Poetry from Corpus Christi

Poetry from Corpus Christi

Juan Perez

juan-perez.jpgJuan Manuel Pérez, a Mexican-American poet of Indigenous descent and a Poet Laureate for Corpus Christi, Texas (2019-2020), is the author of several books of poetry including the Elgin Nominated, SPACE IN PIECES (The House Of The Fighting Chupacabras Press, 2020), SCREW THE WALL! AND OTHER BROWN PEOPLE POEMS (FlowerSong Books, 2020), and the forthcoming book, PLANET OF THE ZOMBIE ZONNETS by Hungry Buzzard Press. His poetry has appeared in numerous scholarly journals and reviews, national and international anthologies, as well as, magazines and websites. The award-winning poet, history teacher, and Pushcart Nominee, is also a member of the Poetry Society of Texas, the San Antonio Poets’ Association, the Horror Writers Association, the Science Fiction Poetry Association, the Horror Authors Guild, the Baseball Bards, and the Military Writers Society of America. The former Migrant worker worships his Creator and chases chupacabras in the South Texas Coastal Bend Area. Learn more about him here or here!

Alex Z. Salinas

alex-salinas.jpegAlex Z. Salinas is the author of two full-length poetry books from Hekate Publishing: WARBLES and DREAMT, or The Lingering Phantoms of Equinox. DREAMT received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews. Salinas is also the author of a collection of stories from SAR Press: City Lights From the Upside Down. He holds an M.A. in English Literature and Language from St. Mary’s University. He is the Content Manager for the nonprofit, SA2020, and lives in San Antonio, Texas. Learn more here!

Zoe Ramos (aka ZER)

zoe-ramos.jpgZoe Ramos is a poet and Engl graduate student at TAMUCC. As an interdisciplinary researcher, they use poetry as a means of exploring questions regarding reality and philosophy. Their work often relates to contemporary physics, religion, loneliness, and the human mind’s apparent subservience to language. They value the fluidity of genre and also make visual/ handwritten poetry and practice spoken word. In using poetry as both a personal and public analysis, their hope is to bring greater status to poetry as a form of research, and also to encourage all people to engage with “scientific” and existential questions. Their corollary approach to creative writing admits- it may be that divisions such as “science” and “art” are superficial & in order to address some of nature’s biggest questions, these boundaries must be mentally subverted. They are the Senior Editor of the local national journal, Windward Review (windward-review.com). Find them on IG @TheBookofZER, or learn more here!

Jennifer Jimenez (Moderator)

jennifer-jimenez.jpgJennifer Jimenez is the reference and electronic resource librarian from Del Mar College. She received her Master of Science in Information Science from the University of North Texas. She also holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and an AA in Psychology from Del Mar College. She serves as the treasurer of the Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education – Del Mar College Chapter and Chair-Elect for the Texas Library Association’s Latino Caucus Round Table. She holds a strong interest in making libraries accessible to all users and providing open educational resources in higher education. Jennifer loves guiding students through the research process and allowing students to become more comfortable in navigating the resources and services Del Mar College provides. 

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