Sins of empire / Brian McClellan.
        McClellan, Brian, 1986-
     *POPULAR READING MCKINLAY                2018
        Hitting the books / Jenn McKinlay.
        McKinlay, Jenn,
     *POPULAR READING MELTZER                 2018
        The escape artist / Brad Meltzer.
        Meltzer, Brad,
     *POPULAR READING MICHAELIS               2012
        The storyteller / Antonia Michaelis ; translated by Miriam Debbage.
        Michaelis, Antonia,
     *POPULAR READING MILLER                  2018
        Blackfish City / Sam J. Miller.
        Miller, Sam J.,
     *POPULAR READING MYER                    2018
        Fire dance / Ilana C. Myer.
        Myer, Ilana C.,
     *POPULAR READING MYER                    2015
        Last song before night / Ilana C. Myer.
        Myer, Ilana C.,
     *POPULAR READING NAVARRO                 2017
        The usual sacrifices / Yvonne Navarro.
        Navarro, Yvonne, 1957-
     *POPULAR READING NORTH                   2018
        How to invent everything : a survival guide for the stranded time traveler
        / Ryan North.
        North, Ryan, 1980-
     *POPULAR READING NOVIK                   2018
        Spinning silver / Naomi Novik.
        Novik, Naomi,
     *POPULAR READING NUGENT                  2018
        Lying in wait : a novel / Liz Nugent.
        Nugent, Liz,
     *POPULAR READING ONDAATJE                2018
        Warlight / Michael Ondaatje.
        Ondaatje, Michael, 1943-
     *POPULAR READING ORLEAN                  2018
        The library book / Susan Orlean.
        Orlean, Susan,
     *POPULAR READING ORTBERG                 2018
        The merry spinster : tales of everyday horror / Mallory Ortberg.
        Ortberg, Mallory,
     *POPULAR READING PAIGE                   2016
        Yellow brick war / Danielle Paige.
        Paige, Danielle (Novelist),
     *POPULAR READING PAIGE                   2015
        The wicked will rise / Danielle Paige.
        Paige, Danielle (Novelist),
     *POPULAR READING PAIGE                   2017
        The end of Oz / Danielle Paige.
        Paige, Danielle (Novelist),
     *POPULAR READING PASSARELLA              2016
        Cold fire / John Passarella.
        Passarella, John,
     *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2018
        Texas Ranger / James Patterson and Andrew Bourelle.
        Patterson, James, 1947-
     *POPULAR READING PATTISON                2018
        Savage liberty : a mystery of revolutionary America / Eliot Pattison.
        Pattison, Eliot,
     *POPULAR READING PEDERSEN                2016
        1635 : the wars for the Rhine / Anette Pedersen.
        Pedersen, Anette,
     *POPULAR READING PEDREIRA                2018
        Gunpowder moon / David Pedreira.
        Pedreira, David,
     *POPULAR READING PISKOR                  2018
        X-Men : grand design. 1 / by Ed Piskor.
        Piskor, Ed,
     *POPULAR READING POSEY                   2018
        You're on an airplane : a self-mythologizing memoir / Parker Posey.
        Posey, Parker, 1968-
     *POPULAR READING PRUITT                  2018
        Townies : and other stories of southern mischief / Eryk Pruitt.
        Pruitt, Eryk,
     *POPULAR READING RAYBOURN                2018
        A treacherous curse / Deanna Raybourn.
        Raybourn, Deanna,
     *POPULAR READING RIGGS                   2016
        Tales of the peculiar / by Ransom Riggs ; illustrations by Andrew
        Riggs, Ransom,
     *POPULAR READING RIGGS                   2015
        Library of souls / by Ransom Riggs.
        Riggs, Ransom.
     *POPULAR READING RIGGS                   2018
        A Map of Days / by Ransom Riggs.
        Riggs, Ransom,
     *POPULAR READING ROTH                    2016
        Methodical conclusion / Rebekah Roth.
        Roth, Rebekah,
     *POPULAR READING ROTH                    2015
        Methodical illusion / Rebekah Roth.
        Roth, Rebekah,
     *POPULAR READING ROTH                    2015
        Methodical deception / Rebekah Roth.
        Roth, Rebekah,
     *POPULAR READING ROTH                    2018
        Methodical exposure / Rebekah Roth.
        Roth, Rebekah,
     *POPULAR READING SALDIN                  2018
        The Dead Enders / Erin Saldin.
        Saldin, Erin,
     *POPULAR READING SALVATORE               2018
        Timeless / R.A. Salvatore.
        Salvatore, R. A., 1959-
     *POPULAR READING SCALZI                  2018
        Head on / John Scalzi.
        Scalzi, John, 1969-
     *POPULAR READING SCHWAB                  2018
        Vengeful / V.E. Schwab.
        Schwab, V. E., 1987-
     *POPULAR READING SHARAPOVA               2017
        Unstoppable : my life so far / Maria Sharapova with Rich Cohen.
        Sharapova, Maria, 1987-
     *POPULAR READING SMITH                   2018
        The further chronicles of Sherlock Holmes, Volumes 1-2 / Denis O. Smith.
        Smith, Denis O., 1948-
     *POPULAR READING SPIEGELMAN              1997
        Maus : a survivor's tale / Art Spiegelman.
        Spiegelman, Art.
     *POPULAR READING STALENHAG               2018
        The electric state / Simon St*alenhag.
        St*alenhag, Simon,
     *POPULAR READING STONER                  2018
        Sugar Land / Tammy Lynne Stoner.
        Stoner, Tammy Lynne, 1968-
     *POPULAR READING STRUGATSKY              2012
        Roadside picnic / Arkady and Boris Strugatsky ; translated by Olena
        Struga*t*ski*i, Arkadi*i, 1925-1991,
     *POPULAR READING THOMAS                  2018
        The hollow of fear / Sherry Thomas.
        Thomas, Sherry (Sherry M.),
     *POPULAR READING TIDHAR                  2018
        Unholy land / Lavie Tidhar.
        Tidhar, Lavie,
     *POPULAR READING TOLKIEN                 2018
        The fall of Gondolin / by J.R.R. Tolkien ; edited by Christopher Tolkien ;
        with illustrations by Alan Lee.
        Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973
     *POPULAR READING UNGER                   2018
        Under my skin / Lisa Unger.
        Unger, Lisa, 1970-
     *POPULAR READING URREA                   2018
        The house of broken angels : a novel / Luis Alberto Urrea.
        Urrea, Luis Alberto,
     *POPULAR READING VINCENT                 2018
        Indianapolis : the true story of the worst sea disaster in U.S. naval
        history and the fifty-year fight to exonerate an innocent man / Lynn
        Vincent and Sara Vladic.
        Vincent, Lynn,
     *POPULAR READING WAGGONER                2016
        Mythmaker / Tim Waggoner.
        Waggoner, Tim,
     *POPULAR READING WALLER                  2018
        Flight / Jae Waller.
        Waller, Jae,
     *POPULAR READING WELLINGTON              2006
        Monster Island : a zombie novel / David Wellington.
        Wellington, David.
     *POPULAR READING WHITEHEAD               2011
        Zone one : a novel / Colson Whitehead.
        Whitehead, Colson, 1969-
     *POPULAR READING WILDE                   2016
        Cloudbound / Fran Wilde.
        Wilde, Fran, 1979-
     *POPULAR READING WILDE                   2018
        The Christmas key : a Twilight, Texas novel / Lori Wilde.
        Wilde, Lori,
     *POPULAR READING WILKINS                 2014
        Daughters of the storm / Kim Wilkins.
        Wilkins, Kim,
     *POPULAR READING WILSON                  2018
        A different kind of evil : a novel / Andrew Wilson.
        Wilson, Andrew, 1967-
        Whiskey in a teacup : what growing up in the South taught me about life,
        love, and baking biscuits / Reese Witherspoon.
        Witherspoon, Reese, 1976-
     *POPULAR READING WRIGHT                  2018
        God save Texas : a journey into the soul of the Lone Star State / Lawrence
        Wright, Lawrence, 1947-
     *POPULAR READING YOUNG                   2018
        Sky in the deep / Adrienne Young.
        Young, Adrienne, 1985-
  • White Library Reference Books

     REF BF76.5 .D6285 2018                   2018
        A research guide to psychology : print and electronic sources / Deborah
        Dolan, Deborah, 1958-
     REF G1021 .G43283 2017                   2017
        Oxford atlas of the world / cartography by Philip's.
        George Philip & Son,
     REF G1021 .N428 2017                     2017
        National Geographic visual atlas of the world / National Geographic.
        National Geographic Society (U.S.),
     REF G1201.P2 N3 2005                     2005
        National Geographic road atlas : United States, Canada, Mexico.
        National Geographic Maps (Firm)
     REF G1201.S26 B76 2015                   2015
        Revolution : mapping the road to American independence 1755-1783 / Richard
        H. Brown and Paul E. Cohen.
        Brown, Richard H. (Map collector),
     REF G2230 .S9 2014                       2014
        The historical atlas of the Bible / by Dr. Ian Barnes.
        Barnes, Ian, 1946-2014,
     REF HV1553 .C58 2017                     2017
        The complete directory for people with disabilities : a comprehensive
        source book for individuals and professionals.
        Grey House Publishing, Inc.,
     REF KF156 .B856 2013                     2013
        Burtons legal thesaurus / William C. Burton, Esq.
        Burton, William C.,
     REF KF5407 .M62 1982                     1982
        Administrative law : practice and procedure / Lee Modjeska.
        Modjeska, Lee.
     REF KFT1312.A29 T496 2018                0200
        Beyer's Texas property code annotated / by Gerry W. Beyer.
     REF PN3435 .H665 2017 V.1                2017
        Horror literature through history : an encyclopedia of the stories that
        speak to our deepest fears / Matt Cardin, editor.
        Cardin, Matt,
     REF QH541.5.S3 F37 2011                  2011
        Atlas of oceans : an ecological survey of underwater life / John Farndon ;
        foreword by Carl Safina ; in consultation with The Cousteau Society.
        Farndon, John.
     REF RM301.12 .E23 2008                   2008
        Desk reference of clinical pharmacology / Manuchair Ebadi.
        Ebadi, Manuchair S.
     REF TJ211 .S67 2016                      2016
        Springer handbook of robotics / Bruno Siciliano, Oussama Khatib (eds.).
        Siciliano, Bruno, 1959-
        Khatib, Oussama,
  • White Library Audio/Visuals

     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 192 DISC 1-9           2011
        Star Wars, the complete saga / Lucasfilm Ltd. ; 20th Century Fox.
        Lucas, George, 1944-
        McCallum, Rick, 1952-
        Kershner, Irvin.
        Marquand, Richard.
        Brackett, Leigh.
        Kasdan, Lawrence, 1949-
        Kurtz, Gary.
        Kazanjian, Howard.
        Neeson, Liam.
        McGregor, Ewan, 1971-
        Portman, Natalie, 1981-
        Christensen, Hayden, 1981-
        Hamill, Mark.
        Ford, Harrison, 1942-
        Fisher, Carrie.
        Cushing, Peter, 1913-1994.
        Guinness, Alec, 1914-2000.
        Williams, Billy Dee, 1937-
        Daniels, Anthony.
        Williams, John, 1932-
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 193 DISC 1-23          2016
        Star trek, the next generation : the complete series / Paramount Domestic
        Television ; created by Gene Roddenberry ; produced by Peter Lauritson,
        David Livingston, Maurice Hurley, Burton Armus, Mike Gray [and others] ;
        written by D.C. Fontana and Gene Roddenberry, J. Michael Bingham, Katharyn
        Powers and Michael Baron [and others] ; directed by Corey Allen, Paul
        Lynch, Russ Mayberry, Richard Colla, Rob Bowman [and others].
        Allen, Corey, 1934-2010.
        Lynch, Paul, 1946-
        Stewart, Patrick, 1940-
        Frakes, Jonathan.
        Sirtis, Marina, 1955-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2101                      2008
        Introduction to the conga drum [videorecording] / produced by Michael
        Spiro, Chuck Sher.
        Spiro, Michael.
        Sher, Chuck.
        Spiro, Remi.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2806 DISC 1-3             2014
        The First World War : the complete series / a Wark Clements, Hamilton
        Films production in association with Target Entertainment Group and
        Channel 4 ; series produced and directed by Marcus Kiggell and [other
        four] ; series narrated and produced by Jonathan Lewis.
        Lewis, Jonathan (Producer),
        Television adaptation of (work): Strachan, Hew. First World War.
        Kiggell, Marcus,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2807 DISC 1-3             2017
        American experience (Television program). Great war.
        Ives, Stephen,
        Pollak, Amanda,
        Rapley, Rob,
        Platt, Oliver,
        Rundquist, Peter,
        Phillips, Tom, 1952-
        Squires, Buddy,
        Neuburger, Jon,
        Stern, Merril,
        Bomse, Seth,
        Fedde, R. A.,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2808                      2009
        Paris 1919 : inside the peace talks that changed the world / produced by
        the National Film Board of Canada in co-production with 13 Production in
        association with Galafilm in co-production with Arte France in association
        with TVO [and others] ; producers, Gerry Flahive, Paul Saadoun ; written
        and directed by Paul Cowan.
        Flahive, Gerry.
        Saadoun, Paul.
        Cowan, Paul, 1947-
        Thomson, R. H.
        MacMillan, Margaret, 1943- Peacemakers.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2809                      2014
        37 days / A Hardy Pictures Production for BBC ; writer/producer, Mark
        Hayhurst ; producers, Lucy Bassnett-McGuire, Susan Horth ; director,
        Justin Hardy.
        Hayhurst, Mark,
        Bassnett-McGuire, Lucy,
        Horth, Susan,
        Hardy, Justin,
        McDiarmid, Ian,
        Pigott-Smith, Tim,
        Farrell, Nicholas,
        Hartington, Douglas,
        McAllister, Andrew Simon,
        Green, Adam,

Barth Learning Resources Center
September 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018

  • Barth LRC Circulating Books

     D810 .V42 U684 2018                      2018
        The Texas liberators : veteran narratives from World War II / edited by
        Aliza S. Wong ; foreword by Ron Milam ; photographs by Mark Umstot.
        Wong, Aliza S.,
     HD7261 .O23 2018                         2018
        Occupational health and safety handbook / edited by Alfred Scott.
        Scott, Alfred.
     LB3060.33 .G45 W75 2014 V.1              2014
        Writing for the GED test.
        New Readers Press.
     LB3060.33 .H57 H577 2018                 2018
        HiSET 2018 preparation book : study guide & practice exam questions for
        the high school equivalency test / HiSET 2018 Preparation Team.
        HiSET Preparation Team,
     QM311 .W64 2017                          2017
        Woelfel's dental anatomy / Rickne C. Scheid, DDS, MEd, Associate Professor
        Emeritus, the Ohio State University College of Dentistry, Columbus, Ohio,
        Gabriela Weiss, DDS, Associate Professor, the Ohio State University
        College of Dentistry, Columbus, Ohio.
        Scheid, Rickne C.,
     RC78 .F575 2017                          2017
        Essentials of radiologic science / Denise Orth, MS, RT (R)(M), Associate
        Professor and Clinical Coordinator, Allied Health Department, Fort Hays
        University, Hays, Kansas.
        Orth, Denise,
     RC86.7 .A43 2016                         2016
        Emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured / AAOS, American
        Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.
        American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.
     RC735 .I5 C464 2019                      2019
        Certified respiratory therapist exam review guide.
        Scanlan, Craig L., 1947-
        Heuer, Albert J.,
        Rodriguez, Narcisco E.,
     RC735.5 .R4645 2019                      2019
        Respiratory care made incredibly easy! / clinical editor, Rose Knapp.
        Knapp, Rose,
     RD32.3 .S54 2017                         2017
        Lange Q & A. Surgical technology examination / Carolan Sherman, Mary
        Sherman, Carolan,
     RD71 .J37 2018                           2018
        Understanding surgical instruments : how to identify, care and handle
        surgical instruments  / Dr. Frank Jerry.
        Jerry, Frank,
     RD99.25 .W45 2018                        2018
        Lippincott certification review. Medical-surgical nursing / Laura M.
        Willis, Laura M., 1969-
     RJ50 .D83 2018                           2019
        Pediatric physical examination : an illustrated handbook / Karen G.
        Duderstadt, Karen,
     RJ245 .K95 2017                          2017
        Essentials of pediatric nursing / Terri Kyle, MSN, CPNP, Associate
        Director of Nursing, Herzing University-Orlando, Winter PArk, Florida,
        Susan Carman, MSN, MBA, Professor of Nursing, Most recently, Edison
        Community College, Fort Myers, Florida.
        Kyle, Terri,
     RK307 .I27 2018                          2018
        Oral pathology for the dental hygienist : with general pathology
        introductions / Olga A.C. Ibsen, Joan Andersen Phelan.
        Ibsen, Olga A. C.,
     RK361 .F675 2016                         2016
        Foundations of periodontics for the dental hygienist / Jill S. Gehrig,
        Donald E. Willmann.
        Gehrig, Jill S. (Jill Shiffer),
     RK652.5 .S74 2018                        2018
        Clinical aspects of dental materials : theory, practice, and cases /
        Marcia (Gladwin) Stewart, Michael Bagby.
        Stewart, Marcia (Marcia A.),
     RM301 .P457 2019                         2018
        Lehne's pharmacology for nursing care / Jacqueline Rosenjack Burchum and
        Laura Rosenthal.
        Burchum, Jacqueline Rosenjack,
     RM701.6 .G554 2018                       2018
        PTAEXAM : the complete study guide / Scott M. Giles.
        Giles, Scott M.,
     RM735.3 .A38 2019                        2019
        Adult physical conditions : intervention strategies for occupational
        therapy assistants / [edited by] Amy J. Mahle,MHA, COTA/L, Founding
        Program Director, Occupational Theraphy Assistant Program, Rowan-Cabrrus
        Community College, Salisbury, NC; Amber L. Ward, MS, OTR/L, BCPR,ATP/SMS,
        Occupational Theraphy Coordinator, Neurosciences Institute
        Neurology-Charlotte, Carolines Neuromuscular ALS/MDA Center Carolinas
        Healthcare System, Charlotte, NC, Adjunct Instructor, Cabarrus College of
        Health Sciences, Concord, NC.
        Mahle, Amy J.,
        Ward, Amber L.,
     RM735.32 .O338  2018                     2018
        Occupational therapy assistant exam practice questions : OTA practice
        tests & exam review for the NBCOT COTA certified occupational therapy
        assistant test.
        Mometrix Media LLC,
     RM735.32 .P74 2018                       2018
        Preparing for the occupational therapy assistant national board exam : 45
        days and counting / edited by Rosanne DiZazzo-Miller, Fredrick D. Pociask
        ; guest editor: Tia Hughes.
        DiZazzo-Miller, Rosanne,
        Pociask, Fredrick D.,
        Hughes, Tia,
     RT42 .E95 2018                           2018
        Evidence-based practice in nursing : foundations, skills, and roles /
        Thomas L. Christenbery, editor.
        Christenbery, Thomas Lee,
     RT42 .H397 2015                          2015
        Nursing assessment : head-to-toe assessment in pictures.
        Haws, Jon.
     RT55 .L33 2019                           2019
        Prioritization, delegation, and assignment : practice exercises for the
        NCLEX examination / Linda A. LaCharity, Candice K. Kumagai, Barbara Bartz
        ; with an introduction by Ruth Hansten.
        LaCharity, Linda A.,
     RT71 .F84 2017                           2017
        Innovative teaching strategies in nursing and related health professions /
        edited by Martha J. Bradshaw, PhD, RN, Consultant, Professional Writing,
        Nursing Education, Dallas, Texas, Beth L. Hultquist, PhD, RN, CNE,
        Clinical Assistant Professor, Louise Herrington School of Nursing, Baylor
        University, Dallas, Texas.
        Bradshaw, Martha J.,
        Hultquist, Beth L.,
     RT90 .E85 2017                           2017
        Essentials of patient education / [edited by] Susan B. Bastable, EdD, RN,
        Professor Emerita and Founding Chair, Department of Nursing, Le Moyne
        Bastable, Susan Bacorn,
     RT90 .M55 2019                           2019
        Client education : theory and practice / by Mary A. Miller, Pamella Rae
        Miller, Mary A. (Mary Alice),
     RT120 .I5 P76 2016                       2016
        Priorities in critical care nursing / [edited by] Linda D. Urden, Kathleen
        M. Stacy, Mary E. Lough.
        Urden, Linda Diann,
        Stacy, Kathleen M.,
        Lough, Mary E.,
     TH420 .C49 2018                          2018
        Building codes illustrated : a guide to understanding the 2018
        International Building Code / by Francis D. K. Ching, Steven R. Winkel,
        Ching, Francis D. K., 1943-
     TH6703 .K67 2017                         2017
        Guide to Commercial Pipefitting / : Jason K. Kirkland.
        Kirkland, Jason.
     TH7011 .A517 2018                        2018
        2018 ASHRAE handbook : refrigeration.
        American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers,
     TH9151 .I55 NO.209 2018                  2018
        Occupational safety, health, and wellness / Mark Keough [and 3 others].
        Keough, Mark.
     TH9180 .K5 2018                          2018
        Kirk's fire investigation / David J. Icove, Ph.D., P.E., F.SFPE, board
        certified, fellow, National Academy of Forensic Engineers, (NAFE), The
        University of Tennessee, Gerald A. Haynes, M.S., P.E., SFPE, board
        certified, member, National Academy of Forensic Engineers, (NAFE), Haynes
        and Associates, LLC.
        Icove, David J., 1949-
     TX651 .P343 2017                         2017
        Kitchen creativity : unlocking culinary genius--with wisdom, inspiration,
        and ideas from the world's most creative chefs / Karen Page ; photographs
        by Andrew Dornenburg.
        Page, Karen,
     TX773 .F47 2017                          2017
        French p*atisserie : master recipes and techniques from the Ferrandi
        School of Culinary Arts / Ferrandi ; photography by Rina Nurra ; editor:
        Helen Adedotun ; translated from the French by Carmella Moreau, Ansley
        Evans, Caitilin Walsh, and Rachel Doux.
        Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts,
     TX773 .P464 2012                         2012
        Tentation petits g*ateaux / Jean-Michel Perruchon ; photographies Philippe
        Perruchon, J. M. (Jean Michel)
     TX911.3 .C65 D66 2016                    2016
        Food & beverage cost control / Lea R. Dopson, David K. Hayes.
        Dopson, Lea R.,
  • Barth LRC Popular Books

    *POPULAR READING BATHURST                2017
        Sound : stories of hearing lost and found / Bella Bathurst.
        Bathurst, Bella,
     *POPULAR READING GRAHAM                  2008
        Warleggan : a novel of Cornwall, 1792-1793 / Winston Graham.
        Graham, Winston,
     *POPULAR READING GRAHAM                  2008
        Demelza : a novel of Cornwall, 1788-1790 / Winston Graham.
        Graham, Winston,
     *POPULAR READING GRAHAM                  2008
        Jeremy Poldark : a novel of Cornwall, 1790-1791 / Winston Graham.
        Graham, Winston,
     *POPULAR READING GRAHAM                  2008
        Ross Poldark : a novel of Cornwall, 1783-1787 / Winston Graham.
        Graham, Winston.
     *POPULAR READING GRAHAM                  2008
        The black moon : a novel of Cornwall, 1794-1795 / Winston Graham.
        Graham, Winston,
     *POPULAR READING GRAHAM                  2008
        The four swans : a novel of Cornwall, 1795-1797 / Winston Graham.
        Graham, Winston,
     *POPULAR READING GRAHAM                  2008
        The angry tide : a novel of Cornwall, 1798-1999 / Winston Graham.
        Graham, Winston.
     *POPULAR READING GRAHAM                  2008
        The stranger from the sea : a novel of Cornwall 1810-1811 / Winston
        Graham, Winston,
     *POPULAR READING GRAHAM                  2008
        The miller's dance : a novel of Cornwall, 1812-1813 / Winston Graham.
        Graham, Winston,
     *POPULAR READING GRAHAM                  2008
        The loving cup : a novel of Cornwall, 1813-1815 / Winston Graham.
        Graham, Winston,
     *POPULAR READING GRAHAM                  2008
        The twisted sword : a novel of Cornwall, 1815 / Winston Graham.
        Graham, Winston,
     *POPULAR READING GRAHAM                  2008
        Bella Poldark : a novel of Cornwall, 1818-1820 / Winston Graham.
        Graham, Winston,
     *POPULAR READING HAN                     2017
        Always and forever, Lara Jean / Jenny Han.
        Han, Jenny,
     *POPULAR READING HAN                     2015
        P.S.I still love you / Jenny Han.
        Han, Jenny,
     *POPULAR READING HAN                     2014
        To all the boys I've loved before / Jenny Han.
        Han, Jenny,
     *POPULAR READING KWAN                    2014
        Crazy rich Asians / Kevin Kwan.
        Kwan, Kevin
     *POPULAR READING KWAN                    2017
        Rich people problems : a novel / Kevin Kwan.
        Kwan, Kevin,
     *POPULAR READING NOEL                    2010
        Night star / Alyson No*el.
        No*el, Alyson.
     *POPULAR READING NOEL                    2011
        Everlasting / Alyson No*el.
        No*el, Alyson.
     *POPULAR READING NOEL                    2010
        Dark flame / Alyson No*el.
        No*el, Alyson,
     *POPULAR READING RUIZ                    1999
        The mastery of love : a practical guide to the art of relationship / Don
        Miguel Ruiz.
        Ruiz, Miguel, 1952-
     *POPULAR READING RUIZ                    2010
        The fifth agreement : a practical guide to self-mastery / Miguel Ruiz and
        Jose Ruiz ; with Janet Mills.
        Ruiz, Miguel, 1952-
     *POPULAR READING RUIZ                    1997
        The four agreements : a practical guide to personal freedom / Miguel Ruiz
        with Janet Mills.
        Ruiz, Miguel, 1952-
     *POPULAR READING SOULIJAH                2016
        A Moment of silence / Sister Souljah.
        Souljah, Sister.
     *POPULAR READING SOULIJAH                2011
        Midnight and the meaning of love / Sister Souljah.
        Souljah, Sister.
     *POPULAR READING SOULIJAH                1996
        No disrespect / Sister Souljah.
        Souljah, Sister,
     *POPULAR READING SOULIJAH                2005
        The coldest winter ever : a novel / Sister Souljah.
        Souljah, Sister,
     *POPULAR READING SOULIJAH                2008
        Midnight : a gangster love story / Sister Souljah.
        Souljah, Sister.
  • Barth LRC Reference Books

     REF RG951 .R538 2017                     2017
        Maternity and pediatric nursing / Susan Scott Ricci, ARNP, MSN, MEd, CNE,
        College of Nursing Faculty, University of Central Florida, Orlando,
        Florida, former Nursing Program Director and Faculty Lake Sumter State
        College, Leesburg, Florida, Terri Kyle, MSN, CPNP, CNE, Program
        Chair-Nursing, Herzing University--Orlando, Winter Park, Florida, Susan
        Carman, MSN, MBA, Professor of Nursing, most recently, Edison Community
        College, Fort Myers, Florida.
        Ricci, Susan Scott,
     REF RJ245 .P4414 2017                    2017
        Principles of pediatric nursing : caring for children / Jane W. Ball, Ruth
        C. Bindler, Kay J. Cowen, Michele R. Shaw.
        Ball, Jane (Jane W.),
     REF RM125 .H572 2019                     2018
        Saunders nursing drug handbook 2019 / Robert J. Kizior, BS, RPh, Keith J.
        Hodgson, RN, BSN, CCRN.
        Kizior, Robert J.,
     REF RM125 .N875 2019                     2019
        Nursing 2019 Drug Handbook.
        Wolters Kluwer (Firm),
     REF RM170 .G343 2019                     2019
        Intravenous medications : a handbook for nurses and health professionals /
        Betty L. Gahart, Adrienne R. Nazareno, Meghan Q. Ortega.
        Gahart, Betty L.,
     REF RT120.I5 C752 2018                   2018
        Critical care nursing (Urden)
        Urden, Linda Diann,
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  • Barth LRC Audio/Visual

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