The Grants Office facilitates, processes and guides faculty and staff to develop successful external funding proposals that improve instruction and college programs and foster effective implementation of grants.

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What We Do

  • Serve as the central information point for all external public grants. Please email us as soon as you know you plan to prepare a proposal to submit to a funding agency. We can assist you with the technical requirements and guide you through the process. We may be able to connect you to others with similar interests.
  • Maintain a grant submission schedule so that there is central coordination and knowledge of all planned grant proposal submissions.
  • Provide training for faculty and administrators one-on-one or in groups. Training focuses on how to prepare proposals, locating funding resources, evaluation, how to prepare a budget, etc.
  • Provide guidance to Grant Development Teams as the proposal evolves and assist with final preparations for submission.
  • Assist with grant budget preparation. Remember to begin early and to gain the appropriate approvals and input. Provide us the opportunity to assist you.
  • Maintain a central database on all grants for the college and the detailed notifications of funding. Please make sure we have copies of all submissions, notifications of awards and even let us know when you are not funded.
  • Oversee and update the registrations required by and other electronic submissions. Leave these worries to us.
  • Provide information about federal rules related to grants (i.e. Institutional Review Board, allowances for indirect costs, etc.) and work with Principal Investigators (PIs) to obtain the necessary certifications.
  • Provide resource information such as boilerplates for institutional information, sample commitment letters, previously funded proposal examples, etc.
  • Provide guidance as new Principal Investigators or Project Directors implement a grant.
  • Answer your questions along the way and provide support. Please contact us!

Page last updated September 24, 2018.

Attention Students

If you are a student looking for a grant, this is not the right place for you! The Del Mar College Grants Office works solely with departments and faculty to obtain grants for college programs and operations. All Student Aid, including grants, is handled through the Financial Aid Department. Please call (361) 698-1293 (East Campus) or (361) 698-1726 (West Campus) for information and assistance with financial aid.

Contact Information

Javier Escamilla
Assistant Director of Grants
Office: CED 129B, 3209 South Staples
Mail: 101 Baldwin Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78404
Phone: 361-698-2342

Mary M. Orf
Grant Writer/Development Specialist
Office: CED 129C, 3209 South Staples
Mail: 101 Baldwin Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78404
Phone: 361-698-1973